List of Webkinz - Release Dates & Retired

Webkinz Name / Item / Food / Release Date / Status

  • Pig / Fortune Telling Pig / Mud Burger / April 2005 / Available
  • Cow / Milk Truck / Candy Grass / April 2005 / Available
  • Black Bear / Caved-In Bed / Honey Bee Roast / April 2005 / Available
  • Lion / Monarch of Beasts Throne / Zebra Dogs / April 2005 / Available
  • Elephant / Bigtop Cart / Tender Leaf Cookies / April 2005 / Available
  • Hippo / Wallowing Tub / Stubbly Grass Nibbles / April 2005 / Available
  • Golden Retriever / Retriever Treadmill / Marzipan Bone / April 2005 / Available
  • Cocker Spaniel / Bone Fridge / Beef Flavored Gum Drops / April 2005 / Available
  • Saint Bernard / Ski Lodge Fireplace / Bacon Bone / May 2005 / Retired
  • Basset Hound / Detective Desk / Kibble Kabob / May 2005 / Retired
  • Black & White Cat / Yarn Ball Sofa / Catnip Dips & Chips / May 2005 / Available
  • Gold & White Cat / Kitty Dairy Fridge / Tuna Caramel Corn / May 2005 / Retired
  • Unicorn / Magical Meadows Bed / Magical Flower Fondue / June 2005 / Retired
  • Monkey / Monkey Business Couch / Jungle Sandwich / June 2005 / Available
  • Poodle / Pretty Poodle Vanity / Lobster Kibble Bisque / July 2005 / Available
  • Gray & White Cat / Cat Trick Trampoline / Flounder Flan / July 2005 / Retired
  • Rabbit / Rabbit Eared Television / Carrot Cake Supreme / August 2005 / Available
  • Frog / Lily Pad Water Bed / Buggy Jelly / August 2005 / Available
  • Tiger / Tiger Stripe Convertible / Reptile Risotto / September 2005 / Available
  • Cheeky Dog / Cheeky Dog Grill / Berried Bone Bon-Bons / September 2005 / Retired
  • Cheeky Cat / Cheeky Kitty Range / Puffer Fish Pastry / September 2005 / Retired
  • Chihuahua / Poco Fiesta Throne / Bueno Bone Burritos / March 2006 / Available
  • Gorilla / Great Gorilla Hanging Chair / Crunchy Shoots n Roots / April 2006 / Retired
  • Alley Cat / Big City Window / Spiced Salmon Strudel / April 2006 / Available
  • Pegasus / Rainbow Cloud Couch / Rainbow Souffle / April 2006 / Retired
  • Horse / Racetrack Treadmill / Sweet Clover Cake / May 2006 / Retired
  • Pug / Pug Bark-o-Lounger / Wrinkled Pugcake / May 2006 / Available
  • White Terrier / Trailblazin' Terrier Scooter / Crispy Bone Scones / May 2006 / Available
  • Pink Poodle / Pink Poodle Cadillac / Pink Poodle Parfait / June 2006 / Available
  • Cheeky Monkey / Banana Hammock / Junglicious Banana Shake / June 2006 / Available
  • Yorkie / Shaggy Yorkie Couch / Yummy Yorkie Cotton Candy / July 2006 / Available
  • Panda / Panda Ming Vase Fridge / Panda Canelloni / August 2006 / Available
  • Googles / Googles Scrying Pond / Googles Noodles / August 2006 / Available
  • Polar Bear / Arctic Window / Frozen Iceburg Chili / September 2006 / Available
  • Tree Frog / Tree Frog Trampoline / Tree Frog Fly Soup / November 2006 / Available
  • Bullfrog / Lord of the Pond Throne / Savory Swamp Stew / January 2007 / Available
  • Pink Pony / Beautiful Blush Treadmill / Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo / January 2007 / Available
  • Persian Cat / Super Fluffy Sofa / Fluffy Tuna Tartufo / February 2007 / Available
  • Black Labrador / Autumn Paw-Print Window / Kibble a la King / February 2007 / Available
  • Love Puppy / Tender Hearts Loveseat / Sweetheart Tart / Valentine's Day 2007 / Seasonal
  • Leopard / Wilds of the Jungle Sofa / Garlicky Gazelle Gumbo / March 2007 / Available
  • Bulldog / Fire Hydrant Fridge / Bulldog Bangers & Mash / March 2007 / Available


  • Sherbert Bunny / Springtime Basket Chair / Creamy Carrot Sherbet / Easter 2007 / Seasonal
  • Koala / Wacky Eucalyptus TV / Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries / April 2007 / Available
  • Dalmation / Rapid Rescue Fire Truck / Five Alarm Chili / April 2007 / Available
  • Beagle / Paw-Print Dining Table / Beagle Bagel Bites / May 2007 / Available
  • Spotted Frog / Frog Pond Sofa / Spotted Shrimp Scampi / May 2007 / Available
  • Clydsedale Horse / Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace / Braised Bannock Bites / May 2007 / Available
  • Husky / Snowy Igloo Bed / Frosted Kibble Chunks / June 2007 / Available
  • Raccoon / Garbage Can Fridge / Rascal's Ratatouille / June 2007 / Retired
  • Chocolate Labrador / Choco Basket Bed / Carob Chip Cookies / June 2007 / Available
  • Black Friesian / Haybale Couch / Horseshoe Huckleberry Pie / July 2007 / Available
  • German Shepard / Puppy Patrol Car / Bone Pretzel / September 2007 / Available
  • Black Cat / Witch's Brew Bathtub / Fried Batcakes / Halloween 2007 / Seasonal
  • Brown Arabian / Horse Show Victory Photo / Horse's D'oeuvres / November 2007 / Available
  • Yellow Lab / Lap It Up Pool / Sunshine Feast / November 2007 / Available
  • Seal / Icey Ocean Bathtub / Bubbly Fish Pop / November 2007 / Available
  • Reindeer / SantaKinz' Sled / Spikey Sedge Soup / Christmas 2007 / Seasonal
  • Collie / Ossilily Plant / Collie Lolly / December 2007 / Available
  • Penguin / Icey Fishing Hole / Fishsicle / December 2007 / Available
  • Pinto Horse / Wooden Trough Bathtub / Painted Pinto Bean Salad / January 2008 / Available
  • Turtle / Shell Racer / Bugberry Pie / January 2008 / Available
  • Love Frog / Love Pond / Candied Rose Petals / Valentine's Day 2008 / Available
  • Black Poodle / Poofy Poodle Chair / Licorice Canepes / February 2008 / Available
  • Gray Arabian / Animated Genie Lamp / Alfalafel / February 2008 / Available
  • Tie Dye Frog / Tie Dye Frog Kaleidescope / Tie Die Fly Pie / February 2008 / Available
  • Velvety Elephant / Elephant's Travel Trunk / Creamy Peanut Parfait / February 2008 / Available
  • Duck / Pond Bathtub / Cheese And Quackers / February 2008 / Available
  • Black & White Cheeky Dog / Black & Chrome Paw Stove / Kibble-Chip Ice Cream / March 2008 / Available
  • Himalayan Cat / Yeti Mountain Window / Sherpa's Pie / March 2008 / Available
  • Schnauzer / Schnauzer Jalopy / Schnauzer Schnitzel / March 2008 / Available
  • Kangaroo / Desert Jumper Jeep / Poppin' Peach Melba / March 2008 / Available
  • Pink & White Cat / Pink & White Scratching Post Chair / Succulent Sweet Sushi / March 2008 / Available
  • Snake / Unreleased
  • Grey Wolf / Unreleased
  • Monarch Butterfly / Unreleased
  • Welsh Corgi / Unreleased

Webkinz New Releases Previews!!!

