How to Fix the PS3 "No Signal" Error


"No Signal" Error on the PS3 (PlayStation 3)

A "No Signal" error means nothing appears on the TV screen attached to your PlayStation, even when you have all cables correctly plugged in and the device is turned on. This error may mean the Playstation is not set for the type of video cable you are using. The PS3 has a setting for each type of cable—HDMI and the usual AV cable—and if you have the wrong option set, then you will get the "No Signal" error.

Here are the main causes of the PS3 "no signal" error:

1. Changing the TV you are using (for example if you took your PS3 to a friend's house).

2. Changing from AV mode to HDMI.

Fix the Error By Resetting Video Settings

Fortunately, you won't have to get out a PS3 repair guide, or send your machine back to Sony, because you just need to do something to the system settings. What you need here is the "Reset Settings" trick. it's very useful to know and you will soon be able to play your PS3 again. Just follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1: Plug in the AV or HDMI cable you wish to use.

Step 2: Turn the PS3 on by the switch at the back, then switch it on at the front. The light should be green. Then just turn the PS3 back to "standby" and you should have a red light.

Step 3: Press and hold the "On" button until you hear two beeps. You will hear the first beep when it turns on. Hold down the button until you hear the second beep.

Step 4: Within 10 to 15 seconds a message will appear on your TV screen, stating it has detected the cable you are using, HDMI or AV, and asking you if you want to "Reset Settings."

Step 5: Just turn on your Joypad and click YES. It will then ask you if you want to do some tests: select YES. It will ask you if you can see the screen, so you select YES. There you have it: the video output on your PS3 has been reset to your correct settings and you can get back to gaming again.

So you have learned how to fix the PS3 "No signal" error. These types of problems with the PS3 are easy to fix. That's it; lesson over.

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Arthur 3 years ago

Thanks, worked for me!!!

DRB 2 years ago

my problem is i get a signal when i start a game but non on start up or ps3 menu will this solution fix that aswell?

Nicole 2 years ago

Just bought a new TV; PS3 worked for a few minutes then there was no signal, found this website and it worked perfectly! Thank you!

Amy 2 years ago

Thanks a bunch. Totally fixed my problem.

HELP 2 years ago

My friends ps3 the newer one fell. After it fell we unplugged everything and turned off the ps3. Now after we plugged it into hdmi2 same spot and plugged everything back. I don't think it is any settings. Anybody have similar problem.

noel 23 months ago

No video settings I have followed the solution step by step and nothing TV still saying no video signal i been hours trying to get the darn thing to work with the same results any ideas plz

lewis 22 months ago

Wow this was very very helpful. I had 5 ps3 games that wasn't working and brought 2 more today that weren't working. So I said let me google a fix or rather a possible fix. And here I am with this and I did it and now all the games work. Kudos!!!

Noah 20 months ago

This has not helped at all, I tVs and then it doesn't turn on the system, all it does is just turn the PlayStation on and then it doesn't connect to the TV still says no signal

slav 19 months ago


Dumbass 17 months ago

Nice one, Genius. It doesn't work according to several of the above posters. Lesson over, smartass!

Ashley 14 months ago

Thank you solved the problem

Chris 14 months ago


David 13 months ago

This did not work for me , it still doesn't show anything

Esoteric52 11 months ago

Does not correct problem.

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