Lego Minifigures Series 8 - The New Characters

In September 2012 Lego Minifigures Series 8 are released. As the date nears speculation about what the new characters will be is rife. So today we are going to give you as many details we can about the forthcoming minifigures and then give you a few ideas of what characters we might get in series 8.

As you can see from our little video, we have already seen some fantastic characters released. With the imminent release of series 7 we are all set for some great new figures from Lego. Although we only gave you a small taste of the characters in our video, Lego have brought out a real wide range of minifigures and there have even been a few unexpected ones in there. But it’s series 8 we are really interested in today.

New Series 8 Characters

Ideas For Lego Minifigures Series 8

So now all the sixteen new minifigures have been announced and as you can see we also have a picture up of them. People are now talking about a series 9 and Lego have confirmed this will be coming out in the future. If you look around online you will see various rumours floating around as to what new figures we are going to be getting are. As well as the new figures we also know that the new bags will be black and as always they will not be see-through so you won't know what figure you are buying.

So here is the list of new figures for series 8. Santa his red suit on and a sack, a vampire bat, an ancient Thespis holding a skull, a skier, a new red cheerleader with pompoms, an evil female alien, an evil robot with a ray gun, a diver with a harpoon, a football player, a pirate captain, DJ, cowgirl with a lasso, trader carrying a briefcase and newspaper, boy in a Bavarian outfit, a conquistador and a fairy with little wings. These new figures look like a decent mix of some very good new ones and some that are a little bit to similar to older ones that we have already seen before.

LOTR Minifigures

More Lego Minifigures

Lego minifigures have of course been going for many decades. It is only in recent years that the company decided to make them a little bit more collectable by bringing out actual series’ of the figures. Some people don’t stop simply at collecting the minifigure series’ we are seeing they also look to collect figures from various Lego sets. With Lego having so many different franchises all running at once there are literally hundreds of figures you can now collect. These range from Star Wars figures to Pirates of the Caribbean. You can also get characters from Harry Potter, Batman, Superman and lots more wonderful Lego sets.

Later in the year Lego are bringing out Lord Of The Rings Lego sets and this will give us even more minifigures to collect. In the coming years we are no doubt going to see various new toys with lots of different minifigures. It is unclear if we will see more official minifigures, there has of yet been no mention of a series 9, but due to the success of the previous series’ there seems to be no reason why Lego would not keep these toys running.

So although we don’t know what to expect yet from series 8 it certainly is fun to speculate. If you have your own ideas as to what we might be getting feel free to post at the bottom of this page. Or if you have an official source as to what we are going to see then again please let us know. For now though all we can do is wait and see what new surprises Lego has in store for us.

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Ryan Sheehy 4 years ago

Golfer ( with a gulf club ). Evil marshen ( with a ray gun and helmet). Scarecrow ( with a hat hay ). DJ ( with a reord player ). Munk ( with a sword ). Wizard ( with a wond ). Cowgirl ( with a wipe and a gun ) Angle ( with wings and a bow). Devil ( with a red cape and pitchfork ). Announcer ( with a microphone) Teacher ( with a pencil and clipboard). Agent ( with x ray goggles and a tazer ). Director ( with a camra). Football player ( with a football,helmet,and pades ). Pizza delivery guy ( with a pizza box ). Hunter ( with a sniper ). Vet. (with a needle and a dog). Hobo ( with a spare change mug and a homeless sighn. Crossing guard. ( with a stop sighn ). Musician ( with a saxophone ). Marching band guy ( with a drum and drum sticks. Super hero ( with a cape ). Parachuter (with a back pack ). B.C warrior (with a spear and a sheld). Explorer ( with a magnafing glass and a map). Manacan ( with a prise sighn ). Rober (with a mask and a pistoll) Bar tender (with a mug). Gardener ( with flowers and a plant waterar). King ( with a crown and a dimond staff). Fallout ( with a gas mask and an oxagan tank and a gas gun ). Camper ( with a backpack and a flash light )

andyoz profile image

andyoz 4 years ago from UK Author

Some good ideas there, I like the idea of a Wizard minifigure.

