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VTech Laptops

When looking at kid's laptops, you should always consider them all, as each will have something a little different than the last. But, when looking through the different children's laptops, I've found that the VTech brand has come out on top.

VTech is the company that produces the V.Smile educational video games, but what many people don't realize is that they VTech, also, produces some of the top child laptops.

V.Smile Touch Tablet

Okay, this child's laptop is probably the best one you can get. It's meant for kids 8 years and older.

The laptop is meant to resemble a real laptop. Instead of an attachable mouse, the mouse is built in to the laptop, like today's Dell laptops.

There are over 100 different activities that will help your child with math, science, geography, history, English, and other subjects that are all aged appropriate.

There's even an advanced memory in the laptop to hold your child's progress.

In addition to the activities, the laptop includes a word processor, calculator, and a personal organizer with an address book.

VTech Double Vision Notebook

This laptop runs on 1 CR2032 and 4 "AA" batteries, but the 4 bonus game cartridges make the Double Vision Laptop one of the best child's laptops.

With this laptop, your child can create presentations with color pictures, text, and music, and then view them on the TV, which makes this laptop one of the best in current technology.

The Double Vision Notebook plays Express Media Player music audio, which only makes this child's laptop so much more fun for kids.

This child's laptop allows your child to play activities that will only improve his skills. Your child will play fun activities that will help teach math, science, language, and logic skills.

VTech Nitro Notebook

This VTech child's notebook has a real QWERTY keyboard and mouse, just like your Dell or Apple laptop. This kid's laptop was created to resemble a real laptop whilc your child is engaged in playing the education games and activities.

There are over 50 different activities that support multiple subjects. There are even special cartridges for bonus activities.

The Nitro laptop can hook up to your television for viewing the activities on a larger screen.

The laptop tracks your child's performance so that he can adjust the skill level as needed.

The laptop runs on 3 "AA" batteries.

VTech Genius Notebook

Although, this laptop doesn't quite compare to the others in looks (it doesn't have the same appeal as a real laptop), it's still one of the best. The laptop's touch- pad mouse and the keyboard is about the only thing that resembles a real laptop.

The laptop includes a real mouse and an animated LCD screen that will engage your child.

The laptop includes over 30 different activities that will help teach your child letters, vocabulary, phonics, math, and other subjects that are vital to a child's education.

It's been proven that children learn best by repetition, and this laptop has repetitive animations. Your child can repeat the activities as he needs to, as well.

This VTech laptop is certainly engaging and helpful when your child needs a little extra practice in his subjects.

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katia 6 years ago

yes!!!!!!!!! something i really need for my daughter, but every where was to expensive for my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUAN 6 years ago


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

The EEE PC is not really a laptop for kids from what I understand. I'm going for more durable and kid-friendly.

nicko guzman profile image

nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

You should try an EEE PC.It only cost me 350 online.

beeadvised profile image

beeadvised 8 years ago

Hey, nice hub! Great array of kiddie laptops to choose from. Thanks for the Infos!

itcoll profile image

itcoll 8 years ago

laptops have gone much cheaper now.these are definitely good times for kids.I live in india and started to use pc only in my college !

darkside profile image

darkside 8 years ago from Australia

Excellent hub!

raguett profile image

raguett 8 years ago

Vtech makes some great products..thanks for the info

johnr54 profile image

johnr54 8 years ago from Texas

It's tough to find a laptop that's tough enough for kids. I don't usually buy extended warranties on electronics, but for my college kids I've bought one every time and I have always gotten my money back. They are just brutal on them.

These look like they are built to take at least some abuse.

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