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You've probably seen many flash games on the internet. Most are fun to play, and some can be really addicting. But what do you do, if for some reason, you can't play them on the internet? Say, perhaps, you have a desktop and can't get internet in your house, or suppose you just want quicker load times. Maybe you want to reduce your internet bill or even stay off the internet but still be able to play the flash games you love. Well, I have a solution for all of these. While there is no actual download link to the flash games, you can make one yourself. It is quick, easy, and allows you to get the flash games you want right off the internet.

Step #1: Find the URL

The first step to downloading flash games is to find the flash game's URL, or internet path. This is because we are going to create our own download link to the actual flash game file, which is what you will be downloading. Most of the time, the entire game is contained in this file. Note that to play flash games, you will need a flash player utility (I'll recommend a good one later in the hub) and the newest version of Macromedia Flash installed on your computer. Once you find the file's URL, you can create a download link to it. The URL will look something like this:

However, finding this link is no small feat. What you must do is first gain access to the HTML code for the page the game is on. Just navigate to the game as if you want to play it on the internet, and then right-click on a blank space somewhere on the page. If you can't find a blank space, or if the site has disabled right-clicks, go to the View menu instead. If you are looking at a right-click menu, click "View Source" and if you are looking at the view menu, just click "Source". In either case, a new window should pop up with a bunch of text and other stuff. This is the HTML code for the page you were just on. Now you have to look through this code and find the URL. The easiest way is to hit Ctrl+F (or 'Find' in the Edit menu) and type in .swf (dot-S-W-F) and hit enter. The first one it finds is normally at the very end of the link, so go back a ways and find the http:// part and copy the URL from that until the .swf. Yay! Now you have the URL.

Note: Some URL's are tougher to find. If the .swf part is in quotes next to an entry that says 'codebase=' or 'archive=' or something like that, you either have the wrong URL, or it is only half of the correct path. Sometimes you have to guess at what the path might be. For instance, if the address for the site you are at is:

...then you might need to paste that entire address in front of the other part you found. Let's say the .swf part looked like this:


In this case, you can create the correct URL by pasting the .swf part at the end of the site address. The full URL for this blobs puzzle would look like this:

Does that make sense? Just like on your computer, files on the internet are organized into folders and root domains. In this example, the root domain is and all other parts in between the slashes are folders on the internet. If you understand this, URL's will make a lot more sense and it will be easier for you to locate and download the flash games you want.

Step #2: Create A Download Link

Now, you are going to create a download link with the URL you just found. It should still be in the clipboard from where you copied it. Open a new notepad window and click "New" from the File menu to make sure it is blank. Now, type this into the blank space, pasting your URL into the spot shown:


<A href="YOUR URL GOES HERE">Download</a>


Once you have done this, click "Save As..." from the file menu. Under the file name box, there should be another box that says "ANSI Text File (*.txt)" or something like that. Click that box and select the one that says "All Files (*.*)" before you do anything else. Now, type in a name for this file and make sure you add .html at the end. So, an example would be "Download.html". Now close notepad once the file has been saved. You have just created your own download link!

Step #3: Download the Flash Game

Now that you have your download link, go to the file you just created. It should be an internet file. Open it with your favorite internet browser, and right-click on the link. Click "Save File As..." and save the flash game wherever you want it. Now, you can go there and open the flash game to play it whenever you want to!

Playing Flash Games (*.swf)

In order to play a flash game you've downloaded (assuming it is in shockwave format, which all files with the extension .swf are) you will need a program to open the flash file so that you can play it. You DO NOT need to be on the internet to play the flash game unless the flash game is internet based and links to the internet to get its data. You will be able to tell the difference if you open the flash file on your computer without the internet and it won't let you play the game, or if nothing happens at all. Sometimes flash games connect to the internet without you knowing, so disabling the internet will allow you to know for sure.

Here is a link to an excellent flash file opener that I use for all my flash games:

It is completely free to download and use without restriction. Enjoy!

Note: This tool now comes with a SWF Cache Viewer. This means that you can view all the SWF files stored in your internet browser's cache, which is where browsers store temporary content on your computer. Normally you can't even know whether or not something has been stored in your browser cache, but with this handy little tool, you can see ALL of the SWF files stored there, and you can also save them to your hard drive rather easily. This means you no longer need the little trick I explained above! I wasn't aware of the Cache Viewer tool until recently, but it may be a little advanced for the non computer-savvy.

Flash Disassembly

Occasionally, you might find a flash game that has a neat little tune in it that you'd like to have, but you can't seem to find the song anywhere else (or you have no idea where it's from). This is a case where you'll want to disassemble the flash file (break it apart into all its various pieces) and extract what you want, be it a sound file, song, or image, from inside it.

A word of caution before proceeding--flash game content is often copyrighted, so you should be very careful about what you do with the extracted stuff. If it is for your own personal use, there should be no problem, but if you go around distributing it to anyone and everyone, you could get in trouble. I am not advocating this, but rather a personal use of a certain image or song you want.

Flash files are basically archives of everything the flash game (or movie) needs to move around the screen, play to your speakers, and interact with your mouse and keyboard. The content will be a bunch of code files, images, sounds, and other files that can all be extracted from the flash game, much like a zip file. You will need a program to disassemble the file for you before you can extract anything, however. There are very few free flash disassemblers, but I found a good trial one at this site:

There are limits as to how many files (and different types of files) you can extract, but it is a pretty useful program even with all the limits of the trial version. If you find it extremely useful and wish you could do more with it, I'd strongly recommend buying the full version.

