Kiwi Bloons, Free Tower Defense Game

Tower defense is a fun genre of game in which the player fortifies his valued zones against invaders by placing various forms of towers about the place. There are quite literally, yes, literally, a gazillion of these games out there, but Bloons Tower Defense is one which stands out head and shoulders amongst the crowd. Many tower defense games have you defending yourself and your holdings from soldiers, or tanks, or other machines of war. In Bloons, you must defend yourself against marauding balloons. I don't know about you, but I never liked balloons. All large and shiny and full of gas. Not to be trusted.

Bloons tower defense focuses on the use of monkeys and pins to defeat the balloon threat. Both the monkey and the pin are the natural enemy of the balloon. In the wild, monkeys have been known to hunt down balloons and beat them to death just for the sheer fun of it. The fact that this is a free game makes it cheaper than tower defense games that are not free. You knew that already, but I felt honor bound to point it out.

A free game in which you can finally take vengeance upon the balloons that have made your life hell? It sounds perfect, does it not? But wait! There is more! When you play Bloons Tower Defense One for free, you will also be able to play Bloons Tower Defense Two and Three afterward, or beforehand, or if you're really good, at the same time.

These games are all produced by Ninja Kiwi, a game developer with a hatred for balloons so intense that they have developed more than five games that center around the destroying of these vile vulcanized harbingers of doom. If you like the game, why not donate a few dollars as a sign of your appreciation? When you finish the tower defense games, there are lots more available for free on the site to vent your rage upon.

But seriously, what makes this cute little cartoon game so good is that it is not only a challenging tower defense game, it is also a winnable one. So many games these days require months of commitment if you hope to achieve anything, but Bloons Tower Defense will gently coach you steadily towards victory. This makes it quite a good game for kids who break keyboards when they lose games, and the awful parents who lost control of them years ago.

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Eleanor the star 7 years ago from Guernsey

you are so cool

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I enjoyed this hub Hope. It makes you feel like just jumping on and playing. Keep writing them, they are greatBB

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