Free Webkinz Guide - How to Earn KinzCash

The quickest way to get more KinzCash is simply to adopt more Webkinz! Each adoption gets you 2000 KinzCash and a brand new room, along with exclusive items and food.

The next best thing is to get yourself some Trading Cards. Each pack has at least one feature code, that could unlock rare items, KinzCash, or even a new pet! You also get a free pack of virtual cards (different from the ones in your actual pack) for your online collection.

If you are simply looking for the fastest way to earn KinzCash within the Webkinz World itself, there are plenty of ways to maximize your earning without spending all your time on doing it. After all, what good is earning KinzCash if you never get to spend or enjoy it!

The Official Webkinz Website gives these tips for earning KinzCash:

We have a sure fire way for you to make up to 2550 in KinzCash every week, and it will only take as little as 20 minutes a day.

  • WHEEL OF WOW! It gives out an average of 50 KinzCash a day. That's 350W a week.
  • WISHING WELL 2. You'll average 50 KinzCash a day and 300W a week.
  • THE CARE AWARD. Click on the Care Award in ‘My Pets' every day to receive 10 KinzCash. Click all week and you get a bonus 30W for a total of 100W.
  • THE SURVEY. One click gets you 50 KinzCash a week.
  • QUIZZY'S QUESTION CORNER. The best way to earn KinzCash. Try to get through one series of questions (it only 15 minutes) and you'll earn between 150 to 250 KinzCash a day - that's up to 1750 a week!

The grand total is 2550 KinzCash and all for playing 20 minutes a day. You can also do a job once every 8 hours to earn LOTS of KinzCash.

Also, try checking out the Today's Activities tab. There are certain times of day you can get 25, 50, or even 100 KinzCash simply with the click of a button! Play the Game of the Day for extra bonuses on top of your winnings, and look out for special bonuses on different games by the hour.

If you have particular talent at one game, make sure you play it in the Tournament Arena, where you get KinzCash rewards for high scores, as well as the money you earn during game play. The games you can play in two player mode are also found there, and for most of these games, the winner can earn up to 80 KinzCash a pop!

With all these tips and tricks, you should be well on your way to a king's share of treasure... enough to keep your Kinz eating atomicolicious-ly for years to come!

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Johne182 2 years ago

I was very pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!! gcafedededce

martinnitsim 4 years ago

hello again stevo i got it from a mate so i think this is there web address

filling address ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,tell them netsimsy put you on

Pokekinz 5 years ago

Hey! Anyone want to send or trade me a bulldozer? I'll go see what I have!

TIA 5 years ago

really! type in random letters! i have more than 13 and i didnt get it that way! phhhhhh! like i would try that! i actually am going to go try that now! lol!

just for jokes ya no!


joey 5 years ago

Your welcome! ;)

Punasourus 5 years ago

thanks joey!

Punasourus 5 years ago


joey 5 years ago

my username is:gund9 my password is:pokemon65

ILoveWebkinz!  5 years ago

ya but their only recipes

webkinz 5 years ago

does anybody have any cheats for webkinz

Kate 5 years ago

My username is lee2lee. Add me!!

Lauren!! 5 years ago

heyyyy if anybody has a account for webkinz that they dont need any more please email me at i heard webkinz is fun so if you can give me one that would be great! pleaseee

hi 5 years ago

heyyyy if anybody gives me their webkinz username and password i know how to get 10,000 easily!! also, i know a glitch to get you as many thngs as you want for 0 kinzcash!!! just post it!! :)

Natalie 5 years ago

my username is aeropostalegirl234 and i have 3 webkinz. a tawny pup, peppermint puppy (the special christmas dog, its a seasonal pet i think) and a cocker spaniel. i get on webkinz sometimes. it's fun! :)

cassaysassy 5 years ago

Erica: what do you mean you can't get on it?! You go on the webkinz site, click log in, enter your username and password and wait for it to load. Not that hard.

Erica 6 years ago

I love webkinz a lot but i can not get on it at all

I have 4 webkinz 2 dogs,1 cat,and 1 fox

BUT HELP ME GET ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really want something 6 years ago

heeeey guuuys i'm sooo desperate for an online plush you know the one on webkinz the valentine's tubby tummy bear i neeeeeeeed it pleeeeaaase i'll give you this rear curio shop gladiator helmet or i'll give you rear clothing from kinztyle pleeeaaaase i'll add you once i see your user name pleeeaaaase and when i add you send it to me by mail ok pleaaase

superrrrrrrichpersononwebkinz (budgie202) 6 years ago

Doesnt anyone ever go here anymore?!?!? Everyone has been commenting here a lot for over 3 years but now nobody has said a thing for over 2 months?! Confusing? Yes very. :/ oh come on someone has to come back here someday!!! Oh and if u want a rich buddy that will send you stuff evryday add me to ur friends list: budgie202 ( lowercase letters only )... OK? Im very rich on webkinz I only have 9 pets but I have A LOT of kinzcash!! :) thanks!!!!

Btw, oh and I would like to get to know you, Desi.... I'll add u to my webkinz friends list....deshero, right? Please add me back im budgie202! K? bye again!! :)

katzrdabom 6 years ago

Ok peoplez this place is boring and I dunno if this will get through my iPod and laptop don't like this site all the sudden.... and my sis got ahold of my itouch and said a Bunch of crap on some hubs that I went on...most of those people hate me now, if you don't hate me join WI and find lps3cheese, and yes I got shuts again!!!! I iz so happy, I got a kinzchothes shirt and chose the rock outfit!!!! Anyways, if u wanna talk to me, join WI and add lps3cheese....just LMK who you are xDDDDDD













I know u hate me xP

Reply to JC 6 years ago

No thanks :3

Huh. Well, this place has become boring...:C

JC 6 years ago

anyone want unused webkinz account for club penguin member account or club penguin toy codes?? :)

email me at

thx!! :)

lele 6 years ago

hey people

Need shuts now 6 years ago

Eh, nutin much. You?

"need shuts now" sister 6 years ago

I am the sister of the girl who keeps putting "Need Shuts Now" as their name. Whazzup sis?

Need Shuts Now 6 years ago

Jeez, this place has just turned so boring...Oh and Katzrdabom, you still have not apologized for saying that we suck....please do apologize. Thanks :)

Urboogiesaregud 6 years ago

Hey peeps I have a love puppeh code anyone want to offer 4 it?

Katzrdabom 6 years ago

Ok this plazzz is boring I'm going byeee!!! Ps Mallory u shouldve seen my note about panda slide not being for trade. Sheesh. ):(

katzrdabom 6 years ago

AHHHHH no I can't trade panda slide sorry I need fox slide or small signature golden retriever slide sorry

katzrdabom 6 years ago

AHHHHH no I can't trade panda slide sorry I need fox slide or small signature golden retriever slide sorry

Katzrdabom 6 years ago

I would like something besides the silver dress, I don't really want it. Pluzzzzz according to webkinzinsider signature items are worth 40,000 ( in other words a super bed is kinda a rip off lol)

katzrdabom 6 years ago


Mallory 6 years ago

I will give you Silver Dress,Lemonade Stand,Newton's Giant Cradle for Panda Slide,Plus I'll send you 3 items on Webkinz everyday and it'll be good.....

rockstar 6 years ago

hi guys does anyone mind if i add them as a friend cause i need friends.

Katzrdabom 6 years ago

Pebbles what else do you have? I really like the bed. Do you have anyhing signature other than re puppy patrol station, dog mansion, racoon window, panda slide,signature window and fireplace? (NOTE:sorry but none of those are for trade. I worked very hard to

collect them all.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

Well I have this ancient civiliZation bed but I have to quit hubpages soon because my iPod freezes most of the times that I try to go to it

Need shuts now. 6 years ago

I have not been on here cuz i have been on foopets a lot lately. And lps3cheese, that is a little rude to say that we suck...You should apologize....

pebbles 6 years ago

sorry i do not have the lemonade stand but i have lots of other stuff and the over the rainbow super bed is my favorite bed of all if you would like anything else ples tell me.

ryan 6 years ago

my username is pokemon2837. I like to trade to get cars. I am mostly in the dark blue zone.I mostly go on around 6:30pm. I hope you will add me.See you later

Mallory 6 years ago

Sorry I wasn't on recently,I've been busy!

Mallory 6 years ago

I have the Bed too!!! Anything else?

lps3cheese 6 years ago

I want the lemonade stand!!! I have the over the rainbow super bed for

it and something else!!

pebbles 6 years ago

I have tons of exclusive stuff and rare things and also super beds if you want to trade with me for somthing u can askif i have it and i will tell u and u tell me what u will trade for it and if i like it i will trade if u want to add me on webkinz my user name is TEGGIE thats in capital letters thankyou and please tell me if you want something.

pebbles 6 years ago

if u have a free webkinz code i will tell my webkinz account stuff i have 34 pets.

lps3cheese 6 years ago

Ok all of you guys SUCK you never come here anymore I have a life and font have tome for your mindless crap so bye

asdfghjkl; 6 years ago

does anyone know how to get a free secret code for a lil' kinz panda?

hi 6 years ago

hi whats up peeps i love cake do you its awesome im gonna leave now l8r

Brooke 6 years ago

Hey everyone!! If anyone would trade me Shutter Shades that would be great!!! :D My username is daffyjack

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I'm BORED of this place lol no one is on here anymore!! I will always be in green zone in kc+ around 12:00-4:00 pm kinztime. In trading rooms 13,20,5,16,40.

Katzrdabom 6 years ago

Really? You should go to

it's a site with a TON ( I mean, a TON!!!!!!!)

of funny pictures!!!

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago


need shuts now 6 years ago

if anyone ever wants to see me in the clubhouse, i will be in super chef room one at 2:30 pm kinztime, which is now, in the light blue zone.... bye!

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

If anyone needs me, im in da pink zone

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

All right, Bye 4 now!

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

and i got a neopet too

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

and my gmail is

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

and i have some exlusive items too.....

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

Well i have 13 webkinz!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey ilovewebkinz what do you have to trade?

oh and I'm bot begging here but does anyone have a code for an estore sewing machine? I gve them the idea and told them to make it wshop but the fartheaded retards made it estore!!! I can give you a kinzstyle bag or kinzstyle item if I have the one you want!!!

ilovewebkinz 6 years ago

Hi everybody my webkinz username is princessleyla2001 please add me!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

aw......those are the things that the stupid hacker took!


need shuts now 6 years ago

*yawn* well i am tired,i'm going to bed! goodnight girls!! Also good luck to you both for the negociating thingy!(i am not being sarcastic either!seriously, good luck you too!) have a great night!

Mallory 6 years ago

Hmm,Do you still have shutters or purple slippers?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

*sob* Mallory what do you want for the stand?

need shuts now 6 years ago

oh darn i wanted to add you on foopets if you had one mallory. and no, katzrdabom, i don't think that foopets require flash... but its free to join, but clubfoo makes it more fun... foopets is like a virtual world of pets! you can even breed! its so much fun! anyways for clubfoo, you can pay like $5 for a month or something like that...

Mallory 6 years ago

I use to have Foopets but I got tired of feeding them and stuffs.I have 450 Webkinz items plus I have over 70 Rooms in my house loaded with items.I am sorry,I have those.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

do foopets require buying something or flash? cuz if they do I can't play. OH and I LOVE cats!!!!! and I will not be on ww for like, 2 weeks cuz my dads laptops got a virus and I can't go on ww cuz their down. I might get a flash app, though. I dunno. oh and Mallory I have bluebird fountain, and over rainbow bed.

need shuts now 6 years ago

hey mallory and jessica! do any of you play foopets??

need shuts now 6 years ago

well i may leave this hub now, because there is nothing to talk about. unless you love twilight, or cats, i have nothing to talk about (:-(

Jessica 6 years ago

Add me to your friends list!!!!!!! My username is jesssceet. I give 1 gift a week to all of my friends, if they give me one over 200 a year!!!!!!!!!


