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Go-Kart Parts List

To build a go-kart, you will need the following:

Drive axle: You have a few options here.

  • Live axle: A live axle is one where the wheels are mounted directly to the axle and the axle spins.
  • Dead axle: A dead axle is where the wheels spin freely, but the axle itself doesn't move.
  • Differential axle: A differential axle is where both wheels spin just like a car.
  • Live axle hub.

Brakes: You also have a few options here.

  • Band brake
  • Drum brake
  • Scrub brake
  • Disc brake (the best choice)


  • Spindles
  • Tie Rod
  • Pitman arm
  • Steering wheel

Clutch: You have two options.

  • V-belt clutch
  • Chain clutch/heavy duty clutch
  • Comet torque converter (increases the speed and power of the kart and engine) (optional)

Sprockets: You have options here, and this is one of the harder things to choose because you need on that fits with the chain.

  • Axle sprocket (that's welded on)
  • Tire sprocket

Chain: There are three sizes of chain.

  • Size 35 chain (the weakest but most common)
  • Size 40 chain
  • Size 41 chain
  • Size 420 chain (the strongest and most rare)
  • Belt (depending on clutch)

Tires and Rims:

  • Standard go-kart tires or street tires
  • Rims
  • Bearings (pro bearings are a lot faster)
  • Single flange hub

Frame: Draw a picture or print the one I have included here and bring it to a welder. If you draw your own, make sure to include sizes and measurements.

Engine: As big as you want it. Modify your frame if you have a big engine because the weight might make it tip backwards. Make sure it's horizontal and not vertical.

Go-Kart Frame Style Options

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Go-Kart Frame: Style #1 Go-Kart Frame: Style #2
Go-Kart Frame: Style #1
Go-Kart Frame: Style #1
Go-Kart Frame: Style #2
Go-Kart Frame: Style #2

Where to Buy Go-Kart Parts Online?

Check your local lawnmower supply place to see if they have what you need. If you don't find what you want at your local stores, here are some of the best places to buy go-kart parts online:

  1. Northerntool.com
  2. BMIkarts.com
  3. MFGsupply.com
  4. Gokartgalaxy.com

Alright, good luck, and peace!

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sandro Cali 18 months ago

Show pic of what your talking about

boss 22 months ago

nice. really helped. please make sure it makes sense afterwards plz

joey1 24 months ago

What is a break? Did you mean Brake?

lilbrettbrett profile image

lilbrettbrett 2 years ago from Clinton, South Carolina

Hey please answer this can u tell me what i need for my go kart i have the frame and tires wheeels ect i need to know what else besides the motor and clutch as i need. Thanks

Owen 2 years ago

northerntools.com is now northerntool.com

Kevin 3 years ago

Amazing list dude thanks I'm opening up a fabrication shop and I'm going to be building a lot of go karts among other things to never built one yet but look forward to it

kek 4 years ago

thanks for helping me build a go kart

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