How to catch Unique Amur Sturgeon on Go Fishing Facebook Game

How to catch trophy or unique sturgeon on Go Fishing Facebook game

To catch a trophy sturgeon or a unique sturgeon on the online Go Fishing game requires some preparation. Go Fishing is a free facebook app that requires you to catch an amur trophy sturgeon to complete one of the quests. To catch the large sturgeon fish requires the right kind of bait, hook, and line. You will also need to be in a suitable location and it can help to use chum and a fish finder. This hub includes a video demonstration and outlines the tackle requirements you will need to catch a unique sturgeon on the Go Fishing facebook game.

What is the biggest Amur Sturgeon you have caught?

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Amur sturgeon location

Sturgeon can be caught at any of the Amur locations. At Amur I have caught sturgeon at Greenland, Wild Coast and Holy Water locations. The only location I have caught a unique sturgeon though (the biggest size you can catch this fish) is at Wild Coast. However, some of my friends have caught unique sturgeon at other locations.

Tackle for unique Amur sturgeon

To catch a unique Amur sturgeon you will need heavy line, a strong hook and a very good rod. Trophy sturgeon seem to range from about 130kg to approximately 165kg. Unique Amur sturgeon seem to be anything over about 165kg. I have not caught one bigger than 167kg, but some friends have reported catching them up to 169kg. For this reason I strongly recommend using at least 200kg limit rod, 200kg line and 200kg hook. I am sure it would be possible to catch a Unique Amur sturgeon on 150kg limit tackle, but this will increase the risk of breaking your line and losing your hook. While this is not necessarily a big deal when you are using tackle that is easy to buy... you don't want to be wasting pearls on expensive 150kg tackle!

What bait for Amur sturgeon?

The first sturgeon I caught took a worm bait, but this certainly doesn't seem to be the most reliable way to catch them. I tend to catch more sturgeon when using fish type baits such as smelts, small fish and minnows. However, I have heard of friends catching trophy Amur sturgeon on worms. Additionally, using chum and a fish finder can help. I only tend to use the chum if I have won some from a lottery and its already in my backpack. However, I will usually use a fish finder to increase my chances of catching bigger fish like sturgeon. I usually just purchase the small one. I think it costs about $175, but it will wear out.

Catching unique sturgeon requires luck!

One thing that never changes about fishing is the role of luck. Sometimes you can be in the right place with the best rod, line, hook and bait, but still not catch what you are after. This can be frustrating, but it only adds to the reward of finally catching the fish you are after. To catch a unique Amur sturgeon usually requires a fair bit of time. Some people may catch it quickly, but other will try for hours. In the meantime, remember to enjoy it! If you're not enjoying it, turn it off for a while and take a break. The fish will still be there tomorrow! Some people like to use the luck potion to try to catch unique fish, like unique sturgeon. I only tend to do this when I'm competing in a tournament at the location where I'm trying to catch the unique fish. That way I have a chance to win pearls in the tournament or catch the unique fish required to complete the quest.

If you have any success or ideas tell us about it!

There are always more ways than one to catch a fish. Why don't you tell us your thoughts, experiences or ideas below! Happy fishing!

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Do you have any experiences, advice, comments or questions? 11 comments

Shepard Louise 4 years ago

LIAR !!!!!!!

I've caught AMUR STURGEON WEIGHT 203.018 !!!!

lombardoi profile image

lombardoi 4 years ago Author

Lol, I think you may be mixed up with your units of measurement. With a quick google search I have found 2 other go fish users who have caught unique amur sturgeon ~167-170kg. This matches my own experience and that of several friends (...and that of Go Fish staff). I note there is no unit of measurement after your 203.018... perhaps you have mistaken lbs for kg's? Just for ease of reference 167kg is approximately 367lbs, so 203Lbs sounds quite reasonable.

Sometimes it pays to double check before shouting LIAR... particularly when the person you are shouting at is not lying! Don't worry I'm not offended, it is an easy mistake to make. It's also easy to get mixed between the different types of sturgeon (Atlantic, Amur etc.).

Marcus 4 years ago

Ha. I made that mistake too. Pounds not kilograms. That means my tackle is too light! Darn that unique Amur quest, now I will have to spend the weekend chasing pearls! Oh well, fun to do while it's raining.

Bouchawq Zriqa 4 years ago

Amur Sturgeon

Max caught weight: 168.735 kg Location: Amur River, Green Land Bait: Worms

Last unique fish: 168.735 kg Location: Amur River, Green Land Bait: Worms

Last trophy fish: 168.384 kg Location: Amur River, Green Land Bait: Worms

I got it with Sam's Rod, hook & line 150 kg pro, pro fish finder & luck potion.

Blasphemiah 4 years ago

Where do you get the pan to fry your fish from? Im sick of checking every single section of the market and still can't find it

lombardoi profile image

lombardoi 4 years ago Author

Hi Marcus,

Yeah, easy mistake to make, lol. Yes, you will need the right gear, but may as well have fun in the meantime building up the pearls. :) Thanks for stopping by.

lombardoi profile image

lombardoi 4 years ago Author

Hi Bouchawq Zriqa,

Thanks for stopping by and sharing how you did it! Yes, Sam's rod is great. Worms really are a great bait too. Cheap or easy to acquire and can catch big fish!

lombardoi profile image

lombardoi 4 years ago Author

Hi Blashphemiah,

It has been a long time since I bought a pan, but I think it was just in the market under the equipment tab? However, it sounded like you had tried that so I went and checked... I couldn't see it there either? Maybe the developers have changed the game a bit and it's no longer available in the market? An alternative would be to make friends who can send you gifts - like lottery tickets. Pan's are one of the gifts people get from lottery ticks, I wouldn't buy lottery tickets with your pearls to try and get one though. You may have to use many lottery tickets before you get a pan. If anyone else knows, or notices that the pans are available in the market please post a comment to let other know. Thanks!

blabla 2 years ago

170.500 kg max caught by me with minnows

Kreewo 2 years ago

Amur Sturgeon

Max caught weight: 170.500 kg Location: Amur River, Holy Water Bait: Worms

Last unique fish: 170.495 kg Location: Amur River, Holy Water Bait: Larvae

Last trophy fish: 170.449 kg Location: Amur River, Holy Water Bait: Larvae

Kreewo 2 years ago

No offense,but i don't know why Go Fishing rookies like you have the idea that can give advice to other players when they didn't even caught the max size for a specific species.The max size of Amur Sturgeon is 170.500 , Atlantic Sturgeon 120.500.

Yes,the gear is important,you have to use hook/line 300 Pro or bigger (also Pro) combined with different rods.But even more important is the bait,chum and equipment.

As bait use worms,larvae or minnows.As gear you should have equipped these items: Fishfinder pro,shovel or frog trap,butcher's knife,antimosquito and ALL pro stuff (marked with a star),excepting the hat.The same setup goes for Atlantic sturgeon excepting the larvae,as bait use worms,minnows,smelts,small fish,fresh meat but if you want to catch ONLY sturgeon,use WORMS.

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