Mallory 6 years ago

Any other Items? I have most of those.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah I'm really sad too. I hope you get your bffl shutters without me!!! I will try to get them again, though!!! oh and here are some things I have for lemonade stand:

circle of friends topiary retired exclusive

chimpanzee psi(jungle gym chair)

googles scrying pond

antique lamp post

poofy poodle chair

polar bear psi(window)

webkinz music box

party sparklers( I have 3!! their annoying!!!)

exalted armoire from new princess palace theme

mocha pup psi( some weird fountain thing)

that's all I can think of right now. remember, I won't be here from 14-18 of June.

night!!! (:)

Mallory 6 years ago

That's so weird.......

need shuts now 6 years ago

wow its really ironic. everybody is getting hacked now. its so weird you know? lol

Mallory 6 years ago

Well not if I don't get anything!!!!! I bet you just want something..... I told you not to reply until you sent them.Well you should of sent it earlier like I told you.It's not my fault.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey I'm really sad about my shuts and slips being gone, because I really wanted to help your friend. I really want the lemonade stand still. can we trade?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh crap crap crap!!!!!! I logged on just now and all my shuts are gone!!

Mallory 6 years ago


katzrdabpm 6 years ago

oh no...did you send? cuz I cant get on ww today. I will try my hardest, though.

Mallory 6 years ago

I need it now!!!!!!

Mallory 6 years ago

Please let's send now.My friend got hacked and her shutters are gone and she is really upset.That is why she needs them.So you send 2 shutters and 1 purple slipper,and I'll send Gumball Pit,Lemonade Stand,and Master Grill. Please!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

well, yeah, uh when do you need the stuff? cuz I leave for camp on monday and am bit typically on webkinz on sundays.

Mallory 6 years ago

Katzrdabom,You're on my list now.Can we send right now?

need shuts now 6 years ago


katzrdabom 6 years ago

no. I don't even have a panda. BUT!!! my kc is working again!!! :D I am sooo happy!! except won thing. When I tried to trade someone, I got a blank screen. I was really sad. I told the other person what my prob was and that I was really sorry.

need shuts now 6 years ago

hey katzrdabom, i think i saw you in a girls rule room, i was pompom spirit, and i saw a panda that had a user that starts with lps...was that you?

hellokittylova!(: 6 years ago

oh and plz tell me if you added me...... reply to this post

hellokittylova!(: 6 years ago

hey, i was woundering if anyone has purple slippers for trade (not the party ones) im not rich or poor i have an "okay" amount of rare/exclusive/kinzsyle. add me or help me out on my search. my username is fobchocolate. today i will be using my springer spainail named zoey. Thanks for all those helpers!

Mallory 6 years ago

Needs shuts now, meet me in Kinz chat plus at 9:00, Which is now.Room 19,Light blue.

Jillian 6 years ago

i wish i had a webkinz.........

Mallory 6 years ago

Ok.Great!!! I accepted your request.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I has good newz!!! my brother wants to watch pirates of the carribean(lol he's not even in middle school yet!!) so I might be able to add you!!

Mallory 6 years ago

Ok.I usally am in Light Blue,infact I am now.

need shuts now 6 years ago

hey mallory, what zone are u usually in when you go to the clubhouse? i thought maybe, just for the heck of it, that we can meet in the clubhouse around 9pm kinztime, if you'd like....

Mallory 6 years ago


katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, I had to get off. my sis has a plan for me to get on tommorrow which involves her watching a movie, which is something I hate. I will answer your request tomorrow at the latest. if I can't get on for some reason, I will have my sis answer it and collect and send you the slips and shutters. does that sound like a good plan?

cry 6 years ago

this is I will delete then add you, ok?

Mallory 6 years ago

You're not on my list????

katzrdabom 6 years ago thing. can you send first? I have to have my dinner but I will be on in like, 10 minutes!!

Mallory 6 years ago

Ok.... Send now.......

katzrdabom 6 years ago


Mallory 6 years ago

I give you Gumball Pit,Lemonade Stand,and Master Grill for 2 Shutter Shades and 1 Pair of Purple Slippers,Right?

Mallory 6 years ago

Ok.Send right now......

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok I have you on y list

Mallory 6 years ago


katzrdabom 6 years ago

oooook...I'm cufused now.....what is your user, Mallory?

Mallory 6 years ago

I just said that would be really nice!!!! Plus when I saw it I saw the comment you made.So as soon as I saw it you said do you see my comment....

need shuts now 6 years ago

i understand that but after i said what i said, you didn't say i was nice, but after katzrdabom said what she said, you said she was nice. if this is how its gonna be, i am leaving this hub. i thought the people on this hub was nice, but i guess i was wrong like i am most of the time... (:'(

Mallory 6 years ago

Yeah I did.That would be really nice!!! =) But,I'm waiting for Katzrdabom to reply.

need shutters now 6 years ago

oh and i am mean? did you even look at what i said mallory? ok that is fine, i try to be nice... but if course, people just don't appreciate it. (:'(

Mallory 6 years ago

Thanks!!!! Geez,Your not mean at all. Add me.... imcubbie

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok Mallory- I will do that, and I'll give you two shutters and purple slips as well! so you AND your buddy can have them!!! oh and I realize that I sounded really rude earlier. I am really really really really really really realllllllly sorry!!!!!!!!! plz forgive me for being a brat.

dllll 6 years ago

hey i have some webkinz add me! dljohnson

need shutters now 6 years ago

well mallory if I HAD SHUTTERS, i would really love to help you, but unfortunately i don't have shutters. and if i had shutters, and you had a slide, i would be willing to give shutters just for a slide.. i am a pretty reasonable person lol :3

webkinz rockz 6 years ago

Well whateva i am outta here peeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Mallory 6 years ago

I don't have a Super Exclusive Gift Box.My best friend needs shutter shades,and plus you said you didn't even want to keep looking at your purple slippers in your dock.You know what,I'll give you Lemoande Stand,Gumball Pit,and Master Grill for just Shutter Shades.That't how

much my friend needs them,and even more.And plus she gave me bunny ears for my Sly Slide.And if people are going to be mean I don't have to give you anything.So,make up your mind.Either Lemoande Stand,Gumball Pit,and Master Grill for Shutters,or I'm outta here.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

uh oh...just realized something....what if that was a name stealer?!!???

anyways, I would really like to trade re shuts on a one per person basis. maximum would be two per person. oh and Mallory, nit to be rude or anything, but even your lemonade stand offer was kind of a rip-off as well. shuts are worth an unopened super bed box at maximum price(which I'm not asking for, just pointing out how unfair your new offer is. most kc+ , being as rude as they are, would report you and ask other to do the same. no offense.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I already have 4 sparklers, and I'm not really sure your offer is fair. maybe if you add the lemonade stand I really wanted then I would trade. I really like the e

lemonade stand.

katzrdabom 6 years ago


Mallory 6 years ago

Katzrdabom,I know you're not mean.Here is what I'll give you for one pair of shutter shades and 1 pair of purple slippers. -Sparkler,Purple Dancing Shoes (Party Kind),and

Face Paint for all Shutters and Purple Slippers.How does that sound?

Mallory 6 years ago

Please people my BFFL needs Purple Slippers and Shutter Shades!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh....that makes more sense now....I still don't trust you, unfortunatly. I met this lamb the other day who said they were brand new to ww, BUT when I looked at their profile, their join date was hidden, and all of their rooms were gray and large!! I mean, seriously, who gets a new account and buys a bunch of large rooms??? sorry if I sound rude, it's just that whoever did that was by FAR a scammer!! I mean, there are better ways to do that!!

webkinz rockz 6 years ago

the only reason that i know about purple slippers is because i looked at your and need slips/shuts conversation. and i am going after them because i looked at the kinz style outlet and did not see them there,so they must be rare or something, plus i want them so then i can have one cool peice of clothing. and why are you and need slips/shuts arguing? no offense but webkinz is just a virtual world, ya'll shouldn't argue about clothes in a virtual world....

katzrdabom 6 years ago

webkinz rockz, I am not giving out them for free. I would like something for them. also, no offense, but you can't be new to ww if you know how rare purple slips are and are already going after them. add me and you could prove you're new, though.

webkinz rockz 6 years ago

hey katzrdabom, i heard your giving out purple slippers on webkinz? that is so nice. i am new, is there any tips you can give me about webkinz world?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok..I will be the big girl and forget this happened.

need shuts now 6 years ago

well then maybe i should leave hubpages and save you the trouble, since i'm not just the one with the CRAP attitude...

*sigh* i thought i finally actually met a good friend...

and also if you weren't talking about me, then how come you said "SOMEONE FROM HERE"? and what do you mean self esteem bruises you JUST GOT? are they from me, because if they are i am not the one getting disappointed about stupid clothes on a virtual world that isn't even real........... I AM JUST SAYING... NOT POINTING FINGERS AT ANYBODY....

katzrdabom 6 years ago

well, I thought I could judge people well, but I guess I stink at it.

anyways, I would like to stay, but I don't really have time for even a little bit of crap attitude coming from anyone directed to anyone. I might stay though, give you another chance...maybe get some more people to trade me....make some GOOD FRIENDS!!!.......

hey Mallory? where are you? I have been experiencing troubles with my kinzpost, and I don't want to get it shut down and stuff!! also I leave for camp next week...gtg forget all my self esteem bruises I just got( HEY! I'm not pointing fingers, yes? ok fine I kinda am. not my fault. I didn't choose to get them)

well have a great night!!!


katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey I was talking about someone else on another page. I am really really really sorry if it sounded like it was you. I was really mad at them cuz they thought I was stealing names and had no proof. I would really like to stay and chat after trades are over, but if I'm just getting garbage like another hub I liked to visit(I don't go there any more, they think stole their names)

I will just leave without trades. sorry if I sound rude! all the rude people from kc+ have kinda rubbed off. don't blame me.

need shuts now 6 years ago

ok i know your talking about me, and did i say you were rude? no i did not... and i like you but you get all disappointed just because i found a way to get purple slippers and know how to get shutters... it is not my fault that your kc is not working and i can find my own way to get what i want. i thought i liked you, you did seem nice, but you can't judge a person on a hubpage like i did to you. and i thought we could be friends keeping touch on here, but like most of the time, I GUESS I WAS WRONG.... and so you really should not be calling me rude, just really think about it... then you won't think that I AM THE RUDE ONE, I'M JUST SAYING.................................................................................................................................................................

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, you just go be mad. I don't really care, I have other things to do.

oh and Mallory- would YOU like purple slippers? I have a pair and it doesn't have a trade going on about them. so they are definetly for trade. I really want to get them off my account. since my kc doesn't work, I can't really trade them. I will be nice with my prices. oh and I never knew this, but the shutters are worth an unopened super bed box. just a little hint hint on adding to lemonade stand. I apologize if I sound rude. ( everyone says I am rude, and SOMEONE FROM HERE is no exception...)

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey does anyone want a pair of shutter shades oR/AND purple slippers??

I have 4 pairs of shuts(all from trading) and one pair of slippers.

catzwillalwaysrulethisworld 6 years ago

i love cats!

need shuts now 6 years ago

i do like you, but just because i find my own way to get what i want, you get all disappointed, that is why I AM MAD NOW

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I'm not mad, just dissapointed that no one likes me.


need shuts now 6 years ago

so your just going to be mad at me? ok that is fine, i will get the shuts myself... ):(

katzrdabom 6 years ago probably don't want to do that eh?

yep, that's me, just the little brat yhats always in the way waiting to aimlessly please, even though I get nothing in return.


I'm outta here if no one is gonna trade. smell ya./:(

katzrdabom 6 years ago

huh.....I really like the nefferetti outfit!!! thbks you'd be willing to get that?