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megan 4 years ago

i love that they made a turkey webkinz.!

hannabeary 4 years ago

uh..............webkinz rockz!

Alyssa 4 years ago

when is signature chipmunk released

GrimesGangNC 5 years ago

Hi! I'm searching for the same thing as above except with the online clothing. Do you have that list as well? Can someone post it here or at my WebkinzNewz Thread...* Flying High With The Feather Light Shoes *

I will send special thank you gifts! Thanks so much!! GrimesGangNC...Tanya :)

eriky 5 years ago

you have a lot of webkinz like me!!! enjoy them

peableton 5 years ago

Hola amigos. I want a list f all the retired clothes???!!! I want to see when wacky and stuff retired.

amy 5 years ago

wheres the webkinz animals in cartoon P.S. where are thay

FlashForward2... 5 years ago

IMPOSTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT PERSON BLEOW IS AN IMPOSTER ITS NOT ME DON"T LISTEN!!!!!! and for anyone who was wondering we had that party on a different hub! Anyway....


Tomorrow Me, Marcie Chicago 43527, RayTayBunny64, bowling for soup, GleeK Out!, and Lions and Tigers and PUPPYS rule! are meeting on this hub to talk! anyone wanna join us?

Also Marcie and bowlig did complete the trade, and me and Taylor were reunited don't worry!

Well all for now!





Flash 5 years ago

heyyyy guyzzzz!! it's me flash! wassup guyzz haven't been here for ages!!! well someone plzzzz reply, peace out ;)

lol girl 5 years ago


Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

To: RayTayBunny64, bowling for soup, jason?!?!?!XD,

Lions and Tigers and PUPPYS! rule, GleeK Out!


Re: Flash's Party


Heyyyy Guys!!

So as i said before i no Flash in real life so i talked to her she is coming on hub TOMORROW at night! EVERYONE be on at 7 ish ok? she is gonna come on and we r all gonna say SURPRISE! and that we missed her! well talk and as a gift everyone give her links to webkinz hint websites!!! Tell me what they are first! We decided anyone who wants to join us can not just the guests, just make sure you have a link!!!



DATE: tomorrow

TIME: 7 ish

LOCATION: this hub

RSVP: on this hub by tomorrow to me or bowling for soup

LINK: do not do elubin on the webkinz wiki page those are taken! sorry! please tell me your link first and ill approve it!


Hope you all can come!!!!!!!!

GleeK Out! 5 years ago

Hello All,

I can attend the party, and as a gift i have these megastove recipes!



Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Milk






Candy Apple

Dragon Fruit





Lots of Love,

RayTayBunny64 5 years ago


I can totally come to the party!

I think it is a great idea!

this is my link to flash tell me what ya think!


Lions and Tigers and PUPPYS! rule 5 years ago

great idea! so tomorrow?

bowling for soup 5 years ago

YAAAAA! GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!! O TOTALLY WANNA DO THE SURPRISE PARTY SHELL BE SO HAPPY!tays comin on in like 5 mins i think. well tell her... how about this! when she comes on she says hi and we all go like surprise and say we missed her and then we just talk and i wanna show her a link as a present! lions!!! u come too! plzzz reply! here is the invite list (i think)

-Marcie Chicago 43527


-Lions and tigers and PUPPYS! rule


-GleeK Out!

and of course the guest of honor...


we should all give her webkinz links as gifts! plz RSVP every1

Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

To Julia (Gleek out whatever) hmmm i agree julia we don't have a group but we can always talk!

To Bowling I talked to flash and she is gonna come on maybe later today! Should we organize something maybe a surprise party?

To Tay: Plz reply and tell if u can attend the party

To Jason: PLZZZ reply i wanna talk to you u seem nice!

To lions: where have you been??? also i have some cool clothes for trade interested?

To Flash: where r u?????

love u all 4ever!!!


bowling for soup 5 years ago

ummm hi julia! we don't realyy have a group but if you wanna talk to us we are all usually on... except FLASH!!! where are youuu>????/

GleeK out! 5 years ago

Hello everybody! If you can not tell i love glee! I was really hoping i could be part of you little "club" or "group" you know, FlasForward2... RayTayBunny64, Marcie Chicago, bowling for soup, Lions and Tigers and PUPPYS! rule, and jason. I am interested in helping FlashForward and Taylor re-unite! Please reply to me.


GleeK out!

Also Known As Julia

bowling for soup 5 years ago

yaaaa flash is comeing probs tomorrow

Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

yaaaa im here!!!!! PS i have green santa hat 4 trade anyone want it???? have u seen flash anywhere???

bowling for soup 5 years ago

yaaaa i love that band! i just came on marcie are you still here? jason im so sorry! i hope we can be friends! TAYYYY!!!!! HI! remember me?????? ILYSM!!!!!! and flash is like coming soon.... i hope

Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

hi jason im so sorry for you plz reply. you seem nice! flash is too i no bowling for soup and flash in real life and i met taylor the other day on hub! if u see flash tell her taylors here. plz reply if u can jason. also hi again taylor. and bowling do u like that band cuz i do and lions and tigers and puppys did u guys trade yet? also FLASH WHERE THE HECK ARE U TAYLOR IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!


jason?!?!?!XD 5 years ago

hey i decided 2 just look around fro information on wk right but i come along this website and well i just find this and then i read this thing about flash and then "boom" i think about my brother connor in afgan last time i talked 2 him he said he got shot and he was getting shot at still and that was a few days ago and he said he's very far away from any military outpost and well that made meh kinda sad but i've lost many people in my life so i'm guessing he'll make it threw i rather not say everything but he's done everything "no everything" please keep him in your prayers message me back but please address me by my real name jason if you are talking directly toward me "keep the military in your prayers god bless! america" lol thought of a new word hyicritical

RayTayBunny64 5 years ago

OMG!!!!!!!!! Flash!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE here!!!!! I cant believe it! I am crying!!!! I missed you ososososososososoos much plzzz reply flash plz i missed u!

RayTayBunny64 5 years ago

OMG!!!!!!!!! Flash!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE here!!!!! I cant believe it! I am crying!!!! I missed you ososososososososoos much plzzz reply flash plz i missed u!

Marcie Chicago 43527  5 years ago

that's a good trade and Flash where r u?????

bowling for soup 5 years ago


a train super bed

persian bed

and good fairy doll

my user is Mikeymolly7

bowling for soup 5 years ago

REALLY? ill trade 4 sure!

Lions tigers and PUPPYS! rule 5 years ago

i like webkinz i have 64 i just got another one! i have a rare pig fountain for trade!

Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

ummmmm on a hub called signature endangered webkinz. she had 90 webkinz and 2 signature endangered ones. you were right she was shy. i kinda liked her though. i told her you are here!

FlashForward2... 5 years ago

OMG!!!!! REALLY?!?!?!? WHERE!!!!!!

Marcie Chicago 43527 5 years ago

hey flash i talked to that taylor girl she was on another hub

FlashForward2... 5 years ago

and also........

(this may be long so u may not wanna read it but if u do thanks so much!)

