Limbo Walkthrough

Limbo is a new video game for XBOX 360 Live Arcade. It's a story of a little boy who's sister died and he's now stuck in Limbo. What? It doesn't make any sense, but it's still a beautifully haunting puzzle game.

This guide is constantly being updated. If you have a solution to share, please leave it in the comments!

Puzzle 1
Walk Left to capture the wrong-way achievement
Walk right and jump off the log and slide down the hill
Jump across the crater with the spikes inside

Puzzle 2
Walk up the the wooden crate
Hold the action button ‘B’ while pulling it back as far as it goes
Jump onto the crate then onto the platform
Jump on the rope and slide down to the bottom platform
Jump off the right side of the platform (away from the water trap)

Puzzle 3
Jump into the boat and once ashore, hold ‘B’ and pull it as far right as possible
Jump onto the bow of the boat, then the cliff and then climb the vine
Jump from the vine onto the rope and once to the top, jump onto the cliff

Puzzle 4
You will approach two bear traps, they will kill you if you walk into them.
Pull the first trap to the left, halfway up the hill and then get some speed and jump over it
Once on the other side of the first trap, hold ‘B’ and push it to the left, and out of the way
Do the same thing with the second trap and then proceed on to the next puzzle

Puzzle 5
You will see a dead carcass on a string with flies buzzing; You will be compelled to jump on the string; but that will not work. 
Walk below the string and drag the bear trap under it
Climb back onto the cliff and try to jump as high as you can onto the rope otherwise you will die
The bear trap will snap off the carcass allowing you to sway back and forth onto the rope and finally jump onto the highest cliff

Puzzle 6
Jump onto the log and then back onto the highest cliff otherwise you’ll be crushed by the log
The log also triggers a huge spiked ball to crush you, so you have to act fast
Once the ball crashes, jump over it and proceed to the next puzzle

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TwO1FouR profile image

TwO1FouR 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

I've been thinking about getting this but not to sure. What do you think? Is it worth 1200?

Looks like you've beaten the game already so not sure if it's even worth it.

Either way good job!

Rand 6 years ago

Its worth the 1200 points. I'm stuck on chapter 9 right now but I can't seem to stop obsessing over what I'm doing wrong. the puzzles are elegant and the muted audio / art style are a nice change of pace.

Now if I can just figure out why the hell I can't jump on that platform in chapter 9 I'll be happy.

dextro 6 years ago

Rand: walk to the left, pick up the dead body of of the water and drop it into the well on the right

write34 profile image

write34 6 years ago Author


This walkthrough only covers the first 6 chapters, there are 18 more! So I've still got a lot to right and hours more to play!

I recommend at least downloading and playing the demo (which is free) to see how you like it.

Thanks, btw. ;)

george 6 years ago

Thanks. I was stuck. A well written walkthrough!

Gavininja 6 years ago

I have a couple more solutions.

Puzzle 18:

Keep walking right and jump over the pit, then keep walking until you see a glowing worm hanging above you. When you pass under it it will fall on your head and force you to walk a certain direction.

First it will force you to walk left back to the pit, if you try to move the opposite direction the worm is making you go it will let you move slower. Doing this you can stall until you start walking right again. When you start to walk right move the analog stick right, which makes you run fast.

Run down the hill and jump over the pit, then keep running past the birds above you until you see a box. Jump over the box and a few feet past it you will start to move left again.

Push the box until it is under the birds.

Jump on the box and jump close to the birds and they will pick the worm off your head.

Puzzle 19:

Walk to the right until you see a platform with a lever on it and a wheel under it. The lever only moves a block onto the wheel, which doesn't do anything yet.

Keep walking to the right and you will see a creature eating. When you approach it, it will run under a ledge.

Jump on the ledge and continue until you see a pit and a platform which seems to not have a purpose, yet. Jump in it.

Go to the right and grab the log, then bring it to the left side so you can grab the rope on the wall and get out.

Run to the left back to the ledge the creature is under. Run and jump on to the platform some worms are nested under.

Jump up and down until a worm falls to the ground. The creature will slowly come out to eat it. When it does this, jump down behind it and chase it to into the wheel where it will start to run.

Climb onto the platform and pull the lever to the left. There will be some electricity flashes and it will start to downpour.

Run right, back to the pit with the log and rope. When you approach the pit you will see the ledge above is really an aqueduct.

You will need to go in the pit and place the log as far right as you can while still being able to grab the rope to climb back up.

Jump and grab the rope attached to the misaligned part and the waterflow will continue down the aqueduct and fill the pit. Now you can jump on the floating log and cross it.