I would send you shuts and a super bed!

need shuts now 6 years ago

well actually what i was planning to do is go to hallmark gold crown soon, get one of those webkinz teeshirts (not for the plushies) and put in the code that comes with it. the code gives me a kinzstyle gift bag and when i drop it in my ww room, it gives me a whole outfit and when i choose my outfit, i will choose the rockstar outfit and then i will have my shuts. and i know you really wanted to trade with me, but we can still talk and be friends on here right?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey...I will give you shutters for just the bunny ears? to me, that's a great deal im offering!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

awww...I really wanted to trade with you!

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

thanks, and no i might not want to trade it lol. and i am so happy because i got shuts today, and then i traded them for slips and pink bunny ears yay! lol. and i will get shuts again i believe in that.. so i am happy with what i have lol. and tell me if your sister gets hacked again, because i might have a tip on what she can do if she keeps getting hacked like i did..

katzrdabom 6 years ago

awww...thanks so much! she will be so happy! oh and congrats on your new super bed! you probably don't want to trade it, right? lol

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

omg! your sis got hacked katzrdabom? i am so sorry, and make sure to tell her that i said i feel horribly sorry for her, and now you see how i felt... i had lost shuts, something that i had been looking for like forever... and sorry i do not have either of those items... if i did i would send them to her. i got a super bed yesterday, but i picked out the ice cream superbed. i will look in the trade room for people who have what she lost, and if i am lucky enough to get them, i will send it to her. please make sure to tell her that.

Mallory 6 years ago

I am sorry!!!! I don't have either of those items.If I did I would send both.I know on my list on this website it has princess and the pea bed,but I traded it.Sorry!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok guys, my 6 year old sister logged onto her account this morning, and she got hacked!!!! her user is spotarecirt. she is crying in her room about her pompom kitty psi and princess and the pea super bed. please please please please please please send her those items if you have them, I will find a way to pay you back. if you don't have any of those items, just send her something she can trade off for them. THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!! if you don't believe me, add her and I will arrange for a visit so you can see the damage. hopefully there's somebody out there that cares.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah I meant send. I will not be on for awhile now, my city is expecting thunderstorms soon. gtg bye!!

Mallory 6 years ago

Yeah!!! Or do you mean send?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hi mallory!!! would you like to trade this week?

Mallory 6 years ago

Can you please email me your username so I could add you also? My email is

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, I will tell you, but using it too much can get your account terminated, so please, let's swap this week. ok here goes:

go to your room in ww and press ctrl+m+g

then sign off your account

when you log in you will have all of the wshop furniture in your dock, including the super beds,

I can't gurantee this will work, though. plz send me an email that has the code word: kaleidescope. put it in the subject so I know it's you. please say what your new user is in that same email. thanks!!

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

ooh could you tell me the cheat katzrdabom? i really want that new super bed, the icecream one lol.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey jojo, are you looking for pet codes, or cheats?

( I know a cheat that gets you all the furniture in the wshop, including the super beds.)

I can tell you the cheat I know, BUT cheats on ww can get your account banned if you use them too much. if you do this I would really like it if I got a super bed that you pick

for me. you don't have to!!! just let me know if you want the cheat.sorry if I sound bossy, I got to go now, this is taken off of my sleeping time!!! bye!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, first of all, I am sorry I did not reply sooner. we had a freak lightning storm and had to turn off the router box for the night. can you please email me?

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

sorry jojo do not have a free code or a free tip.but i am warning you right now, that if you go to the clubhouse, you may meet some really mean people, just giving a tip and getting you prepared lol. and katzrdabom,you mean my webkinz user right? or do you mean my yahoo email user? lol sorry again, that sounded kinda rude...

jojo 6 years ago

hey i have 1 webkinz and 3500 kinzcash i was wondering if anyone has any free codes or tips or tricks they can give to me. i'm only 12/13 so dont do have any hard things!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

no, but I put it in the suggestions box. anyways, would you like to send me an email? with your user, of course. lol it's

plz send soon!

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

lol, looks like they could not think of anything by thereself, so they took yours... and you can give ideas to ganzestore? i didn't know that... i must be a cluless person lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh my gosh!!!!!! ganz has an ESTORE (more like crapstore!!!) sewing machine!!! I gave them that idea and now they turn it into one of their online pieces of CRAP?????!!!! s

your a big fart retard, ganz!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

no I am mom doesn't even know I have signed up for WI...and yeah, when I said trade I actually meant send. that is how I think of trading now.

oh and I found this really great song-Taylor swift-tied together with a smile... it's kinda sad though, but I love it antways.

need slips and shuts soon 6 years ago

ok sure, but "trade' means sending right? and after we get it over with, we can still chat right? i like chatting with you lol. you are like really nice, even when were not talking about trading lol. oh and btw, are you an insider insider on webkinz insider?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah, it's free, but you can become an insider insider member, which costs money. it I'd not required

oh and would you like to trade soon? I have a lot of stuff to do, and would really like to get it over with.

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

oh ok that is good, at wi, they do not show your user, i think i will join it. it is free right?

Mallory 6 years ago

Also you can Email me your username at

Both of you if you want....

Mallory 6 years ago

Very Late.I am on the Eastern Side of the USA.Probably until 12 or 1.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, so when you join WI it asks you for your ww user, BUT nor your password. I think you don't have to enter it, and plus I think they just want it so they can send you gifts. your user for ww is not displayed anywhere, unless you post it. oh and you can still email people if they don't he the same rype of email. so email me your user OR you could join wi and pm me when you have enough posts to so so. sorry if I sound rude!

oh and Mallory- cool! how late will you be up?

Mallory 6 years ago

I will be on tonight, but not tomorrow,sorry!!!

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

thanks again for the tip of what is going to be in the curio shop.. also i only have a yahoo email,not a gmail sorry. and joining webkinz insider does not ask for any private info like webkinz world user or password does it? if not, then i will join it. but how will joining webkinz insider help us with this trading confusion?(LOL) sorry that sounded kind of rude, but really, how can that help us out? oh and by the way, i have the exclusive grandfather clock too! awesome, i actually have a cool priceless item yay lol!

katzrdabom  6 years ago

oh and a note to all:

I am not going to be on at all next week, except for a few minutes during the 2 pm hour of webkinz time. (that's my lunch break for packing and all). I am leaving on a camping trip for the entire week of June 14-19, so if you guys are getting anxious, we should trade today or sometime during next week. I will be on webkinz for about 10-15 minutes everyday next week, due to my camping trip. there is a lot to do. so yes, I can still send you guys the stuff,

and need purple slips- your old user is not on my

phone anymore, so I need your new user(you can join wi or email me, I will respond quickly to both.)

so I can add it to my list.

sooooo sorry if I sound bossy!!!!! tell me and

I will stop! I am just in a big rush and very busy for the next two weeks, so I would really like to get this trading stuff out of the way, so I don't have as much to say here. have a nice Saturday!!


katzrdabom 6 years ago

it's ok if you can't get the dresser. I am planning to buy it myself. I just said that in case you wanted to buy it for one of your pets.

Mallory 6 years ago

Yeah,It was a glitch.But,they're not back in my dock.But,I guess it's okay... I still have one more pair for me.Sorry for the confusion.I will not be on tonight.So I may not be able to get the dresser,Sorry.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah I bet it's just a yesterday I was in my spa and I went to put one pet to bed, and when I came back as the other pet, the room was empty except for the chair my pet was in!! and let me tell you, I almost started bawling on the spot. I immediatly refreshed. everything, including my prized sandstone spa, was back. ':)

oh and from 5-6 pm kinztime there is a rare dresser in the curio shop for 1,425 kinzcash. that is when I will be on the computer, if anyone wants to see if my house kinzchat at least works...

omg I have that retired clock too!!! is it a grandfather clock, cuz that's whatni have. it is priceless!!! plus, re lowest reasonable price according to WI is 4-5 super beds!! lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah I bet it's just a yesterday I was in my spa and I went to put one pet to bed, and when I came back as the other pet, the room was empty except for the chair my pet was in!! and let me tell you, I almost started bawling on the spot. I immediatly refreshed. everything, including my prized sandstone spa, was back. ':)

oh and from 5-6 pm kinztime there is a rare dresser in the curio shop for 1,425 kinzcash. that is when I will be on the computer, if anyone wants to see if my house kinzchat at least works...

Mallory 6 years ago

I would give both of you torn jeans but,somehow I looked in my dock and I had one.I was suppose to have four.But,Maybe I got hacked or either it's just a glitch.I bet it's just a glitch....

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok....I totally understand that, and I have an idea. you should join webkinz insider. your user there DOES NOT have to be the same as your ww user. just a thought. or, you could email me at **PLEASE DONT SEND ANYTHING INNAPPTOPRIATE FOR A TEN YEAR OLD** (I am not ten, I am older than that, but don't want anything inapropriate)

oh and we should all join webkinz insider. then you can share your user privatly. you guys would have to make 10 posts before you can private message(PM)

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

well i actually can't say my current user because somebody will be able to hack me again... but i think my old user will still be on your list, so i think if you sent me something, it would go through... i just really don't want to be hacked again..sorry.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

really? you'd send me torn jeans for free?

sweet! my user is lps3cheese.

oh and what is your new user, need purple slips/sunglasses?

I would like to know it so I can add you.

Mallory 6 years ago

Do want me to send you something? Can both of you tell me your username if you want to.I have a few extra torn jeans I could send yall for free if you'd like.

Mallory 6 years ago

Do want me to send you something? Can both of you tell me your username if you want to.I have a few extra torn jeans I could send yall for free if you'd like.

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

ok that is fine with me. but i was thinking... uh... do you think you could send me the shuts and slips first? only because i want to see if it goes through. since my user has been changed, i wanted to make sure that a send would go through because i changed my user while my old one was still on all of my friends' lists. lol...sounds confusing right? if you don't feel comfy with sending first, i totally understand. but if you want to go through with it, when i get the slips and shuts, i will send the butterfly dress, atv, and bulldozer ASAP. is that alright with you?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

it's ok. yeah I did try to, but my kinzchat still won't even turn on. I think we should just send, to be quite honest.

need purple slips and shuts again 6 years ago

hey katzrdabom,have you tried the trade thing yet today? lol i do sound kinda rude, sorry about that.

Mallory 6 years ago

No,Sorry.But,I do have a SugarBerry Wall Clock.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh ok fine. do you have the sugarberry pie jumble prize? it goes in a room, and I really need it!

Mallory 6 years ago

Well see,I kind of like all those items and don't really want to trade them,sorry.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey guys, i really need some cabbage on webkinz. send me two cabbage and I will send you a pet food! oh and I am going camping next week, so if anyone is anxious to trade, we should probably send and SOON, unless you want to wait a week for your part of the trade to come in.

again, if I am sounding rude to you guys, tell me in a nice way and I will stop.

I am up on my iPod late these days, since school is out for me already! I am on until about 2am kinztime, which is midnight for me!! if anyone else here has an iPod or iPhone, we could talk all night! lol oh and would anyone like to recieve a story of my tawny puppies adoption/house tour. post your email here and I will email you the short story when I finish typing it up.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok...I would really apreciate if you made a scale of how much you like those items, then we can compare our scales and see what we should trade for. good idea, right?

Mallory 6 years ago

Thanks!!!! I'm about to turn off my computer now.

Yeah,I looked at your list,but see the items you have

listed I really like.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey Mallory,you looked at my list, right? lol didn't I sound kinda rude?

cuz I would really like something else, but if you insist, I suppose I could trade shuts for the lemonade stand...have a nice night!

Mallory 6 years ago

No,I'm sorry I do not have any bunny ears.I have a retired blue clock,love puppy pet item,Dr. Quack Bed,and a bunch more stuff.All those things I have listed I still have,but I have about 400 items,plus some in my house.So,I can give you the Lemonade Stand,and well now I have to go to sleep.

