Kanani Akina: American Girl of the Year 2011

American Girl’s new Girl of the Year

Kanani Akina is the Girl of the Year Doll for 2011. She made her debut on Saturday, January 1st.

Kanani is a cheerful girl who helps others by sharing the aloha spirit. Whether she's greeting visitors at her family's shaved ice shop or protecting endangered monk seals, Kanani loves lending a hand. She has a cousin named Rachel who comes to stay with her for a month, and a best friend named Celina.

The 18" doll has long, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. Her meet outfit is a blue floral print dress, blue sandals, a pretend kukui nut necklace and a hibiscus flower in her hair.

Her two books are Aloha Kanani and Good Job Kanani. Other related books include Lend a Hand, and Oodles of Ocean Fun.

I've added pictures of the Kanani doll and her accessories.

Kanani's Books

Kanani's Collection

We already know about Kanani, but it looks like her cousin will be a doll too. Update: Since seeing a better image it looks like it's not a second doll after all. Shucks.

Kanani's Accessories include her dog, a pretend camera with 2 photos, a "Visit Hawaii" travel brouchure, marine life guide, and a tote.

Kanani's Paddleboard Set includes her paddleboard, paddle, life vest, sunscreen bottle, beach towel, mini Beach Sports Magazine, and a map of Kaua'i.

Kanani's Beach Outfit: Board shorts, halter swimsuit and headscarf.

*~*~*~* Other Kanani Items *~*~*~*

Kanani's Aloha Outfit: Aloha graphic t-shirt, belted capris, pink sandals, sunglasses, and faux kukui nut bracelet.

Kanani's Pajamas: Sleeveless floral tunic, cropped leggings, and plush flip-flop slippers.

Kanani's Lu'au Set: Halter top, double-layered skirt, 'uli'uli gourds, head wreath, lei, and flower anklets.

Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand w/ pretend shave ice maker, 5 flavor bottles, bottle caddy, serving tray, 6 shave ice scoops, 6 treat cups, pineapple, 6 napkins, 4 menus, 6 postcards, 3 signs, and a monk seal poster.

Kanani's Lounge Chair Set: Lounge chair, storage ottoman, pillow, and diary.

Hawaiian Monk Seal w/ mini newspaper article.

Kanani's Hawaiian Dress for Girls

Kanani's Pajamas for Girls

Kanani's Slippers for Girls

Contest to Win a Doll and Book!

Kanani and Me e-cards

Share your spirit!

Starting in January 2011, be part of Kanani's world when you create and share your own Hawaiian e-card at americangirl.com/girloftheyear.

Each online postcard features a personalized message based on your answers to a few fun questions. You can forward cards to family and friends.

Every card is a chance to win a Kanani Doll and Book (a retail value $100).

The deadline to enter was April 15, 2011.

25 winners were randomly selected on April 30th 2011.

Closeup of Kanani

Kanani Special Events at AG

Kanani’s Beach Craft

Dallas: October 16
Denver: November 7
Kansas City: December 7

Kanani’s Hawaiian Celebration

Dallas: October 16

Kanani’s Hawaiian Lei Crafts

Kansas City: October 22, November 11

Kanani’s Hula Dance Steps Demo

Kansas City: October 22

Kanani’s Hawaiian Crafts

Kansas City: October 26, December 18

Visit americangirl.com for details.

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Are you an American Girl Collector? 78 comments

Maddie 6 years ago

I LOVE KANANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mickey 6 years ago

She reminds me of Jess, wayy to much. Every other GOTY has been ORIGINAL. Tisk,tisk American Girl

alexis 6 years ago

she is so cute i want her soooooooooo badddddddddddddddddd!

katie 6 years ago

Oh she is so pretty my mom even wants her so we will see her in 6 days so kanani

jessica 6 years ago

im getting her!! well i want to anyway and anyway mia is still my personal favorite! mia is awesome!!

Maria Fuentes  6 years ago

Woww ! , I Freakin Love Kanani ! :D , She Is So Gorgeous I Wanna Huf Her In My You KNow What g Her SO Badly & Stuf

Mikara 6 years ago

That is only another outfit. There is no cousin doll.

