Labeled Diagram of a Castle

Here below we have some fantastic diagrams of various castle's throughout history. Now, obviously, since there is no one single caste design, we have labeled diagrams for all sorts of variations. Feel free to comment on whether this page is complete enough. It's a bit blurry in the References, so here is what they say:

1. Barbacan (also said as Barbican) 2. The Ditch or Meat  3. Wall of the outer Ballium 4. Outer Ballium  5. Artificial Mount  6. Wall of the Inner Ballium   7. Inner Ballium 8. Keep or Dungeon

Castle Diagram A
Castle Diagram A
Castle Diagram B
Castle Diagram B
Castle Diagram C
Castle Diagram C

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hon 8 years ago


yoyo@! 8 years ago

thanks so helpful

TONY 8 years ago

wish u had more!!

K8 7 years ago

Thanx for the info!

Very helpful.

It has helped with my work!

guurl 7 years ago

sorta helpful, need one with a front view

:( History h/w 7 years ago

hey thnx it helped with my h/w

megan 7 years ago

it helped me wif my homework!!!!


Tiah 7 years ago

Thank u very much it help me wif my homework n i really need it so thank u very much!!!

Everyone is lame 7 years ago

Yeah this really helped me with my hmwk now il get an a!!! im so happy if i hadn't found this i woldve got a b and who knows how much i wouldve cried about that!! NERDS RULE

Livvy 7 years ago

Wow, thanks guys his really did help me with my home - work! Its brilliant!

Thanks again

kari  7 years ago

that was sooooo helpful I wish I could kiss who eva made it

7 years ago


zigster 7 years ago

this helped me with my Social studies hw...thanks!

hi 7 years ago

needs more labeled objects for what i needed but it was still good.

the cheeze kid 7 years ago

it helped a bit but still needed other info... other that that Great

7 years ago


amy 7 years ago

thanks. this helped alot i had the best castle in my class!

George 7 years ago

Thank-you very much that has helped alot! I have left my project a bit late, ive had it 3 months and i now have less than 10 days to go until it is due in! thank-you again

madz 7 years ago

great job

needs more detail - i need to know where the armory and stuff would be.....

thanks alot

Abby 7 years ago

This is so stupid i can't fet help with my home work

anon 7 years ago

this a piece of shit u should get better stuff

Jonathan 7 years ago

Really helped my project

Dr. Octogonapus 7 years ago

DR>OCTOGONAPUS!!! BAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! That means good work

Alyssa P 7 years ago

It needs more lables it didn't realy help at all

But it was good

Alyssa P 7 years ago

It needs more lables it didn't realy help at all

But it was good

hhhrrr 7 years ago

I hope it will help me with the history homework

lyssa 7 years ago

i needed a motte 'n' bailey castle....;(

this sucks 7 years ago

This was not helpful i needed merlons..

Dixie Normous 7 years ago

Thank you soooooo much!

Helped me out on my homework! :D

BIG RY 7 years ago

VERY HELPFUL THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :P

big mike 7 years ago

i love the old day moats and the alligators frolliking in the waters with not a care in the world. god i wish i was a middle age king

the motel 7 years ago


hare dog 7 years ago

alligators are the shit

indianajack 7 years ago

i need to no what the up and down bits are on the towers ok the up and down thing may sound wrong but you no its not that

talhia 7 years ago

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry help full


TALHIA 7 years ago


Me!!!!!1 7 years ago

Thanx! This helps with my project a little!

me 7 years ago

great thanx 4 helping me wif my castles homework

unknown 7 years ago

I hate you

ujh 7 years ago


unknown 7 years ago

Not helpful at all

rootor 7 years ago

this is very handy

Roster 7 years ago

I am doing medevil scotland at school and it healps!!!Thanks for the website!!!

heyyxx 7 years ago

thnx 4 the info, my history h/w will go easily!!!!

julia 7 years ago


a person 6 years ago

Iam learning about stone catles in history which is boaring

the mad hatter 6 years ago

that is considered good?! what r u people on about?! this is SHITE!u sad people, u tink this is good?! U HAVE NO LIVES GO GET A MATE INSTEAD OF SPENDING UR LIFE ON A COMPUTER!

don't judge me.

people 6 years ago

shut up "mad hatter" this website is the shizz!

u say don't spend ur life on a computer and yet its obivous u do!


the mad hatter 6 years ago


two words


i say wat i want!

the mad hater 6 years ago

just shut up!!

