Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 9 Many Mini games

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is filled with tons of mini-games that are not necessary to beat the game, but they can be a lot of fun. It is important to note that you should play these before beating the dungeon of Hyrule castle. The game will end after that dungeon, but you still can go back and beat the mini games from there.

Bug Collection

As you go on your quests, you will find glowing spots on walls, celings, and floors. The game will give you an "A" prompt to pick up these bugs, and you can see the ones you have by hitting the "+" key to access your bug collection. If you go to Castle Town, you'll meet someone named Agatha who is really into collecting bugs. She has a shop in town where she collects them all.

Your mission is to bring her all 24 bug specimens, and she will give you a wallet holding 1,000 Rupees. For each bug you bring, you will receive 50 Rupees. If you match that bug with its different gender and complete a pair, you will receive 100 Rupees. For the first Golden bug you bring, you will be awarded a wallet with 600 Rupees.

These bugs can be hard to find, so I have compiled them. Some of them will be at places hard to reach, but if you target them with your clawshot or boomerang, they will come to you. You have to wait for the A prompt to catch it, though. Just to let you know, you will not be able to complete the Bug Collection until you go to the Temple of Time.

Female Ant - In Kakariko village, there is a house in the west side of town that is essentially abandoned. The bug is on the floor.

Male Ant - There is a tree at the graveyard of Kakarkiko village. It is located near the secret passage to the Zora Queen's grave. The bug is there, just watch out for attacking crows.

Female Mantis - Above Lake Hylia is that huge bridge, and on the south end is a rocky overpass. On the southern end of this overhand is this bug, hanging on the wall.

Male Mantis - This one is located on the northern side of the aforementioned Lake Hylia bridge, and you might have to wait for it. Trust me, it is there.

Female Butterfly - On the eastern entrance to Castle town, go east to find a high ledge. The clawshot will get you up to this ledge, where you can grab it.

Male Butterfly - Also located in the eastern entrance, you'll find pink flowers to the south and east. The bug likes to hang out there.

Female Plasmid - Go to the Bridge of Eldin on the North side, and find a high cliff located north of there. Use the clawshot to get to a ledge, and then use the clawshot to get the bug in sight.

Male Plasmid - Now go to the south of the Bridge of Eldin and check the left pillar. This one may be a little hard to find.

Female Dayfly - Go into Gerudo Desert, where the one owl statue was found. Go north from there, and the second trench you see will have this insect.

Male Dayfly - This bug prefers to fly around the sound central area of the Gerudo desert. This bug is hard to get, because these sandworms have a habit of attacking you. Wait for the "A" prompt, and you'll be able to grab it right away.

Female Stag Beetle - In Hyule Field of the Lanayru province, you'll see a river that flows from Zora's domain to the north. Head northwest, and the path leading to the mountains will split off, so head right. There is a boulder in a wall, and the bug should be there.

Male Stag Beetle - At the river that flows from the Zora's, go east here. There is a tree that has this bug.

Female Ladybug - On the southern entrance of Castle town, there is a courtyard. On the east side, there are three tress with the ladybug on one of them.

Male Ladybug - While you're in the field south of Castle town, there is a large obstruction on the west side. The ladybug is hanging on this.

Female Grasshopper - North of Kakariko village is a field. In the northeast area, the insect should be found.

Male Grasshopper - This one is located in the south central area of the same field.

Female Beetle - At Hyrule field, in the Faron province, there is a ledge due west. You'll see the bug on one of the trees there.

Male Beetle - In the same field, there are two trees in the southwest region. The bug hangs out on one side.

Female Pill Bug - South of Kakariko village, in Hyrule field, there are flowers to the south. The bug is there.

Male Pill Bug - In this same area, south of the bridge over Kakariko Gorge, the bug is near the path.

Female Dragonfly - At the boat rental place at Upper Zora's River, you'll find the bug floating around there.

Male Dragonfly - On the west side of the waterfall in Zora's domain, there is an uphill path. The bug can be found there.

Female Snail - At the entrance of the Temple of Time, there is an open on the left side of the steps. The snail is on the wall.

Male Snail - There is an area where you must first push a block forward, then drop down into the cave below. The bug is on the wall, a little high up.

