Levels 1-99 Runescape Summoning Guide 2016

How to Get from Levels 1-99 Summoning on Runescape

This guide will show you strategies on how to get through levels 1-99 summoning on Runescape. Summoning is an average skill in regards to speed of leveling. It is also an expensive skill that requires some effort when collecting charms. The summoning cape is one of the most prestigious capes in all of Runescape.

Getting Started

  1. The Wolf Whistle quest is required to be able to train summoning on Runescape. The quest takes about 20 minutes to complete and is simple, yet rewarding. You can start this quest by talking to Pickupstix in south-eastTaverly. The quest provides 276 summoning experience and 275 gold charms upon completion. Level 16 summoning can be reached as a result of this quest.
  2. In order to make a pouch, the proper amount of shards, charms, and secondary ingredients must be obtained and brought to a summoning obelisk so the familiar can be created.
  3. The main summoning obelisk lies in Taverly, however, once level 57 summoning is reached. The Spirit Kyatt provides a shortcut to an alternative obelisk which provides faster pouch creation trips.

Items needed before starting summoning are teleport runes to wander Gielonor and combat gear to obtain charms through combat. In addition, roughly 10 million gold is needed per million experience so be sure to take money into considerstion before leveling.

Charm Collecting

Slayer is where most players would recommend collecting charms. Obviously, charms are collected by killing monsters and picking up the charms they leave behind. You gain combat experience as well as slayer experience if you choose to follow that method of gathering charms.

The Soul Wars Minigame is another place in which a player can collect charms. You obtain zeal as a result of winning which can be exchanged for summoning charms or combat experience.

Monsters drop different types of charms at different rates. Below are a list of the most popular monsters to collect charms:

  • Gold Charms: Catablepons, Goblins, Hellhounds and Giant Rock Crabs
  • Green Charms: Bloodvelds, Earth Warriors, Fire Giants and Scorpions
  • Crimson Charms: Waterfiends, Black Demons and Rock Lobsters
  • Blue Charms: Armored Zombies, Bork and Gargoyles

Below are the summoning familiars that you should create in order to supercharge your summoning level.

*NEW Release* - After the the introduction of Divination / Invention charms have multiple purposes. Once at a higher level it may be more worthwhile to transfuse charms of lower tiers into higher grade options. The best way to go about doing this is to kill monsters that drop multiples such as Granite Lobsters, Giant Rock Crabs or high drop-rate monsters.

Gold Charms

Here are the recommended familiars you should create using your gold charms:

  • Levels 4 - 16: Dreadfowls
  • Levels 16 - 28: Granite Crabs
  • Levels 28 - 65: Save your chams
  • Levels 52 - 99 Transfuse Gold Charms into Green, Crimson or Blue with Divination

Green Charms

Here are the recommended familiars you should create using your green charms:

  • Levels 28 - 33: Compost Mounds
  • Levels 33 - 41: Beavers
  • Levels 49 - 56: Magpies
  • Levels 56 - 69: Ibis
  • Levels 69 - 80: Fruit Bats
  • Levels 80 - 88: Hydra
  • Levels 88 - 99: Unicorn Stallions

Crimson Charms

Here are the recommended familiars you should create using your crimson charms:

  • Levels 22-32: Spirit TzKhs. (Recommendation: Save these until level 32)
  • Levels 32-46: Honey Badgers
  • Levels 46-49: Pyrelords
  • Levels 49-61: Bloated Leeches
  • Levels 61-64: Smoke Devils
  • Levels 64-74: Strange Plants
  • Levels 74-85: Granite Lobsters
  • Levels 85-92: Swamp Titans
  • Levels 92-95: Wolpertingers
  • Levels 95-96: Iron Titans
  • Levels 96-99: Pack yaks

Blue Charms

Here are the recommended familiars you should create using your blue charms:

  • Levels 57-73: Spirit Kyatts or Graahks
  • Levels 73-79 Obsidian Golems
  • Levels 79-83: Fire, Ice, or Moss Titans
  • Levels 83-89: Lava Titans
  • Levels 88-99: Geyser Titans

Money Making

Through the use of Summoning, players can make insane amounts of money with little effort.

Below are a few methods one can utilize by establishing grounds with this skill.

1) Red Spider egg Spawning using a Spirit Spider:

With 10 Summoning a player may spawn a Spirit Spider to make upwards of a million coins per hour. Once you get to this point you must obtain a couple hundred summoning potions as well as Spirit Spider pouches & scrolls. After having these items one may freely venture into any city with an obelisk and a bank nearby. In order to optimize profits and cut costs one can go to Edgeville or Catherby if they have access to them. Once meeting all of these prerequisites you now then summon a pouch, use your scrolls, bank. If ever running low on summoning points you can freely refill your special bar points by drinking the potion and repeating the process.

2) Converting pouches into scrolls at any obelisk:

In order to follow through with this second method, a summoning level of 57 is required to spawn Spirit Kyatts. If you meet or exceed this requirement you can then figure which of the below pouch conversions meets your specified level, rates & criteria.

Option A: Egg Spawn Scrolls - Level 10

Option 2: Fruitfall Scrolls - Level 69

Option 3: Steel of Legends Scrolls - Level 99

After selecting your desired method of approach you then can buy the required ingredients, some Spirit Kyatt pouches as well as any bank teleport such as a ring of dueling, Tzharr ring or Amulet of Glories if you would prefer to refill them every so often.

Here is how the process goes once you figure everything out:

Bank --> Kyatt Telehub --> Run North --> Head Downstairs --> Convert Everything --> Teleport Back to the Bank --> Rinse & Repeat

Post Game Benefits

After maxing Summoning, there are a variety of things to do from here that will surely boost your overall gameplay experience.

First off, get started by purchasing a mastery cape to pair with any outfit to. Next start by picking a couple of familiars for gathering/skill gain purposes. For example, Magpies, Fruit Bats and other foraging familiars will boost income gains by at least 20,000 gold per hour.

If performing combat activities try aiming at getting a Pack Yak or Mammoth to streamline looting on monster runs or even during faraway skilling.

Summoning is a top tier skill that successfully fills its role, on top of it being a combat skill obtaining 12 combat levels comes through the use of this skill.

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