To my Best friend FOREVER Taylor (RayTayBunny64) some of you may know her, but most of you probably wont because she was always the shy type...

i met her on a hub called webkinz clothing machine recipes (which BTW i can now not write on!!!:'() One day I asked someone for a recipe I forget which one. many people answered but only one was right..... HERS! i started talking to her but like i said she was shy. sometimes she didn't answer me but after a while she came around. After digging deep i found the real her! what a shock!!! she was the TOTAL opposite of what i thought she was. she was not shy, quiet and not funny! SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING she was funny, smart enthusiastic and quite outspoken (which is why i loved her so much!) she always helped me with my problems which included webkinz trades, troubles with my boyfriend tyler and homework help. she gave me all she had and never asked for more.

after a while we became our own little group! of course she only wanted to be with me and no one else. whenever someone else talked to her she changed back into her quiet self. at first i was mad! "WHY don't you want any other friends?!" I asked her. "You are not letting anyone hang out with ME either and that's not fair!" that was our first fight.... she didnt come on for about a week. i got so sad and begged for her to come back. She came back and totally forgave me! after that i relized i should be happy and flattered she wanted to hang out with me! also i read in a book only best friends have fights and that after we forgive each other we have a better foundation for our relationship!

Hmm relationship that word reminds me of something that happened.............

One day i was in the middle of a crisis! tyler was cheating on me *sighs* she helped me through it and when he tolde me he wanted me back i was VERY temted to say yes. but she stopped me and told me what was right. and his next girlfriend, my acquaintance Taya was also cheated on. after all this one day....

I HAD TO LEAVE! after all that... i just left her. of course she understood but i could tell she was crushed. but now.

TAYLOR IM BACK!!!! PLEASE reply if you are here... if you are not i will live my life crushed. im sorry this was so long.

thanks to everyone who read. if anyone sees a girl with a username of RayTayBunny64 please tell her Flash is back! she will for sure know who i am! Tay i miss you so much and i love and miss you.


uggg im to sad to laugh

Tay i miss your laugh i miss your attitude I miss your humor I miss your stories.... Taylor i miss you!

Anyway i promise im done!

See you guys and hope to see you Taylor



FlashForward2... 5 years ago

Heyyyyy guyzzzzzzz!

Its flash and im so happy to be back!

srry i havent come on in ages!! someone plzzz write back soon!

sophia the awesome 6 years ago

i have 27 webkinz

Why do you wanna know mah name? STALKER 6 years ago

UMM anyone know if a chicken is retired or not please tell meh i have one and i don't play webkinz

Webkinz lover 6 years ago

Hey guys add me my username is tisdalerocks. i do a retired clothing item. its the orange army shirt. but you have to give me a really cool rare item. or a super bed plus thanks!!!!!!!!!

Hi 6 years ago

anybody have wacky they do not want my user name is starlightred101

profile image

KLeichester 6 years ago

This is good. Thanks for posting.

Name shall not be written 6 years ago

Hi Miley!!

You could go to jail for impersonating a celebrity

So yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck with that :p


retiredwebkinzarestillcool!!! :) 6 years ago

All of my webkinz are retired (sigh) lol! :) Oh, well! To me there's nothing wrong with having a retired webkinz - so don't tease me! :/ ok if u wanna friend on webkinz that has only retired pets add me I have 3 accounts the first account is: happysmile3218

2nd account: retiredwebkinz101:) (smiley face is in the user name :))

3rd account: retiredbird&fishfun202:D ( includes the :D face!! *Note: this account has all of the retired bird & fish webkinz )


Btw, I have alot of exclusives and rares and kinzstyle clothes if u want something real bad I might have it just ask! :)

Moxie13 6 years ago

uhhhhhhh hi. I think this is old all of these webkinz are old there are new webkinz now.... Well anyway Moxie13 out (i have more then 40 webkinz I love my friends band and i have a beagle)

fling 6 years ago


jhong 6 years ago

its dalmatian not dalmation and is the siamese retired and calico?

webkinz fan lol  6 years ago

i loved webkinz so much i would go on it every day now im more in to Ty beanie babies

hot 6 years ago

i like shannon a.

zoey 6 years ago

omg what are you guys you are 100x fack

nicole 6 years ago

i love webkinz i want a webkinz can any one give me a webkinz code and plase i want one now and at kookiekinz in dogs area they have a webkinz mutt and that's wird i mean yea relly wird well go to kookiekinz if you want to see the webkinz mutt in the dogs and/or 2010 area now and rieet this insd

Luchia 6 years ago

He I rock oh ya I rock you don't oh ya I Rock

Luchia 6 years ago

He I rock oh ya I rock you don't oh ya I Rock

cat 6 years ago

webkinz ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo 6 years ago

miley cyrus is fake

luvhorsez 6 years ago


ella 6 years ago

u are cool v3

ella 6 years ago

They should make a................. webkinz [MALAMUTE]Dog And a red and white Husky.A black and white 1.A blue heleer.A shiuzue.

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

I love the Webkinz too. I think they are just the cutest and they have been the reinvention of virtual pets.

...? 6 years ago

I only have 2 webkinz, but one of them is retired. I have the Gray and White Cat and the Koala. OK, and "Miley Cyrus", you do realize that you can get in a lot of trouble for impersonating a celebrity. You can even get in trouble for impersonating just a normal person! It's not right, and people are telling you to stop.

webkinz is awesome 6 years ago

hi hi hi im an adict to webkinz it is awesome i have 43 webkinz my goal is 50 i live in flowida where webkinz are 5.95$ and 10 or 11.00$ yup

lolipop82 6 years ago

OMG! I love Webkinz :) I am sooooo glad I found this website! This is what I just typed in: webkinz rox the house

You try that!!!!

By the way, I have 7 Webkinz. My goal is to get 10! I live in Michigan where the Webkinz cost $10.00 or $15.00. :(

secretscp profile image

secretscp 6 years ago

I've never been a huge fan of Webkinz, but this is a great guide.

Pénélope 6 years ago

Yo man arianne! How r u?

jockeybear 6 years ago

is the caring vally animals on here to?

anna 6 years ago

OMG im sooooooooo mad because i was lookin up the ugliest webkinz & someone said the german shepherd was ugly):(

that's my fave webkinz!!!

anna 6 years ago

my yellow lab got here:) i named her panama:D

anna 6 years ago

hey if u guys want 2 be friends on webkinz my username is


anna 6 years ago

I bought the yellow lab on amazon!!!:D

Still waitin' 4 it 2 get here.

cute kitty profile image

cute kitty 6 years ago from england

In england every webkinz cost £10:00

Webkinz r cool 6 years ago

The yellow lab is at sketches! $15.99! I want to get it!

anna 7 years ago

Still looking 4 the yellow lab:l

foofi 7 years ago

webkinz are out of style but here is a code i got but since i don't use webkinz her WFE566HJKL8

im not gonna tell u 7 years ago

if anyone wants to be friends my username is jumpie1011

why should i tell you? 7 years ago

miley is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

not telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago

i have 9 webkinz i definently need more

Lucas 7 years ago


bean 7 years ago

were are your new webkinz i have almost all of these if not seen them

Lucy 7 years ago

Hi my username is lupinkcy12, you can add me.

anna  7 years ago

HEY!! Do u know where I can find a black or yellow lab webkinz for $15.00 or less???

selena 7 years ago

i soo want a super bed ill trade whith any one who has a super bed i have an elaphant foutain disco ball cucoo cat clock wading pool cinderella slippers and cow girl dress. Arctic fox tredmill

busybee 7 years ago

if anyone wants to add me to their buddy's list my username is BZB8. does any one have a name for a pink and white dog?

it would really help me if you told me.

someone 7 years ago

miley cyrus is babyish. who would act like they're her! u r a fake! they will find you and you will get arrested! miley doesn't own any webkinz! read her blog!

brooke 7 years ago

what should i name my pink and white dog, duck, spotted dino, cotton candy rabbit, i really need the names.