Jovani's Ghosts

As you might have known, there are several ghosts in the game. They can only be defeated as a wolf, and gathering 20 isn't too hard before reaching Hyrule castle. They can be found out in the open, and only at night. When you defeat 20, you'll get a bottle with Fairy Tears. You'll then be asked to search for 60, which I'm told gives you the opportunity to receive infinite Rupees.

Malo Mart/Magic Armor

You will note that in Castle Town a high well-to-do store is offering several items at exorbitant prices. You will see a Magic Armor for sale for 1,000,000 Rupees. There is no way you can afford that. However, you can reduce the price.

Malo is a greedy kid, but he does want to offer goods at low prices. After a while, a Goron will stand outside his shop and talk about a Malo-mart. Go inside Malo's shop, and there will be a man who is accepting donations. Give him money until he reaches 1,000 Rupees and he'll ask for 2,000 more. You can reduce this price.

Go outside to that one Goron, and he'll ask you to take some hot springwater to a certain man. Immediately, you will be placed outside the village in a field. What you must do is rush that springwater to the Goron who waits at the western entrance of Castle Town. This can be difficult, because you only have a certain amount of time, and monsters will try to stop you. You can do a direct run, but do not fight the monsters. If one hits you, then the springwater will bust, and you'll need to go back to the Goron and start over. When you see the Goron at the West gate, throw the springwater on him. He will now begin a springwater business, and he'll give you a Piece of Heart.

In the town, go to his shop located in the South side of town. Buy some springwater, and continue to head south until you see a Goron trying to tunnel his way somewhere else. Give him the hot spring water, and he'll make a new path.

Now, go back to Malo Mart, and you'll only have to give the Goron inside 200 Rupees. The next time you go to Malo Mart, you can buy that Magic armor for less than 600 Rupees.


There are several places in Zelda that are dungeon like, but are not necessary to beat the game. My advice: fill up on bombs, arrows, healing potions, and whatever it takes to stay alive through them.

At Eldin bridge, and if you clawshot target the vines, there is an entrance. From there, you have to work your way down. What you need to do is jump off edges, turn on your iron boots, magnetize yourself to the wall, and drop down. You will eventually find yourself at the bottom of it all, getting a Piece of Heart.

Near Hylia lake, close to the large tower, there is a huge boulder. If you blow it up, it will lead to a dungeon. You will need a lot of bombs to get to the end, and then you'll find a Piece of Heart.

Cave of Ordeals. When you complete the Eldin Bridge, there will be a hole in Gerudo Desert where the section once was. Go down the hole, and you'll work your way down from monster to more difficult monster. Soon, you'll see a fairy, and the deeper you go, the more fairies she promises to release in certain areas. It gets pretty difficult, though.

Weapon Upgrades

Arrows: If you go to castle town, there is a "Star Game" that you can play that requires the clawshot to beat. You have to pick up every star, and when you win, your quiver will be upgraded to 60 arrows. If you play the game again, you will need the double-clawshot. You will gain a quiver that has 100 arrows.

Bombs: At Upper Zora River, there is a game you can play on a canoe where you clear away some debris. You will then get a bomb upgrade. Later on, you can play this game again, to get a second upgrade. You can also go to the Throneroom (this is after you drop the hot lava rock in it) and you can get a second bomb bag. You'll need a water bomb, aqua armor, and iron boots. Sink down to the large rock at the bottom, and set a bomb there before the big black rock. This sets free a Goron, who gives you the bag.

Fishing Game

To be honest, I never took the time to finish that. I know where there is a worm (it's behind a sign). I have no idea how to do go on this little mini-game, and don't really care. Maybe I'll write another entry on it.

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pleblo 9 years ago

hey when u say the game ends can u do the mini games after u finish

Mark Rollins profile image

Mark Rollins 9 years ago Author

Yes, you can play the mini games after the game is done, but it will begin at whatever point you saved before you beat the game. Usually it is in front of the Castle.

pleblo 9 years ago


ppow 9 years ago

is the bug collection really important?

ppow 9 years ago

is the bug collection really important?

Barry 9 years ago

Hey, how do I get back into the Temple of Time if I have left it. I need to get the last bug! I totally missed it. Is there anyway to get back in there besides starting the game over??

