How to choose The best Assault Strike package kill streaks, And what they all are and do. ( MW3 )


This guide will go over the kill streaks in the assault strike package, and which ones are best. Keep in mind this is in my personal opinion of what has worked for me, and i am simply sharing what i think will help you with your game the best.

Also.. I am on the Xbox Live network, for those of you who continue to ask, my gamer tag is Agent Johnr. I tend to not add new members from here unless I play with you first, and I only play hardcore domination, or Infected, but either way if you see me on, feel free to send a shout out.

The Kill streaks

So first i am going to list all of the kill streaks then below i will list which ones i think you should use depending on your game style.

UAV ( after 3 kills ) - The UAV is essentially one of the most helpful things in Call of Duty, this is even more important in Hard core where there is no constant mini map up. This will provide a radar like projection on the mini map allowing you to see where the enemy is, this lasts 30 seconds.

Care Package ( after 4 kills ) - Once you get 4 kills you will get a smoke grenade, when you throw this, it will emit a pink smoke and a helicopter will come in and drop a care package. Once dropped you will automatically receive any one of the other kill streaks in the assault strike pack if you can pick up the package before someone else kills you ( typically when a care package comes in the enemy will rush over there to try to intercept it).

I.M.S. ( after 5 kills ) - This device works similar to a bouncing betty / claymore in the sense that you will put this down, and when an enemy walks near it, a device will shoot up, and kill that person, or anyone else close enough to it. Also It is loaded with 4 grenades that shoot in the air. The night the game came out this would get you a few kills, but now players know how to take them out pretty quickly and only works sometimes.

Predator Missile (after 5 Kills ) - Well this is very similar to the other call of duty's that used this device. What you do is guide a missile that will come from the sky and you can control where it lands. Essentially this usually guarantees you at least 1 kill, sometimes more.

Sentry gun ( after 5 kills ) - Initially this works like a care package, you must call it in and a care package will drop, only this time, you can only get a sentry gun. The sentry gun is a place-able gun that will rotate about 90 degrees back and forth, and when an enemy walks in front of it , then sentry gun will shoot the enemy and kill them, The enemy can easily destroy this by knifing it, or shooting at it enough.

Precision Airstrike ( After 6 kills ) - This is another kill streak that has been in past call of duty's, and here you will be able to call in an airstrike that will send 3 airplanes that drop bombs on that area. You can control the directions that the airstrike planes will come in from. This is effective for hitting an enemy in their spawn if you would like to, or landing on an objective that you are defending.

Attack Helicopter ( after 7 kills ) - This kill streak will send in a weaker version of the pave low which for about a minute, a helicopter will hover and shoot at enemies and kill them. This is effective in hardcore as the little that the attack helicopter as to shoot to kill someone. Blind eye will allow you to be impervious to this, but it is still effective to use, because not everyone uses blind eye.

Strafe run ( after 9 kills ) - This kill streak will come in similar to the air strike meaning you can choose where and how it comes in, but instead of an air strike the strafe run will send 5 helicopters that will cover the ground for enemy people shooting any of them that are standing near where the helicopter is hovering. This to me is not effective because enemies can easily hide ina building or use blind eye.

AH-6 Overwatch ( after 9 kills ) - The AH-6 overwatch is pretty effective. This will fly in and follow you around, and kill any enemies that you come across. Its pretty powerful and is useful to cover your back if you are capturing objectives.

The reaper ( after 9 kills ) - The reaper will bring you into a plane, and you can shoot a total of 14 laser guided missiles at the enemy. This is pretty effective, and fun to use. I would say this is similar to the AC- 130 except that you only have 1 gun

Assault Drone ( After 10 kills ) - The assault drone to me is not worth it. After 10 kills you will be able to control a small unit that has missiles and a machine gun attached to it. If someone kills you while you are operating it, you will be taken out of it, and it typically is not that effective, which is why i do not suggest using it. I think that if you get it in a care package that fun, but to get 10 kills, there are better kill streaks to choose from.

AC-130 ( after 12 kills ) - Here you will be able to control 3 different gun in an AC-130 attack helicopter. You will be in the helicopter for about 30 seconds and get to use three different size weapons the 25mm, 45mm and 105mm guns to attack enemies. This is very effective if you hit the enemy and can usually guarantee a few kills since you can see where the enemy is at.