Malyrica 7 years ago

hey you guys im Lyric and i have 582 webkinz plus..... and i call my self Queen of Webkinz l0l but no lie well my youtube is xoxowebkinzxoxo1 :D and check out my profile well peace out :D

Not Telling My Name 7 years ago

I have all of the webkinz! Not lying! Well, the ones I don't have are the ones that are coming out in 2010.

jala 7 years ago

hi i'm jala and i have 20 webkinz and i really want the love pup

ilovewebkinz:)101 7 years ago

hi people i got a lot of retired webkinz

what's it to ya? 7 years ago

"miley" ur so fake. everyone knows it's not u so cut the acting. and why would miley cyrus put her email up for everyone to see?? oh, ya. she wouldn't...

kittygirl275 7 years ago

hey it's me recently known as i am a person. if you were wondrin' the kinz' was an ellaphant. ad me to your freinds list on webkinz my user name is superzoe275. it's lame i know but i gotted my acount when i was 7 i am now 11

I am a person 7 years ago

WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!! I have 19 but 1 lost its tag. i boughted it from some jerk on ebay for $19.00. he promised it had its tag but it didn't!!!! i made my dad sue him lol:) PIE!!

maya 7 years ago

i want the welsh corgi webkinz

WOO-HOO 7 years ago

Hey "Miley" you know yu can get arresed for imitating someone on the internet? Just putting it out there.

jess 7 years ago


Sassy 7 years ago

I used to love webkinz! I had over 100, but recently I donated a lot of them to an orphanage because I had way to many to enjoy. I think if you only have about 5, you'll be able to enjoy them more. :)

Jess ( I love Adam Mitchel Lambert ) 7 years ago

Hows it goin peoples?? Its me jess again!

i have 290 webkinz now...

i stopped collecting about a month ago. Getiing boring.

I'd rather be on youtube watchtin the ring. People say if you watch that video you die. Yeah- thats a bunch of balony!

OMG *dies*

iluvmywebkinz 7 years ago

IM looking for the samoyed because i cant find it at any of the close stores so if anyone has a new samoyed can i trade you something for it ILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING!!!:)

Josh 7 years ago

Remember Me?

twilight rocks 7 years ago

you are a fake miley cyrus yah right we are not retarted if your really her why don't u PROVE it oops wait oh that's right you won't because your not her!

twilight rocks 7 years ago

HI i have ALL of the webkinz EVEN the lil kinz too

bubbles 7 years ago

ey peeps just sayin hows it goin"

Niyati Sharma 7 years ago

Hey Miley pls reply i am a big fan

Oz 7 years ago

are they making a butterfly, spider or weish corgi?

Gabi 7 years ago

SHUTE! I really want a bone pretzel, if you have a german shephard for a webkinz, email me at and tell me or become friends with me at tcbytcby on webkinz and then once I approve the letter the next day, give me a bone pretzel!!!

Bailey  7 years ago

hey guys i have 35 webkinz and let me know if you have a blue googles code no pet email me at kids@fulmer

valerie 7 years ago

i wont them to make a hermet crab

anml luv 7 years ago

if anyone wants to be friends, my username is kiekio

anml luv 7 years ago

i just luv webkinz!

stephanie makdissi 7 years ago

i would do eny thing for a sherbet rabbit if eny one has one that they don't want and is tottaly new can i have it send me your email address

swold profile image

swold 7 years ago from Minnesota

My kids love these things.

Eli 8 years ago

I tripped and punctured my knee. Limping on my right foot. can't see very well. and my sister kicks me on the left left foot and left leg.

Eli 8 years ago

slsa u r not the only one who has 5 webkinz. I have a husky, a spotted frog, a tiger snake, a fantail goldfish, and a blue triggerfish. My sister has a lil' golden retriever, a big pink poodle, a pink pony, a bottlenose dolphin, and a blue jay.

Hi? 8 years ago

HI????I Have 24 webkinz

Jennette 8 years ago

I wish webkinz would come out with an angel fish! They're so pretty! I currwently have 45 webkinz. My accout name is monkeyluva05 if anyone wants to be friends!

michelle 8 years ago

omg ur rents make webkinz too! awesome! whats ur fave one? i'd have to say honey my corgi is my fave!

edith 8 years ago

hey pplz

ean 8 years ago

not cool

Colee 8 years ago


tamica 8 years ago

hey i have 19 webkinz my usrname is scooderna add me

ash 8 years ago

nm jess just bein bored hey email sumtime @

tilllee 8 years ago

I just got 13 webkinz for Christmas.Now I have 49 webkinz.Almost 50.

Jess 8 years ago

hey ash how have u been?

p.s. 'miley' ur fake.

miley cyrus 8 years ago

hey guys, it's me miley cyrus. I have 44 webkinz!!!!!!!!!! does anyone nowhere to find NEW webkinz recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to e-mil me then my e-mail is.....................................

hope to hear from you!!! bye ya

Ash  8 years ago

hey jess its me webkinz maker daughter lol and yea 170 wow that almost all of them cool

Jess 8 years ago


why don't u play

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

hello ppl. i dont play webkinz anymore but i had 17 webkinz

Jess 8 years ago

and NOW people arnt here gosh!!

Jess 8 years ago

Heya everyone! IM BACK!




i like pie <3 lol

profile image

cindy78 8 years ago

hey ppls!!!!!!!!!!

salsa 8 years ago

i have 5 webkinz the gray and white cat the yellow and whte cat the polor bear the tiger and the elephant that's all for now

becca 8 years ago


PIE=YAY!!!!!!! 8 years ago


you do not know me 8 years ago

i like pie

jess 8 years ago

does anyone come on anymore??

JoBethMC1324 8 years ago

hey. i have 16 webkinz. im gonna get a whole buch more on christams though. i luv webkinz,dizzywood,and club penguin.mi grandparents are in town, so i have to spend a lot of time with them. i luv to draw webkinz, maby i can send u some pics:). like i said i LOVE to draw webkinz. mi email is tell me if u want some pics! i really hope u want to see them! plz email back!

webkinz r #1 8 years ago

i haven't been talkin for a long time now i have 54 kinz'

$$$$$$$$ 8 years ago

any one want to be friends

i w m m p t w16 profile image

i w m m p t w16 8 years ago

hey guys my e-mail is! desi i sent you an e-mail!

bruce 8 years ago

you cane get retierd webkinz at sindes in hornepayne

profile image

Desi7 8 years ago

Jess where did you go?

Dylan 8 years ago

Dear Ash

Whatever your name is i sended a measge and it was not hear Sexy Back must sended in to mutch STUPITED commets.

profile image

Desi7 8 years ago

ok ash. my email is

ash 8 years ago

hey caroline and desi email me and we can share passwords if u want ok so cool my email addterss iz

ok thanx

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

yea whos he?

profile image

Desi7 8 years ago

who is hotrod?

Jess 8 years ago

uh oh..

Hotrod does ur name start with a W?

Maddie Ruud profile image

Maddie Ruud 8 years ago from Oakland, CA Author


Because there are so many comments, only the 50 most recent are now displaying at the time, with the most recent at the top, so the page will load more quickly. If you want to see all the comments like you used to, click the "See more comments" link right above the comment box.

