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Tip/Trick - Occasionally you will come across players that will attack and hunt you relentlessly. This is normally OK if they are 20 levels below you but usually it is the other way around! Sometimes you will find that these players will become very persistant, and the only way to stop from continuing the attacks is to simply not play the game for a few hours to see if they have gone away. When you revisit be catious and if the coast if clear then continue! This way you will preserve your character better and have more success in the long term. Remember that short term is not neccessarily the best method of thinking when it comes to this game!

Tip - Patience is incredibly important in this game. If you go in all guns blazing then you will not do very well and will not last very long. To become the best requires a solid and well thought out game plan. Only then will you be able to get to the higher levels and succeed in the game.

Trick - Always keep aroud 10,000 coins. Although it can become very tempting to spend them you will find that you will need them on certain levels.

Cheat -Save up 100,000 coins for level 25. You will need these because at this stage of the game your character will ave the opportunity to upgrade in class. Here you will see the life and the strength of the character increase in a very positive way.

Cheats and Hacking -Unfortunately there are no known walkthrough cheats for this game! You can spend hours searching the entire internet but you will find very little in the sense of codes, cracks and cheats, and the likelyhood is that the ones you do find will be of no use whatsoever.

Going forward.... The best way is just to learn what works for you. Have some patience and be prepared to spend plenty of time learning. Reading forums and speaking to other players is the best way of learning how you should approach different levels. By doing this you will be using the experience of someone else to guide you through.

Happy Playing....

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