Kill! Death! The Indigo Prophecy Game Website

The blood of basic HTML has been spilled...
The blood of basic HTML has been spilled...

Don't bother going to the official Atari website for Indigo Prophecy, they'll demand your birth date before they even let you load the site. Yes. Yes they will. On the upside, they'll accept your claim that you were born in the mid 1800's as well, so far from being any form of security to stop the little fragile minds of children from being destroyed by the power of the Internets, its more of an irritant for anyone so foolish as to try and find out more about the game whilst it is downloading on Steam.

Dear god, the website is awful. Someone with an altar to flash in their basement at home designed it, and to get anywhere you'll have to click on all sorts of silly things that animate unnecessary. Then the actual text that you're attempting to read looks like it was formatted by someone with a desperate hate for a paragraph break. Perhaps his mother was killed by a paragraph break.

Here's what I gleaned from the website: In Indigo Prophecy, you accidentally appear to have murdered someone. We all have days like that. If you read the text about the game, it turns out that you haven't just accidentally murdered someone, you've done it ritualistically by first carving a symbol into your own arm with a steak knife, after which you stabbed the first person to enter the room. This has all the elements of an excellent game thus far, and the suspenseful music which the website has hijacked my speakers to play without my permission is definitely adding to my murdery sense of anticipation.

All this murdering has something to do with a traditional creepy little girl who is stretching out her hands and asking for help. If horror media is anything to go by, we need to start banning little girls immediately. They crawl out of televisions to kill you, get possessed by daemons and lull you into trance like states in which you kill people with cutlery. Bad news. Bad, bad news.

The website delights in dotting information randomly about the place. If you look under 'The Murder' you'll find out that you'll be murdering someone in cold blood after you lose control of your body and mind. If you look under 'Characters', you'll discover that you do it according to ancient Mayan ritual. You'll also learn that you are 84 kgs and 1.8 meters tall, which makes you of average height, average build and average boring. Oh, and you're a Virgo, which means that you're a down to earth sort of Mayan ritual killer.

If Atari have designed the actual game anything like they designed the Indigo Prophecy website, there's a 50/50 chance you'll be losing control after five minutes of game play and stabbing the first person you see out of sheer frustration. Wouldn't that be delightfully ironic.

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ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

Good to hear that you obtained the game. It is really really really (yeah, really) great.

I've played it some time ago and guess what, today I completed the game the developers (Quantic Dreams) did before "Indigo Prophecy".

Its name is "Omikron: The Nomad Soul" and I definitely recommand to check that out as well if you like Indigo Prophecy.

Didn't know you like games, Hope...

WANT to play A GAME?! {creepy voice of Jigsaw}

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

I love games :) I spend more time than I should playing them. If I can hack the button mashing pace Indigo Prophecy sets, I'll be finishing it and writing up a review of it soon :)

ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

You'll make it, I believe in your gaming skills! I'm looking forward to the review!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

You know, at the moment I am failing the button mashing parts miserably. It's so annoying to have to slam buttons for 60 seconds straight just to get to the next part of the game. I feel like a rat frantically pressing a lever for a pellet of food.

ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

I liked those parts a lot, even though I failed multiple times at them too.

You'll get the food eventually, yummy!

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