Levels 1-99 Runescape Farming Guide 2016

Farming Skillcape of Achievement


This guide will explain how to get from levels 1-99 Farming on Runescape. Farming is an extremely slow skill to level and costs quIte a bit. Farming requires dedication and persistence as you constantly have to monitor your farming patches and ensure plants are growing at all times to grant the highest experience rates. The Farming Skillcape is one of the most honorary capes in all of Runescape.

Getting Started

After recent updates, all players can start Farming from the get go. All tools are in your toolbelt once you become a member and you can even get to level 5 on free worlds. There are quite a few ways you could go about doing this, but the fastest way to train at the start would be to farm weeds and use compost on all of the patches available to you. You will be able to grow better things as time goes on and planting would take ages and be too much of a hassle to get a benefit from doing so this soon. Once you get around level 10 you should start planting. When you obtain at least 38 in Farming you will be able to start making roughly 150k profit per run planting limpwurt and toadflax seeds. The level gap will also start to close and more time will be required to achieve greater heights in thIs skill.


There are many tools in which you can obtain before or after you begin your quest to master the ancient art of planting crops. They will be listed below in no particular order and the requirements will be placed as a description next to the name of the items.

Magic Secateurs: This tool will allow you to receive a 10% increase in crop yields and will make your life as a farmer much easier. You can obtain these during the Fairytale Part 1 quest and keep them for as long as you desire. If you ever lose them you can always talk to the Malignius Mortifier and reclaim them for a cost of 40,000 gold coins.

Falador Shield 2: This item will grant you a 10% experience boost when harvesting from the patch above Port Sarim. The requirements to acquire this neat tool is the completion of the Falador Easy and Medium tasks. Obtaining this will allow you to speed things up a bit and won't require much maintenance once you get it.

Juju Farming Potions: Once you obtain at least 70 Farming and have 64 Herblore and 74 Hunter you can utilize the Herblore Habitat to unlock the right to produce these potions which give a 33% chance to boost your herb yields by three times. You won't get experience after the normal amount is harvested, but the profits you obtain are much greater and will offset your other costs.

Early Levels

Below is the recommended path you should follow to train Farming In the early levels.

Levels 1 - 5: Potatoes or Harvesting Weeds / Compost

Levels 5 - 7: Onion or Harvesting Weeds / Compost

Levels 7 - 12: Cabbage or Harvesting Weeds / Compost

Levels 12 - 20: Tomatoes

Levels 20 - 45: Sweetcorn


You can continue to grow allotments, although your experience will be limited. It is suggested that you plant the best herb, tree and bush patches for your level to maximize experience rates.

Below is a simplified model in which you can follow to maximize profit reduce expenses and gain the highest amount of experience possible.

Levels 38 - 73: Toadflax and Limpwurt Roots

Levels 45 - 70: Maple Trees

Levels 70 - 99: Yew Trees

Levels 73 - 99: Lantadyme's and Limpwurt Roots

Please keep in mind this path may take a bit longer than implementing the highest seeds you can plant, but you will end up profiting if you do at least 3 herb runs a day.

The Wishing Well plants aren't worth the risk so avoid those at all costs.

I hope this guide has assisted you in any way, shape or form. I will continue to create guides related to Runescape as I enjoy creating these. I hope my future guides assist you in at least the same way or better than this one.

Don't forget to leave a comment below and share this with your friends as i'm sure if it helped you it'll help them as well.

If you have any suggestions for guides you want me to write leave them in a comment below and I will get to it as soon as possible.

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Cak920 10 months ago

One thing you left out that greatly increases exp is fruit tree patches. There's is 7 of them I believe and I'm doing palms trees right now for over 10k exp each

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