Just Dance Games and The Upcoming Release

Just Dance- The Original

The song choices on the original just dance are some what better but the graphics are seriously lacking. Still I found myself enjoying myself with this game when my friend had gotten it for her birthday party and had to get myself the game. Although I have to admit that I did get Just Dance 2 first, prior to her getting the original game.

Some of the songs you have to choose from are Womanizer, Who let the dogs out, Jerk it out, Heart of Glass, Can't Touch This. The list goes on.

Just Dance 2

This was a huge step up from the first game. They managed to have somewhat good songs still and added different modes. Like the sweat mode, duet mode, Simon Says, and racing modes. There's a whole lot more to choose from. Not to mention the graphics are great. The back grounds are ten times better, and the sound is better as well. Then you also have the option to buying more songs from their own little store for the game with wii points as well.

Some songs you can choose from are Katy Perry's Firework, Hey Ya!, Girlfriend, Monster Mash. This game is an absolute blast.


This game is a great opportunity to burn calories and not even realize it. Of coarse also changed my diet but these games have a part in me loosing a little over a hundred pounds.

Just Dance 3

Now Friday October 7th Just Dance 3 comes out and I am looking forward to it. By the looks of the trailers and previews it will surely not disappoint. Of coarse I will let everyone know. If you already have become a huge fan of the Just Dance games check the upcoming release. If you have not I highly recommend these games.

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