Pave Low ( after 12 kills ) - The pave low will allow you to call in an armored helicopter that will fly around the map and kill the enemy. Similar to the attack helicopter, but with much more powerful weapons, and more armor and tougher to shoot down.

Juggernaut ( after 15 kills ) - Here you will receive the Juggernaut suit along with the weapons M60E4 LMG and MP412 handgun. You will not move as fast, BUT you will be able to take a lot more damage before dying. This can be very effective if you use it right which i will talk about below when i talk about choosing a kills streak

Osprey Gunner ( 17 kills ) - this is similar to a chopper gunner, that will also drop care packages. It is very effective to both get kills, and drop care packages. If you can get 17 kills then i would suggest this, or just get one in a care package, either way this is a cool addition.

So now below i will talk about which ones you should use for your play style, and also will attach a link to show you how to get the MOAB (secret killstreak as well )

The choosing

So, now that we know what the assault kill streaks are, lets see what the best ones are for your play style.

The beginner. When you first start playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 even if you played the other COD's you still are a beginner when you play the new one. So when you start i suggest not going to crazy. When you start playing the game until you know the map, i would say start small, with UAV to help your team, a Care package so that you can take a chance at getting a big item, like a osprey gunner, Pave Low or AC-130. And the last thing you should choose is a predator missile. This will guarantee you at least 1 more kill if not more. This setup is known as a 3-4-5 and will allow you to get your kill streaks in a fairly simple manner and is great for beginners.

The experienced. This is for people who are now a little more experienced with the game, and can stay on a longer kill streak. You will follow a 5-7-12. So basically you will set up for a Predator missile, an attack helicopter, and a Pave Low. After you get 5 kills, i would find a place to hide, call in your predator missile for 1 kill, then you need 1 more for an attack helicopter. Once you get that, call that in and wait. See how many kills that gets while you wait, and that will add to the total of 12 you need for a Pave Low. I suggest the Pave Low over the AC-130, because A- i play hard core so the AC-130 kills as many teammates as it does enemy. And B - the Pave Low allows you to keep playing the game while it gets you kills, as opposed to the AC-130 which allows you to control the unit instead of playing. Either way its personal preference but i prefer a Pave Low over AC-130.

Osprey gunner. Personally I use the 5-7-12 technique because its fairly simple to get that set of kill streaks. The osprey gunner will take 17 kills, and if this is what you are shooting for then i would suggest doing 7-12-17 which would include Attack helicopter, Pave low / AC-130, and then osprey gunner. Since your kill streaks will help get you towards the osprey as longa s you don't die i would use those which will get you the most kills.

Juggernaut - I personally do not suggest using this as your kill streak. It is difficult to get, and most people do not use this correctly so it can be a waste. Most people who get this rush around and fire their entire clip into the enemy without realizes that they should be helping the team. If you are playing anything with an objective you should use this to go solely after the objective since you typically cannot get blown off as easily or shot off.

MOAB.. The MOAB also known as the mother of all bombs is a kill streak you receive after 25 kills. You cannot use your other kills streaks to achieve this, and cannot die. So i do not suggest using this strike package set up for it. I do have a detailed guide that will teach you how to get the MOAB and i will prove a link to that right below.

If you have any questions, or comments please leave them below.

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Comments 23 comments

John Kolka profile image

John Kolka 5 years ago from Oregon.

Love your guide.

I was thinking about writing something like this myself.

Only one thing i disagree with.

The reaper and the assault drone.

Hate the reaper and personally think it's a piecer.

And love the assault drone.

But everyone has their likes and dislikes for Streaks :)

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Thank you, Yes i agree about the reaper. Personally all i use is either, care package, predator, attack helicopter, and Pave low. They are all simple and helpful if you need kills. And my main reason for not liking the assault drone is i am not good with it. I seem to either die to quickly, or not effectively use it.

John Kolka profile image

John Kolka 5 years ago from Oregon.

Lol, yeah the drone can troll its user until they get accustomed to its use.

