Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 4 Arbiters Grounds and Mirror Chamber

Once you are back at the spirit's place all heck breaks loose. Zant shows up, steals the Fused Shadow and puts some sick thing in your brain. You turn into a wolf again, and Midna, who is terribly wounded, teleports you away.

Finding Zelda, again

Now you need to find out where the Princess is. Head to Hyrule castle, and go to Telma's bar. If you try to enter, they'll kick you out. Telma's cat will show you another way in, but you'll have to push a box up to the wall in order to get up to it.

Cross a few tightrope lines and you'll end up at Jovani's place. He will also introduce you to the concept of Poe's souls, which are found in the ghosts that you can only see with your wolf senses. He will also open up a path to the sewers. Open the sewer door with the hanging lever (Z + A target), and defeat the spider. Then grab a nearby stick, light one end with nearby flame, and burn the web at the entrance. Then grab a stick, light the other torches, so you can eventually light your stick and burn another web later. Eventually, you'll get to a point where you dig, and you are in the sewer again.

You have been in this place before, so you will need to go up the big spiral staircase. Cross many lines and go to the top. Exit through a door and you'll be on the rooftop once again. The only difficult point is the wind, which can blow you away. At one point, you have to jump on a banner that is flying in the wind and use it as a ramp. Keep going until you reach the rooftop and Zelda is where she was the first time when you saw her. Once you get to Zelda, Midna will be okay after Zelda sacrifices herself.

To the Sacred Grove

Warp to N. Faron Woods, and head like you are going to the first dungeon. You'll save a monkey from these scarecrow things, then find the place where Midna will have you jump and jump until you reach this one section. Cross the windbridges and avoid the swinging logs on the tightropes. There is a Howling Rock that you should take advantage of, memorize place for later.

Enter the cave, and you'll find another place to howl at. From here you will meet a little imp who summons scarecrows to defeat you. The only way to stop him is to follow him and attack him until he stops. For his henchmen the energy or spinning attacks is very effective. Eventually, he will go to this one area that's enclosed and will constantly pop in and out. If you keep attacking him before he teleports away, he will quit.

Go to the place marked with a triangle and howl. From here, it is a puzzle to get the Guards to the proper place. The easiest way to do it is by going Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, and Up. Go get the Master Sword, and then you'll get the power to turn into a wolf whenever you want!

The Fourth Secret Move and your New Quest

Go back to Castle Town and learn the next secret move, which is a Helm-Splitter. At that point, you'll get a letter from Telma asking you to come to her bar. She will introduce you to three friends, who all have interesting things to say. What is important, though, is a map. If you consult it, it will show you where Auru is.

Teleport yourself to Lake Hylia and follow the bullseye, where you will find a large tower. On your way to the tower, find the other Howling Rock and learn the location for the next secret move. Note that location and remember to visit it at a later time. Auru is right on top of the tower large, and you must climb to the top to get his help. He will give you a memo, which you must give to Fyer at the multi-colored, who will then blast you to where you need to go.

You might want to make a stock up on supplies first, wherever you want to shop. Since you can transform into a wolf whenever you wish, you can therefore teleport to any place with a portal.

When you go to the Gerudo desert, head for the large building. You'll see two wooden log towers. With the Hawkeye and arrows, you can take out the guards easily. Then you can steal a boar and ram through the wooden gates using the A button.

The Fifth Special Move and the Road to the Dungeon

Go then to the place where the golden wolf will show you the next Special Move. It is the Mortal Draw. I don't think I ever used this, but if I had mastered it, it probably would have come in handy.

As you go in, you will have to take out many guards who dwell on top of towers. If you do not take them out, more guards will be summoned. It may be necessary to remove the Hawkeye, as it is harder to focus quickly to make a shot. At one point, you will see a roast boar, and if you kill both guards near it, a silver key is revealed. Hack the boar with the sword, and you'll get a Piece of Heart.

As for the key, it opens a gate nearby. When you get in, a big guy will want to fight you. Hack him with the sword, and he goes down pretty easily. When he loses, he sets fire to the place. Get on the boar and ride through the gate you came in on. Hit A to charge, and you'll go through several gates to get to the Dungeon entrance to Arbiter's Grounds.

Arbiter's Grounds

For this first room, you will need the clawshot. Target the clawshot target on the wall. You can Z target the monsters that hang in the sand, who will get in your way. Keep in mind that the sand will take you under if you stay in it too long. Head over to the northwest corner of the room, and you'll see a chain. You can bring it closer to you using the clawshot, and then you can grab it and pull without sinking in the sand. When the gates before the door opens, go down the hall to your right.

Sword-swipe the boarded up door and go to the chest to get the key. Beetles will come and attack you, when you try to cross the sand. They don't ever hurt you, but they do slow you down. Wait until you get to the other side before doing a spin attack to get rid of them all. You may want to fill your lantern at the cauldron full of free oil before opening the locked door to the next room.