Jess 8 years ago

maddie what is wrong with the comments

Desi 8 years ago

amanda i didn't get it. look i really am mad. i just sent you my only superbed and got nothing back! remember my username is deshero if u sent it to the wrong person

amanda 8 years ago

but i did send it and i have 3 acounts with like 90 pets on each

Desi 8 years ago

amanda, i didn't get it! either send me the superbed back or send me the hottub! please i really didn't get it

ash 8 years ago

jess what's ur user name

Jess 8 years ago

hey guys just got the sheep and eagle

ash 8 years ago

my username is niquek08 o desi i thought you have more pets u only have 2 well that's what it says on ur my page i have 6 ursernames so but on niquek08 i have 9 pets



so add my other accounts

ok by c's and jess what's ur username again

amanda 8 years ago

i sent it like 3 days ago!

Jess 8 years ago

ok what is wrong with the comment box?

ash 8 years ago

im niquek008 if u want anything elese added to the list jus email me or tell me on hub

ash 8 years ago

thanx maddie i got it now : hey u guyz if u wanna trade just email me @

and here's ,y trading items

*all the superbeds

*red lava lamp

*green lava lamp

*blue lava lamp

* magical retriver bed

*any kind of food

*all vehicles


*egyptian theme

*donout seeds

*jellybean seeds

*pet's vechicles

*cheeky dog grill

*cheeky cat range

*suit of armor code

any trading card items from any serie

any figurine items from any series

and a magical retriver

just email me

Desi 8 years ago

remember my username is deshero!!!!!! please!!!!

Desi 8 years ago

amanda! you didn't send it! i didn't get it! i never got it! please don't cheat!!! that's not nice!!!! send it to me please! i didn't send you a superbed for nothing!

amanda 8 years ago

desi- got the bed and sent the hot tub today

olive 8 years ago

hey i was wondering............ in stores when does the bat go away? like it came but just for halloween right? so what day does it go because i want 2 build a bears and the bat webkinz but i can't get all of them but i want to know when the bat goes away ok? please if you can answer my email is: by the way those are dashes...... thanks.

Jess 8 years ago


amanda 8 years ago

don't worry i will send it and thank cuze i'm getting so much requests

Desi 8 years ago

my username is deshero by the way

Desi 8 years ago

ok amanda but you better send it to me!!!! ok?

Maddie Ruud profile image

Maddie Ruud 8 years ago from Oakland, CA Author

The display for these comments has changed, Ash, so that the page will load more quickly. You can always see all comments by clicking the "See xxx more comments" (with xxx representing the number of comments) just above the comment box.

ash 8 years ago

weres all the other messages these messages are frm 3 weeks ago

Jess 8 years ago

josh i bet ur lying if u were bleeding, you'd be in the ER.

ash 8 years ago

wats wrong wit hubpages

amanda 8 years ago


amanda 8 years ago

sure i will trade the luxury hot tub for the dragon bed!:) my user name is aangel7. add me send it to me and i will send u it k!

Desi 8 years ago

fine. no one will trade with me . whatever. :-(

Jess 8 years ago

i do have those.. but i don't trade anymore.

Desi 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

ash or jess do you have any of these you are willing to trade?

luxury hot tub

fancy tea service

butterfly dreams bed

i have these things i am willing to trade: the dragon superbed, the movie superbed, so mod moped scooter, desert window, big top cart, fancy fountain, Yangyin blossom, farm tractor, elephant fountain, hot air balloon PLEASE TRADE WITH ME!!!!!!!

ash 8 years ago

yep corrgi my fave its so cute

ash 8 years ago

yep corrgi my fave its so cute

amanda 8 years ago

thanks so much! is the spider or giraffe coming out to?

Jess 8 years ago

i have the corgi.. i believe ash does too.. but idj

amanda 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

lol that's ok my family is kinda poor so........ yeah.

to amanda: idk i hears the corgi is coming out but i don't know when

amanda 8 years ago

still no one answering me!

Jess 8 years ago

me eather ash. i don't tell it to ppl straight in the face LOL

amanda 8 years ago

no 1 answering my quiestions

ASH 8 years ago

i have they crab its so cute and yea im rich but i don't like to glot about it

Desi 8 years ago

:-( u guys must be really rich or somthin

Jess 8 years ago

hey ash, you have thermit crab right? i do i was wondering if u did 2.. i named mine Connie because i brought her to connecticut with me at the beach and i have a pic of her next to a real hermit crab i found on the beach

Desi 8 years ago

ugh you uys are soooooooo lucky!

amanda 8 years ago

or a chinchila

amanda 8 years ago

cool! what about the corgi?

ash 8 years ago

yep i have the butterlyfly its pretty

amanda 8 years ago

sorry my computer is messed up!:)

amanda 8 years ago

are they making a butterfly, spider or weish corgi?

amanda 8 years ago

so is it going to be the halloween seasonal or something?

Desi 8 years ago

you guys are sooooooo lucky! you just get them, but i have to buy my own and they are expensive where i live.

ASH 8 years ago

yeps her mom friend does work wit my dad so she get em 2

Jess 8 years ago

yeah, amanda. my moms friend works w/ash's dad so i get them 2.

ash 8 years ago

amanda she get em frim the company but she hasn't eanteared it yet like i have webkinz that's cokin out in 2009 from my dad

amanda 8 years ago

and like how do u have the code because u can't make up codes can u?

amanda 8 years ago

jess i don't get how u have a webkinz rat.

Jess 8 years ago

yeah.. ur not sell xxxxx

ash 8 years ago

o u guyz im hurtin all over and ur not the real selena im a mag they said that selena doesn't hve time for these type of sites i can easily put in the name selena gomez

selena gomez 8 years ago

iam selena gomez the real one

ash 8 years ago

hey u guyz im restin up in my bed on my appel pink air btw jess sexy_back knows me but sexy-back doesn't

Jess 8 years ago


btw sexy-back, i bet u don't even KNOW her

sexy-back 8 years ago

yea i know she will b out tmmrow thou here is my new email address

Jess 8 years ago

owch, and yuck!

sexy_back 8 years ago

sup u guyz i just got back 4rm the hospital and ash cant come on the computer anymore but she will be out the hospital sunday shes doin fine but shes a little dopped up on medicene she was actin funny she said save my pumkin b4 it drowns in the mud lol she was loooooooooopy lol well email me well love peace

and hair grease

ash 8 years ago

i broke my leg in 6 diff places factured a hip and bent 2 of my toes all cause of my big bro and my friend who pushed my in a ditch and my leg got stuck in a hole and it twisted around they had to dig a bigger hole 2 get me out but weirdly i felt no pain until i saw my bone out of my skin

Jess 8 years ago

ash, how did u wind up in the hospital?

p.s. that's cool that u got 50 new kinz! :)

ash 8 years ago

hey jess im on my laptop in the hospital i just woke up me surgery was 3:00 this morning its badder than thy though i broke two tows and a minor hip fraqcture but the fixed me up im so unluky but im 6 inches taller and doing well my dad bought me 50 retitred webkinz

Jess 8 years ago

hey guys im back from vaca and i got a webkinz manatee named Charm

ash  8 years ago

he saud my knee my ankle my tigh bone and three other bones

Corbin 8 years ago

Ash there are only 4 bones in a leg so if the doctor told you six that doctor must be drunk

ash 8 years ago

i broke my leg u guyz just came frm the ddocs gotta go back to have stiches my friend acidebtly bumped me in a ditch and my leg got stuck in a hole a twisted all the way aroun i broke 6 bones in my leg

ash 8 years ago

um ehy are u wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooing nick

nick 8 years ago


ash 8 years ago

omg sixflags was so fun i had got another magical retriver how lucky

Kelly 8 years ago

Nice website but i was looking for pics of them all

kristina 8 years ago

wan the butterfly comeing out

Jess 8 years ago

everyone has the macial retriever but me!


ash 8 years ago

ugh what

Jess 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

so when i told you guys i got the magical retriever everones starting to get it huh!

ash 8 years ago

hey guyz im back from the mall were going 2 sixflags all day tmrrow frm 7:00 to 6:00 but i just bought some trading cards and i got the magical retriver how cool

Jess 8 years ago

have fun ash!

im going 2 maine in 4 DAYS!!!

ash 8 years ago

hey guys im at home in my bed lol we don't have homeschool today yea my group is going to six flags over gerogia

ash 8 years ago

im 12 im about to be 13 soon and sexy_back just turned 13 in july so yea well

Desi 8 years ago

um jess, how old are you? i am 11.