Olly Hodges 4 years ago

Army Man (with face paint, a machine gun and a pistol ) teenager (with a phone) kid (with a small lego figure) idiot (with a stupid face) assassin (like in assassin's creed) Guy on a toilet (with a toilet, a red face and on the back of his legs you can see his butt) and the last thing I can think of is motorbike driver (with motorbike and helmet) these are all my ideas. :)

jake 4 years ago

I agree with assassins creed figure, an ezio figure would be awesome. Also, a military figure would be cool.

#A 4 years ago

Phalanx Soldier (Large shield & long slim pike axe & Armor) - Santa (beard & hat & sack of toys) - Scuba Diver (snorkel helmet with air tank) - Navy Seal (face paint & Machine Gun) - Shipwrecked (guy in tattered clothes & nap sack) - Nurse (white and red outfit with white headdress & needle) - African Native Warrior (brown minifig & Spear & white face paint) - Ceaser (white toga with black hair with olive branch) - **Banana Suit would be awesome** - Davey Crocket (musket & raccoon hat) - The Villain from the movie 'Scream' (hooded and long 'o' face) - Secret Service Agent (sunglasses, suit, pistol

mollie22 4 years ago


Harry 4 years ago

Author (with book and pen). Baker(with big, white hat and rolling pin).

stanky nut 4 years ago

I think you should put a soldier and a character from lord of the rings

Dylan McAteer 4 years ago

zombie, postman, footballer,basketball guy, baby

jnvhjyfhdyfbhn 4 years ago

post man(with post)

milk man(with milk)

sky diver(with parachute back pack)

golfer(with golf stick)

scooter guy(with scooter)

cyclist(with bike)

granny(with nitting)

zoo keeper(with animal or somthing)

ice cream man(with ice-cream)

olimpic runner(with medal)

basketball man(with basketball)

climber(with chalk bag)

army man(with gun)


tv and movie stars

football players

photographer(with camera)

artist(with pictureframe+paint brush)

horse rider(with whip)

dentist(with dentist equipment)

docter(with docter equipment)

robin hood(with bow and arrow)

criminal(with chains)

prison gaurd

baby sitter

baby(with toys)

shop owner

vicar(with bible)

phone salesman(with phones)

auther(with book)




dj(with records)


cowgirl or boy woth lasso

angel(with wings and halo)

devil(with pitchfork)



director(with cameras)


pizza delivery guy(with pizza box with pizza inside)

announcer(with mic)

guy in wheel chair

Jojo 4 years ago

I think a guy in a bird suit. Also a man with crazy hair

Joab Harrisons Uncle 4 years ago

A set of Olimpic sports people

andyoz profile image

andyoz 4 years ago from UK Author

They have created a whole series of Olympic Sports people, they are coming out in the UK over the summer.

Noah 4 years ago

Famous people.

cody 4 years ago

Do an entire animal minifigure series!

Bill 4 years ago

I agree an entire animal minifigure series would be very popular!!

jay 4 years ago

student,god,husband,bear hunter,and a girl karate person

Lego fanboy 4 years ago

Ok, first off they made two nurses, a zookeeper,and a robin hood like character. Really you guys don't know this? Sorry but that's sad. I think a wizard would kick ass, but he needs a big hat and cape with a wand, a military person would be cool to, but I'm not huge on the face paint, I like the aingel, and the devil, but a dog suit guy would be cool too. Also how about a man whose half scorpion or spider, throw in a mayan warrior, a witch doctor, and an assassin with a sword, knife, and bow+arrows. Altair looking wold be cool. And what if there was a grim reaper? That would be way cool

simba 4 years ago

I think a baby is a good idea. Also, an Einstein with crazy hair.

