Internet Games for Old People

Are you a "Silver Surfer" looking for games that you can play free of charge whilst sitting in the comfort of your own computer chair, that are not too complicated or difficult, but fun and enticing. If so then you have probably come to the right page. Here we will list you with some excellent internet games that you can play straight away, that are totally free and require no subscription or signing up. Sounds good read on...

Top Games

  • 1) Fog of War Game- This is a wonderful game that has taken the internet by storm. It is easy to navigate and good fun. This gets our first choice - No1 game on the internet. Great for people of all ages, but perhaps the better players with be people with more life experience behind them. Once you start you will probably get addicted.
  • 2) Bubble Spinner - Is a new game on facebook. Its fun and relatively easy. It involves shooting balls at a wheel of balls and building up patterns to eliminate the balls. Good fun and another great internet game but it you do need a facebook account before you can play.
  • 3) Online Chess - There are lots of sites where you can play online chess. You have the opportunity to play against the computer or against other players online. Excellent game if you have some time on your hands.
  • 4) BackGammon - Who would have thought it, backgammon online. Use google to navigate you to websites for playing backgammon. You can play against the computer or against other online players.

  • 5) Online Monopoly - It goes without say that Monopoly is one of the all time great game inventions. You can play online versions of monopoly. Simple to play and great fun. The¬†boards have been modernised in many cases but they still have the same principle and are still great fun. Need to make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands, and also always a good idea to make sure that the players in your group have plenty of time also, otherwise you could find yourself with a bunch of people who log off half way through the game.¬† Everyone should own a monopoly board! What a great christmas present too.

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