Aaron 9 years ago


Just go back to the door for the Temple of Time and go in. The snail is in the front room behind the statue. Use Midna to warp into the Sacred Grove to get there quicker.

Barry 9 years ago

Ohh, I thought the temple of time disappears and you have to insert the master sword to get back in. It won't let me reenter the master sword though. So the actual temple is gone or seems that way. I'll try it again and look behind the statue. Thanks.

Zander 9 years ago

This is really cool, I'm kind of angry though because I can't do any of this stuff anymore because when I was almost done with the game my younger brother wanted a file (he watches me play all the time). He watched me save it to the bottom file so much that when he saved it he saved to that file by accident and I had to start the whole game over!

tannen 9 years ago

i have reached the end of the game and going back to collect the bugs but cannot re-enter the temple of time to retrieve the female snail, it's frustrating, can i re-enter the temple this far past???????????????? please......

Nikki 8 years ago

where's the shop with the magic armor...i've looked every where in castle town, am i looking in the wrong place?

Nikki 8 years ago

lol, now i know, soz, i'll read the whole thing next time b4 i post a comment :P thanks this really helps

jeff 8 years ago

where is the malo mart in castle town

jess 8 years ago


malo mart isn't in castle town...its in Kakariko village. its the shop with pictures of malo on it, near the lake where the light spirit is.

jess 8 years ago

oh...sorry jeff...ignore what i said...when i posted that i hadn't got malo mart in castle town. sorry. the malo mart in castle is near the fountain in the centre of the town, on the SW

Kitty 7 years ago

Could you please add a mini game walk through of the Cat Chat thing? I've found all the cats, EXCEPT for the one thats the "twentith cat". It's on the house with nothing but the table, no stairs, two windows. I can't for the life of me figure it out.

Cory 7 years ago


You have to go up behind the house next to the last cat and break the window, then jump in right next to the cat. Took me a couple minutes to figure it out.

profile image

linniepoo54 7 years ago

i cannot warp my bridge out of the desert. what do i do now? i saw the black creepy guys across the broken bridge but how do i kill them now so that i get a warp point so i can warp the bridge so i can get to the hidden village. please help.... i don't know why i can't warp it.....

Sean 7 years ago

Has anyone figured out if there is any way to get back inside sacred grove to get the female bug? i havent beat the game or anything, in fact i just got to the desert part of the game, just wanted to get this done now. does zelda go back to that point later in the game? just trying to figure out if ill get another chance to retrieve the female snail.

gmpoint 7 years ago

nice,i was plying zelda since it looked like a small bug walking in grass.

gmpoint 7 years ago

nice,i was plying zelda since it looked like a small bug walking in grass.

haiden 7 years ago

does anyone know the locaton of all twenty cats in forgotten village?

chuchu rare 7 years ago

have anyone noticed the triforce on one of the bugs?

chuchu rare 7 years ago

kitty- you can get the last cat if you go to the upper floor of the house and go into a small path and jump through the window and the cat should stand there

sty 7 years ago

FOr ur fshing mini game you have to help the girl in upper zora's river with bombs ans arrows then you can fish in the fishing environnement near that. A girl will take you by boat. However it is not the same way we usually fish and I didn't really like that,

Zelda fan 7 years ago

Is there some type of cheat to beat the last level of roalgoal

ddes 7 years ago


Josh 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to get the last damn cat on the pedastal in hidden village? There is no way to get up there!

frost 6 years ago

Josh. Go outside behind the building where a cat was and break the window. jump through it and youll be standing right beside the last cat.

For those of you that wonder if bug collecting helps, after turning in one bug (agitha's castle in castletown) she upgrades your wallet to hold 600. collecting all bugs upgrades wallet to 2000.

Frosty freezy freeze 6 years ago

What are the after game minigames like lure fishing and how

do you complete it? And ddes don't spam.

Freida 6 years ago

The wallet gets upgraded to a maximum of 1000 not 2000.

Fa113n5tar 5 years ago

Sean, you haven't reached the temple of time yet, and the storyline brings you back to the sacred grove for that, so it isn't a problem if you can't get back in now. Just stick to the storyline and find the snail when you get to that part.

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