Peragulator 6 years ago

Thank you Gavinninja! I don't what puzzle is listed here under "18"!!

Gavininja 6 years ago

I think the author skipped puzzle 18 by mistake.

I've played much further and puzzle 18 isn't the last time you see the worms. On the second time I noticed that they don't make you turn around randomly, it's when they go in direct light they start the burn, then wiggle around and force you to turn back so they don't die.

But now I'm stuck on a puzzle with a mine cart going downhill on an electrical path and when you reach the end there's another unactivated electrical path just above where the mine cart stops. Unfortunately the mine cart stops because it hits a button that activates the electricity. I've tried all I can think of on this puzzle. I can't slow the cart down enough to allow me to run past the electrical path and it's almost completely dark, so I can't see any other object that can help, if there is any.

Irkkk 6 years ago

I have the exact same problem as Gavininja.

Gavininja 6 years ago

I figured out the cart one. Once I did I felt really dumb afterwards.

What you need to do is get in front of the cart before it hits the button and push it back up. Then get back on it, right in the front of it, and when you are about to be hit by the platform in front of you, start to walk to the right. This will make the cart go backwards and will gain speed going up the hill. Once it's out from under you climb up to the electrical path and start running to the end (you might need to jump to the non-electrical part at the end),

Using this method gives you the perfect amount of time since the cart goes uphill slowly, stops for a bit, then continues downhill slowly.

However, I'm stuck once again a few puzzles after in a huge area with guns that start shooting for a little bit shortly after you cross a laser path, and there are two switches that change the gravity and places your character and a box on the roof of the area. I have an idea of how to solve it but I still need to figure it out completely.

If anyone has figured it out please help me out?

Jax 6 years ago

what about the dragonfly?

Peragulator 6 years ago

I'm at the part where you go back jumpimg across the pipes, push the mine cart, jump, flip the electrics (cabinets with up/down arrows) on (don't ask how), ride the pipe with the handle on the right side and then I jumped back down to the mine cart because the tetter/totter wasn't doing anything. Maybe I wasn't suppose to do this because I can't get the electrical cabinets to activate again. I've been gaming since Coleco Vision and this is the strangest game I have ever played but the problem with puzzle games is if you can't figure it out the game is essentially over. Sorry I wasted the 1200 pts.

write34 profile image

write34 6 years ago Author


Sorry for this mishap on puzzle 18, the numbers I assign to each puzzle are arbitrary—it seemed easier at the time to write them this way instead of grouping them in huge paragraphs for each chapter! I'm working on figuring out what went wrong in my note-taking.

Thanks for all the continued comments.


I'll post that one next


You activate the cabinets with the arrows by simply standing still while they're in your backdrop and pressing 'B' the action button.

argail 6 years ago

Game is very good, i loved it but really small finished it on 2 sittings(not incredibly long)without any help, its not too hard, i think 800 points would be better but i really had a great time with it so its ok for 1200 too

Peragulator 6 years ago

Write34: Thank you. Appreciate the reply.

Alice White 6 years ago

Puzzle 21 shouldn't be difficult but for some unknown reason I cant make the last jump to the right edge. For some reason even with a running start I cant... please help me out


Nichole 6 years ago

Puzzle 20 you can't let the water go all the way over to the other side, repull the lever after the first chamber fills about halfway.

Solidus 6 years ago

Game is not worth 1200 MS points, beat it day after I bought it and it has no replay value as there is no multiplayer and once u figure out all the puzzles it's silly to try again. My recommendation is don't buy it, it would be a just price if it was 600, anything more is a ripoff, especially since they don't explain how you got there and the ending left me thinking "WTF? That was it!?"

Alice White 6 years ago

800 MS Points sounds like a better deal to me but I need help on the puzzle with the two turning cogs that are going in opposite directions and that lever that changes the directions, that puzzle is not described here at all...

Help would be appreciated.

~Alice White

jennifer0147 6 years ago

Hmm this game looks pretty fun, is it coop?

anonymous  6 years ago

Nice spoiler about the dead sister. Thanks.

Edmund 6 years ago

If you read the description on xbox live it tells you about his quest for his sister, no spoiler here

lexruger 6 years ago


Get the gun on top to shoot the gun on bottom. It may take a few times to get it done. the process doing it now...

juan 6 years ago

im at the puzzle where its a gravity machine and a magnet machine. help

red 6 years ago

big blocks anti grav and magnetic ceiling,?how anyone?

Majidsiko profile image

Majidsiko 5 years ago from Kenya

Just completed the games. It was a great small downloadable game. Great stuff

Gameplay Walkthrough 2 years ago

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