My brother likes Medusa.

A teacher.

Sledder (with sled, of course)

and a mailman with mail, bag, and maybe a dog

lolololol 4 years ago

All I have to say is spelling is important, guys. And I highly doubt LEGO is going to do something as violent or dark and creepy as an assassin. You have to remember that it has to be safe for little kids.

Lego fanboy 4 years ago

Lolololol, you got some points their but they made a dark knight, a vampire, a mummy, and a zombie. And a Minotaur, witch can be scary I guess. And I can garuntee that their will be a grim reaper minifig soon, so why hate on us? I think they should have

-devil with a pitchfork and horns and cape

-angel with wings and harp

- a witch doctor with a bone staff and skull on top, mola ram like head thingy, and be all weird like

-an Aztec king with a cool sword and face paint, also a crown

- a mayan warrior with a spear and shelf, and face paint.

-a fish suit guy or banana suit guy would rock

-a good knight with all Crome armor, and full face helmet that opens and closes

-a man with something broken, maybe in a wheel chair

-grim reaper with a skull face, red eyes old chipped/dented scythe blade, and hood and cape

-a flame thrower guy, with a gas tank and mask

-a sales person with a sign and phone

-an executioner with a bearded face, red eyes, an executioner hood that goes over his face, and a long handled ax with a huge custom shipped blade that curves. Really put the exicutioner in please!

-a half man half spider with the black widow hour glass on the back and moveable legs, a spider like face with a custom gang pice that goes on his neck so his fangs are drooping down his chest, 4 red eyes and a pet spider.

-a rugged adventurer that has a cap like the musketeers but smaller and brown, and a treasure of some sort in his hand

- a catiographer with a blank map and pencil, and some glasses

-and maybe a skeleton warrior with, oh I dunno, a skeleton detail armor, avatar fire bender helmets with skull detail on it, and a bone handled sword.

-and a soldier with Vietnam stuff, like m-16, bandolier a Vietnam style helmet, like what America had on then. That would be cool.

Lego fanboy 4 years ago

Sorry the atocorrect is bad on my IPod. For the mayan, I ment shield not shelf, for the exicutioner I ment chipped not shipped for the spider man I ment fang not gang.

Tator Tot 4 years ago

I think as a new character, there should be a baby with a cloth around it's head and a rattle in its hands.

Another idea could be a goth/teenager with a magazine and cellphone.

I believe for an animal possibly a penguin.

If it is possible, another idea could be a pregnant women with enlarged stomach but I don't know what she could hold.

A wizard with the blue outfit and hat covered in stars with a white beard and blue cape with a wand would make a great addition to the set.

Another idea would be a queen with a dress and crown possibly holding flowers or a staff (I don't know if only kings hold staffs).

A basketball player with a basketball and on his head could be a sweatband with 06 on his back.

Same with the sports, there could be a football player with shoulder pads and a helmet holding a football and a water bottle.

Another idea for sports could be a golf player with a golf club, golf ball, and a visor on his head.

dan 4 years ago


Aidan 4 years ago

A townsman and a girl hobo a drunk guy a guy swimmer and so on.

Jude 4 years ago

Fishman(with fish head,beast

adam 4 years ago

Teacher (with sponge and chalk),God(with lightning),Postman (with bag and letter), Fireman (with axe and cat), Soldier(with gun and granade), Brewer (with beer), Mom (with vacuum cleaner), King (with scepter and crown), Sick guy (with thermometer and tablet), Billiard player (with stick and ball),Barman (with wine),Waiter (with tray and menu),Cook (with frying pan),

Paul Tomlinson 4 years ago

A barber could be a good one! With a top hat, mustace, a newly built comb (which I can imagine them doing.)

Medussa is an EXCELLENT idea.

Superheroe is good.


