Knitters Can Now Have the Exact Starsky Sweater Pattern Free

No that isn't exactly the same as what he wore 30 years ago....:) But anyway, read ON..
No that isn't exactly the same as what he wore 30 years ago....:) But anyway, read ON..

The Exact Starsky Cardigan Patten Free

After writing my other hub about this subject, we found out that there were so many people who were actually LOOKING for the exact Starsky cardigan. It is actually based on on a Mexican knitting pattern (please see my other hub here at hubpages) and was FIRST popularized by Marilyn Monroe. There is very little different between the Marilyn Monroe sweater and the Starsky sweater -- in fact, they almost look one and the same except for the extremely minor details in the design. 

Since we've written our first hub about this, we have tried to look for the exact pattern and it was rather difficult. That was until we found an old retro '70's magazine which no longer exists and asked a friend to try doing the knitting for us based on the instructions here.WE found out that any strong knitting  thread or yarn would work. Be it spring, autumn or winter,you decide on how thick or thin you may want your own Starsky cardigan. This pattern recommends a very thick type of yarn or thread -- much like that of the Big Lebowski sweater, but that doesn't really have to be the case if that doesn't happen to be your preference. 

Here's the COMPLETE PATTERN and it's the only one in the world wide web that we found for free. They are about 4 pages that you simply have to download and print so you can have your very own Starsky cardigan and you get it only because you love hubpages as much as we do. 

Here are some trivia's about this type of sweater : 

- it was worn first by Paul Michael Glaser in the pilot series of Starsky and Hutch where he starred with David Soul

-Paul Michael Glaser never liked the sweater (well, he said that in an interview). David Soul later also said that there were several sweaters like that which he found in Mexico. 

-The original (though I imagine on a TV set there could have been about five of them) sweater was donated by Glaser (Starsky) to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aid Foundation which is one of the best causes one should support because it has already saved millions of babies from dying of AIDS and has done the MOST to make sure that there are treatments and medicines NOW available to make sure that the HIV virus can no longer be transmitted by a pregnant mother to her child. 'Starsky', or Paul Michael Glaser, has made it a point to make this his main concern -- saving lives of children who are yet to be born. It is the most admirable trait of this man who is known for wearing the Starsky Sweater. 

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fossilbloke 5 years ago

where can I get one of these cardigans?

debugs profile image

debugs 5 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

@Angela, nice to see you on Facebook too :)

Angela Young 5 years ago

Why anyone would want one of those sweaters I'm not sure lol, but thanks for the info. My husband might like it:)

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