I'll list some more tomorrow.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and I do not have any bunny ears. if I did I probably would have traded them by now, I am not that fond of them.

the tawny puppy comes with a picnic table that seats tow webkinz.

have a nice day!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh ok.....I would really prefer to get the signature bed....I have been trying to get it for half a year now..... oh and you might not have seen this, but my kinzchat doesn't work right now, so if you really want to trade with me, we can either wait forever, or send. i understand if you don't trust sending, I can wait....but my kinzchat has not been working for an entire day for a long time now. just a thought..

here is the list of stuff that you have that I want based on a scale of how much I want them:

signature bed

collosal movie screen

cats meow garden waterfall

lemonade stand

signature cheetah psi

let me know if I am asking too much, I will gladly add!!

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

hey mallory, do you have any bunny ears? also i don't know if she told you but katzrdabom's trading isn't working, that is just what she told me..i just wanted to let you know. but like i just asked so i don't get off topic, do you have bunny ears? i need them for my bunny hoody outfit lol and wow you have ALOT OF ITEMS! I THOUGHT I HAD ALOT, BUT YOU! YOU HAVE ALOT OF ITEMS COMPARED TO ME LOL!!!!!

Mallory 6 years ago

I live on the Eastern Side of the United States.So,I guess we could meet up at the Clubhouse.I am not Deluxe.So,maybe Light Blue or Light Green.If you trade with me then I will have a signature short haired yorkie,but I'm sorry, I already traded the pet item.Her name is Amber.

Mallory 6 years ago

Hmm, Well I only have one signature bed and one lemonade stand.I really like the Signature Bed,So is the Lemonade Stand alright for the Shutters?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oops... didn't see you had the signature bed!! I want that too!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

omigosh I want the lemonade stand!!!!!!!!!

shutters for it??

Mallory 6 years ago

But, I have some clothes.I just didn't list them.

Mallory 6 years ago

That's Awesome!!!!

Here is just about everything I have:

-Deep Sea Locker

- Lemonade Stand

- Over the Rainbow Bed

- Rock Garden

- Love Pond

- Rainbow Jelly Cactus

- Tulip Tower Windmill

- Rainbow Cloud Couch (Pegasus Item)

- Ancient Wading Pool

- Beautilful Blush Treadmill

- Running Shoe Racer

- Giant Sandwich Table

- In-Home Bowling Alley

- Back Country Outhouse

- Dashin' Dachshund Treadmill

- Enchanted Dreams Bed

- Dignified Dreams Bed

- Webkinz Wishing Well

- Wooden Stool

- Moon Rover

- Dex Dangerous Telescope

- Hot Air Ballon

- Potted Elm Tree

- Decorative Wheat Sheaf

- Ice Cream Tree

- Greasy Grill

- Twister In A Pot

- Geographic Globe

- Puppy Picnic Table

- Golf Cart

- Princess and the Pea Bed

- Perfectly Purple Arm Chair

- Viscountess Vanity Table

- Soccer Pitch Flooring

- Wonderful Webkinz Wardorbe

- Crystalline Pond

- Treehouse Hut Bed

- Sunny Savannah Oasis

- Gold Safe

- Cat's Meow Garden

- Regal Rug

- Masterful Wardrobe

- Majestic Dog Mansion

- Contessa Candle Lamp

- Toadstool Table

- Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold

- Golden Stone Path

- Royal Reign Rug

- Stately Dining Chair

- Big Bark Clock Tower

- Antique Wishing Well

- Outdoor Gem Shimmer Stone

- Stately Dining Table

- Bellacourt Blooming Flower

- Jellybean Tree

- Spoiled Royal Side Table

- Stone Temple Walls

- Signature Sofa

- Academy Banner

- Marshmallow Seeds

- Poncho Floppy Plush

- KinzVille Gingerbread House

- Amanda Panda Plush

- Frightening Lightning Window

- Beach Boy Golden Retriever Figure

- KinzVille Station Train

- Zingoz Plushie

- Framed Winter Scene

- Valentine's Tubby Tummies Bear

- Webkinz Dragster

- Antique Fashion Mirror

- Tabletop Christmas Tree

- Webkinz Foundation Plush Bear

- Dignified Draped Window

- Undersea Porthole

- Entitled Tapestry

- Potted Ice Flower

- Sovereign Stained Glasses Window

- Large Pane Window

- Red Plasma Ball

- Forever you Rose

- Fashionable Gas Fireplace

- Colossal Movie Screen

- Lunar Lugbots Toy

- Stately BookShelf

- Conch Shell

- Lovely Caring Bouquet

- Caring Valley Candle

- Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp

- Sugarberry Wall Clock

- Glam Boutique Sign

-Monkey & Monkey Dummy

- Venetian Mask

- Ballon Dart Hat

- Tie Die Frog Kaleidoscope

- Molten Meals Stove (Estore Pet Item)

- Bulldozer

- Topsy-Turvy Window

- Bed of Roses

- Webkinz Day Year 2 Print

- Webkinz Day Year 2,3,4,and 5 Trophy

- Corn Husk Doll

- Hanging at The Pad Poster

- Academy Banner

- Holiday Night Dress

- Golden Stone Path

- Potted Icicle Tree

- Silver Dress

Not everything I put up is for trade,

but just about all of it.

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

wow katzrdabom, you are lucky! what psi did you get with your tawny pup? i don't want it or anything, i am just curious what you get with a tawny pup lol. and that is so funny, now you and your brother are twins in webkinz world, because you both have the same b-day lol. also do you happen to have pink bunny ears?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

Mallory-ok sure. what kind of stuff do you have, and is there anything on my wish list that you have? if I am sounding bossy, let me know and I will stop. oh and I got my tawny pup today!!! my brother got a stegosaurus at the same time, and when we adopted them, they had the same birthday!!! lol

hi people 6 years ago

hi everybody

Mallory 6 years ago

katzrdabom, I would like a pair of shutter shades if you don't mind.

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

ok i will post a list of stuff on my page sometime today. and my stupid kinzphone won't work. it does this alot. it say can not log in, username exists. or sometimes while i am in the clubhouse for a certain period of time, it will log me out of the clubhouse saying that i am changing color zones, which is impossible... i swear, webkinz is having problems lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and if it is not too much trouble, could you post a list of your trading items on your page? that would really help me. also, since my kinzchat is down, you could try to get some of the things on my list, if you have the time, I would really like that!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, today I tried, and it did not work. I will post again saying whether

or not it worked w/my tawny puppy when i buy her soon. I will be buying her sometime today.

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

sorry but i do not have the hypnotic your kinz chat phone is not even turning on? oh darn lol. i have a question though,do you have pink or white bunny ears? if you don't its ok. i really need the pink ones because i have a pink bunny hoody outfit. maybe if you get your tawny puppy, the kinzchat trade might work, you never know. i just really like trading instead of sending. only because i am used to trading in a trade room, not sending lol. i trust you in all, its just like i said i am used to trading. i can wait until your trading starts working again. but if it takes more than a month, then we can send. does that sound ok? each day you can try to trade, and each day you can post if it worked or not. then as soon as you say it worked, we will trade immediately before it stops working again lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hi!!!!! I just finished emailing myself some pictures of my house.

if you would like to see them plz post ur email here with a note saying skmething like,"I would like to recieve lps3cheese's free newsletter every month for ___"



katzrdabom 6 years ago

I think you forgot, and i have an update..... earlier I said all kinzchat on my account was up and working except for the trade thing..... now it's not even turning on!!!(my phone, that is)

I wasn't going to be in kinzchat even if it was working, 'cuz im getting my tawny puppy tomorrow!!! yayz!!! oh and does anyone else here need shutters. I have quite a few pairs, if anyone else wants a pair!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

cool!!! oh and just wondering, but do you have the hypnotism glasses? because I really like them. I understand if you don't.

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

ok thanks, the psi that i have is some kind of bed that came with my frog pet. ok got to go to bed, talk to you tomorrow around like 4:30 or something. then we will talk about how we should do this trade. like you know, what zone to meet in, what trade room...things like that. ok talk to yah tomorrow, bye. goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!! (;-)

katzrdabom 6 years ago

sure!! btw what psi do you have?

perty girl347639 6 years ago

i am a perty girl!

Starrystar33 6 years ago

My webkinz username is realstarrystar33,but I'm sorry my friend's list is full!

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

if you don't want to do that, i will totally understand. and please tell me: do i sound bossy?

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

i barely have any kind of psi. didn't you want the bulldozer,atv, and butterfly dress before you knew that i had the pet of the month item? how about we do that trade? if you'd like to...

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I was thinking, maybe you could post a list of pet items?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh man that stinks....any other pet of the month items?

need slips and shuts 6 years ago


need slips and shuts 6 years ago

ok, thanks so much. how about we meet in the clubhouse, kinz chat plus, in the green zone. we can meet in the first empty room that we see, then we can trade. i have all of the stuff that you want. do you want to? if so,lets meet there at 8:15pm kinztime. only if you want to though.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

no! I am not mad at all!!!

need slips and shuts 6 years ago

well i will give you the snow maker machine, atv, and butterfly dress for the shuts and slips, if you don't mind, because i still don't have the shuts. but if you don't want to trade the shuts AND slips, i won't be mad, i will totally understand.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yay!! that's great news!!! I can trade both if you still don't have the shutters, or if you just want to trade one, that's ok too!!!

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

i just can nt get over how happy i am about this. now i can play webkinz again! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twilightperson 6 years ago

i am a twilight person. lol kidding

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

I HAVE GREAT NEWS! MY USER IS NOW CHANGED! AND THE HACKER PUT A DISCO JACKET INTO MY ACCOUNT, AND NOW THEY CAN NOT GET IT BACK LOL! So do you want to trade? if so, are you trading your shuts and slips, just your shuts, or just your slips?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah, I was thinking that you might want to do that, bur I didn't want to mention it.

oh and not to be rude or anything, but you might want to send the offer for purple

slips for safekeeping, then when your account is safe to

go on, I will send the stuff to you(unless you want to

risk the hacker stealing them lol)

I hope ganz thinks changing your user is worth it!!

need slips and shuts again 6 years ago

Thanks for the ideas, you are so nice!!!!! And i don't know, i might call ganz, i am not sure yet. And as a matter of fact, yes, the hacker stole my shutters. i know there was a hacker or maybe even two because on my friends list there were people on it that i don't even remember adding. and like i said before, one of my rooms were completely changed around. i keep hiding my clothes, but sometimes they find them...and you can change your user, but only if they think that you have a good enough reason to change it. i do, but i won't say why i do because somebody might look at our conversation and i might get another hacker. i just hope that soon ganz will reply back to me and say yes or no if i can change my user...i am praying that they say yes,if they say no, i can never go on webkinz again, because what is the point if somebody keeps hacking me?? if i get a webkinz, and this hackier thing does not stop, i will make a new account and add my old account user to my new one, then i will send my valuable clothes and stuff to my new one. then i will be good again!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh well...hope you haven't changed your password, if you haven't, the hacker must have guessed it...or if you got a random pet onto your account one day, maybe the hacker guessed your pass, then adopted a pet so they could have full access to your account

Mallory 6 years ago

I've been hacked before so I know how you feel.I tryed to change my username but, I got a note saying you couldn't on Webkinz.So,Unfortunately you cannot change your username that I know of. Sorry again that you got hacked.I'll do anything to help out.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and did you change your password?? you can do that without calling ganz, just click"change password" instead of "login"..... I change my pass to something totally random and crazy every other week, cuz I am so paranoid

katzrdabom 6 years ago

you know, you can call ganz at this number( got this on, btw they are having a charm code giveaway thing now, I highly recommend joining!)-

1-800-WEBKINZ their line closes at 5:00 kinztime.. you can call them and ask to get your user changed...btw has your hacker taken anything??

ooh and if you want, you can send me your slippers offer to keep it safe and I will send you the slippers when your hacker is gone or something..just an idea...

need purple slips and shuts 6 years ago

ok but i can't trade right now, cause my hacker keeps hacking in my account while I AM IN IT STILL... so each time i go in the clubhouse for a certain amonut of time, it says "i'm sorry, we can't connect to the server at this moment" all because of my STUPID hacker... and he or she rearranged one of my rooms completely.. i am getting really annoyed lol. as soon as i try to stop this hacker i will then trade with you because if we trade and you get what you want and i get what i want, they might send my shutters ad or purple slippers back to their account. you understand right? i am really sorry we have to wait, but blame it on this hacker lol. but seriously... i am horribly sorry about this....