Jess 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

Ijust went to the river valley hospital and some little girl was walking around i tried to talk to her then she just walked into the wall so my first idea was to start screaming and to run out of the building it was shut down in 1999 so i don't remember why i was even there

Josh 8 years ago

along time ago on this site announced webkinz october releases i can now confirm these pets there is a clown fish,Pink and white dog,buffalo,porupine,lil'hummingbird,andlil'trigerfish

Jess 8 years ago

anyone can e-mail me, im fine :)

Desi 8 years ago

oh that's ok. i think i am younger than you....... i am 11. what about you?

ash  8 years ago

o thanx boo boo and desi i have a friend that can be ur online buddy he is sexy_backs friend his name is greg

ash  8 years ago

o thanx boo boo and desi i have a friend that can be ur online buddy he is sexy_backs friend his name is greg

Desi 8 years ago

um wow...... ok. um. wow, :-) love is in the air.....

sexy_back 8 years ago

they call me chris because chris iz my middle name so yea love you ash see u at home school

sexy _back  8 years ago

hey ash its me chris from ur homeschool group yea um my bro told me to check this website out so yea by sweetie boo aka (ash her nickname i gave her) anyway yea email me at sexyback_ash_4ever o and ash is my girlfreind if u haven't notice

ihave 7 webkinz and my lil broo has 123 so yea email me if u want im 13 and yea o my real name is josh but the girls and my friends call me sexy back

ASH  8 years ago

im sorry josh i was just so mad some one blamed and how sweet hotrad do u go to her school or live in the same town as her well anyway sorry josh and yea i got a chimpmunk my dad gave it to me and good news and bad news

good news:im moving to flordia.yea and im getting a pink 4 wheeler

bad news:my dad is staying in cali at the ganz factory for 5 months so he will be living with my grandma in cali and then hell come to flordia and work at um i forgot but he will still have conncetions wit ganz

Hotrod 8 years ago

Thanks Jess i cant wait to marry you

Hotrod 8 years ago

Thanks Jess cant wait to marry you

Josh 8 years ago

The Baltimore Orioles want to get the word out For those of you in the DC-metro area, here's a chance to watch a game and pick up a free Lil' Kinz! Here's the release! ORIOLES ANNOUNCE SPECIAL WEBKINZ GIVEAWAY AT ORIOLE PARK ON AUGUST 26 The Baltimore Orioles will host a special WEBKINZ GIVEAWAY PROMOTION at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Tuesday, August 26. The first 10,000 fans 14 and under that enter the park will receive an exclusive WEBKINZ LIL’KINZ BLACK LAB, courtesy of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN). The Lil' Kinz Black Lab also features a collectible Orioles/MASN bandana available only through this promotion Tickets for the 7:05 p.m. Orioles vs. White Sox game start at just $8 and are available by calling 888-848-BIRD.

Josh 8 years ago

CAN NOW REPORT THAT Kinz Chat Plus is now open to everybody but peope are reporting that it is only a blue screen Kinz Chat Plus opens at 9 A.M. AND CLOSES AT 5 P.M. the reason it ist open for uch a long time is because Ganz is monitoring Kinz Chat Plus so no one says anythin bad also with 100% accuracy i can report that the hippo is the november pet of the month also the webkinz lion is discontinued and should be saleing again around september 20th

Jess 8 years ago


e-mail me at

and u can e-mail me too,Desi.

Desi 8 years ago

how awesome and how horrible. speaking of that i would love a webkinz lamb and dolphin.

Josh 8 years ago

Good new and Bad news:

Good news is i just got a free Magical Retriever in the series 3 trading cards

bad news is i ordered a webkinz chipmunk Ganz shipped it to the wrong place

Desi 8 years ago

omg! whoa jess u have a secret admirer!

Hotrod 8 years ago

ok, i just have to let this out. i have been looking for a way to contact Jess without too many people knowing. I am her secret admirer and I hope one day she will realize this. I would love to take her out on a date and make out with her. She is so hot! I don't even think she knows me but I have seen her before. Love, Hotrod.

Desi 8 years ago

Jess do you have an e-mail address? can i have it?

Desi 8 years ago

ahhhhh! i'm gonna leave i don't like to blame ppl! so neither should you guys! maybe it was just some imposter who read the comments and doesn't like ash or something!

Josh 8 years ago

So you that is was Jess Now

Josh 8 years ago

ash says:16 hours ago

somebody is using my name i did not write that i promise i haven't even been on i just camefrom school i think josh did that cause both of th comments are at the same time i promise i did not write those

Mine was an hour after yours how could they be at the same time mine says 18 hours ago and yours says 19 hours ago whose comment was at 19 hours

Jess says:19 hours ago

lol xD

CJay 8 years ago

um ash maybe it wasn't josh mybe you shouldn't accuse people like that.

Desi 8 years ago

cool! um i don't know.... i don't think josh did that. i mean, do you have any genuine proof besides that the comments were around the same time?

Emma 8 years ago

I just got a new Webkinz! Actually, I got him 2 weeks ago. He is the Li' Kinz Gecko. I named him Jerry. I still only have 11 Webkinz, though. Is anyone here a member on Webkinzinsider?

Jess 8 years ago

ouch josh

ash  8 years ago

somebody is using my name i did not write that i promise i haven't even been on i just camefrom school i think josh did that cause both of th comments are at the same time i promise i did not write those

Desi 8 years ago

oh, im sorry! why'd he do that? and ash, don't f anyone.

Josh 8 years ago

My brother hit me over the head with a plate and my head is still bleeding.

ash 8 years ago

f you i am in a bad mood

Jess 8 years ago

lol xD

Pink Pony 8 years ago

Oh I can't wait to get the monarch butterfly! I love butterflies! And I can't wait to get a webkinz dolphin!

ash 8 years ago

gosh i don't know. maybe.

Jess 8 years ago

coolio, ash. got any new webkinz lateley?

Josh 8 years ago

The black lab is retired i went to a store to see if they would order it the called and they and the company said they were officalliy sold out as of august 9th i even tried to order them my self because my parents own 3 stores and they order webkinz too.

ash 8 years ago

ur welcome hey jess do you know webkinz insider if not go to their website it tells you a lot of stuff the website is and sometimes they say something is retired but its just discontiuned sometimes

Jess 8 years ago

ooh thnx ash my friend was worried cause she wanted a black lab.

ash 8 years ago

its not retired is discontiued and its gonna come back like the whismy dragon was it dissapered for awhile then came back

Josh 8 years ago

Yeah it is

Jess 8 years ago

?????????????? the black labs not retired ???????????????

