Lego Minifigures Series 12 - Release Date, Codes & Movie Characters

Today we are looking at the long awaited Lego Minifigures Series 12. We will have a look at the new Series 12 characters, the release date for the Lego Minifigures and also exactly what to expect from this next range of minifigures. We will also take a look at bump and dot codes which may help you identify which characters are contained in the famous mystery bags. If you collect Lego Minifigures then this page will tell you everything you need to know about Series 12.

Lego Minifigures have been going for some years now, we are all the way up to Series 12. Each collection features 16 characters all with a unique twist. Over the years we have seen some brilliant figures such as the Zombie, Santa, Cyborg, Dinosaur Suit Guy, Statue of Liberty and Medusa. There are always some surprises with each new set. Just as the popularity seemed to be dropping Lego brought out Series 10 and the infamous Mr Gold which gave the profile of the minifigures a massive boost and suddenly record sales were reported. Mr Gold figures are still very much in demand and they sell for a tidy sum over on eBay. So what do Lego Minifigures Series 12 have in store for us? Well we can tell you there is going to be something a little bit special about them. So let’s have a look.

Series 12 Is Here

The Series 12 New Characters

So the big news is that the minifigures coming out with Series 12 are going to be based on the Lego Movie which of course hit’s the big screen in February. The movie is going to be massive and there is so much hype surrounding it. Lego are releasing various new sets to coincide with the release of the film and so it seems like good sense to also base a line of minifigures on the movie. So what are the sixteen figures?

Well the characters from the movie that are appearing in Series 12 are Emmit, Abraham Lincoln, Calamity Drone, Larry the Barista, Marsha the Mermaid, Gail, President Business, Panda Suit Guy, Scratchen Post, Taco Tuesday Guy, Bad Cop, Where Are My Pants Guy, Shakespeare, Wiley Fusebot, Wyldstyle and Velma Staplebot. As the movie is not yet out we don't know how all of these feature, but there look to be some very exciting figures. Some of the highlights have to be Panda Suit Guy with his cute little baby panda and of course Abraham Lincoln. We also love the expression on the face of President Business and of course everyone will want to get their hands on Emmit who is the star of the new Lego movie.

One thing that will be of interest is whether or not Lego will try for a special figure like they did with the Mr Gold character. They may do something similar to try to boost sales or they may simply use the fact the Lego Movie is coming out and try and encourage sales this way. It is obviously in the company’s best interests to keep the line fresh and exciting and this boost sales and keep people interested.

Panda Suit Guy Figure

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Lego Minifigures Release Date, Bump & Dot Codes

So what can we tell you with regard to the release date for Lego Minifigures Series 12? Well this is going to be early in January. This follows the pattern that we see each year with the release date, a new series always comes out at the start of the year. If the release date alters in any way we will let you know. Chances are though these will start showing up online a few weeks before the release date, so they could be a very much desired Christmas present for some children.

On of the exciting things with the Lego Minifigures are the mystery bags. When you buy the mystery bags you of course have no idea which figure is contained inside. The mystery bags are a dark blue and so are the checklists that come with them. So one way that people try to work out what figure is hidden inside is by using bump or dot codes. These are small marks that can be found on the bottom panel of the packets. These can be very tricky to read but they can be used to identify the figure contained within. Each figure has a unique code and if you know the codes you can work out what’s inside. However this method is very tough to use and mistakes can often be made. Back in the early days you could actually read the barcodes and this told you the identity of the figure, but this was soon stopped by Lego as it was far to easy to work out which figures were inside the mystery bags.

In many cases a more reliable method is the simple feel technique. Have a look at the list of characters and work out what are the things you are likely to feel in the bag. For instance will you be able to feel Abraham Lincoln’s beard or Taco guys hat? Some of the easier ones to identify are probably Panda Suit Guy, feel for his large head and The Mermaid, feel for her tail. If you can picture exactly what you are looking for it makes it easier to work out what is inside. This technique does take a little bit of practice however as it can be tricky to work out some of the figures.

