How to turn ores into ingots (Skyrim)

How to turn ores into ingots (Skyrim)

So, you want to know how to turn ores into ingots? Turning an ore into a more usable ingot, which can be used for smithing can be done in the following way.

You have a ore of some kind which you have mined with your own hands, but as per right now, it is not very usable, is it? You want to turn it into an ingot, but do not know how to do that. Well, have no fear.. this article is here to assist you...

You will need a smelter, which is basically a furnace which turns ores into ingots, so that you can use them to make armor or weapons. The first smelter you will find is in Whiterun, just next to the Warmaiden's blacksmith, its a dark gray round oven, and all you have to do is walk up to the front of the smelter furnace and press the action key to initialise the process of turning ores into ingots.

Q - Where can I find ores to turn into ingots?

A - You can buy ores from general stores, blacksmiths or similar. You may also mine different kinds of ores in various locations, all of different values and effects. There are alot of mines scattered around in the world of Skyrim, which contains different kinds of ores, in so-called veins.

Q - What are the most valuable ores?

A - The most valuable ores in Skyrim are gold, moonstone and ebony. Refined moonstone is used to improve elven armor and elven weapons. Ebony is some of the most valuable ores you can find in Skyrim.

Q - What do I use to mine ores?

A - To mine ores you will need a pickaxe, they are normally found in mines or can be bought from your local blacksmith or general store.

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Gatti 4 years ago

Thanks! I've been trying to figure this out for awhile.

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No wories Gatti, glad I could help.

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