In this next room, it is dark, and you'll need your lamp. Go to the locked exit, and light the pillars on both sides. The door will open, but you might want to go back to the previous room and get more free oil. You'll need it for later.

Collecting Poe's Ghosts

The next room is full of Poe's ghosts that I'd like to call the collection room. You'll need to take out a few of them before you open the big door. Remember that you have to be a wolf, and senses on to see and kill them. Z + A attacks work best. After you kill the first one in the room, sniff the scent and track the next one. The trail will lead to a sand pit. Dig in the sand hole and you'll find a chain with a handle. Grab the handle and tug. A new passage will be revealed. Before you leave, you should get some free goodies. On the Northwest side, there is a Piece of Heart. On the Northeast side, there is a Dungeon Map.

Go down the stairs, and you'll see a room with a lever thing in the middle. Push on the lever thing, and the room will spin. Kill the Zombie guard and get the small key from the chest. Go back to the room, then go to the hole in the ceiling and look up. Target the claw shot target up there, and fly up to the next floor. Turn back into wolf and take door to the North.

Here you will find a dead end room, and the Poe's ghost will be there. Take it out. What you have to do is wait right before it attacks, then Z and A attack it. When he's dead, leave the room, then drop down through that hole in the room. Go back to the ghost collection room, and you'll see something surprising.

Follow a new scent that will lead you due west from the ghost collection room. Follow the stepping stones to your right and watch out for the spikes that come up. Now, there is a cage-like cube in the room. Turn to human and grab it, then move the cage cube to a gap to its right. Don't worry, you'll see it, and it will fit like it was made for it. Now, if you climb up and stand on the cube, you'll see a handlebar with chain. Grab it and pull, and the chandelier will rise. When you get it all the way out, release and run underneath the chandelier before it falls. Go until you climb up the stairs. In one corner will be a chest with the Dungeon Compass. Spin the lever thing in the center of the room, and you'll find a chest with a small key. Use the key to open the door to the next room.

This room has lots of midget skeletons and two large ones, which need to be cleared out of the way. If you follow the scent, they will end at a sand hole. Dig out the section and pull on the chain. A wall will slide away, and you can defeat the next Poe's ghost like you did before.

Look on your map, and keep following the pathway you're on until you get to the ghost collection room. You will have to pass through a room that has lots of rats that can only be seen with senses power. These spiritual rats can jump and cling to you, so spin attack to get rid of them all. There is a chest in that room with a key, so grab the key and leave the room.

You are now on the second floor of the ghost collection room. Jump the chandelier to open the door on the other side. From here, turn and walk down to the cage cube and push it until it thumps into place. You may want to kill the sandworms before this next move, because they have a way of trying to hurt you. Like last time, drag the chain to raise the chandelier. This time, let it drop and stand in the center of it as it comes down. The path has an obvious place you can wait in. Then head due east to the next room.

The next room has a zombie who won't stay down. What you need to do is kill him using the Shield and Helmspilter move, then put a bomb on him. If you're low on bombs, there are two chests in the room that contain bombs.

The next room has five torches to light. One is up front, with four in front of a statue. Use your senses to see what path the Poes' Ghost has taken. Light the torch up front, then the next one. Lighting the torches wrongly results in lots of mini-skeletons attacking. The correct order will open a wall to the west, and you should leave through the door.

Eventually, you'll get to a room where four Poe's ghosts attack. What you can do is wait for them to stop swarming. Then they will attack. Before they do, turn on your B-energy, and release. Midna and the wolf will do the rest, and the last Poe's ghost will be killed. Leave to the north.

This next room you've been at before, and you should use the clawshot target to the west. Drop down and head into the ghost collection room. The last ghost slain will open the main big door. You will then be in a giant circular room with a gear wheel in the middle of the floor.

Go due west from there, and you'll see a room on a screw lever thing. Grab and spin the room so the floor goes up until you get to a room with a key in its chest. You won't be able to get at it straight, but there is a passage that goes around to the other side. After getting the key, spin the room down and open the locked door on the bottom.

This next room is tricky, and you should do it all as a wolf. What you need to do is go over to the Southwest corner and drag a chain to open the door. Then you will have to get around it without getting hit by the spikes. There are phantom rats in the room, so use your senses at all times until you are rid of it.

This next room requires you to walk down a hall, avoiding the sides with its spinning spiky balls. As you wade through the sand, the beetles will attack you. Wait until you are on a rocky surface before spinning attacking to get rid of them all. Soon you will reach a doorway leading north.