Josh 8 years ago

I just called ganz and seen if i could still order a webkinz black lab because they were discontinued July 29th they said that they are now affically set as Sold out as of August 9

Josh 8 years ago

Desi i will send you a 2.0 trading card couch and 2.0 trading card refrigator for a for a webkinz pet code email me the pet code to then ill send you the stuff remember im already on your friend list.

Jess 8 years ago

yea u can get a new pet er something

ash 8 years ago

well you'll get u don't need it that bad do you just wait make some money play games get more webkinz time will fly bye and he will send it

Desi 8 years ago

fine. but easy for you to say. you haven't been asking the same question for over two weeks.

Jess 8 years ago

yeah ash is rite

ash 8 years ago

desi he isn't ignoring u just be patient and dot yell

Desi 8 years ago

josh will you PLEASE STOP IGNORING ME? please? :-)

Josh 8 years ago

Note:these pets don't come out until Feburary 2009 so if you got one of these code your lucky

Josh 8 years ago

I just ordered some Webkinz Lamb and Lil Kinz i got 12 each for 1.99 email me at and the subject on it should be either Lilkinz Lamb or Lamb so i know which pets there is a stirct limit of 2 codes per person

Desi 8 years ago

look all i need is the bowling alley and the autumn sunset toque. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :-) Josh, u there?

Jess 8 years ago

awesome..i got 3 new webkinzzzzzz

Bambi the deer

Dino the cocoa dinosaur

and Dorothy the goldfish

Desi 8 years ago

omg, sorry josh! didn't see that comment above! so what's your username?

Desi 8 years ago

welcome back josh. now, if you would mind could you please stop ignoring me?? please? if that's not too hard for you..... i don't know how many times i've asked you... :-)

Josh 8 years ago

also desi ill trade with you.Ole My God there is a snake crawling up my window i need to go get my phone and call Animal Control

Josh 8 years ago

i just got back from Hawiaai or however ya spell it ive been usin my laptop to get on here but i couldn't get on my webkinz and now there all sick when ever i tried to get on webkinz it kept telling me this page has been blocked due to eroor code 7 shining stars the penguin club

ASH 8 years ago

paige u have 2 have more the 4 and jess ive been in flordia oon vactaion and looking 4 a new house o i got the lg shine from at&t and i love it its red

Desi 8 years ago

hey, ok this is what i have:

1000 W coin

haunted painting

wooden grandfather clock

ribbon tree

blue lava lamp

goobers lab trophy

medieval window, country bed, 2 zingo plushies, and some more!! You can have 3 of these if you send me the bowling alley and autumn sunset toque, alright? :-)

paige 8 years ago

I haven't been writing comments much (you've probobly noticed.) I changed my limit...4 I'm hoping it won't get any higher since I have 2 webkinz.(I don't care what you say I'm not changing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Jess 8 years ago

hey ash, were ya been these days? LOL

Desi 8 years ago

josh, will you PLEASE stop ignoring me? if you are not gonna trade with me, then can you PLEASE say something? i waiting here for a yes or no :-) PLEASE. i just want that bowling alley, and you can have WHATEVER you want!!!!

ash 8 years ago

hey guys wtacha doing

Josh 8 years ago


Jess 8 years ago

*cough* collin is jelous *cough*



Desi 8 years ago

wow great how fantastic! so Josh, if you wouldn't mind, i would like it if you would stop ignoring me....... are you gonna trade with me or not? if not then adios :-) but please just say: yes or no.

collin 8 years ago

i have 999 webkinz log on i have 1 moreto log on still i love webkinz

Josh 8 years ago

yah i can now confirm that they are saleing webkinz Grey wolfs in the webkinz estore every also they are saleing surprise saturday items they have charms right now for surprise saturday also four new exclusive items

Josh 8 years ago

i am now glad to report webkinz pets releases for october and november but these pets are not gaurenteed to come out: Buffalo Porcupine Lil Kinz Hummingbird Lil Kinz Triggerfish November: Emperors Dragon

Emily 8 years ago

I have 12 webkinz...

1. 'Lil Kinz Yorkie- Snowy

2.Golden Retriever- Suzie

3.Reindeer- Dasher

4. Pig- Oinkers

5.Chihuahua- Kaylee

6.Husky- Max

7.Pink and White Cat- Rose

8.Collie- Holly

9.Panda- Ying

10.Whimsy Dragon- Mystical

11.Samoyed Dog- Sammy

12.Rabbit- Marshmallow


Desi 8 years ago

yeah ok. but josh will u trade with me? if not i will be very sad...................... :-)

Jess 8 years ago

im just saying i cant trade ok

Desi 8 years ago

easy for you to say. i've been asking around for about a month and you are like the p\only one who has it besides josh. so will u trade with me josh?

Jess 8 years ago

desi u don't NEED exclusive items. i cant give them 2 u my mom said, no u don't know her,so u cant send it to her.

Desi 8 years ago

oh no! see i really need that stuff.......... well can someone else trade with mee then? please i really need those things! :-)

Jess 8 years ago

josh were do u find out the new thingz

Josh 8 years ago

At this time there a still know pictures to show you of the Webkinz Snowman That's is to be released in november on my site also there are some new things on my site but they don't work i emailed the webmaster of freewebs and haven't got any messages back yet about it

Josh 8 years ago

The complete list to series 2 figureines that are set to be released eather next month or september is revealed

Here is a complete list of the Series Two Figurines and their FSIs:

Ahoy Cheeky Monkey (Sailing Compass) At Your Service Penguin (Dining Out Table) Ballerina Husky Dog (Ballerina Mirror) Big Catch Bulldog (Baseball Bat Rack) Breaking News Cocker Spaniel (Webkinz Newz Newspaper Box) Chow Down Duck (Just Ducky Dishrack) Cowgirl Clydesdale (Cowgirl Wanted Poster) Dear Diary Leopard (Secret Dreams Diary) Fraidy Cat Lion (Moonlight Night Light) Hero-To-Be German Shepherd (Police Chair) Hoop Dreams Seal (Basketball Cooler) House Painting Hippo (Painting Overalls) Karate Cat (Stone Garden Lantern) Koala Archeologist (Backyard Dig Site) Lifeguard Googles (Oceanside Chair) Mach One Turtle (Desktop Antique Plane) Pink Picnic Charcoal Cat (Picnic Time Basket) Pop Groovin' Gorilla (Platinum Record) Reindeer Runner (Digital Stopwatch Clock) Roller Pig (Skater Pig Poster) Super Shopper Yellow Lab (High Heel Chair) Swashbucklin Schnauzer (Deep Sea Locker) Tee Time Raccoon (Golf Ball Chair) Three Cheers Tiger (Pompom Bean Bag Chair)

Jess 8 years ago

thnx..but i cant send to u 4 sum reason!! it keeps saying, "This user does not allow presents"

Desi 8 years ago

oh nothing much i just feel like i've been asking for about a week and no one is gonna trade with me..... seriously i've been asking for a long time so i'm just waiting for someone to say yes. and have fun at the concert

Jess 8 years ago

wat does that have 2 do w/the concert

Desi 8 years ago

does this mean you might trade with me?

Jess 8 years ago

awesome! :)

guys i prob. wont be here of the night of aug.7th.


Desi 8 years ago

yep i'm gone its just that my dad brought his labtop and i can use it for a limited time......... :-)

Jess 8 years ago

No i dont belive you webster

webster 8 years ago

well i have every single webkinz but 1 lil kinz

Jess 8 years ago

oops i put deshro LOL i'll try again and i thought u were gone..?

