How to Raise your Howrse Ranking

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9 Steps to Player Prestige

Everything you see on the rankings page for EC's, breeder, and general count towards your prestige and ranking. You score points in each area, and those points are totalled up to calculate your overall position. The things which give the most points towards ranking are high skilled horses, number of horses, reserve, and karma.

Work on these 9 score areas and raise your rank in no time!

1. Popularity (page hits)

You can improve your page hits by visiting other players to congratulate them and sign guestbooks. You can also participate in fun topics, private ec contests, help out on the public forums, and trade/ negotiate with other players over horses. Anything to raise your visability (without getting in trouble of course)

2. Karma

a karma point is given to you for free every 30 days' membership, for free every 10 passes bought (on the 1st, 11th, 21st, etc.), and you earn a point each time 5 people you have sponsored obtain their first karma point.

3. Equus

You can earn money via:
Your job, Lessons, Competitions, Coverings, Stroking Xanthos daily, Selling foals, Selling droppings to the store, Selling aging points, selling apples and other ufo's, Selling 'Pass horses', Stroking horses in the safe haven, Selling horses to the safe haven, Pasturing your horse all day, Objectives.

4. Amount of horses

This speaks for itself - the more horses you have, the higher the score.

5. Number of ageing points

You can find aging points every day as you are caring for horses - the more horses you care for, the more aging points you will find! You can also buy them from the store (max 5 per day) with your game reserve, or you can buy 5 with a pass via your horse's page when you run out.

6. Days registered

You gain points for each day you are registered and connect to the site.

7. Horses cared for each day

This is one of the easiest ranks to aim for if you want to get into the top 100. You should aim to care for around 80 - 100 horses depending on the current statistics (look at the ranking pages).

8. Skill of horses

It's one thing to have thousands of horses, and quite another to have horses with skills. The higher skilled your horses are, the higher your overall score, so instead of simply having useless horses bought just to raise your ranking, try to buy ones with decent skills, or train them a little each day - this will help with horses cared for too!

9. Activity

It is not yet known whether this does affect overall ranking, but it is tied in with popularity and days registered so I mention it here anyway. To raise your activity, increase your participation in the public forums (Gameplay, EC Classifieds, and Events) - activity is based on how much and how frequently you post. It is updated daily.

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apple'crunch 5 years ago

thanx, this helped me because I'm new to the game and don't wan't it to take about 5 months for me to get realised lol. ;-)

Twin2girls 5 years ago

Thanks I Think This will help

Sophia 5 years ago

I have 68 horses and 1 is blupped. I have higher ranking than someone with 10+ blupped horses. Weird... Also, jsyk, the top 75 players on US buy passes. No lie. Look it up!(I don't buy passes, my score is 612th in gereral ranking. My username is Wolfsong. Look that up too!)

Anna 5 years ago

This was very helpful thank you:) I am 9000th in raknings!! horses168 please look up and congradulate??!! Most my horses for sale to!:)

twiggey 4 years ago

heey ! this helped ! im keri321

add me !

PaintGirl453 4 years ago

Thanks for this, I'm on the Us version (I've been on the International for more than 300 days) and I've just started - this really helped!

greyrose 4 years ago

Really helpful thanks!

Look me up :)

Awesome 4 years ago

This really helped. BTW i am horse4eva11 on howrse. LOok ME uP!!! LOL

Serdar 4 years ago

Thanks for the guide.

If you want to cheat a bit, you can try this tool

Also, this site has Promo Codes. 1 of those worked for me.

Lucion 4 years ago

A site with promo codes is

homeyhorse 4 years ago

cool! i will use this info.

stormyblood 4 years ago

I'm ranking 6867 on my 99 day. with the newer system -max 10 karma, and it doesn't seem to matter that i have 1000 days less seniority and less horses than some people, i still have more points than they do. its good maybe if you used this before the newer system, but it needs to be updated i think. anyway, my howrse account is stormyblood. feel free to add me

Serge 4 years ago

It seems has updated website and codes.

NYX pack worked for me.

Jeanie 2 years ago

thanks, this will help! add me on JeanieBean on Howrse

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