THE mad hatter 6 years ago



bobby butt 6 years ago

Thnx fr the info. It helped me on my projct

hello kitty  6 years ago

it helped me with the history homework but teacher didn't say anything ...... lol .. anyway ,such a shame i spent hours drawing that

somebody you don't know 6 years ago

eh...i've seen better

abby Judd 6 years ago

this is an awsome tool for my project in school..8)

jose  6 years ago

it awesome i needed help on social studies... thanks

kate 6 years ago

i think this is dum and not very helpful! xE

banaananana 6 years ago

they were all good but i wanted a motte and bailey

notupher 6 years ago

i didnt find diz helpful :L

king of the flying monkeys 6 years ago


me and my flying monkey army like this!

tis awesome!

we like this and justin bieber!


bob 6 years ago

this is the worst website ever and is so useless to humans so who ever invented this take this shit of the internet

kittygurl;p 6 years ago

this was such great help thnks ... uhh im bord in skool

sweet dude  6 years ago

i thought you needed more info i DID NOT LIKE IT!

emily 6 years ago


why should i care 6 years ago

i wish people would stop hating on this website

its cool

don't tell me it didn't help even a tiny bit?

Kassandra K 6 years ago

I thought you needed more accurate pictures of medieval casltes and with alot more labels

hhhrrr 6 years ago

it took me ages to copy out this diagram neatly with a ruler. By the time i finished i couldn't play with my mate.I just wanted to impress my teacher ,and guess what she said..... nothing ....all that hard work!!!!

hi dudes 6 years ago

ya i know what you mean . but let me tell you a little story about something i am really angry with. do you just hate it when you make friends with a really nice friend but later on she becomes so bitchy because she thinks she should be late for class , wear a lot of make up and in the future have a lot of boys dancing aound her ,and even getting drunk ?She became friends with another stupid girl and they wore loads of make up and they had lots of people to talk to . and i am all alone . who knows what i should do to make new friends ?

rubicans 6 years ago

gr8 castles

bahaaaaaaaaaaaa 6 years ago

hey... i no whot you mean hi dudes, well i don't relly no but i hate her too your not alone... neither am i im sitting her with my buds chalie and cat luv em!!!! :) this is a crap site! got to go period ended!!!!!! xxxxxxx

sarahrocks!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

sweet this will help A LOT


jot 6 years ago


rhianna 6 years ago

i like the second one the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sir faggalot 6 years ago


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Unknown 6 years ago

its decent

alligator 6 years ago

it needs things like the murder holes and crenellations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


alligator 6 years ago

this site is awsome with the post thingy!!!!!!

lavender 6 years ago

its a bit unclear so i cant really read it

Dadddaadddaada 6 years ago

ummm, Ive seen better.

Laura 6 years ago

Ich heisse laura golfplatz:)

du heisst Name ist?

india 6 years ago

very helpful for homework thank you!!!!!

koco 6 years ago

thankz help me with the homework

h/w 6 years ago

that helped me a lot i had to built a castle

freak 6 years ago

lol so cool cod black ops is better

Muneei 6 years ago

never helped crap

g2g 6 years ago

it was a bit helpful but i really didn't get much out of it

HARKUMAL 6 years ago


Kily 6 years ago

sooonot hellpful

:( u could do better

roxylover98 6 years ago

this did not help me at all with my project. you should make the castle and then lable it cause this did not help me. and it loks like it did not help very many people.

123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789 10! 6 years ago

there is no real need to say not helpful, you could just look somewhere else, don't make this guy/gal feel bad, and this will help on my castle diagram fr HW :]

Alyssa R. S. 6 years ago

This Thing is crappy! @sshole!

6 years ago

did not help!!!

johnsa 6 years ago

it wood be better if u had more

billy 6 years ago

it helped me kill someone

hannah 6 years ago

not really helpful i need more lables.if i turned this in i would fail>very strict teacher.

paul 6 years ago

It should show whatever is in and is happening around the castle

fred mcburger 6 years ago

good website

greg mcburger 6 years ago


tred mcburger 6 years ago

fred mcburger 6 years ago

people r stealing my name

greg mcburger 6 years ago

that's right deal with it

fred mcburger 6 years ago

sad face

hanq 5 years ago

why cant the picture be easy to draw!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hanq 5 years ago

why cant the picture be easy to draw!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

franc 5 years ago

it did not help me with my social studies :(


miley cyrus 5 years ago

if any one thinks that this is not the real miley cyrus then you should call 1800-kidshelpphone

Big Mac  5 years ago

where could i find a good labled caslte picture for a diagram of a castle project!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! THIS IS NOT HELPING ME IN MY STUDIES D:


okay so i have this project for this really nice teacher but i mean get better pictures that help me with this becuse i have to draw and lable this thing and this helps like a little but not that much that my project is completed o well nice try with this though i give you lota of promps and i don't mean to a jerk but i am only telling you the truth okay dude or dudet hahahahaha still working on this project thoough wise me luck

teacher at university 5 years ago

call me (433)-659-9258 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS but other then that visit my website

Josh Nelson 5 years ago

these are the worst pictures....get better pictures could i need some for my hw!!!!!!!!>:(

silver 5 years ago

haha thanks ;)

SAd III 5 years ago

u r welcome

Caliban 5 years ago

need a front view for my history homework:/

Mr Macaroni 5 years ago

and also of the windsor castle

castle stuff 5 years ago

this is soooooooooo not helpful im leaving:P P.Snice try bud:]

me the awsome person 5 years ago

this was helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school 5 years ago

this is very useful and and amazing. It is the most neatest pictures I ever seen!this is very useful and and amazing. It is the most neatest pictures I ever seen!

