How to get a tactical nuke in call of duty 6

Tactical nuke

Tactical nuke
Tactical nuke

How to get a tactical nuke in Call of Duty 6


This is how I get tactical nukes in Call of Duty 6


Kill streak Rewards

This part of the guide is the easiest part, it's simply choosing the right killstreak rewards for the map that you are going to fight on, for instance 'Wasteland' is a largely open area map with a lot of space to attack on from the air. You will want killstreak rewards that can cover a large amount of space to kill the most amount of people.

I will give 3 of the best kill streak reward combos to demonstrate this;

  1. Harrier strike(7) - this offers 2 harriers to lay carpet bombs at your designated place with also a harrier gunman, the harrier move in the air offering high mobility and freedom in the air. This can kill A LOT of people given you have chosen the right place for it to go.
  2. Chopper Gunner(11) - This is user controlled and can kill an immense amount of people as you can see them through heat to make them more viewable.
  3. Tactical Nuke(25) - of course, this is why your'e here!

The bad thing with this combo is that both the harrier AND the chopper gunner can be shot down.


Another combo I like to use is;

  1. Pave low(9) - This is a heavily armoured attack helicopter and requires more to shoot it down than the harriers and the chopper gunner it has two gunners on it and covers a large amount of ground.
  2. AC130(11) - This takes a lot to shoot down even more than the Pave low and has 3 weapon types which are user controlled such as a machinegun, large bomb type rocket and 4 rockets.
  3. Tactical Nuke(25) - of course


This is a good combo but takes a little bit longer to get a tactical nuke but the killstreak rewards are harder to take down.


My best killstreak to get the most kills (not - including tactical nuke) is;

  1. Harrier strike
  2. Pave low
  3. AC130

Since you can have two aeroplanes of yours out on the field, I use one helicopter and one aeroplane and even then you STILL can use the AC130 at the same time so all 3 has a devastating effect on the game.


I hope this guide has given a brief introduction on how to get a tactical nuke in Call of Duty 6, thanks for reading.

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WaddupSaralynn profile image

WaddupSaralynn 6 years ago

I get my nukes with a harrier and chopper gunner too. :P

Luke Macaulay profile image

Luke Macaulay 6 years ago from Liverpool, England Author

awesome, I generally don't go for nukes but for killstreaks, I always use harrier strike > Pave low > chopper gunner!

for mass carnage :P

Mj 6 years ago

I use the tar and I get nukes by just fount to the edge of the map and take out people from back there

Mj 6 years ago

Roy where's the babbey!!!!!! The babey is hidden in the basemeant you are not geting it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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