How to Export in Pro Tools 8

It is very easy to export your audio in Pro Tools 8 to location of your choice on your computer. First you will need to determine what audio you would like to export. Is it a single region, many regions or from start to end of you song? If it is individual or groups of regions you would like to save then this is using a feature called export but if you would like all the audio heard from a specific time period, either beginning to end or any part in between you will need to use a feature called bounce.  Bouncing records all the effects added to the track whereas Exporting does not.  If you want to export using effects you will need to use the Audio Suite instead of adding the effect directly in the insert chain.

Export Menu Window

Export in Pro Tools 8

Start by naming the region or regions you wish to export by double clicking in the lower 50% of the region you wish to rename or single clicking then Hold Command+Shift+R. After they have all been named you can either export them all at once or one at a time. If you have paid the $20 to enable MP3 exporting you may want export the regions separately so that you can give them different ID3 tags. Select all the regions you want to export at once and Press Command+Shift+K.

Now you may choose the type of file you want to save your region as. If you plan to use the audio for video you will want to change to 48K otherwise 44.1K is the standard for audio. If you have chosen 24-bit as your recording preference when you started your session you can now export as 24-bit or 16-bit. 16-bit is the standard for CDs but you may want to save as 24-bit for other projects. If you started your session as 16-bit you could export at 24bit but this will not add anymore audio information or sound better, it will just be a larger file. You may also choose stereo or mono. I generally use whatever the file actually is when I am exporting. So if you are exporting a mono file I normally do not export it as stereo simply because I do not have a need to do so, but the option is for you to decide. Now choose your folder and press export.


Bouncing in Pro Tools

Unlike when you export in Pro Tools, you will not rename the regions before bouncing to disk. You simply need to highlight from the beginning of where you want the audio to start till the end. All un-muted tracks will be heard in this one bounced file you are creating. No tracks may be armed for recording or Pro Tools will let you know that it will not bounce until you un-arm them. After you have made your selections Hold Command+Option+B.

You can now all of the same selections as exporting with the addition of converting while or after bouncing. I like to convert after bouncing because it gives you a little more buffer while bouncing just in case you run low on your buffer.

Once you press Bounce you will be asked what to name the file and where to store it.

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Lou Dawgz 6 years ago

Nice, clean tutorial. I wanted to let you know, for Windows, the command would be Ctrl+shift+k. One thing you may want to mention is that bouncing, as opposed to exporting, "records" any effects you have on your session, as opposed to the export command which does not include any of the effects on the region(s)' audio track inserts or sends.

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

Good Call Lou, I will edit my hub ASAP. I just take that knowledge for granted I guess.

mosesbabu 6 years ago

Dear sir

the export processing speed very slow. how to save speed


AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

Exporting should be much faster than bouncing, you probably need a new computer. On my 5 year old mac it takes only seconds for export or real time for bouncing.

digidesigner 5 years ago

Strange... I've recorded files on protools in 24 bits (wav). I want to export them in MP3 24bits but it seems impossible. In the mp3 option, 16 bits is selected and it is impossible to change it to 24 bits. Do you have any solution ? Thanks.

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

mp3s are not 16 or 24 bit they are in a kbps format because they are compressed lossy audio files. Pick the highest number for best quality but .wav and .aiff are higher quality.

Joe Munroe 5 years ago

How can I save my bounce preferences so I don't have to change them everytime?

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

You cannot, but they will only change when you quit Pro Tools. If you leave Pro Tools open and switch between sessions they will stay the same.

Midwest 3 years ago

I've tried all of this an for some reason when i bounce the files an hit play after there is no audio at all

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

When you bounce check you output it should be set to whatever you output on you track is set to. If they are different you may hear audio when bouncing but not on the final file.

Midwest 3 years ago

Were is the input located that is exactly what is happening. no sound reaches the desktop but plays when bounceing...sorry first time user on this program . i used to use adobe. little more here now lol

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

When you bounce it the first thing that says bounce source and on you tracks there it is the second little drop down, the first one is input.

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