When the new Lego Minifigures Series 12 gets it’s release date it is going to be very exciting. Basing the new range on the Lego Movie is a great idea and no doubt it will increase the popularity of the toys. With the movie hitting the big screen in February Lego have no doubt timed it perfectly and so chances are Series 12 will be one of the most popular releases to date. All we can do now is sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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Comments 20 comments

Mike McGuire 3 years ago

NOOOOO! Please! Say it isn't so! This was a dumb idea by Lego. I am so disappointed. I had high hopes.

Series 12 is going be epic. I saw the list. 3 years ago

I'm super exited for this series! When I see them out in stores them in stores I'll pick up the Kitten suit Girl and the Mouse Suit Guy

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

Do You think they should make a Lego Abraham Lincoln? Like they Did with Mr. Gold and George Washington from Series 10.

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I Think Series 12 sounds epic. Who ever came up with the collectible minifigures ... Thumbs Up to You! Lego is awesome

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

Maybe They'll make minifigs based on THE LEGO MOVIE. It'll be like GB olymipics guys ... and Girls

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

What's your favorite Collectible Minifigure of all time? Mine's are the ones wearing the costumes. Like the Gorilla, Lizard, Bunny, Santa, Chicken, Tiki , Kitten, and Mouse Suit

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I just got THE Gingerbread Man and Tiki Warrior

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I think series 6 is the coolest. I'm trying to collect all the collectible minifigs except series 1, and 4.

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I hope series 12 isn't based on the Lego Movie. I have most of the guys. Plus... there is more than 16 minifigs. So there is probably Going to be a Series 13 on the movie. I do love the movie. I remember... they have 17 Lego Movie sets. It probably be like Great Britain minifigs ... but not a Series

MikeMcGuire 3 years ago

Awesome! Glad you like it!

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

Thanks! Here are my thoughts on the series:

1. Army Soldier ( Army Gun)

2. Opera Singer ( Micriphone )

3. Evil Warrior ( double sided face & Sword)

4.Panda Suit Girl ( with Little Panda Toy)

5.Indian Hunter (Long Sword)

6.Mrs. Claus ( Nice & Naughty List)

7.Doctor ( Health List)

8.Jack Frost ( Coffee Mug)

9.Good Pirate ( Sword)

10.Toy Soldier ( Teddy Bear)

11.Germean Boxer ( Boxing Gloves attached to hands)

12.Checkout Worker

13.Kitten Suit Girl

14.Mouse Suit Guy ( Miniture Mouse)

15.Purple Mermaid ( Clam Shell)

16.Sprinter ( Sprint Bar)

MikeMcGuire 3 years ago

They all sound cool! I like your Thoughts. I'm guessing you love LEGO!

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

Your Correct! I'm a major fan of Lego

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I think they should do a themed series for Thanksgiving, and like Christmas

MikeMcGuire 3 years ago

Awesome Bro, I like your Thinking!!

Tyler101 3 years ago

Here are my thoughts:


2.Snowman ( carrot)

3.Grom ( Wedding Gown & Flowers)

4.Spanish Indian

5.Troll ( Club)

6.Abraham Lincoln

7.German Scribe ( German Scrolls )

8.Mr.Platnuim ( Potion Bottle)

9.Evil Elf ( Laser Gun)

10.Monster ( Double Sided Face)

11.Donut Suit Man ( Lego Donut Piece)


13.Evil Wizard ( Force Lightning)

14.Basketball Player ( Lego Basketball Piece)

15.Gamer ( Lego DS Piece)

16.Archer Hunter ( Boww'in Arrow & Quivarr)

MikeMcGuire 3 years ago

Awesome! Hope they air both of them!

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

I Love Collecting these Minifigs. But they should call' em Mystery Figs.

My Goal is to collect all of the series. Series 1-12. And as they keep coming out. I hope they start it at series 1 again in 30 years. People who didn't have a chance then can do it in the future

CreeperBoy3 3 years ago

It's Kind of silly for them to make series 12 based on the movie, because they have sets. But... It's a cheaper way if people just want to get the minifigs. I've Changed my mind to get the series 12. I'll find a fun way to use them.

Gavin 3 years ago

Any bump codes for these yet? I picked up 8 packets at TRU yesterday and ended up with 3 dupes.

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