How to entertain/engage kids at birthday parties

 The best thing about a child's party is that they do most of the entertaining themselves. There are different rules for different ages and the basics are still the same. I have two children, 10 and 2, and each year we give each a party. Whether it is at home, skate rink, in the yard,, or a sleepover we use a theme. This will also help to make decorating and games easier. When you use a theme, try to incorporate your child's ideas. They do know the things that they like. Try to choose games that will allow teamwork between the children. When your little guests arrive, hand out funky or cool name tags. This will give the children a chance to learn the others' names or even let them decorate their own. Your child's friends will want to be a part of behind the scenes so try to find a small task for each to contribute. Some examples would be the gift giver, passing out the cake, taking pictures, even clean up can be turned into a fun party activity. The thing to remember most is that you are in charge. Let me give some examples of the parties we have given.

 My son's birthday is in late December. Last year we decided to have cake and ice cream at home, then take the kids to the skate rink. We brought 6 kids with us and it turned out excellent. The kids' around this age really do not need anything other than chaperoning. We had a few adults on hand for the kids' to go to if they needed anything, but they entertain themselves. For our two year old, who's birthday is in May, we enjoyed an outside yard party. We had a bbq for the adults to enjoy while the kids' played games like tag & used the sprinkler. We also let the older children blow up ballons and decorate the yard during the party. If there are any shy children, try to start your party off with a name game. Have the children each wear masks and then have the other kids' guess who the mystery child is. There are many different ways to entertain. Let your creative side take over and try to remember that kids' parties are a great way to let your inner child come out. I always bring myself down to their level because it makes the children feel more at ease. Just think, would you want to go to a party where you couldn't run, had to stay quiet, or even the wrong age games? When you host a child's party, make sure the children aren't to restricted and join in the fun. My children's parties are a blast and I love to be a part of the whole thing. Sometimes you will not be able to please every kid and you have to accept that and make the best no matter what. There really are no rules to have a party, just use your imagination and all will be fine.

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cashmere 7 years ago from India

those are great ideas. thanks for sharing.

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