Investigate Shroudh Hearth Barrow in Ivarstead (Skyrim mission walkthrough)

Investigate Shroudh Hearth Barrow

To start the Shroudh Hearth Barrow skyrim miscellaneous mission you have to speak to Wilhelm which runs the inn in Ivarstead. He will tell you a ghost has been observed within the ruins of Shroudh Hearth Barrow and asks you to please investigate it, valiantly you accept the request.

Mission objectives:

1. Investigate Shroudh Hearth Barrow

2. Shroudh Hearth Puzzle #1

3. Shroudh Hearth Puzzle #2

1. Investigate Shroudh Hearth Barrow

Entering Shroudh Hearth Barrow it will not be long until you run into Wynderius Gatharian, who will attack you on sight. After killing him (in self defence of course) you will pick up his logbook. Reading it you quickly realize that the barrow has driven him mad, in his search for treasure.

Bring the log book back to Wilhelm, who in return will give you the Sapphire Dragon Claw which you need to venture deeper into the barrow.

Go back to the barrow and enter the room which contains a keyhole shaped like a dragon claw and three symbols; this is the first puzzle of Shroudh Hearth Barrow.

2. Shroudh Hearth Puzzle #1 (Solved with the combination you need)

To get the combination you need to equip a torch and look at the paintings on the wall, they will resemble either an owl, butterfly or wolf. The correct combination for the puzzle is:

A – Wolf (inner ring)

B – Owl (middle ring)

C – Butterfly (outer ring)

After switching the rings to the above symbols, activate the keyhole by inserting the Sapphire Dragon Claw. The door will now open, allowing you to venture deep within the barrow.

Once inside the barrow you will face opposition in the form of skeletons, draugrs and draugr deathlords.

3. Shroudh Hearth Puzzle #2 (Solved – with combination solution)

The second puzzle within Shroudh Hearth is located next to a cross bridge, guarded by a massive draugr scourge . You will see four pillars which you need to place in the correct combination to make the cross bridge fall down, letting you travel across it. To find the combination you need to go into the adjacent room and step on the pressure plate, this will trigger the doors and reveal the combination from left to right. The correct combination for the puzzle is (from the left to the right):

1) Fish (Pillar on the far left)

2) Eagle

3) Snake

4) Fish (Pillar on the far right)

After setting the pillars to the correct combination, step onto the pressure plate and the cross bridge will fall into place letting you continue deeper within the barrow.

After passing the cross bridge and fighting your way through some more undead, you will reach a door which takes you to the Shroudh Hearth Depths.

Within the Shroudh Hearth Depths you will have to fight waves upon waves of enemies, starting at skeletons and ending at the boss in the form of a Draugr Death Overlord. Located on the far left of the hall you will find an ebony greatsword, and straight ahead you will find yet another Power of word, a thu’um (dragonbreath skill) called Kyne’s peace; it will let you calm enemies (yeah, it is kind of lame.

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