Christian 4 years ago

I'd love to see a Centaur, Shaolin monk, Good Knight, Drum player, The big bad wolf, US cavalry veteran, Tourist guide, Garbage man or a female Elf.

Sparky 4 years ago

I want a fairy. Complete with wand and wings.

lego lover 4 years ago

-ballet dancer

-female vampire



-female tattoo artist



lego lover 4 years ago

-girl zombie (this time,with hair and a brain)

-football player (football,shoulder pads,helmet)

-football coach (whistle,hat)

-guy in wolf suit (to go w/ red riding hood)

-dentist (mouth mirror,drill,toothbrush0

-golfer (golf caddy,gold club)

-wizard (beard,wand,hat)

-scarecrow (crow,hat,hay)

-sculptor (lego head sculpture,sculpting tools)

lego lover 4 years ago

For my earlier suggestions, I didn't put the items to go with the legos,so here they are:

-ballet dancer (tap shoes,ballet skirt)

-female vampire (purple bat,purple cape)

-butler (tray,wine)

-plumber (plunger,rench)

-female tattoo artist (tattoo needle,picture of tattoo)

-librarian (book)

-farmer (hay,hat,shovel or flower pot)

-teacher (chalk,clipboard)

lego lover 4 years ago

-sushi chefs (pan,sushi)



bonbon 4 years ago

I like the idea of a wizard but they should make his hat better or different to the old ones and the wand and cape should be cool

Alan 4 years ago

Cricketer, Miner, Boyscout, Pilot, Gardener, Grandmother, Hair dresser, frog suit, girl in Raincoat and umbrella, ghost, werewolf

lego lover 4 years ago

If the creators of the lego collectibles made little red riding hood, then couldn't they do other bedtime story-like legos?For example, Jack from jack and the beanstalk, or like as I mentioned earlier, a wolf, or a guy in a wolf suit.They already have a werewolf,so an actual bedtime story wolf would be perfect to go with little red riding hood.Or how about Goldie Locks?A guy in a bear suit?What about a nutcracker to go w/ the ballerina I suggested earlier?How about a troll?It would be so cool if the creators of the legos would be willing to make any of these sugestions.

Cato 4 years ago

Wizard (wand)

Teacher (Pencil and clipboard)

Referee (whistle)

Fashion Model (nothing)

Miner (shovel)

Ghost (nothing)

Scarecrow (rake)

Elf (present)

Teenager (ipod)

Dogcatcher (net)

Football Player (football)

Maid (feather duster)

Writer (book)

Director (blow horn)

Hunter (shotgun)

Secretary (clipboard)

These are my ideas. :)

Candy 4 years ago

Musicians - enough to make a Lego orchestra and Lego band. They would make terrific presents at Christmas time especially if they each had different instruments. Cello, bassoon, violin, oboe, clarinet (someone already suggested saxophone), trumpet, trombone would be awesome, tuba/euphonium, etc. I have a Lego village and would love to have an outdoor "concert" .

Carson Foster 4 years ago

A Swamp Creature with a fish.

Carson Foster 4 years ago

How about James Bond with a gun and brief case.

Bcobb 4 years ago

Lacrosse lego man, stick and helmet

awsome guy 4 years ago

yeti with snow ball

Silvinho De Rinconam 4 years ago

mongol warrior, jesus, crusader, game show host, comedian, male lifeguard( with sunglasses), beggar, safari guy, president, butler ( with cloth and sophisticated face) , chef, male singer, and egyptian warrior!

Lego boy 4 years ago

I hope it's a : zombie girl(with ripped hair )

Banshee(with flaming hair)

Super hero ( with a red cape)

Medusa ( with pet snake and snake hair)

Priest (with bible)

Demon (with horns)

Olympic champion (with gold trophy)

wade 4 years ago

1.percy jackson2.bilbo baggins3.mickey updated hippie

Me 4 years ago

Lacrosse player with gear, stick and ball

BigbadTom 4 years ago

Window cleaner!?

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