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok...just don't be surprised if I suddenly exit out, meaning I had to restart the computer...

hi 6 years ago

hello people

need purple slips and shuts 6 years ago

well its not that i don't trust you its because of this hacker. he or she is just making me go crazy lol. i am gonna see what ganz says, because i sent a request to change my said it will take 1-3 days, so i want to see what they say first. and i am always watching this hub too lol. since your kinz chat is working, we should meet at the clubhouse when we are ready to trade, and since i know what i want and you know what you want, it will most likely take less then two minutes lol.but if you don't want to, i totally understand lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I have an idea!!! btw, if you don't trust me i understand!!! you could send me the stuff you like and I can keep it safe for you. then when your account is safe, I will send them back to yah. I TOTALLY understand if you don't want to do this(I wouldn't do it, I am crazy like that lol)

, I wouldn't want to, either!! so, back to the subject! I just got off the computer after a 3 hour turn lol, so if you want us to send on the same day we should wait. (for the purple slips/rockstar sunglasses trade lol)

see yah later!!

i'm always watching this hub lol

need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses now 6 years ago

wow, i am so happy for you! at least your happy... i have to hide all of my clothes and valuables from my hacker... i tried to hide my clothes the first time, but then they found them and put them back in my dock...

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah I had to leave cuz the trade thing froze and sister (fang) saw you, and I knew I should have waited. lol

and the trade thing worked for like two minutes, in which I traded for the dj headphones and sushi chef shirt, so you don't need to worry about trading yours. yay, so happy!!!!

need purple slips or shuts again 6 years ago

katsrdabom! i saw you in a trade room at the clubhouse in green zone! you were in trade room three! i came in when you were trading, but then you come?

need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses 6 years ago

Thanks. I sent a message to ganz hoping that they would let me change my username. i am praying that they accept it...

twilight fan 101 6 years ago

I love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Does anyone else? My favorite character in Twilight is Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mallory 6 years ago

Hello, I'm sorry to hear you got hacked.I have a few items you might need.

Mallory 6 years ago

Hello, I'm sorry to hear you got hacked.I have a few items you might need.

purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses i need 6 years ago

yes, i have the headphones and omg! they are cool looking! i really like them, so i am not sure if i want to get rid of them lol. and i was able to get in, but somebody keeps hacking! now i have a disco jacket in my dock, and i never had that before... i sent a request to ganz to change my password, fingers crossed that they don't reject to it... but maybe i will get torn jeans or shutters or slips in my account next time i log in lol...that would be so funny... but since somebody keeps hacking, i have to hide my best clothes in a drawer in one of my pets' room lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

omgosh do you have the headphones thing?? I want it soooooooooo bad!!

need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses now 6 years ago

where i live, school gets out on june 10nth. thanks for the websites too.i AM A CAT LOVER, so i will be on that website for a long time lol. and yes, i am deluxe, but i don't know if i will be able to get back in webkinz world, because yeterday i put in my password and user, but it would not let me in. and i knew that i put them in correctly... so i will see if i can get in, and i will post if i can or not in a little bit...

katzrdabom 6 years ago

Hey I have a question. when does school get out where you live??? 'cuz mine got out last THURSDAY!!!! yayz! I am sure that in the eastern USA, achool doesn't end untill the end of June, am I right?? lol

oh and here's a good website for yah. two, actually.

here's the one about webkinz:

here is a really funny one for cat lovers:

enjoy! oh and are you deluxe, because there is a new piece of deluxe clothing that I really want!!

ok, so we sounded like we are all ready to trade?? let me know about this, ok??

btw i will be on all day 'cuz I don't have any school for he rest of the summer and my iPod time is not limited like my computer time lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

it's ok, I've gotten mad at internet friends for saying somehting not even offending because I was mad about something else.

and aparrently all my kinzchat is working except for the trading thing. my dad and I are getting frustrated at turning the computer on and off, plus no one believes me about the trading thing not working, too.

need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses now 6 years ago

i know it was not you, i am sorry, i am just so mad at whoever did it. and is your kc+ working too, or is it just your kinzchat?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and a good way to keep your account unknown is to make all of your "mypages" blank. do this by hiding everything. oh and I promise you that I did not hack you. I didn't even know your user!!

if you see that you have another thing missing and it is not too rare and I have it, I will send it to you for an ice fawn food(I collects food lol)

have a day better than mine!!!


katzrdabom 6 years ago

Sorry about that...I have been in a bad mood today

I kind of meant, I am ok with keeping the slippers


one problem, though. when I started trading with someone, my screen went blank. so I guess we can hang out, but no trading for me! stupid glitches!!!

need purple slips and shuts again 6 years ago

ok... that is kinda rude "your loss,not mine", that is kind of rude to say...i mean what would you do if somebody hacked into your account? keep playing and wait for somebody else to steal something else?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok, that's fine.... your loss, not mine.

I think my kinzchat will be fixed in like, 5 months!! argh!


need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses again 6 years ago

i don't know why somebody would hack in WEBKINZ, of all things. i would expect hacking to happen in facebook or myspace or something, not WEBKINZ! i mean come on, webkinz is a kids' website, i mean seriously!

need purple slippers and rockstar sunglasses again 6 years ago

i am not too comfortable with sending... i think i am going to stop playing webkinz now because how can seomebody hack... you are the only one who i told my user too... i am confused now

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh that's sad. wait!! I have them!!! so I will add those to my offer!

my night was gross 'cuz my bandaids leaked out a bunch of blood and stuff, and when I woke up, it was all over my bed. not so sure you wanted to know that lol

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i just found out, i got hacked. somebody went into my account and stole my shutters (:-(

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

oh and also, why was your night so gross???

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

because if you got the request and answered yes, it will say when i log onto my account that you and i are friends now, and then i can send. and i do not know if the hat is kinz style or not lol.and uh... i also have a disco ball LOL. do you have a purple paw belt or a brown belt that is for trade? if so, you can just throw in one of those, if you like? its your choice if you have it and want to throw it in or not... also if i am sounding bossy, please tell me so i can stop immediately...

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

wow,that is so weird, you can't get into either one? hmmm. ok i will send. did you get my friend request?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

Yeah I used kinzchat plus WHEN IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, I jut saw that you asked me that.

so here's another reminder for yah;

I CANT GET ONTO KINZCHAT, OR KINZCHAT PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

wait....was it your page that had rooms with rainy day windows???


oh and I would really like the snow machine, 4 wheel atv, and pink butterfly dress. I will add a disco ball to the slippers for that.

Mallory 6 years ago

Webkinz Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I don't have facebook

or a cell phone, but I check my email alot, and I have a texting app on my iPod.

oh and hope you had a better night than me!!!(ask me how mine was and ill tell you.)

my night was really grosss

oh and is the sun hat kinzstyle, if it is I don't have it lol(I have mostly kinzstyle dresses lol)

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

well i have to go to bed now, i will be on tomorrow around 2pm kinztime. well talk to you tomorrow, hope your scrapes and stuff heal or feel better, see ya! goodnight!

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

if you don't know what the sunshine hat looks like, i will tell you:it is like a light yellow hat with a pink bow on it, i think that is what it looks like........

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

lol its ok, i don't need a leopard tank top, i have it already, so no worries of me wanting it lol. so if you have kinz chat plus, do you go on it? oh and btw, if you have a sunshine hat that you don't want, i will take that lol. i have been needing it, and thanks for the offer of balloons, but i really don't need any lol. i had so many balloons, but i sold them, and other things to get the bowling alley today. but get this, i forgot all about getting it, because my dad wanted to show me a couple of games on facebook lol! but it was my fault, because i forgot all about the bowling alley, LOL! btw, do you have a facebook account or a cellphone?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I actually have kc+(heeheehee I never told my parents lol)

and would you like any balloons or such? ( I have a lot of clothing, I just can't remember it all!)

the kinzstyle I do remember is:


I can't think of any kinzstyle I have for trade!! lol

yeah well I do have an umbrella hat, grass skirt, vacation souvenir blue bathing suit top, straw hat

and a leopard tank top(but I really like it lol)

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

wow, i see what your talking about when you say that your day was pretty crappy! my day was pretty good, i went to the carnival and stuff. they had a hamster ball thingy where its like a beach ball, and you climb inside, then they put air in it and blow it up! so cool! but it was like so hard for me to stand up in that thing, lol! and sure, i will give you the snow maker machine, but i have the charm skirt... if you could throw in something little, then sure, of course i will give you the snow maker machine. and why don't you just upgrade to kinz chat plus? if you or your parents' have an email address, its easy to upgrade to. kinz chat plus is where you can type whatever you want. but you can not swear, bully, talk about relationships,ect. also i hope your scrapes and stuff heal, i hate it when people, including myself, get hurt...

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I think that would work if my KINZCHAT WOULD GET FIXED ALREADY!!!!!!!

I don't know how to get it fixed, and it is not just the computer,(my dad uses computers for his job, so we have 3 that are connected to the internet, and a really old one that doesn't have Internet) because if the computer was the problem it would not even be a problem. lol

but other than that, I think that tomorrow would work.

oh and can I have the snow machine instead of the bulldozer? (I will add a charm skirt to purple slippers for that!!) I have one snow maker, and I have been trying to get another one for ages!

btw I fell off of my bike today so I will be up really late. the STUPID BAND AIDS itch soooooooooo bad! plus I fell onto my scooter crash scabs.(isn't my life painful?)

yeah I also found out in the worst possible way that sunscreen (especially scented sunscreen) hurts A LOT when you accidentally put it on scrapes.

yeah, so my day was pretty crappy. how about yours?

on the lighter side, the sunset out my window was to DIE FOR!!!! it was so pretty.

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

lol, its ok, i am an internet chatterbox too. AND how about we meet in the clubhouse tomorrow as soon as you get on? we can trade really fast, now that i know what you like from my list. what time will you be on tomorrow?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

omigosh I just realized how much of an Internet chatterbox I am!! I am so sorry!

isn't that weird? I am sooooo un-talkative in real life lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok.....I guess we can trade in the clubhouse....but mind you, I haven't been able to get into it for like a week if we do that I might never get to my schedule is really busy and yeah. I have like, 10 minutes on webkinz to do my dailies and play with my pets and then I have to do dome other thing. we could wait till like, labor day? oh wait. I will probably be busy them too. I guess trading could get put off until christmas! I do not want to wait that you?

oh and the reason I have not answered your request is because I have not been on all day today. I will answer tomorrow asap. oh and we should probably hurry, 'cuz my account is a good one, and to enforce my security, I have deleted all of my friends except the ones I have met elsewhere, so that my user is kept to a minimum, and less people know it's there(I have a lot of popular stuff in my account, so it is a HOT SPOT for scammers, if they come around. bet that was a little confusing, huh?

basically, I would really like to get those slippers off of my account before it becomes scammed, 'cuz I really love my sandstone spa and panda slide, and I would be so mad if they were taken away.

guess we are both benefitting from this, huh?? lol

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

what i meant to say before is that i sent you two friend requests on webkinz, but i have not gotten any answers... i think we should meet up in the clubhouse so we can add eachother easily....if its ok with you, if its too much trouble, i am sure we can just find another way to add eachother on webkinz. when there's a will, there's a way, LOL!