AllyCat 6 years ago

I love Ags and I want asecond Ag so I

might get Manani because she is soooo


Char 6 years ago

Kanani looks very nice. She reminds me of Jess too. I really hope that someday, I can call her mine...

Wynn 6 years ago

Kanani has hasel eyes xD

LEXI 6 years ago


Christene profile image

Christene 6 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Not yet Lexi. She goes on sale Saturday, January 1st.

Melia 6 years ago

Kanani is so cute! I wish they were selling her.

6 years ago

I am with Micky

Kanani 6 years ago

OMG she has the same name as me I have got to buy here, I'm getting her probably sometime in January!

Ema 6 years ago


Sarah 6 years ago

I agree Kanani reminds me too much of Jess. She should be more original. But I will admit, she's very pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing her cousin if it's true she's coming out. Her accessories also look very cute. I wonder how the writer of this page got the pictures....

ash 6 years ago

i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jada 6 years ago


danielle 6 years ago

Lanie and Kaily and Marisol are my three favorite dolls. They are so cute.

graci Lusk 6 years ago

I can't believe I'm getting her on Sunday! Kanani is a cool name

AGloverfor11years 6 years ago


blair 6 years ago

I think she looks like Marisol and I WANT HER SO BAD./

alisyn 6 years ago

OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! i love american girl dolls!!

CCredhead97 6 years ago

OMG!!!! She is looks soooooooo pretty!! :) I might get her when I go to the ag store in January. Its either her or rebecca...

rb123 6 years ago

Can't wait to get her!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda 6 years ago

I think she is gorgeous. I can't wait to get her she is sooooooo pretty and cute.

April 6 years ago

Kanani is super pretty i can't wait to get her!!!!!!!!

Candy 6 years ago

everyone keeps saying that Kanani might have a friend (On every single site I have been on) but where are people getting this idea? if it's from the picture of her starter collection they ALWAYS show two dolls. One has the meet outfit and another has a different outfit on to show what it looks like. Remember all the old catalogs? it says only one doll included.

Christene profile image

Christene 6 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Candy you might be right that there's only one doll. I think we're just hoping that it will be like Chrissa Maxwell. And the picture is so small so it's hard to tell, but it looks like different dolls to me. We'll find out soon.

Also, starter collections don't always show two dolls. Mia's had 4, Lanie's had 3, Nicki's had 3, etc. And, Best Friends Collections have had two in a picture.

Josie 6 years ago

For the people who says she is not original that's a lie. Yeah she has jess's face mold but she looks completely different. Not only that but she is different from kaily cause kailey liked bogy boarding and kanani likes paddle boarding. So she is basically an original doll :-)

McKenna 6 years ago

I want her so bad !!!!!!!!!

Lanie 6 years ago

Kanani seems AWESOME! Her furniture looks cool, but expensive. I'm definitely going to buy her! I've been saving up for the 2011 Girl of the Year and now that she's here I LUV her! She seems almost cooler than my doll Lanie (girl of the year 2010)and that's saying something. Kanani will be my 7th AG doll not including bitty babies... :D

samantha 6 years ago

i ethier want kanani or julie but i feel like i love kanani more

Katelyn 6 years ago

I can't wait for Kanani! I agree, she reminds me of Jess in the face though:/

graci Lusk 6 years ago

how much money does her furniture cost? I am getting her, her acsessories, chair, and pajamas.

Rory 6 years ago

I dont know if she is like this because she is Hawian but her eye's shape looks interesting

Molly 6 years ago

that is only another outfit. one doll, not two.

aglover 6 years ago

OMG I might save up to get her! She's sooo gorgeous! I want her so much! I can't wait until tomorrow!

