Is The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Elite Service worth it so far? ( MW3 )


So here is a short hub about whether it was worth purchasing the Call of Duty elite service from Infinity Ward.

Also.. I am on the Xbox Live network, for those of you who continue to ask, my gamer tag is Agent Johnr. I tend to not add new members from here unless I play with you first, and I only play hardcore domination, or Infected, but either way if you see me on, feel free to send a shout out.


Ok so i wrote a nice long guide and then it got deleted because i lost internet, so i'll try this again.

When we all went to the store to buy or pre-order call of duty modern warfare 3, i am 100% sure i, and you remember the clerk trying to persuade you to buy the Elite. They also probably tried telling you that these three things would be the key features that would make you sooooo happy and that you should spend $50.00 on the Elite for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

1- That each month for the first year, Infinity ward would come out with 3 new maps for multiplayer, and they would be free for Elite members.
2- That you would be able to have very in depth stats only available to Elite members.
3- That elite would be available ONLY to people who pay for it now.

Well lets start with number 1. Well I am glad that we ave 9 new multiplayer maps to date...... Oh im sorry i mean I am soo glad that Infinity announced that in the THIRD month the game is out, they will be releasing 4 new maps at the end of the month. Either way the only benefit of having Elite, other than them being free is that you get the maps a little earlier than everyone else. Well thats the least they can do, since that is the main feature that everyone had paid for when buying Elite.

Now number 2. According to people trying to get me to buy the Elite service a while back, i would be able to see very in depth stats and only available to people with Elite. Well first off, everyone gets it, even the free members. Also i would like to add that the stats you see are not exactly things worth seeing. Like.. if you play 8 hours a day, for 4 days then you will prestige... Umm great so i have to make call of duty my new job, to go up 1 prestige, i rather they hold that info to themselves. Or right as soon as Elite opens up.. The first thing you see is a pie chart telling you how you disperse your 4 days of gameplay, once again, didn't wanna see the fact i played that game this much so far, but thanks anyways. I am glad that i didn't pay to see a mediocre version of the Black ops stat station though. I mean i don't even get to see the body chart of where i tend to shoot people most often ( for me the groin, and the right hand).. (i assume it usually wasn't at the same time).. (but who knows).. But anyways, even to view the stats they did put, you still either have to go on your computer or opt out of the game itself to get into elite, as opposed to Black ops where you could pull it up instantly with no problems.

3- I was told that elite was only going to be Available for those who pay. They did not mention a version that would be available for everyone. Well after about a week i learned that to be false when i downloaded Elite and noticed my old username and password from the old Call Of Duties still worked.

So overall you paid for the map packs, which are more than anticipated, people have been waiting and waiting for these to come out, so hopefully we will all be satisfied by them. And i should have spec ops guides out within the first 48 hours of me playing the new maps ( hopefully we can get them within 1 week of Elite members). But either way,

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the elite service, and if you paid for it or not, and if you like it. Please keep the comments (fairly) clean, and below are some links to toher useful hubs i have previously written. thanks.

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Mths has the answet 4 years ago


Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Don't kno the reference

Wraith 4 years ago

You know, with a comment and a name like that, I think he's just trying to troll.

On a more serious note, having gotten MW3 for the PC, and an 'old school'-ish gamer at heart (the first "big" video game I can remember playing was Chex Quest, a more kid-friendly reskin of Doom), I think the whole concept of things like CoD:Elite and "Premium" versions of games is just complete bullshit. I liked the way things worked with CoD4 and World at War. CoD4 had 1 DLC map (Broadcast), and World at War had the 3 map packs. Most importantly, ALL of this was free once you had the game.

Also, IW was all big about having a "universal cross-platform experience" in MW3, which is why they left out such popular features as leaning from CoD4 and W@W, when I'm pretty sure the level of lag over compensation is quite a bit higher on the PC than the XBox or PS3 (maybe even higher than the compensation on the Wii version, but I haven't really seen any gameplay from that version yet).

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I wish they would make a cross platform game, while it would be expensive I would pay for an elite at that point. I think its just a way for these companies to suck more money out of us gamers and it is frustrating, but may be worth it for future games. WAS not worth it for MW3

Wraith 4 years ago

Some company actually tried that a while back, and the PC players completely WRECKED the console gamers. Until they put a limit on turn speed with the mouse. Then all the PC players just stopped playing. I don't remember what the game was, I just heard it mentioned somewhat in passing during a let's play video.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

HAHA that would have drove me crazy being a console gamer..

Wraith 4 years ago

Well, my younger brother used to play MW2 on the PC. He's a console gamer, and absolutely HATED playing with a mouse and keyboard, so he bought an XBox controller, bought or downloaded some program that let you bind keyboard buttons to game controller buttons, and played that way. Now, I'm not gonna lie, but even with that sort of handicap (since I think using a controller is a VERY definitive handicap without aim assist, since mouse and keyboard allows a (somewhat) higher level of sensitivity and precision once you get the hang of it), he wasn't half bad. I think if he wasn't so focused on being "cool" and doing trickshots and quickscoping so much, he actually could've worked his way up to a 2.0 k/d or higher without too much extra effort. (For a PC player using a controller, he could quickscope DAMN well.)

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

HAHAHA yes the trick shots, and other "Cool" things definitely hurt you a lot. THAT is one of my main reasons for not doing youtube videos, and writing for here. Because I can add a video if necessary, but for the most part I dont have to add all the things that make people happy with trick shots..

Wraith 4 years ago

Oh, I forgot to mention what one of his favorite class setups was for a while... I called it WTF shield:

Riot Shield


(forgot the equipment)


Danger Close (I think)

Ninja (I think)

It was VERY entertaining to watch him play with this class.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

WOW that sounds VERY interesting.. and VERY funny..

Wraith 4 years ago

I don't remember what class setup he used, but he also managed to earn the nickname "kid on speed" at one point. I do remember he pulled it using a tac-knife on Underpass (I think that was the map). Was funny to listen to the rest of the people saying things like "Holy shit! Is this kid on speed or something?" since he usually did it in FFA.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

haha yah, that would be very effective..

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