In My Time of Need (Skyrim walkthrough)

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In My Time of Need (Skyrim walkthrough).

To start the 'In My Time of Need' Skyrim mission, you first need to have completed the Dragon Rising mission. After having completed this Skyrim mission, two Alik'r guards, equipped with scimitars and dressed in Redguard uniforms, show up at the main gate of Whiterun. Engaging in a heated conversation with the Whiterun guards, they are told they are not allowed into the city of Whiterun, due to an incident which took place earlier, ending up with one of the Alik'r being placed in the Dragonsreach jail after a brawl. Speaking to one of the Alik'r guards, they will tell you they are looking for a fugitive, a Redguard woman, who they believe is hiding somewhere in the city of Whiterun.

Mission objectives:

1. - Find the Redguard woman

2. - Speak with Saadia or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location

3. - Talk to the Alik'r prisoner or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location

4. - Kill Kematu or bring Saadia to the stables

1. Find the Redguard woman

Your first assignment is to find the Redguard woman, and get her side of the story. You will find her within the Bannered Mare, working as a waitress; her name is Saadia. She will tell you her side of the story, telling you in private that she has fled from the town of Hammerfell, and that the Alik'r warriors are assassins sent to kill her, due to her speaking out against the Aldmeri Dominion. She asks you if you could please help her. At this time you will have two options; either;

A ) Talk to Saadia and tell her you will help her out.

B) Inform the Alik'r of where she is hiding

Whether you choose alternative A or B will change the entire mission. This article will go through both options, and their outcomes.

2. - Speak with Saadia or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location

When you speak with Saadia, she will inform you that one of the Alik'r guards were arrested yesterday in a brawl incident, and that he can be found (and questioned) in the Dragonsreach dungeon jail. Choosing to talk to the prisoner does not affect your future choice; if you want to help Saadia or not.

3. - Talk to the Alik'r prisoner or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location

Down in the basement of the Dragonsreach castle you will find the Dragonsreach dungeon jail. This is where the law of whiterun places does that have opposed it. Down here you will find the Alik'r prisoner. After some persuasion, he says he will reveal the location of where the Alik'r warriors are hiding; or 'assassins' as they are called by Saadia, but only if you pay this prison fine of 100 gold. After having paid the fine, the Alik'r prisoner will reveal that the Alik'r warriors and their leader, Kematu, is hiding out at a place called Swindler's Den; west of Whiterun. At this stage, regardless or not if you decide to choose with Kematu and the Alik'r warriors, you still have to battle the bandits which inhabit Swindler's den.

4. Kill Kematu or Bring Saadia to the stables

Having battled your way through Swindler's Den, you will find Kematu and his 6 most trusted Alik'r warriors in the innermost part of the cave complex. Here you will talk to Kematu, who tells a completely different side of the story, saying they are not assassins, but agents acting on behalf of Hammerfell; trying to bring Saadia in for the crimes she has committed. At this time you must choose if you want to trust him and his entourage, or side with Saadia. If you choose to believe Saadia's side of the story, you are in for a battle against Kematu and 6 Alik'r warriors equipped with Scimitars. Afterwards you return to the Bannered Mare, telling Saadia she is safe (for now). She will continue to work at the Bannered Mare as a waitress and be very grateful towards you from this point on. Two Alik'r guards will show up at the gates of Whiterun at this point, still on the look-out for a fugitive. At random times in the game, you will also encounter Alik'r warriors hustling Redguard women along the roads of Skyrim.

However, if you choose to side with Kematu, there will be no bloodshed; but you must scheme Saadia saying that the Alik'r warriors are coming for her, luring her down to the Whiterun stables where Kematu awaits. He will cast a paralyzing spell on her, and take her away to Hammerfell. You will never see neither of them again.


- 500 gold (you will get 500 gold either way you decide to go in the story).

- If you choose to side with Saadia, she will continue to work at the Bannered Mare.

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