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

Also i have sent you two friend requests on webkinz, but i have not gotten a request.

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

OK well i actually feel more comfortable with meeting up and trading in a trade room because i have been scammed by sending twice. one time, a person told me to add them, then to send them three items, and they would send me bunny ears, but it never happened. another time somebody told me to send them three items and then they would send me plumpy glasses, but it also never happened... so that is why i feel more comfortable with trading, i am so sorry. also my user is UKB3QGYQ. and btw,no i do not have an ipod. i have an mp3 player lol. so anyways, when you get your tawny pup, can you then meet me in the clubhouse in an empty trade room? then i will trade you the three items for purple slippers, if you'd like, if its not too much trouble...

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and I found out another thing!!!!!!!!

there is this new soccer theme coming to webkinz world on June 9th and I am going crazy trying to get enought kc!!!! oh and my camping trip has been posponed/shortened. I am going camping for a week(June 14th-June 18th) in June, and then for two more weeks in July. I actually like that a lot better. lol! oh and I am not on webkinz on Sunday, I am not allowed to.

I would really prefer to send, my main reasons being that I am getting a tawny puppy this week, and her room location is not connected to any rooms, so I have to buy rooms to connect hers, and then decorate it, plus there is that new (did I mention that WI said it was a limited time theme? it is, for some reason) soccer theme coming out soon and I am SOOOOO excited!!!!!!! it is ok if you're not comfortable with sending. it is just a lot easier on my schedule, since I have a ton of stuff

to buy before I go on my camping trip!!!!! (I am really excited for it!!!!!!!!! :D)

well, that's all for now.

have a nice night

btw do you have an iPod like me or does your family let you stay up late?

I would not be here if my family let me stay up late, I would totally be on webkinz!!!

oh and please add lps3cheese and post ur user here so we can get better connected!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and I really really like the snow machine.

it is just a pet

of the month item, not the skunk one. when you get a pet if the

month, you get a random pet of the month item, kind of like adopting a regular pet.


oh and are any of your pets pet items for trade? because I absolutely adore the Siamese settee!

lol lol oh and the place that I get the info about rare items is called webkinzinsider.

the address is

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

so don't worry, if you don't think my items are worth the slippers, its ok, i will not be mad

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

well do you think that the bulldozer, atv, and dress are worth the purple slippers? if so, lets meet at the clubhouse, in the green zone, in an empty trade room, if you would like to. i don't want to be bossy or anything, so if you don't feel like meeting me in a trade room in the green zone, i am ok with it, because i respect your decision.

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

not really, alot of people don't like to trade their purple slippers... but mostly people don't like to trade their plumpy glasses.. because they are retired, i think. lol

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I like the 4wheel atv and the buldozer and the dress.

have any luck in the trading room?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

ok.. i am back from my dad's house now. so anyway, is there anything from my list that you need?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh... cool!!!

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

well i have to go get ready to go to my dad's, so i have to get off the computer now, sorry. but i'll see you at either eight thirty or nine o'clock pm kinztime. talk to you then, bye! (:-)

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

the name of the purple plant is bellacourt blooming flower

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

OMG! I have enough for the bowling alley now! but if i get it, i will not have that much money left LOL. But it was worth selling stuff, and maybe i can get something good for the bowling alley, if not, then i can always place it somewhere in my room LOL. Oh and by the way, i will not be able to chat from 12PM-8PM kinz time because i will be at my dad's house today. well i will chat with you around 8:30 or 9:oopm kinz time, i don't know yet. well talk with you later, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I was just posting that to post stuff in case you wanted to buy it for yourself.

lol and what was the name of the purple plant?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

ok and thanks for the tip of what is going to be in the curio shop, but i won't be able to get it because i don't even have enough. i might have to sell some stuff, like a super bed or something...LOL

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ooh ooh ooh!!!! I just found out that the bowling alley will be in the curio shop from 3 to 4 pm kinztime

TODAY!!!!! it is 10,000 kinzcash. you migh be looking for it. I have one, but I know I could use another

one. you might want it, too. oh and I can't chat from 1-4 kinztime. see yah!!

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i am not too sure what the plant is called, i will check tomorrow. i am going to bed, it is currently 1:42am in my time right now. anyways i am going to bed, i will be back on here tomorrow at about 9:00pm tomorrow, so talk to you tomorrow, goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!! (:-)

katzrdbom 6 years ago

I have no idea where the purple slippers come from, I got mine in trading from a VERY nice person.

oh and is the purple plant also called the neon plant?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i also have a question:is it true that you can obtain purple slippers from series four trading cards? if not, then can you tell me what series you can obtain them from please?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

lol.. so is there anything from my list that you need or want? if not, its ok, i might have more.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and btw I don't live in Michigan.


need purple slippers now 6 years ago

no.. it isn't full length.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

omg I really like that shirt... wait, it's not full-length?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i also have party items

Party items:jumbo sunglasses, party hat, purple dancing shoes, brown tap dancing shoes. i have a deluxe peice of clothing as well, which is the sushi chef shirt.

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i think i have more, but i can't remember all of the items that i have. if i found more items that i have, i will add to the list LOL. and btw, do you live in michigan?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

ok, i am back. here is the list of the items that are kinda cool, in my opinon.

exclusive:red plasma ball,4wheel atv car,wishing well, purple plant.

clothes:purple dancing shoes,brown dancing shoes, jumbo sunglasses, pink butterfly dress,desert amethyst hat

cars:dex dangerous space craft, pink limousine, bulldozer,red airplane car

pet of the month:snow maker machine

katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok I will be up until around 1am kinztime lol so we can still chat late

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

hi me again. it actually might take me a little more than an hour, i don't keep track lol. so i will post my list of stuff ASAP. OK BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

no, of course your not bossy! but i have to go for now, i will be back on in about an hour or so, then i will post my list of stuff. my grandma wants to play on the computer, so i want her to have her turn, plus i have to take a shower, so i will post my list of stuff when i get back on, sorry i can't do it right now though. anyways, talk to you in an hour, bye!!!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

that is ok. they are hard to get.

can you post a list of all the stuff you have, if it's not too much trouble? then I could get

a good idea of how long it could take to get the things I want! lol

oh and just tell me if I sound bossy and I will stop.

need purple slipppers now 6 years ago

but no sorry, i have no salon items.

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

yes, i have a pink butterfly dress

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh sweet I bet you could get the polar playpen for that!! oh and I was not going to buy it, but then one of my friends sent me two mega stoves which I immediatly sold and then I had enough kc. I might like to make a spa with two pools, though.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh cool! do you have the pink butterfly dress or any salon items?

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

i just got the pool, and wow! its expensive! so if you need it, i will send a friend request to you, then i'll send it to you once you answer my friend request. but the pool in the curio shop is for decoration only, so you might not want it now LOL

need purple slippers now 6 years ago

aw, your lucky, i have been looking for the prom dress, but i have so many dresses its crazy lol. and i have a blue floral dress and leopard tank top from the new kinz style shop, the one you can go to if you get webkinz clothing for your plushie. and cool, i will go to the curio shop now to get the pool. do you have it already? if you don't, i will send you one, if you'd like.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

I would love the snow maker machine, and I bet you could get some

thing on my list for it! lol

oh and btw which deluxe item of clothing do you have?

I have the prom dress, victorian ball gown, and snow suit. lol

oh and I am not deluxe, and my vacation starts on June 7th.

oh and the rare in the curio shop is the ancient wading pool.

need purple slippers now, i got rockstar sunglasses today 6 years ago

yes, i think i have a peice of deluxe clothing. if not, i can easily obtain it again. and btw, when is the exact day that you go on vacation?

katzrdabom 6 years ago

yeah that is MY webkinz user. what is yours?

oh and do you have any deluxe clothing?

I am not deluxe btw

gtg, see yah soon!!

need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

well actually, if you need it, i have the skunk pet of the month item... it is called a snow maker machine i think... do you need it?

need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

well i mostly have clothes, but i will name some of my items.

Cars:a pink limo psi, a bulldozer, an exclusive 4 wheel atv, but i can't think of my other ones. I also have some wshop items, and i have an exclusive red plasma ball, or i think its exclusive, i am not too sure LOL. and yes, i too, have met some really mean people in the clubhouse. and i sent a friend request to lps3cheese, but i did not get an answer lps 3 cheese your webkinz user, or is that one of your friends? if so, can you tell me your user so i can send you a friend request and send you some wshop items? thanks! oh and awesome! a rare item at 7kinz time! i have to see what they have! maybe some persian or something.... i can't wait till 7pm kinztime!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

cool pets! do you have any birthstone pet items? I would love any estore psi, they are so cool(isn't that stupid, the virtual only pets get the good psi's?)

oh and do you think you could send me some wshop item that I can sell? I need this rare in thecurio shop at 7 pm kinztime, and I have $9 kc right now! I promise I will pay you back! yah don't have to, but I don't really want to sell my aztec bed!

oh and yeah it's for trade.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

no problem! I too have met some really MEAN people in the clubhouse. a total of 7 people have threatened to report me if I didn't trade my slips with them(thus, the reason why I still have them. lol)

oh and two things:

one, do you have the citrus dragon psi?

and two, can you post your list of stuff?


need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

oh and btw, do you have a foopet account? if not, you should get one, they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

yes, i would appreciate if you held on to the slippers, because i need time to get that stuff. but i believe that if i try, i can get anything i need over time. so yes, just hold on to the slippers for me, but as soon as i get something on your wishlist, i will tell you on here. and i can't remeber what i traded the super bed for LOL. but thanks for at least trying with me, i think your the only nice person in webkinz world, cause i have seen some pretty mean people on webkinz, trust me, i go on every single day LOL. and sorry, i traded my ice fawn psi, i am so sorry

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hi again here is my wish list, I will give you a super good deal if you have anythig here!

signature: bed(from theme), calico cat psi, fox psi, black bear psi, bunny psi, beagle psi, bookshelf(theme), rug(theme), couch(theme)

psi: baby penguin psi(polar playpen bed), xhocolate lab psi, ice fawn psi(omgosh I heard the music and I am in pure LOVE!!)

rare: sandtone spa, Persian bed, kooky scientist bed, any fireplaces, princess theme stuff, princess theme BED!!!!!!!!

that is my list. I made it long( I can't help it!! LOL)

so there should be something you have. if you don't, I will hold onto the slips and give you some time to get some of the stuff!

have a nice day!

Katzrdabom 6 years ago

Ok uh do you have the ice fawn psi for trade? Because I really need it. I would like it if you check my wish list. Then could you tell me what you have? Oh and btw what did you trade the bed for?

hey hey hey peeps! 6 years ago

i love twilight!does anybody else?

need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

oh and i have too many pets to name lol but i'll try. i have the following pets:an ice fawn named winter,a black cat named midnight, a charcoal cat named misty, a panda named dominick, another panda named bamboo,a walrus named wally, a wooly mammoth named sandi,a siamese cat named prissy,you get the point, lol! i just can't name them all, but lets just say i have ALOT of pets LOL. anyways i also have a frog pet specific item, which is a bed, do you think that and some clothes are good enough? if not, i won't be mad, i appreciate that your at least trying to nigociate with me, nobody who has purple slippers is really that reasonable and nice like you are. and oh, by the way, are you a deluxe member?

need rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers 6 years ago

well i just traded over the rainbow super bed, but i do have a sleeping dragon super bed.... i also have clothes, so tell me what clothes your looking for (if any) and maybe i might have them. i really need purple slippers. but can you also tell me how you can obtain them, maybe i'll be able to find them, i hope.

katzrdabom 6 years ago

oh and nrssopsrb(for short)

I am going camping for three weeks in June, so I need you to respond and send asap, or I will not be able to send you the purple slippers for around a month.

please, I know you can't see this, but if anyone watichjg this knows her, please contact this person asap! thanks!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

whew...I told my mom and she is getting me a tawny puppy tomorrow!! yayz!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

uhoh!! I just realized my account is expiring soon! HELP!!!!!!!!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

here is deal plan for:

rock star sunglasses:

you send me any three things worth the shutters and I will send a pair to you asap.

purple slippers:

any three or more things worth them.

if you are sending more than three items, I would appreciate if you posted before hand!

oh and btw what pets do you have?

