Lego Batman Strategy Guide 28: Flight of the Bat

Nothing to do in this first area but shoot to get points. You will notice a building in the far back corner that requires shooting several times. You will find some bat-missiles, and you can take three of them with you.

Go to the right and use the bat-missile on a missile launcher near a billboard. That gun will destroy the billboard, and you can proceed to the next area. This is one of six launchers you have to destroy in order to get a canister.

From here, there are two more launchers to destroy, which will open up a swinging bomb. Don’t get that yet, but go and shoot down the top of another nearby building which will open up some bat missiles. Use the bat missiles on the next gun, and it will destroy a train and open up another area.

Don’t forget to travel along the train bridge and pick up the First Canister.

Keep going and missile the two launchers on the building and you will get the Second Canister.

The Third Canister is located right near that one building that I just mentioned.

Go back and have the Robin copter pick up a bomb, and then go all the way to the right to have that bomb swing into a silver box. The O from Hotel will drop, and the Fourth Canister will be yours.

Have Robin go back and pick up another bomb, and destroy the flaming tanker thing that is hanging between two buildings. You will then have access to the next area.

In this area, blast as much as you can. Robin can use his copter to latch onto a bomb, and use it on a nearby silver box. Batman will now have missiles again. His first target should be a place toward the entrance, at a weak section of pipe. It will be highlighted, and once destroyed, will give the Fifth Canister.

You should also take the time to use the bombs to destroy what looks to be three silver valve caps. Just to let you know, targeting that center one is a real pain. You will now have the Sixth Canister.

In the lower left corner, there is something that the Robin Copter can snag. It is a barrel that can be moved onto a conveyor. Once moved, it will follow a path to a nearby red button, where the dragging bombs are. Go ahead and move the barrel to the button, and there will be a great explosion, as well as the Seventh Canister.

The only thing left to do is use the bat missiles on the gate all the way to the right, and you will be cleared for the next area.

Go ahead and go south and shoot up any and all things on the buildings. You will eventually find the Eighth Canister in the midst of some barrels.

The key to stopping Scarecrow is have Robin latch onto him with his ropes. You have to hit him a few times before that can occur. Then switch to Batman and take Scarecrow out with a Missile. Repeat this again, and then again, and the two villains will be gone.

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Icy @ batman net 8 years ago

I don't work for batman idk why im doing this name but anyway thx for help!

jem 8 years ago

Brilliant! my son was stuck on flight of the bat and i just couldn't work it out many thanks! :-)

robin 8 years ago

thanx soo much my son was stuck thanx

d.u.d.e 8 years ago

thanks 4 that

d.u.d.e 8 years ago

thanks 4 that

hanny 8 years ago

How do I get robin missles?

dan 8 years ago

brilliant no more moaning 8 year old!! many thanks

Mom of 4 8 years ago

Thanks so much! My girls couldn't figure out the flaming tanker part and didn't know what to do next. With their Dad gone for the weekend he couldn't help and I have no clue what to do next. Many thanks!!

mom of 2 7 years ago

how can Robin latch the missles? My son and i have been trying this for HOURS now! thanks for the help!

HJH 7 years ago

My buddy and I would have died before we figured that out


austin 7 years ago

you are the man or woman either way you are the man

Brummie James 7 years ago

Haha cheers dude, was stuck on this level for ages! Didn't realise I needed to use the Robin Copter to carry a mine *which I didn't know existed* over to the shiny box below the sign on the building!

A****** guide!


Beryl 7 years ago

Is there only 8 minikits then?

K-LEB 7 years ago

THANKS A lot i was on Flight Of The Bat for like 30 minutes so i got on the internet and i found this, it was the only walkthrough :P. It helped a lot thanks.

arod701 7 years ago

thanks a lot so easy and understandable

Katie 6 years ago

where are the last two!! :(

S.k.u.l.l.y 6 years ago

This part had me in a circle bug I got it thanks this website

batman help 6 years ago

if your wondering where the mines/bombs are for the batcopter, the are in the area just before you get the 4th canister and by 2 anti air missiles (you have to blow up the object for the mines). Also they are next to what looks like 2 cranes that are slanted

Ninghtwin 6 years ago

Thank you a lot this guide helped but you missed two minikits 9 and 10 r what ever they are spouse to be this rocks. :-] thank you.

Matt 6 years ago

Nice one, just helped out to 30 somethings :-p

luke 6 years ago

thanks a lot

Alice 6 years ago

wow thanks but how do u kill him any whay thankx

enrique, 36 6 years ago

thanks! my "son and/or daughter" was stuck forever on this part. yeah! that's the ticket!

john and allison 5 years ago

thanks so much we were stuck on this part for SOOOOO LONG and were in college! what a mind f*^#

cameron 5 years ago

that is esey i been stuck on it for 5 months

john 5 years ago

thanks for the help.

BURGERBOI94 4 years ago

how do you get the robin copter and have no idea how to unlock/get it and do not have it on my vehicles list, is there a code to unlock it or something?

Cindy 16 months ago

This list was SO helpful! I couldn't find the canister listed here as #7. If anyone is looking for the other 2 canisters, they are in the last area. You must use an aircraft that can go through the poisonous goo cloud. Shoot everything up and you will get one of them. Shoot 3 gargoyles to get the other -- I switched to batwing after clearing the poison cloud. Hope that helps someone.

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