How to build a go kart

Building the Go-Kart (High School Senior Project Video)

a guy can dream...

First off, I've never done this, but I have thought about it. I imagine you need pipe and someone with a welder and make a frame that is not too heavy, but still solid. You can get tires at an appliance store or place that sells lawn mowers, and you could even google plans with parts, I imagine if you wanted to go that route.

I have seen the coolest go kart or dune buggy at a Sam's Club years ago, a two seater that had power and a roll bar and was upwards towards a thousand dollars or more. It had spring suspension and nice steering and a hefty gasoline engine. It also had nice padded seats and seat belts.

If you did put it together; weld it, paint it, probably have to rust proof it, I think the one I saw was chain driven, so you could have rear wheel drive. It was built low enough to be stable, and wide enough to be not too tippy. I imagine there is a clutch and brake, but don't know about gears. Usually just forward; plus a foot throttle; maybe lights.

Sometimes you see them for sale along the highway or in someone's yard. It would be nice to justify a go kart in today's economy; find a practical reason to have one, like to keep trails open in the woods so you can get firewood out..

Also, there are places that actually let you rent a go kart and go around the track and see if that one is the one for you. Basically, if you have read this far, you know I am rambling, but this was in the idea bank with no responses and someone had to delve in. Life is too short without the mini golf experience and go karts or batting cages.

Have fun...

Go Kart build time lapse

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Razor kiddie kick scooter 6 years ago

DO you consider buying a go kart from a company better or making on own go kart is better?

need a suggestion as I want to get my son one go kart in a few days on his birthday. :)


lefseriver profile image

lefseriver 6 years ago from Northern Minnesota Author

I think you could get a kit maybe. My suggestion is if you can afford it, buy one. I think your son will like it, and maybe you will too. I see you have electric ones. Cool.

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