I have 4, a domino cat named spot(but I call the plushie dominoes), a signature cocker spaniel(whose psi was stolen awhile ago, :''''(), a husky named icy, an oriole named sky(aka skyguy lol), and a future tawny puppy whose name will either be tawny or something else(the polar playpen and coaco lab bed are both for her, one for winter and one for every day. lol

see yah!!

katzrdabom  6 years ago

ok I will explain:

first of all, here is my main wish list(if you don't have enough stuff here worth purple slips you can add more lol)

signature bed

sandstone spa(new rare)

polar playpen pet item (baby penguin)

chocolate labrador bed

persian theme

over the rainbow super bed

ice cream sundae super bed(new)

this is JUST my list, I will be extra grateful if I can have any of these!

need purple slippers or rockstar sunglasses 6 years ago

hey katzrdabom! i just got a pair of rockstar sunglasses! yay yay yay! but the problem is, i need purple slippers. so i sent you a friend request yesterday, so get back to me by saying which super bed or beds you need, and if i have them, i will send you one or two of them, then i will get purple slippers, is that how your deal works? i am just wondering, cause i really don't understand how your deal works.

need purple slippers or rockstar sunglasses 6 years ago

oops nevermind now i get it. you are lps3cheese, that is your webkinz username, am i right?

need purple slippers or rockstar sunglasses 6 years ago

hey kats da bom one more thing, are you the won who is giving away the rockstar sunglasses, or is lps3cheese giving them away? i am kinda confused, but it is worth the confusion if i get shutter rockstar sunglasses lol

need purple slippers or rockstar sunglasses 6 years ago

hey kats da bom! i have a sweet dreams super bed, the sleeping dragon super bed, and the over the rainbow super bed. i will add you and i will send you too of them and then can you send me either rockstar sunglasses or purple slippers? i really need them but nobody will trade their pair. please help me. but first, tell me which bed you want or need, please.

cheeseandcows 6 years ago

omg thanks!! my pet looks so cute in them!

if you know lps3cheese, tell them thank you from ne!

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hi everyone!!

I hav so many pairs of rock star shutters, it is crazy!!

so I have decided to give them away!!

to get a pair of these, all you have to do is add lps3cheese to your webkinz friends list,

and send them something that you think is worth the shutters!! anything rare, exclusive, or retired will do!! the more you send, the larger your chance of getting a pair(or two, if not enough people send stuff) THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!!!

this is a very generous person that has wondered what to do with their 7(thats right, SEVEN!) pairs of rock star sunglasses!!!


this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime chance ends MAY 31ST, 2010!

some ideas to get you started: signature stuff, rare items, super beds, exclusives!

I also have a pair of EXTREMELY RARE purple slippers!!

whoever sends me the sandstone spa rare will get them AND a pair of rock star sunglasses!!

kitty41032 6 years ago

use thid code in the adoption center to get a+

Jack Russell:7q3u8kem




but i can't garentee it will work but it might

WWW 6 years ago

my user name is; biggunspete, if any of you guys send me three cars I will send you three super beds because I have to many and I would like to get rid of mine....THIS IS NOT A SCAM...ITS TRUE...TRY IT..............................

lor 6 years ago

my user names coolraccoon1998 and laurenspetspot

lor 6 years ago

webkinz rox really does any one no cheat's that work or tips? usernanelaurenspetspot ps. not really my name made it up

Kelsey 6 years ago

heyyy!!!! ADD ME ON WEBKINZ i get on everyday!!!

frogger297 !!!

thanks so much. someone can have my 33 webkinz on my other expired account? email me @!!!!

thanks bye!!

Mitchie 6 years ago

if any does not want the ir webkinz codes or accounts email me at

Mitchie again. 6 years ago

my email is

Mitchie 6 years ago

if you have a webkinz account you don't want or a unused code can you email me the code or username or password. (only if you don't want it)

Hot Girl50 profile image

Hot Girl50 6 years ago


PeaceLover21 profile image

PeaceLover21 6 years ago from California

if u sell the suff u dont need u can make extra cash!:)

Starclan3122 6 years ago

Well i do the employment office thing, but i cant figure out how to claim the kinzcash. i mean you have like 1125 money right in front of your nose and you cant get it? fail

356625 6 years ago


PeaceLover21 profile image

PeaceLover21 6 years ago from California

some tips r helpful!!BYE:)

meera1894 6 years ago

my user: chalabre

add me plz! i would love to be anyones friend

maddy 6 years ago

please write back i can give you some tips!!!!!!!

maddy 6 years ago

and to get tips and tricks and the upcoming webkinz go to webkinz of 2009 and then click on the first one that comes up!!! trust me it works! i do not lie peoples. bye

maddy 6 years ago

ok i have 146 webkinz!!!!!! beat that and webkinz rocks!!!!!!:) and have tons of kinz cash. my username is maddytj add me i make a great friend!ps ss sucks eggs and who ever likes them should think about switching to webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PeaceLover21 profile image

PeaceLover21 6 years ago from California

bye bye peepl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whoa there 7 years ago

hey plz send me unwanted webkinz acccounts i let mine expire im so dumb email me at

girlwholovesconorpacharis  7 years ago


girlwholovesconorpacharis  7 years ago

hi im new here! theese tips r sssssooooooooo NOT HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!! so BYE 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mkmaa00 7 years ago


kitty5s5 profile image

kitty5s5 7 years ago

anyone wanna be my friend?????

my username is kitty5s5

see ya!

maleena123 7 years ago

hallo i am about 10 and i need friends fast my name on webkinz is maleena123. pleaz add

Breanna 7 years ago

hey i am like the sweetest person ever and would not dream of hurting anyones pets but if anyone needs me to baby sit them while they are on vacation i totally would soccergirl0092 i added you my username is bmmtdkjc so add me we should chat sometime and if anyone needs me to baby sit or play games on your account to make YOU cash i will email me your username and password to

soccergirl0092 7 years ago

hey! my user on webkinz is soccergirl0092 add me if u want ill give ppl special items like super beds exclusive items member only items ect. all u have to do is send me 3 cool items and ill give u super bedz or what ever u want!


sophie 7 years ago

send me unwanted accounts pleaseeeeee


taylor hutcheson 7 years ago

I NEED my user and password back!!!!!!

ddgg 7 years ago

Can I get a free code or username or password i been looking for one all day long

Thanh 7 years ago

Add me! My username is with18. =D

vammera 7 years ago

babysitter my username is nubeluz password nubeluz23 plz don't hack I have no items make up my money plz thanx

web man 7 years ago


jay 7 years ago

i sooo love webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i lave twilight!!!!! does anyone else????

web man 7 years ago

make webkinz keeshound and peacock and giraffe

PLEASe 7 years ago

I need some stuff,my webkinz account was hacked this isn't a scam but my friends Dad works for Ganz company so he hooked me up with some free webkinz codes and I haven't used them all yet,just send me some stuff at wormgirl9 and e-mail me at,thanks guys:)

Tinnybeany 7 years ago

hey you guys so all of this stuff is help full but if u want a webkinz do what i do buy trading cars i have 2 packs and 13 webkinz only spent 2 dollars.... hope this helps p.s i am kinda done with my account i will be will to trade accounts with someone i have 51 rooms they are all blank at the moment but i swear to heaven that i am not a scamer if u want to trade email me at if u need rare items i will send u them add me caitie21 and meet me in the kinzchat trading room15 at 8pm my time which is 11 the webkinz time email me first........

riley_painter207 7 years ago

:D Got a lot of new items fromt he trading room! Inclding a jelly cactus, Ambulance, and the ever coveted Feather Chair!

hi 7 years ago

whitepet9 add me plzz

paula 7 years ago

add on this email your webkinz code and name and you will bekom 4 code

Aly 7 years ago

Hi guys! I love trading items, But I ran out of exclusive, rare and everything that isn't wshop. If you send me rare, exclusive or anything that isn't wshop, I will give you furniture, pet food, and other really cool stuff that I am not using. My username is ags6 and I have like 21 webkinz so please send me stuff using the kinz post! Thanks, Aly :o)

kx 7 years ago


sarah  7 years ago

thanks as well me and my lil sister kayla are really happy you gave us really good tips no really thanks alot. :)

kayla 7 years ago

just kidding it helped me alot

so thanksfor all the good advice..........

kayla 7 years ago

this is cheep

mehedi 7 years ago

good tips

random dude 7 years ago

add me Username: starmagic7

Albus316 7 years ago

i have 205 friends go to gold zone and add me!

Albus316 7 years ago

i have 205 friends go to gold zone and add me!

Albus316 7 years ago

i have 205 friends go to gold zone and add me!

hannah 7 years ago

add me my name in webkinz is hansygirl

iheartwebkinz!! 7 years ago

hi im new to this who knows a good website for free codes that has done it before? if you tell me i will give you a gift on webkinz! my user is cocochocolate247 i will give you my password if u give me a webkinz code

peace out home dogz

tailer 7 years ago

i got 2 webkinz dimonds so i sold one

i w m m p t w16 profile image

i w m m p t w16 7 years ago

yo wat up my peeps? lol that was random!

Kimberly 7 years ago

Hey! I NEED some people to give me some advise to earn some money. I also need to get some gems. Where do I look??? My username is BBllaacckkyy. Add me as your friend!

Webkinz money need of 7 years ago

PLZZZZZZ send memoney i have about 8 rooms that are BLANK all that are in them are wall paer and flooring!!!! My user anme is panpan789 (no capitals)


amy 7 years ago

to dani- it all maters what cave you do-try barking mad mine for awhile

pugangel98 7 years ago

please add me to your friends list my user name is pugangel98 I have 29 webkinz right now and I would like a friend to play with on webkinz .

Victoria 7 years ago

Who will give me a free user name and password? If not give me a free secret code! Many thanks. Oh yeah and also can someone give me a clubpenguin username and password!

i love webkinz 8 years ago


1. do the wheel of wow the wishing well the daily bonus questin @ quizzy's the survay the care award the employment offic job the star hunt for gems in the curio shop

thank you...

colt67951 8 years ago

im willing to trade a webkinz acount with 5 webkinz witha pet of the month award and if u do u have to give me ur webkinz plush toys all of them!p.s. im NOT liing

Dani 8 years ago

i dont know how to get my web. crown of wonder i try every day and when i try i never get a jewl! it stinks i need help so add me and plez give me advice my username is joandarc3.

sam 8 years ago

i have 10 webkinz who will give me a free password?

mick 8 years ago

i have so many rare items like 10 super beds, and over 20 exclusives. add me i am on webkinz alot i usually go to kinz chat plus at night and i am in the yellow zone username is acers10. and for the person looking for the neopets account my user name is mikaylapivec and my password is bobcats10.

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

u too! what'd u get?

riley_painter207 8 years ago

Merry christmas everyone!!! if you celebrate it

Rochelle 8 years ago

hi! thats a good way but im looking for cheats i kno i got alot of kinzcash already i have 22416! i know i got alot but my friend on youtube my bff Courtney she has like over 10000000! i realy dont remeber how many she has at the moment bu i whant alot!!! but i think im gonna get more trading cards for kinz cash i think thats a good way! :)

hi ,im browniebender 8 years ago

hi,add me browniebender and i have 3 rose super beds that ill trade for any rare items!!!

sarahberry 8 years ago

Hey i Know how to find to webkinz jewel (the W one) Look in buried bones mine and go to the left or right ALL THE WAY if you see a rock sparkling in rainbow then thats the gem you want!