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saad 9 years ago

very nice

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oh my god!thanks cybermouse!it really works!

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nice info dude

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dude you are awesome!!!!!

hit me up

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OMG! It worketh!

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cheers mate, big help

sp 7 years ago

You rule, just looked for something like this n u got it rite here big thumbs to you

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 7 years ago from Bentonville, AR Author

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Glad I could be of assistance.

vans 7 years ago

yoh! men, how can i access when the file extensions are ".html, .asp."? can u help me?

person 7 years ago

um... does it work for stuff like runescape and all that???

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 7 years ago from Bentonville, AR Author

It could theoretically work if RuneScape was written in flash. RuneScape is actually written in Java, a high-level programming language. Flash, by contrast, is a fairly simple scripting language. Even if you could download RuneScape, however, it would do you little good, as it's an online, multiplayer game; the only thing you might gain by downloading it is faster load times. If you were to play it with your computer not connected to the internet, there would be no one else in the game and it would be quite boring, unless you really want to play it alone and defeat the purpose of it being an online game in the first place.

aymen 7 years ago

thanks for the tips,it really helps allot.

Brendan 7 years ago

not sure if it gets its info from the internet?

ep 6 years ago

you cool

Chelsy 6 years ago

Thanks so much, I am clueless when it comes to downloading games, I found a good site following your guide, and it worked thanks!

tamashebi 6 years ago

Downloading flash games is easier: open flash game in in firefox. Click right maus button, choose page sourse , click ctrl+f type swf, you will find the url, copy this enter to address box of firefox, press enter. The game will open, save page. it's all. Have fun

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 6 years ago from Bentonville, AR Author

tamashebi, thanks for adding that. There might be a way to do that in Chrome as well, I do not use Firefox and I doubt that most users do either. As far as I know, IE and Chrome are the most popular, with Opera being a close 2nd. And by the way, once you set up the system I've outlined, adding a single link to it for a new flash game is actually easier than what you said, plus it gives you a complete history of the flash games you've downloaded and links to get them again.

billydeakin profile image

billydeakin 6 years ago

Good solid info Cybermouse, but definitely be VERY careful about decompiling. As a Flash developer I've come across hacked/stolen copies of my company's games in the past so I know it goes on. Decompilers can be useful tools if you have for whatever reason lost FLAs to your own projects, but please don't go hacking into other people's hard work unless it really is only for personal use! Cool hub though dude ;)

Y8 6 years ago

Thanx for that It will help me.

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danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Thanks man!

Jason Phimosis 6 years ago

been wanting to download flash games but I didn't know how. thank man

Kuzu 6 years ago

nice article!

btw there is a cool application for windows users, if anyone is interested, check it out.

with this you can easily download and play flash games offline

GamePortal 6 years ago

You can also download games easily from

jasperdegroot 6 years ago

there is a lot of software on the net for this.

Dhiren Vyas 6 years ago

very nice information step by step ...its really gonna help me ...

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Can i play also with my HTC Wildfire

mani 5 years ago

thanks dude :)) you are the men ^^

martace 5 years ago

i got this problem that the flash game is layered under another flash loading page.

so the flash game file is not available on the source nor info.

how to get the flash file (the game) under another flash file (loading flash animation)


fighterace0 5 years ago

this is awesome thanks!

Also once you get the url in chrome you can click 'save page as' and 'swf' file.

Curious if you could adjust some of these to be resized so they fit full screen or just larger in general?

vany 5 years ago

This is great tutor and how can i create a flash game site look like this ? I know how to download flash game but how to upload it and play on the theme of our site?

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Dwizard 5 years ago

nice tip

scfinder 5 years ago

Thanks for the link. Gonna download it.

Find out.

akshay 4 years ago

very nice

Jacob wendling 4 years ago

I did it one time but it wouldn't let me download it i right clicked and every thing it wouldn't open anything then i tried a different one it kept saying a txt. document HELP!?!?!?!

Daniela 4 years ago

There are lot of websites where you can embed their games to your website, for example This way you can safe your bandwidth.

Ultimation 4 years ago

But what if the game you want is not .sfw?

The game I want is .html

sam 4 years ago

its really easy. open the browser and open the game on it. open the resource console[google chrome-F12] search for swf. there should be many links, you should find it there. i did it for BTD5 Which is=

nate 4 years ago

You are the best evarrrrr!!!

@zegy- 4 years ago

thanks dude!you are cool!this is what i searching for!!!!thanks!!!!by the way,if you all wan't to have a fast download and not use a notepad...just try internet download manager and copy the URL to that!!!it fast!!!

shaeran 4 years ago

thank you very you really rock..

michelle 4 years ago

i have the flash from the adobie but still cant go on help please

asdd 4 years ago

how to download this

website plss can i have the link of downloading file

problemchild 3 years ago

Uh, excuse me cybermouse. I don't know if you're still reading the posts here. But i was wondering if the SWF opener is still working. When i download a game and use the SWF opener it doesn't seem to work. I've been downloading games lots of times before (I got the idea from this site btw) and i'm really used to it. But then my comp got rebooted last year and i download the swf opener again just last month. Now it doesn't seem to work anymore. In any website. Please help. I really wanna play my childhood games. Even though it's been 3 years. lol. :P

kevin 3 years ago

Thank you u are awesome happy face :)


3 years ago

could this work for downloading other files like mp4

спивапукфапи 3 years ago

цувфъызаждывшнплы.валчабдьжл рвпрлдэ ывпр ыждлр (вы азш шщзц аыпгфыо пфура опшщв ахы ад \ыв)

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