League of Legends Top 10 Reasons People Lose Games

After playing League of Legends for more than 3 years now I would say that I have a really good grasp on the game and what causes players to lose and why people lose games. There are many things that can happen to make you lose a League game and this guide is to help you avoid this mistakes and hopefully help your team to.

1) Losing Lane

This is obvious and it is pretty self explanatory If you lose lane you are gonna have a bad time. This is because you are already setting your team back and you are basically just making it hard for you team to win. This is why it is important to always try to win lane and if you find yourself always losing a certain lane try and switch to something else or find what you are doing wrong so you can improve.

  • If you are trying to win the game you have to make sure that you are doing your part and carrying your own weight. You do this by gaining the advantage in lane. It is true, we all can't win lane all the time but if the key is to not feed even when you are behind. This is done by playing safe and not going aggressive.

2) Playing Champions They Never Play

This is a huge one and I see people do it all the time. If you are not good with a certain champion don't play it. Some people think that even though they have bad stats with a champ they are still good with them, which may be true, but stats rarely lie unless you are playing on a different account. So here is the deal. If you want to win games play champions and roles you are good at. Simple as that. If you are afraid you can get it explain it NICELY to your team that it is your best role and that you would have a better chance of winning if you got it.

  • Champions take a while to learn and get a good feel for. This is why it is important to practice champion and look up guides before you decide to play them. Stick to champions with your highest win rates and most games played and you will win a lot more games.

3) Raging at the Team

Raging is almost never a good idea and it can make you lose games really easily. When you rage, people stop trying and people rage back and everyone just plays worse. If you are a rager like me just type whatever you want to say and delete it before you hit enter. This allows you to blow off some steam and not actually rage at your team. Leave raging to the other team and always ignore ragers on your team.

  • Never rage at your team and if you have a rager on your team just ignore them. Negative attitude just brings everyone down and lowers the potential of everyone on your team. It is just a game and people are bond to make mistakes. Focus only on your play.

4) Giving up

Seems like so many people do this and it is really stupid. There will be one kill at 6 minutes and someone will say "GG." This is the stupidest thing you can ever do if you are trying to win games. Not only does it demoralize you it demoralizes your team and makes people angry. Just remember all the games you came back from when you were behind and remember that it is not over until the fat lady sings.

  • There is always a chance to win the game. Surrendering just denies you the option of a come back and give the other team a free win.

5) Having Thin Skin

This goes for all the players that someone says they made a mistake so they decide to throw the game to show someone a lesson. This game isn't supposed to be your parent and it is not your job to teach anybody about anything, especially life lessons. League of Legends ranked games are not for the faint of heart and you need to have a thick skin if you want to progress.

  • In the internet there are swarms of trolls. There is no getting around this so it is on you to react appropriately. It is those that rise above the negativity and rage that truly become great players.

6) Not Communicating

Communication is a lot more important than people think and if you don't respond to people when they ask where wards are does he have flash then you are crippling you chances of winning. If you want to win do anything in your power to make sure you help your team and communicate.

  • League of Legends is a team game and you need to communicate with your team if you want to increase your chances of winning. There is a reason there is a report option for not communicating with team.

7) Bad Map Awareness

This goes a lot for people in low elo and having bad map awareness can easily cause you to lose a game. If you don't know where the enemy is don't be ballsy and try to steal buffs or split push, because chances are you will die and you will lose objectives for it.

  • Getting caught will lose you a lot of games. Be smart and know where the enemy is or stay with your team. If you find yourself getting caught a lot you might want to try support roles that rely on staying with your team.

8) Not Warding

Doesn't matter what role you are, buy wards. Wards can set up kills and prevent deaths which is clutch if you want to win games. Don't be the guy who goes back and "doesn't have money for wards." Be prepared and know how much gold you need and always place wards.

  • Once you get to a high level of play you will always need wards. At lower levels you might get away with it but it wont be for long. Get into the habit now and you will you become a better player.

9) Chasing

Here's the deal. You can chase sometimes and knowing when to chase comes with common sense and practice, but the general rule of thumb is to not chase if you're not sure what to do. Chasing can lead into bad team fights and put your team behind.

  • Do not dive towers. They do an insane amount of damage and no matter how strong you think you are you will most likely die.
  • Know your limits. Know if you will be able to get the kill and if you will die going for it. It is never worth it to die for a kill.

10) Not Going for Objectives

As hard as it may be to admit or accept, League of Legends is an objective games and although kills are important they aren't as important as objectives. Kills are there to get a lead and take objectives. Make sure when you have an advantage you use and take objectives.

  • Objectives are the way to end games. Sometimes teams will have a huge advantage and never win because they do not use their advantage to take objectives. Kills are not the end all they are simply a means to help get objectives.

There are many mistakes that you can make to cripple you win trying to win ranked games but just use your head and always think. There is a lot of strategy that goes into play League and you have to watch what you do and be on your a game.

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Qrton 3 years ago

u forgot ELO HELL!!

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

Elo hell does not really exist. If you are a skilled player your rank will eventually balance out.