ME THE GREAT 5 years ago

this is the best pictures i ever seen! you have to post this all over the internet!

bootycaca 5 years ago

this was pretty useful thnx

katy 5 years ago

what is wrong with you all

hello 5 years ago

the whole idea of submitting a comment in this site is ment to be about the castle guys, not what happened in you life! ya get me, its really important that you get me,

purplebubbles!!! 5 years ago

ummm i guess this helped me somewhat with my projectbut i need more lables :( poo wht evs i hav enough

aston 5 years ago


Santana 5 years ago

i wish you would have told what each part of the cast;e was meant to do and what it was for...

mezzi 5 years ago

really helped with my home work

Alex 5 years ago

Thanks it helped with my research!

help 5 years ago

what about mott and baily or stone keep need quick please help!!!

history homework 5 years ago

i have to make a castle of these for home work and i need to put on keep, motte, baily, turret ,gatehouse to help me know where they are!!!!! other than that its pretty good =)

BTB 5 years ago

This helped a lot with my homework.

jenny 5 years ago

needs more labelled parts but it still helped

madhatterman 5 years ago


madhatterman 5 years ago

Im sorry but some of these comments arent very appropriate for a school website but I have to agree that this is slightly useful but barley anyone needs this type of castle and you would do much better with some other types of castles as well as just the one. Thanks for your time and good luck.

shamso 5 years ago

thank u very helpful

Bob 5 years ago

Thanks helped a lot

the mad hatter 23 5 years ago

thanks for the help i have this castle project that's do friday

emsluvspink 5 years ago

horrible you only pit the obvious stuff plz improve it not good for hw

hannah 4 years ago

ii need more labels

hghhhhhhhh 4 years ago


savannah 4 years ago

It was useful, but it needs more labels! Thank you for understanding.

Lolipoprandom109 4 years ago

It helped me a bit on my castles project but not alot i(it needs more info on it)

I am annoyed now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

girlyperformer 4 years ago

Thanks it helped so much on my castle project. My best friend/partner found this while I was out of class. She is awesome

thoseoldbones 4 years ago

thanks this is great :-)

winner winner chicken dinner 4 years ago

very naice

me 4 years ago

it helped alot

ijy 4 years ago

thanks very much i really apreciate it thankyou again byee

Rihab 4 years ago

Llllllllllove it!

Rihab 4 years ago


mary 4 years ago

how to kids learn from this

suiscidal dick 4 years ago


... 4 years ago

What a load of rubbish! Not helpful at all and it doesnt have one of a square keep castle! Pathetic!

me is the best 4 years ago

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG this has like totally helped me on my history homework thanks guys who drew, made e.t.c theses diagrams you have saved me from detention.I OWE YOU ONE

teacher................................................................................forever...........................................NOT........................................i am a llama 4 years ago

absolute-bloody-rubbish how is this going to help me with my bloody homework it needs LOADS more diagrams, labels e.t.c. i think the person who did this website escaped from a lunatic assylum.

IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR AN ADULT.................................................................... or maybe you are a baby in disguise...................................................................................................

girl 4 years ago

didn't help at all i still don't know what the pointy bits on top of a castle wall is called ahaha?:(

771 4 years ago

where is the actual castle? im not bothered about the inner bailey or whatever, WHERE IS THE CASTLE!!!!!!

yo 4 years ago

Hi! I'm doing this 4 a project and can't get a decent diagram 4 a stone keep anyway! I just need a plain front view. Does any1 no a site?

no name 4 years ago

thank u this helps with my homework alot cheers!!!:0

ola k ase 3 years ago

esto no vaaa

lara 3 years ago

this isn't just a 'castle' you can get so many other types so that's wrong lol this is a concentric castle meaning its different to the others, where you can get square keep, shell keep, motte and bailey ect.

Can't touch dis 3 years ago

Oh yeah dis goin help me in tag

1234 2 years ago

it helped me with my hw

OMG! 2 years ago

this sucks don't understand all the diagram labels and I need more info.

bob 2 years ago

Didn't help

!! 16 months ago

what kinda castle is it?!!! u r NOT HELPING!!

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