LEGO City Airport 3182

The LEGO City Airport 3182 is the 2010 version of the very popular City Airport series from LEGO.  Each year they have been bringing out a newer version of this popular set and the 2010 edition of the City Airport looks to be a big winner for Christmas this year.

The set itself includes over 700 different LEGO pieces that you use to build the airport set.  The main set that you can build includes the airport terminal, plane, and traffic controller tower however like all of Lego there are different variations that you can build as well.

The Lego men that it comes with are the pilot, flight attendant, passenger, and steward and ground control man.

The terminal itself is very detailed including a baggage cart, ticketing counter, arrival and departure lounges and even has the X-ray scanner, a soda machine and revolving door.

It fits really well with the other Lego sets from the City series as well.

The manufacturer recommends ages six to twelve, however I think younger children will enjoy this as well but may need some help in building it correctly.  My four year old is into Lego and is capable of building some impressive pieces and he loves this set – even more so because Daddy helps him put together the airplane.

If you’ve been collecting Lego City each year and want to add the 2010 version of the City Airport to your collection then I think you’ll really enjoy this set.

It can be expensive but if you get it online at places like Amazon you can often get a good discount on it.  At the time of writing this review it was selling at a 3% discount.  Not much I’ll grant you, but every dollar helps.

This set has also been listed as one of the hottest toys for Christmas for 2010 so it’s likely to sell out early, make sure if it’s only your Christmas gift wish list to get it early.

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zoey24 profile image

zoey24 5 years ago from South England

Great Hub, my little boy loves Lego City he has the fire station one but i think he would enjoy this one too, thanks for the info :)

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