I use pretty much the same kill streaks.

some times depending on the map il go Hind, Pave Low, Juggy. Just to mess around LOL.

My very first assault Jusst actually landed out of the map, and i needed a new controller after that.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Haha that's like on interchange when people call in care packages and they land on the bride above.. I LOVE IT when that happens to anyone but me..

But like i said everyone has there own preference and what works for them is what's important.

Michael Medley profile image

Michael Medley 5 years ago from DeSoto, Texas

this is best games everyone needs to get one.

mw3 master 5 years ago

assault drone is probably the best killstreak i get about 12 or more kills with that thing. i love the assault drone!!!

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I mean, it all depends on preference, and game type. Some game modes like search and destroy, you would be a complete idiot if you used that. so depends on preference and game mode.

profile image

SenLar 5 years ago

Im going to try this setup right now. Thanks for the post.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

No problem, and i wish you the best of luck.

profile image

SenLar 5 years ago

What system do you play on?

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Xbox 360.

Conrad 5 years ago

When i use the assault package i don't get points from my, let's say, predator missile kill, which means i always have to make 7 gun kills for an attack helicopter, instead of getting one point from the missile, what am i doing wrong?

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

This is how it works. Lets say your kill streak is set for 5, 6,7 which is predator, airstrike, and helicopter. If you get 5 kills, without dying call in your predator missile and get a kill, it will count towards you next kill streaks so then you'll have number 6 maybe 7. If you die, your predator will not count towards your kills streaks on that life, only if you stay alive.

les 4 years ago

why wont my killstreaks stay on when i die i have set it to both support and assault mode please help me as im get so fed up with the game

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Well I understand you getting fed up with the game. if you die with assault on, then your kill streaks reset to 0, and you have to start attempting again to get your kill streaks again. On support they should build up.

Non your bunnies 4 years ago

But when I got a pave low it didn't kill any body

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Thats because everyone had on Blind Eye/Blind Eye Pro. This can happen sometimes or if everyone hides in doors but either way I still like the pave low for its armored structure.

Wraith 4 years ago

LMAO, I remember the first time I got an assault drone from a care package... I called it in on a (slight) hill and it got stuck. I don't remember, but I might have actually managed to get 1 kill with it before it died.

In any event, considering the amount of BS I encounter in the PC version, I would advise including something about connection/lag. If you usually get a TON of lag (which seems a LOT more common on the PC than anywhere else...), you're probably going to die more, so you might want to use lower end assault streaks. I typically use the standard 3-4-5, sometimes using airstrikes and attack choppers.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yah I usually rock a 5-6-7 using a predator, air strike, heli.. Now I have switched it a bit more to a 4-5-7 because of how many times i've died from team killing using the air strike.

Wraith 3 years ago

Well, I do realize I should have left this comment a WHILE back. . . but my second match after prestiging, I managed to use the Recon Sniper (default sniper class) to earn a Reaper. . . Unfortunately, it was on Lockdown, so I wasn't able to do very much with it, lol. I have also managed to earn a Reaper or two on Mission using the .50 cal, as well as a Pavelow on Lockdown (much later in the same prestige as the default class Reaper).

Basically, it can sometimes take an obscene amount of luck, but find the guns that work for you and MAKE your own luck. (I like using a .50 cal extended mags, MP9, bouncing betty, and scrambler by the fridge at the bottom of Mission.) XD

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Not gonna lie when you first said reaper, and pavelow, I had to take a double take to see which guide I was on to comment on, and brings back good memories.. Haha i need to play some more MW3.. I have started to miss it, especially because since how much different things are on Black Ops 2.

Wraith 3 years ago

Agreed... one of the VERY few things I think they did right in MW3 was how the kill/score/point-streaks worked. I liked how you could set different streaks for different classes, I liked how the assault ones could chain, I liked how the support points didn't reset when you died, but didn't chain when you used lethal ones. Like I said, one of the few things I think they did right in MW3.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I was disappointed to see that you could not have different score streaks or kill streaks for different classes, but I guess Treyarch had different priorities or didn't like that setup.. Either way, I hope that comes back in Ghosts because I enjoyed having many setups, although I do enjoy having 100 classes, although I wish I could cycle through different class sets once a game has started..

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