Immediately, when you get to this room, the beetles attack you. Let them all get on and spin attack. Now, this room has a spiky thing that goes around and round. To the West is a closed gate. To the north, you must go and defeat three zombies, blowing them up with bombs after they get killed. The gates will open, so head west. Jump on the stepping stones going north. Making sure you are on solid ground as the beetles will gang on you. Jump across the gulf and open the door to face the mini-boss.

Mini-boss Madness

The mini-boss is pretty hard. In order to get to him, you have to cut a rope that holds a sword. The sword will then float in the air as a big blade with no holder. Turn into a wolf, and you'll see it. Then after it swipes down with its blade, Z and A attack. From there, the ram-headed opponent will be seen floating about. Turn into a human and you can shoot him down with an arrow, at which point he'll zoom around the room before landing a good slice. Take him down with the sword. If he flies around the room again, hit him with the arrow again. If he turns invisible again, turn to a wolf and attack again. Repeat until vanquished.

Walk into the next area and claim the spinner. This will come in handy, believe me. Try use it in the mini-boss room until you get the hang of it. You'll need it to leave due east after you get out of the mini-boss room. The important thing to learn is using the B key to shoot off, and go to a different set of spinner tracks.

This next room is difficult to describe. What you have to do is keep going up. When you reach a room with a zombie and a chest in it, you're on the right track. Blow up the zombie and take the Piece of Heart. Now, find a way to cross over to the southeast side of the room. Keep going up until you get to a place with two more zombies and a chest. Go up a ramp and use the spinner to jump across the spiky balls that go back and forth.

Enter the room, and get the boss key, then ride the tracks out of the room to a room you've been to before. In the center of this room, there is a gear-shaped thing. Stand on it and activate the spinner, and hit B repeatedly. This will spin the room around, and reveal a big room.

In this big room, you need to get on the spinner track and release with B at the right time to land on the raised platform in the center of the room. I usually do it after the first break in the stairs. Get on the gear shaped thing and spin about again and again. A long slide will unscrew itself from below, which you can ride to the top. The boss is beyond that door.

Defeating the Boss: Twilit Fossil Stallord

The Stallord will rise, but he's easy to beat at this point. What you have to do is use your spinner around the edges. You'll need to avoid the spiky things in your way, but that's simple enough. Launch off toward the Stallord's spine, and hit B before you hit it. This will knock it down a notch, literally. You will have to hit him three times before the first stage is over. Watch out for the walking dead soldiers he summons, but they are more than just nuisances as they get in your way as you try and hit the spine.

After he's gone, go to the center of the room and spin on the gear thingy. The head will then come back to life, unfortunately. What you need to do is activate the spinner and go on the right fast-moving track. The head will eventually come into view, and spit fire at you, but you have to dodge it at the last minute. You have to do this about three times, switching sides until it faces you directly, and launch yourself at it. The head will fall to the ground, temporarily helpless. Once it is there, hit is with your sword using Z A attacks. It will get back up, so you will have to repeat this process. It will get harder to stop as spiky balls will try to stop you. Stay on the fast-track as much as you can, and then you will vanquish him.

Once he is gone, go to the Mirror Chamber. There will be some shadow beings to take care of, but you've done that before. The important thing is to get on our spinner and ride the statue up to the top, where you can spin until the mirror, unfortunately broken is revealed.

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Wolfkin 9 years ago

Not quite a comment but i think you need more details i'm trying it and alwas not finding a poe theres a wall blocking my way and no button there were rats and some sand I see the poe smell goes through a wall...

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Wofkin, I realize I may not have been particular, but usually if the scent dead-ends into a wall, try digging in front of it. Since ghosts can walk through walls, it doesn't stop them. However, it can stop you.

Zelda 9 years ago

i cant beat it argggggh can u help me please (oranges21@gmail.com)

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Easy, Zelda. I sent and invite to chat via Gmail. I'll keep it open for you in the next week everytime I'm on line.

Matthew 9 years ago

I can't find all 60 ghost poes please help Matthew

Matthew 9 years ago

I can't find all 60 ghost poes please help Matthew

Matthew 9 years ago

I can't find all 60 ghost poes please help you won't beieve I have 59 I tried looking in all 7 provinces over 2 weekes worth of looking digging and effort Ihave 19 hearts and this is very very hard

Matthew 9 years ago

I can't find all 60 ghost poes please help you won't beieve I have 59 I tried looking in all 7 provinces over 2 weekes worth of looking digging and effort Ihave 19 hearts and this is very very hard

matt 9 years ago

I need help getting the fourth boss key were you get the spinner Ya that place i need to find the key. Please help Me

jeromy 9 years ago

im stuck where you have to get the key in the tempole once you get all the monkeys please help

link 9 years ago

wot do u do after the mirror chamber

Thunder L. 9 years ago

The spelling was very nice, you made it so we could understand it well.

