Levelling Simply In World Of Warcraft

The Basics Of Levelling in WOW

You probably have arrived at this article because you are struggling to level up at World Of Warcraft. There are plenty of guides to doing this of course, but often they are written in Warcraft jargon or don't seem to cover your specific character and skill set. This is the only article you'll find written for the true newbie, for the same reasons it is the only article which won't become out of date the second it is written since I'm covering only the fundamental aspects of the game which never change.

The basic point of World Of Warcraft is to attain the highest attainable level, this is currently 85, was 80 when the Wrath Of The Lich-King upgrade appeared, used to be 70 when the Burning Crusade was released and before that was 60.

To do this you have to kill a lot of stuff. Warcraft is really horribly and often pointlessly violent. Killing anything you are not already considerably more powerful than gives you experience points which ultimately will take your character up to the next level. You have to kill more things, and also more powerful things, with each level, it gets harder and harder.

There are three ways to get experience points:

1) Run around randomly killing anything you see.

2) Go on quests where, almost always, you have to kill stuff in order to complete some objective.There are a few quests where you don't actually have to kill anything but very, very few. (My favourite is the quest in Night Elf lands where you have to release the soul of a woman who was once the love of the elf who gives you the quest. You release her soul by, yes, you guessed it, killing her again.)

3) Participate in Player Vs Player combat. These are special battlegrounds where your faction (alliance or horde) compete against each other.

To level up as fast as possible, you need to do all three things at some point. If you aren't sure what to do then the default option is

1) Run around randomly killing things.

The beauty of warcraft is that there is virtually always something to kill wherever you are, the difficulty being in finding something which is not more powerful than you and also not so much less powerful you get no experience for killing it. Up to Level 20 the quests will actually guide you towards the areas you need to be in, but after this point you will need to ask around or read one of the more comprehensive guides to find the right areas to be in.

When killing monsters, you should always be looking to kill things one at a time unless you are certain you can handle more. Even then be careful. You almost always die in Warcraft because you bit off more than you can chew. You can usually escape fairly easily from one opponent-which brings us to another point, always make sure you have a clear escape route.

Only ever use healing potions or other valuable one-off items if it will make the difference between winning and losing or living and dieing.

Within reason your attributes should always be at max when fighting, though it can save a lot of time fighting if you know you can take a given baddie with half your hit points.

Sun Tzu's classic "The Art Of War" tells you all you need to know about fighting in Warcraft, when you are at an advantage engage the enemy, when you are not, run away and regroup.

Warriors should always attempt to get close to an enemy obviously, and magic-using characters should always attempt to keep their distance-if you end up in melee mode you've done something wrong and should probably just run.

2) Quests

Quests are usually too time-consuming to be worthwhile compared to just killing monsters. Some of the experience rewards are in fact tiny. However, there are two basic situations where quests can increase your levelling speed:

i) Where you'd be going in the direction of the quest anyway.

ii) Where the quest reward is some valuable piece of equipment or other benefit which will enable you to kill monsters faster.

3) Player vs Player Combat

Player vs player combat is tricky to maximize for experience because you really have to take each battleground and server on its merits. Generally speaking the Horde dominate PVP which is a very good reason to choose that faction. Most new players choose Alliance giving the Horde a permanent advantage. Most battlegrounds are either mostly won by the Horde or the honours are split, with few exceptions (Alterac Valley at Lvl50-61 is one BIG exception in my experience).

You can usually establish whether your faction enjoys an edge at a specific level and battleground by playing half-a-dozen games or so. More often than not what happens will be pretty representative of what will happen in the future. As a very general rule of thumb your faction needs to be winning 70% of all battles in order to improve upon the experience gain from fighting monsters and questing. If it is less than that you need to try a different battleground or a different level.

PVP combat is a very different animal from grinding monsters solo because of the importance of working together. You should never attempt to do anything alone no matter how powerful you are, always work with a minimum of one partner.

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