JurassiCraft, Minecraft Dinosaur Mod

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Realms are a relatively new addition to Minecraft, and so far not all that much has been done with them. There's the Nether of course, but unless you have a penchant for hell worlds or perhaps glowstone there's not much there for the average Minecrafter. As per usual, it's been left to modders to unlock the true potential of realm technology.

Instead of going to the Nether which is such a flamingly depressing place that I've been there a total of two times since it was added to the game, why not port to a Jurassic world where dinosaurs roam. Oh my lord, the awesomeness is way over 9000 and continuing to rise steadily! You can get to the Jurassic realm by crafting a flux capacitor from 6 iron ingots, one diamond and one redstone. Place the flux capacitor on a minecart or a pig, then ride your way into the Jurassic age!

The Jurassic realm is characterised by a purple / red haze that you'll see as you enter it and boasts not one, but three new biomes. Oh joy! The new biomes are as follows:

  • Redwood Forests, in which Raptors are common, and Brachiosauruses occasionally pop up.
  • Jurassic Opens, in which Raptors, Brachiosauruses, Tyrannosaurus Rexes and Pterodactyls roam
  • Rainforest, in which you'll find everything bar a Brachiosaur.

As you've probably already gathered, there are several dinosaur types included in this mod.

The Raptors are little yellow fellows, but don't let their happy yellow appearance catch you unawares like a teddy bear's picnic. These guys are everywhere and are totally aggressive to blocky humans. They only have 5 health and 3 attack. so you should be able to protect yourself from them fairly easily.

Brachiosauruses are gentle giants with a massive 70 health. You can kill them if you really want to, but it will take sustained effort.

Pterodactyls are also non aggressive, but they only have 15 health, making them better targets for hunters.

The Tyrannosaurus is the one you have to worry about. With an aggressive temperament, 35 health and 9 attack, they'll damage you quite severely.

Additional Crafting

Dinosaurs drop bones when killed, which can be crafted into spears. Huzzah! Spears are lost when they hit a dinosaur, but they do a great deal of damage, so it's probably worth your while hunting dinosaurs to make spears in order to hunt dinosaurs to... uh... make spears.

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