TaylorMarie 8 years ago

hey my name is taylor i love webkinz im 12 and will not scam you

i would like to share an acount with someone email me at

my webkinz user is caramelfrapplover

riley_painter207 8 years ago

sorry desi, have not been on in a few ermm, months i guess.

i did not get ANY items from the fall festival :-(. did any of you have any luck?

i have new items: vortex hole thingie, some sort of clock that is tall with a swingy thingy, trading card furniture, atv, atv bed, some thig that you sleep in that is a hammock, a prism chair, an amythest geode, a fireplace that has a huge pawprint in it, a webkinz cares poster, a Quizzy poster, a blackboard thing, a sanwitch table, salon items, mushroom sidetable, neon palm tree, cat clock, and a rainy window. am willing to trade, amke an offer. (i have sevral accounts.... but my main one is rootytootriley. i have exclusive items in another one. )

mollie 8 years ago


Add me as your friend in webkinz my user-name is 35VLIOP.

full of asome ness 8 years ago

Hay guys if you want to add me my user is webkinsrules AND my pass word is letshaveababy

Amen521 8 years ago

Do you guys want to know my username its Amen521. Can you guys add me to your friend list. I have36 webkinz and I really am rich. If you sebd me something ecxlusive ill send you guys something 10 times better. Like maybe something you could only get if you were pet of the month. Besides I am pet of the month right know. And I aso have next months pet of the month.

klara 8 years ago

well my username is kluvara ppl plz add me and send me some things today is my birthday and it would be nice to have a gift

loppy 8 years ago

my usr is pretty146 add me i will send you cool stuff add me

Desi7 8 years ago

rileypainter_207 where did u go??

Desi7 8 years ago

. give me your username. i have some extra fall stuff i dont want i will send them to you

rileypainter_207 8 years ago

so whats new? did you peeps get anything from the fall festival? i didnt :-(

rileypainter_207 8 years ago


Desi7 8 years ago

hey!!!!!!! whats up? i have an account now.

riley_painter207 8 years ago

havent been on in awhile

sss 8 years ago

dont write or email me back plz thankyou sorry its just its my parents comp

so dont

sss 8 years ago

thats my name(desi)

Desi 8 years ago

ok. me too. red orange yellow green blue purple pretttttttty colors!

i'm pritty 8 years ago

but later

i'm pritty 8 years ago

i'm gona post 24 more coments that have nothing to do with webkinz

i'm pritty 8 years ago


i'm pritty 8 years ago

What is your favourite tv show

Ashlee 8 years ago

Isnt the survey 2 clicks 0.0 anyways thanks this helped

haleigh 8 years ago

go to the website i posted to get a full webkinz guide!

hi 8 years ago

if some 1can give me somthing by post offis pls i just started webkinz my user is tony479 ty

xo235 8 years ago

thank you so much emmlag96

emmlag96 8 years ago

Hello! on webkinz i'm emmlag96,add me!

To WildmUnkey: Go to and click checklists,scroll down and there will be info on the best mines to hunt for a specific gem.

riley_painter207 8 years ago

gosh maybe i havent activated my account or something.....

i hear elubin has good pix of rare items

Desi 8 years ago

it still wont let me e-mail you

Desi 8 years ago

no i will e-mail you know!

riley_painter207 8 years ago

desi, if ur email is still not working, find the pic of the item online and post the link here. :-)

Desi 8 years ago

no i will definately try i am so desperate for those items................ i'll e-mail you soon. byebye

unknown 8 years ago

anybody can send me a master grill? my bff sent it to her own account and SOLD it. if you can't then add me. my username is 1852bounce.

riley_painter207 8 years ago

oh dont worry bout it i dont wanna sound like some perv. but that babysitting stuff is so fake........................

Desi 8 years ago

um........ ok i will try in a few days unfortunately my e-mailis down right now.......... :-)

riley_painter207 8 years ago

yeah it is.

desi, please try to email me again. maybe send me some pix of those items u want....i mite have them. i recently found an exclusive item in my room, the bed of roses that i bought with tokens.

:P 8 years ago

that's a cheap trick "GANZ"

GANZ 8 years ago

Babysitting service now being held by members of our team! If you are going on vacation and don't want you pet to be sadsend your username and password to Usernames and passwords will not be shared and we only babysit for up to a month. Subscribe now! Any loss of Webkinz cannot be held against us, but don't worry, it can't happen!

riley_painter207 8 years ago

you know...this would be alot easier if we were emailing....

riley_painter207 8 years ago

click your age and answer the question correctly/ and as fast as possible. quizzys cornercan be found in the things to do menu

daffidal4334 8 years ago

Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to play Quizzy's whizkinz? Please tell me 'cause I don't know how to play.

riley_painter207 8 years ago

sorry desi, but no. i wish i did!

Desi 8 years ago

riley_painter207, do you have any of these webkinz items?:

butterfly dreams bed, jumpin jukebox, in home bowling alley, autumn sunset toque, autumn paw print window, or anything from the trading card series 1 room theme?

if you do, will you trade with me?

Desi 8 years ago

um i dont know........ is ok do you know when the clubhouse will come back?

riley_painter207 8 years ago

well its ok. im just bored. has anyone looked at the bulletins? theres this thing about a rumor..of something hurting the webkinz? wat is THAT all about?

Desi 8 years ago

i tried, it wouldn't work but i'll try again

riley_painter207 8 years ago

won't SOMEONE email me?

riley_painter207 8 years ago

anytime deshero anytime. feel free to email me.

cecelia 8 years ago

hi a

Desi 8 years ago

thanks! i already changed my password....thanks!!

riley_painter207 8 years ago

ok Deshero, first you need to change your password. and since the left nothing but 8kinzcash and a banana, they must have sent your stuff to themselves. thus, you should clear your friends list. drastic, i know, but it is obvious that someone on your friends list did this hacking, possibly even someone you know in real life. good luck and be sure to do the things in the right order:

- password change

- and then clearing your friends list.

once you have done that, you can try to earn your kinzcash back. sorry you got hacked; i have been hacked and it was a horrible experience. (whoever hacked me left 0 kinzcash and no food; the cleared all of my rooms and painted them alll GREY. )

Desi 8 years ago

really..... i'm completely broke. the person left 8 kinzcash and a banana.

Desi 8 years ago

hello... i'm Desi. my username is deshero. i just got hacked..... can anyone help me out?

riley_painter207 8 years ago

k i hope my cheat was helpful. i got a new email,

Kristen 8 years ago

pretty please add me my usermane is tina123414 and i have clothes :)

tinkybear1 8 years ago

give any unwanted items to tinkybear1 even gak,gunk,or blech i want to help my little sister on it plzzzzz

koolkinz 8 years ago

Babysitter, I won't EVER let you have my password,but I'll let you know what Webkinz I have. I have a B/W cat(Sammy) a panda(Alen) an American Cocker Spaniel(Ashley) and a gecko(Lanai). I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

webkinzluver 8 years ago

hi everyone i know a lot of webkinz recipes ill give u some if u like!

coolkinz 8 years ago

make me your friend. i'm 1Sammy15

babysitter 8 years ago

hey if you give me your userame and password ill go on webkinz and babysitt your webkinz for free!!!!

Kim  8 years ago

Hi, I forgot to add my user name is kapmich.. be sure is a subject "webkinz guide" so i can open up. Thanks

Kim 8 years ago

Hi anyone, I am deaf and wondering is there a guide book i could read over it instead of doing online. My kids bothered me and asked for help. Let me know. Thanks.


Smexy 8 years ago

if you want free stuff , free money add me :

my name on webkinz is,


kim 8 years ago

hi love ur site. if any on has a webkinz please add me to ur freind list my user name is kimkim1021 and my other a counts user name is capidle HDKHDK123.pealses add me

Parakeetgirl 8 years ago

username: parakeetgirl

Other username: parakeetgirl1

if u r on my list i will send u items when ever i can

8 years ago

actually, for some people you get 2500 kinzcash! and aslo for some people, when you adopt a pet it gives you money and stuff but youo dont get a free room

lanie 8 years ago

hey add me i am Destinyaugust71 pleeze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam 8 years ago


reed 8 years ago

I love webkinz, WEBKINZ ARE MY WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam558 8 years ago

your password is not chewey123 your lying shabobo

shabobo 8 years ago

my user is smr015 and my pass is chewey123

yoman 8 years ago

i neeeeeeeeeeed kinz cash my webkinz acount is cujo2424 plzzzzzzzzz help

Lauren 8 years ago

Webkinz rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icantremembermyname 8 years ago

any1 have cheats??

wert 8 years ago

me cool add meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beagley2 8 years ago

Add me to webkinz I'm beagley2 and I have 6 webkinz plus 2 lilkinz

riley_painter207 8 years ago

hey some ppl have been asking for cheats on webkinz, heres how to get extra pets:

go to the adoption center

click on: add a new pet

then start typing in random #s and letters. write down each code that you type in so that if its right then you can use it. if you type codes in too many times, you will have to leave the adoption center. but if you get one right, then it will take you to a page that asks for your pet's gender. that means you guessed a real secret code!!!!!

i have 13 webkinz and i have gotten5 of them through this method. good luck!

o yeah when the person who really has your code enters it, then you need to have the code that you typed in ready at hand. GANZ may email you asking for your code, and then you can give it to them. this insures that you dont get suspended from your account.:)


riley_painter207 8 years ago

hey whatever your name is, toye77, if you want anyone to get you kinzcash then you need to give the PASSWORD!

mark 8 years ago


llcl 8 years ago

hi im cool my user is surfergal6789 add me

my username 4 webkinz 8 years ago

hey add me my username is 1SPENCER9


rachael 8 years ago

if any one wants to add me on webkinz my username is RRSMITH...and if anyone has a cheat code for webkinz please tell me i need the money...i only have 0kinzcash...and i really want some...

Ashley  8 years ago

This sounds like a good idea

Madison 9 years ago

Thx for this stuff, it helps a lot!

Kate 9 years ago

hey add me as a friend babycakes91

riley_painter207 9 years ago

oh yeah its me again my email is

also add me 2 ur friends list.

giyg 9 years ago


Maddie Ruud profile image

Maddie Ruud 9 years ago from Oakland, CA Author

Hi CatLoverAlice!

Outdoor rooms automatically have grass. It is just because it is the holidays right now that they are all snowy!!! When the snow "melts" you'll see the grass that was there all along ;)

Hope this helps!


catloveralice 9 years ago

I have purchased an outdoor area for my webkinz. How do I get grass into the area? I see pictures in the shopping area of outdoor areas set up with grass, but can't find out how to buy it.


Twiona_na 9 years ago

Hey any 1 want 2 be my webkinz friend? My usr is Twilona. Im alwaz on red zone. see ya in webkinz world.

wewe 9 years ago

anybody now any cheats?

Sabrina 9 years ago

then what's the passwrod? u said u didn't use the acount! do u want us to add u or something?

riley_painter207 9 years ago

hey i really dont use my webkinz the username is rootytootriley

moely 9 years ago


Hi 9 years ago


Stephanie 9 years ago

I want a webkinz password i will not be rude to your webkinz

11GUY11 9 years ago

dude i hav a lion, lil' kinz googles, black bear(pet of the month), and a frog(last months pet of the month). I feel like having a challenge,so my name is Nate531 so u cab invite me and ill see if u can beat me. (ive only been playing for a little over a month now but my Goober's Lab high Score is over 25,000)(every1 is welcome only open for this another 2hrs.)(and the Goobers lab thing took 1 1/2 hrs)

stefanie 9 years ago

i have a frog and a monkey and i got a crystal lake im willing to trade with someone add me brattwoback

Manticore777 9 years ago

Oh I think that the gem things that you click on to mine often have jewels in them if they sparkle. that's been my best guess for why they do that- Caio for now!

Oh and I recently learned that ms. Birdy is a penguin. I don't like ms. birdy.

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