Michael 3 years ago

"Don't tower dive" unless you're riven or tryndamere*

kesuaus 3 years ago

I do not do any of thesse seriously and im in Bronze 3 right now . My friends that ask ME for advices are in Silver 2/1 Just because of the first 10 matches in which they were luckier . I have done solo queue with few of them and they are horrible none of them buys wards and they are constantly doing the mistakes that are listed here . I did not said to them that they are horrible . I always try to not rage and acctualy calm down my team . I always try to lead them to the Victory but most of the players are just too ignorant . My avarage KDA is 7/4,5/10,5 and my main role is MID theirs avarage KDA is 5/7/6 So ... yea this system of placament matches is just SILLY everyone should start in Bronze and get his way UP ! That would acctualy solve the probem that in Gold divisions there are players that deserve to be in Bronze V just because they had luck , got carried . Everyone start in Bronze V with 0Lp .

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

I know what you mean. When you are at lower levels it is important that you do things to capitalize on the enemy team making the mistakes you just listed. It is just averages. If you keep playing your best you will win games and will go up. It's a fact.

I would avoid playing supports and maybe stick to a solo lane or bottom that you can dominate. People feed but you just have to be the most fed and carry.

nigger 3 years ago

you forgot the main reason: your team consisting of people who do all the above.

Trap Masters 3 years ago

I know this may sound dumb, but i just started playing LoL about less than a month ago, and I'm currently level 12 (I don't think this is a really high level for intense pro plays yet) but every game I go into without teaming up with my friends, my win rate seems to drop almost 90%, so far, I've only won twice without the help of my friends, and I've played at least 14 games without my friends, so I'm just wondering, why am I losing so bad that my whole team rages at me for feeding, because I think I'm doing my best already, and also, is this supposed to happen or am I just that bad at LoL because technically, everybody should be on the same level as I am in LoL, right, so I'm not sure how this is happening?

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

When you are just starting out the game losing is just part of the game. Nobody just starts out playing League of Legends and being extremely good at it. I was the same way when I started playing and I would lose games all the time. Fortunately my friends were good enough to carry me but they did not want to play with me a lot of the time because I sucked. I started winning games and making progress when I began playing champions and sticking to them. Eventually I got good enough with them to play them well and win games. If you really want to make progress and win games go for objectives. In lower games people tend not to defend them as much and you can win a lot of games with it.

Trap Masters 3 years ago

passthejelly Thank you for the reply, I usually am the one person on my team that try to defend turrets but I got to ward more to defend dragons and such, and learn when to ward. Thank you, I searched up objectives and I understand that objectives also include dragons, so now, I'm going to try to ward those and either defend them or go for them :D

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

When you are just learning the game it is harder to take objectives and the games are a lot more messy. Just focus on limiting your mistakes and you will win games. The best players tend to be the ones that have very very few mistakes and good mechanics.

ggfsd 3 years ago

once me amd my friends played custom vs people we know little,and we lost terible ,it felt horybly,we were demolished. despitewe warded ,comunicated ,did not rage ,did not chase,no skins :D,we had map awarenes,nice team comp.but 3 of them were legendary,and oop i know why,they were plat and diamond with 2000-3000 games and we were bronze they fucked us hardckore never ginaa play dat shity game necer!!

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 3 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

gotta start somewhere

Omar 2 years ago

i really like what you said and that's 100% right but i just hate trollers specially at ranked , I've played 7 games lost 5 won 2 .... 3 lose because of only trollers with horrible scores like 2-19-2 and 0-11-4 and some other bad scores and that's made me hate ranked and afraid to play more...

Omar 2 years ago

and there's trollers and not skilled players ,unskilled no problem with me but trolling is my main problem at ranked ... like my first ranked match i played with varus in my team he died 4 times before minions spawn then he went AFK and that's because wukong insulted him for taking ignite and didn't take barrier :-@

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 2 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

You just have to play as much as you can and eventually it will balance out and get better. The better you are, the more games you will win and the less you will have to deal with trolls. There are trolls in every rank but a little less if you get in to high diamond. Trolling happens a lot, the best thing you can do is to not let if get to you and just try and have fun and learn as much as you can.

Omar 2 years ago

Ty for replying.

and yes there's nothing we can do with troll and as you said just do the best you can and have fun :) .. and even i lost my first 5 ranked matches i could win the rest because i duo some with friends and now im silver,so trollers not every game ot was just a bad luck for me to play my first ranked matches with trollers.

thanks again for your advises worked with me...

sent this link for most of my friends

Kurado 2 years ago

The most underestimated reason: Not pushing the minion waves enough.

I find myself very often with teams that even though they won the laning phase just cannot seem to get objectives. Their thought process is we have a gold lead so we need to group and force a fight. This may seem right but every time they win a fight they can't take objectives out of it because the minion waves are not shoved far enough towards the opponents turrets.

Demo 2 years ago

Im trying to give myself a better way of getting pass losing. i guess you could say that i am thin skinned. its hard for me to let things go and i tend to slip into a type of tilt quite easily. i get stressed even before the match starts in ranked because i don't believe in my skill. i would also say that i don't really stick to champions. i get bored of the champions quite easily and i just don't feel confident playing most of them. advice for me to break this personality?

passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 2 years ago from Lakewood Colorado Author

I would say that you really have to look at why you are getting so upset when you play the game and try to assess the root of the problem. When you are playing stressed, it leads to a lot more rage and a lot more mistakes. Try just messing around in some normal games and trying to have fun for a while. There isn't really a super quick fix and it can be really hard to break, but it is vital if you want to improve and get better.

Mahesh 2 years ago

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