+A! thanks alot for the guild =)

water dragon 9 years ago

hey I cant get the boss key in 4th temple GOT the spinner already but i dount how jump with it,here my email moises016@hotmail.com

MiniZelda 9 years ago

I can't find all the Ghosts, I need 8 more, but don't know where to find them. Could you give me a hint? Thanks.

Zelda Brooks 8 years ago

Please help me im stuck finding fused light shadows in Kakoriko Villiage! help please!

Zelda Brooks 8 years ago

Please help me im stuck finding fused light shadows in Kakoriko Villiage! help please! my email adress is tomboybrooks@gmail.com

luke 8 years ago

What do u do after the mirror chamber?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Luke 8 years ago

Luke O'Shea is the coolest person in the world, yes.

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 8 years ago Author

Go to Part 5 of my guide. Here's the URL: http://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Legend_of_Zelda_...

Luke 8 years ago

Is this wat u do after the mirror chamber?

Luke 8 years ago

I mean, after mirror chamber do what part 5 of ur guide says?

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 8 years ago Author

If you mean that you conquered the dungeon in the Mirror Chamber, start on my guide part 5, yes. You need to find the three parts of the mirror. I believe parts 5, 6, and 7 of the guide will help you.

garland  8 years ago

where do you get the 4th poe gohst in that prison in the deasert

cool 8 years ago

im about to beat the game~.^=(

Katie  8 years ago

Hey Mark,

Your Hubs are awsome they are the best on the Zelda games!

devonta 8 years ago

i can't find the 4th gost in the arbiter's grond

john 8 years ago

how do you find the three pieces of glass from the desert area?

Master Sword 7 years ago

Hey Mark, i have noticed some of your comments are like 2 years old but i just would like to say that without this i would never have gotten as far as i am now. thanks!

link 7 years ago

ay i cant find all the ghosts in the arbiters temple i need the last 2 plz help

Angelo Dagostino 7 years ago

im stuck in arbiters ground i think is a glitch because i already passed the game like twice and that never happened the problem is that when i beat the first stage of the boss then i go up and try to spin on the center it wont let me the spinner will just go straight instaed of staying there and spinning on the center can you help. (SORRY IF MY COMMENT IS TO LONG)

csnipes 7 years ago

I have already spun the room with my spinner in the dessert mission. Problem is I did not get the boss key before I did it. I can see the chest from the main room but cannot get there because of the whirlpool of sand. How can I get back to the area to come into the room with the boss key from the other side when the door to get there is covered up when I spun the walls in the main area... HELP!! I don't wanna start over LOL

noah 7 years ago

how do i get more oil ?

Sorusch 7 years ago

I cant do the arbiters grounds its so hard and im only 8 years old

Toon Link 6 years ago

I need help on how to get all 60 poes i looked everywhere and look at the places that have the poes but i can't find any more

Brad 6 years ago

My game has a glitch... I got all the poes but when i go into that room with the sand were you have too pull the cain to open the timed door link walks really slowly like he has the iron boots on! I checked I didn't have the boots on and I was on solid ground!

brandon maurer 6 years ago


dillonhartle 6 years ago

I have the same problem as csnipes. I have the spinner, and I forgot to get the boss key BUT I already spun the large room. I can see the chest, but i cannot get to it because the whirlpool of sand is blocking me from it. Any ideas? If you figure out how to help me, I will be ridiculously happy. E-mail the solution to me at dillonhartle@googlemail.com.

Nick 6 years ago

Im having the same prob as Brad... Its like having the iron boots on and i cant get in the door fast enough :(

holly 6 years ago

ive got 2 ghosts in the desert and where can i find the last two?

Zelda~ 6 years ago

ack!! same thing as csnipes....how you get the boss key????? >

BROOKE 6 years ago

this game is so so so so so so so so so so so and i can go on about the so's hard right now im on part five

link99 6 years ago

i cant find the last ghost still i really wont 2 get it but i can only find the 3 1s ie already killed>:O please help me out on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

link 99 6 years ago

i really need 2 that that last ghost !!!!!!!!! ive searched every where! i can only find the 1s ive killed already!!!!!!!! where is that last ghost so i can get threw the door in the desert tomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IVE BEEN ON THAT lvl for about 1 year now!!!!!!!!!!!!

link99 6 years ago

where is the sand thingy where i dig???:( imgetting tired of looking :( :p help me OUT! please ANSWER ME!!!!!!

jojo 5 years ago

same as csnipes! how do i get the key??? somebody help! send solution to jwalker.ulcs@gmail.com

gwyn 5 years ago

zelda is the awesomest game since Mario

Gabriel stephen 4 years ago

I can't beat the part where midina says "There are two mirror shards left There should be one hidden in an ancient wood and another somewhere in the ski.

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