Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

Fun on the Jungle Blast Water Park
Fun on the Jungle Blast Water Park

This Jungle Blast Water Park really is like having a waterpark in your own backyard.

Like most of the waterslides that Banzai make, this is amazingly fun and durable as well.

Even though it is for kids, it can hold adults perfectly well (and face it, everyone loves a waterslide!)

It is made well and folds up pretty easily.  Although don't bother trying to get it back into it's tiny little case it came in.  Buy a bigger canvas bag, or one of those plastic tubs from the discount store and use that instead.

You do need to let it dry out before packing it away.  Make sure you leave it inflated while you do this, as it dries so much quicker that way.

It will get your kids outside and having fun, but best of all it will keep them active.  Yes, don't tell them they'll be getting actual exercise by climbing up, running around, and having fun in the water (it will be our little secret).

Hot Summertime Fun

Hot Summertime Fun

Banzai really do know how to make a good waterslide. The Jungle Blast Water Park is one of their biggest in the range so if you have a big backyard (or lots of kids to entertain) then it makes a good investment.

Is it really durable?  What happens if I get a tear?

Many people are concerned about the durability of the seams as some customers have had them split. While this isn't the norm (most do hold up year after year) if you are unlucky enough to get a tear then you can easily patch it yourself.

Tip: Don't bother with the little kit they give you to fix it - do this: Put some duct tape over the hole in a big cross on one side, and before adding more tape on the other side use some cheap silicone sealer as 'glue', and then add the duct tape to the other side. The silicone bonds the tape together without making it hard - and it's safe for kids. Works great!

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