Koda's Clay Soldier NPC Minecraft Mod

Glow in the dark armies! For more great Minecraft mod reviews, visit:
Glow in the dark armies! For more great Minecraft mod reviews, visit: | Source

This is an awesome mod that enables you to use clay for a far higher purpose than ugly bricks – it allows you to build armies, armies that can be unleashed on other armies whilst you sit back, chortling like a particularly cruel and capricious god. If that doesn't sound like fun, then I urge you to get your frontal cortex inspected for excess sand at your earliest convenience.

A unit of four clay soldiers can be crafted by combining one block of clay with one block of soulsand. (Way to provide retrospective meaning to soulsand!) Soldiers can be dyed different colors so that you can create various warring factions. At present time it is possible to create gray soldiers, red soldiers, yellow soldiers, green soldiers, blue soldiers, orange soldiers and purple soldiers!

But wait, there's more! You can upgrade some of your units with mounts. Specifically, you can make clay horses! There are a great many exclamation marks in this article so far, but I can assure you that they reflect my real enthusiasm for this mod, which is amazing in the original sense of the word.

There are a few more features of the mod, providing your soldiers with a lump of clay will allow them to revive fallen soldiers. (Yes, in the battles some soldiers will inevitably perish, such is the soldiers lot.) You can get involved in other ways too. Adding redstone to the mix will create a blinding powder, and tossing slime balls at your little yellow (or green or purple or grey etc) soldiers will result in them being stuck in place where they stand. Lightstone will make them glow in the dark, and discarding sticks and flint and cloth nearby means that your little soldiers will discover armor and weapons. It's also possible to give your favorite soldier a boost by feeding him or her with a little sugar that will increase their speed and give them a distinct advantage over their enemies.

You don't need to do a whole lot to start a war, soldiers automatically attack soldiers of other colors, which is handy, if not a little depressing and perhaps an indictment on the fact that we never really learned the lesson of the star bellied Sneetches from Dr Seuss.

If you wish to end the battle prematurely, there is the clay disruptor – a nefarious tool that prematurely ends your clay soldiers. Never fear however, all the clay soldiers can be collected into your inventor and released again as good as new.

What's really fun about this mod is that it opens up the possibility of building battle arenas and other types of terrain for your soldiers to duke it out in. In fact, an arena of some kind is advised as the soldiers tend to wander off if not actively engaged in battle.

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