Just Dance 4 Review


What is Just Dance?

Just Dance is a single or multiplayer game. You can dance, work out, keep track of your usage, level up and more on Just Dance 4. It's a great game to play alone if you're bored. It's also a great game to play with people.

Just Dance 4 Without Friends

This game without friends is extremely exciting. They have many fun, fun songs to dance to alone. There are a lot of new hit songs to rock out to. You also can level up and get new songs, dance versions, and more.

Just Dance 4 With Friends

Just Dance 4 with friends is the most fun thing you can do! You can have a dance crew (4 people) and dance to hit songs such as What Makes You Beautiful. You can also have a game with two people and dance a duet, such as in The Final Countdown.
Playing with friends makes the game more fun, you level up easier, and you get new things faster.

Just Dance 4 is amazing!

Just Dance!

A complete list of songs found on it can be found here.


What did I enjoyed about it?

I really enjoy that when you play the four person version, all four people can be doing different things.

I recently updated from Just Dance 2, and the differences in the games are astounding.

Just Dance 4 uses 'mojo' as a score keeper, so you can level up to get new things. It also keeps the top 5 high scores on each game.

I really enjoyed playing it with my siblings and friends when we had them all over.

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