Mollie 6 years ago

Kanani is so cute. I really want her this year. I want to go to Alanta for my b-day and get her with her PJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

profile image

Laynie 6 years ago

OMG! I have enough Christmas money to get her and some pjs!! She is so adorable that I am definitely going to get her, tomorrow! She also has long pretty hair, can you say great for styling? As ahh-dorable as she is I totally can't wait much longer!

savanah 6 years ago

i LOVE kanani and i just got my magazine today!!!!!! i AM sooooooo guna get her~~~

Sophia 6 years ago


Mollie 6 years ago

I want her so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AG Lover 6 years ago

Kanani look JUST like Marisol but with longer hair but her personality is like Jess'. I orderd her the FIRT day she came out. If I had Marisol I probably wouldn't get Kanani but since I dont have Marisol I orderd Kanani

AG Lover 6 years ago

I agree with "Molly"

AG Lover 6 years ago

I meant to say Kanani looks JUST like Marisol but with longer hair but her personality is like Jess'. I orderd Kanani the FIRST day she came out. If I had Marisol I probably wouldn't have gotten Kanani.

Maria 6 years ago

Uneven eyes. We saw Kanani at the NYC store. We were going to buy her but her Left eye is smaller and higher than her right eye. In fact, all the Kanani dolls were turned sideways in the box (toward the left side) as if to try to hide this defect. She is a beautiful doll but has very uneven eyes. Maybe it was just this batch from the production line. I suppose this defect may make her a more valuable or less valuable collectable. Who knows. Or maybe they will fix it soon.

Frances 6 years ago

Kanani is sooo pretty! I realy want her but I do not have enogh money to buy her.

rn 6 years ago

How do you say her name?

Christene profile image

Christene 6 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Ka (short a)

Na (short a)

Ni (like knee)


ag fan 6 years ago

I LOVE KANANI!! she is so cute i am going to get her! She reminds me a little to Jess but anyways she is so cute!

lexie 6 years ago

i wonder if i am going to win the kanani doll and it comes with a kanani book to the doll looks like mine well kind of i guess.

kara 6 years ago

she is like jessi

Shelby 6 years ago

I love Kanani!!!!!!!!

lucy Vanderbrook 6 years ago

I want kanani so baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

lucy 6 years ago

i want her to the moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

lulu 6 years ago

me and my friend want her a lot. I just showed the picture to her. she wants her for her birthday. I do to.

Allison 6 years ago

I love Kanani to but my mom said she would love me to have her but we need the money for food first. Maybe some day I hope. Love Allison

lizzy toma 6 years ago

i think she is so cute i love her long hair

kanani 6 years ago

she is beautiful i have her and i love her

Taylor  6 years ago

I like all o them but best marisol n kanani n sonapi eveven though she iznt an actual doll of the year I like them because they r the only ones evn close to African-American y wont ag come out wit another African-American girl of the year that's wrong

Kylinne 6 years ago

She is so beatiful. i can't wait to get her. (I LOVE HER DRESS)

Marybeth 6 years ago


malenk profile image

malenk 5 years ago from Chandler, AZ

I love Kanani,I have 3 AG dolls and she is my favorite so far.

Taylor Wartell 5 years ago


poppy sargent 5 years ago

i want kanani soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

ali kalwar 5 years ago

she is looking sooo awesome

khadiece trumpet 5 years ago

hi this is the good news i'm going to

get a american girl doll kanani wooooooooooow so cool

i can't wait for her to come realyyyyy........

Darlene 5 years ago

Disappointed. Kanani does not rep the authentic island girl. You gotta goto the root to find the "true hawaiian girl".

khadiece trumpet 5 years ago

my mom is going get me it for chistmas but now is december friday 16th 2011 bye make show make a comment bye ...............

khad 5 years ago

i like kan i can't spellani and jess more than the rest and julie

kay 5 years ago

i got the kanani doll for cristmas!!!!!!!!!!!

khad 5 years ago

this is the coolest doll in the whole wide world kanani

harmoni 5 years ago

Too bad that kanani has to leave in a few days and she will not be the goty anymore!

Isabella 5 years ago

Kanani looks a lot like me

Olivia Enck 5 years ago

Such a beautiful girl! Wish I had her along with my 5 others. I'm going to get Mckenna too...someday!

Sunny 4 years ago

she is so beautiful so awesome

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