Desi 8 years ago

make sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! my username is deshero.............. so someone wanna pleez trade?

Jess 8 years ago

desi its says u don't exist

Bob 8 years ago

They get the info from webkinzinsider

Desi 8 years ago

yeah, ok i know that you have all those items........... cuz you've told me already. so the question is who will trade with me? please!!!!!!!!!!! oh hi hann! :-)

samantha 8 years ago

i love webkinz very much but i don't know what ones are retired and not retired

Josh 8 years ago

nia says: 16 hours ago desi i have all those items you want and i haven't been on webkinz much but ya so um my username washr08 add and um mabye we can trade but no scamming i don't trust a lot peeps o josh i love your site can you email me at Shore like never would i email you

hannah 8 years ago

heyy everyone! omg! desi i didn't know u went on this hubpages too!!! well yeahh everyone what's up????

Desi 8 years ago

guys, please! just answer!!!!!! look, please whoever says yes to the friend request i sent them yesterday will be my friend first, and then i'll trade with them! simple!!!! :-) please please please hurry i'm leaving in 30 minutes and i don't know when i'll have computer access!

Desi 8 years ago

hey! i'm leaving in 1 hour and i'll be gone for 2 WEEKS!! Please, how hard is it? i'm telling you, i want to trade and i told you like 2 days ago but you still havwn't done anything! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Desi 8 years ago

please my username is deshero whoever sends me those first gets all my exclusive items! :-) you can trust me.

Desi 8 years ago

lets put it this way: whoever sends me the butterfly dreams bed, bowling alley, and autumn sunset toque first gets ALL the exclusive items i have (haunted painting, ribbon tree, blue lava lamp, and wooden grandfather clock)!!!!!

nia 8 years ago

desi i have all those items you want and i haven't been on webkinz much but ya so um my username washr08 add and um mabye we can trade but no scamming i don't trust a lot peeps

o josh i love your site can you email me at niquek09@yah

Desi 8 years ago

Jess I'm leaving tomorrow and i"ll be gone for 2 weeks< so if you coulld send me the butterfly dreams bed, the bowling alley, and the autumn sunset toque soon that would be great and then I will send you the blue lava lamp and the trophy! :-)

Josh 8 years ago

oops sorry um send me friend requests by 1:00 pm on the 27th of july (tomorrow) then be in the orange zone of the kinzchat at 2:30 requests to come to my webkinz will be sent by 2:35 dress your pets in a summerish clothes if you can because its going to be in a yard the party ends at 3:30 hope your there

Josh 8 years ago

Webkinz Party add me my username is Hsoj1456

Desi 8 years ago

YAY! ADD ME AND SEND IT 2 ME, AND I WILL SEND THEM TO YOU oops sorry i was just cap locks

Jess 8 years ago

my username is sweetheartart

Desi 8 years ago

jess i'm leaving tomorrow, please!!!!! please gve me your username so i can trade with you! :-) please!!!!!!!!!!

Desi 8 years ago

jess, please!!!!!!! i really need you to answer!

Desi 8 years ago

my username is deshero. whats yours?

Desi 8 years ago

ok! so thats butterfly dreams bed, toque, and bowling alley....... :-) will u send them first and i promise i wont cheat on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess 8 years ago

ok desi..i'll trade u wat u wanted 4 the blue lava lamp and the goober trophy.

kelsey 8 years ago

i have 44 webkinz on july 25 2008

Desi 8 years ago

i will give you 6 things for the toque, butterfly bed, and bowling alley :-) PLEASE!!!!

Desi 8 years ago

huh but i dont have a hot tub but i really want those things you have!!!!!!!!!!! :-) oh well. this is what i have: haunted painting, wooden grandfather clock, ribbon tree, blue lava lamp, country bed, most of the hockey theme, medieval window, treasure chest, 2 zingoz plushies, and a goobers lab trophy...

Desi 8 years ago

Jess, okay! so if i send you a hot tub then you will send me the bowling alley, autumn sunset toque, and butterfly dreams bed? i dont have the hot tub but when i get it will u trade with me? :-)

Jess 8 years ago

no desi, i ahve those but i'll trade u wat u wanted for a hot tub.

and we go with the lying again

caitey 8 years ago

(josh) Whats Your Username?

Josh 8 years ago

I just got 2 crocidiles 6 toco toucans 5 lil'kinz black and white cheeky dogs 17 rottweilers and 32 spotted leopard!! Yah for me!!!!!

Desi 8 years ago

please please josh i am begging you please please! ;-)

Desi 8 years ago

oh josh please???

Desi 8 years ago

ooooh i really would like the trading card bed and bowling alley! i will give you the haunted painting, grandfather clock, and hockey tv for them! what is your username? mine is deshero

Josh 8 years ago

desi i can give you that stuff witch one do you want i have 5 of trading card beds and 4 of the bowling alleys put i wnat something back for it ok

Desi 8 years ago

oops! i meant, jess, can i trade with you? I thought you were josh, sorry! oops ok i meant, JESS CAN YOU PLEASE TRADE WITH ME?????? I really want the trading card bed, the autumn sunset toque, and the bowling alley!!!!!!! please JESS WILL YOU TRADE WITH ME????

Josh 8 years ago

Desi i dont trust many people

Desi 8 years ago

please! how about if i send it to you first? if you promise not to cheat me! please i will send them to you first!

Josh 8 years ago

i dont know Desi i dont trust many people

desi 8 years ago

josh can i please trade with you???!!!!!!!! i really want the toque and the bowling alley and the trading card bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please will u trade with me? oh and i will definitely ask to hang it up at the gas station! please, please, please trade with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will give you a hunted painting, grandfather clock, and ribbon tree or hockey tv for them!!!!!!! please?

Jess 8 years ago

desi i have the in home bowling alley, autumn paw print window, autumn sunset toque,a trading card bed, trading card posters, trading card dresser,butterfly bed,and that tub.

Desi 8 years ago

here is a list of things i want on webkinz if you have one can you tell me?

jumpin jukebox, in home bowling alley, autumn paw print window, autumn sunset toque, anything from the trading card series 1 room theme, butterfly dreams bed, and wallowing tub. does anyone have any of these?

Desi 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

THE NEW Amber Alert page on my site is not affilaiated nor sponsered with the national missing and exploited children

Jess 8 years ago

i sponsor amber alert like outa no where i was here.. typin a comemnt a couple months ago..and all of a sudden i had the need to go on their website LOL

Josh 8 years ago

THE NEW Amber Alert page on my site is not affilaiated nor sponsered with the national missing and exploited children

Josh 8 years ago

New page on my site check it out

Josh 8 years ago

New page on my site check it out

Josh 8 years ago

Pictures Of The Webkinz Snowman and bat will be on my site at 11:30

Desi 8 years ago

oh i'm sorry............ my town is ok. i live in Walnut Creek.

Josh 8 years ago

Jess here if you call the police because on of 200 killers that proably live in this city youll be waiting a couple of hours for them to show up.

Jess 8 years ago

oh.. cause i was gonna say knew u LOL

and our tiny town was NOT good for a period of weeks. there was a raper at the swimming hole behind our park. no oe could go there he was a level 3 s.e.x. offender. but luckly he was taken to the homeless place in westfield by the bank. but thats kinda stupid cause homless ppl dont have money and theres a bank in walking distance filled with money. and robbers live at the homeless place so thats kinda dumb to have it there!

Josh 8 years ago

Desi trust me this town is nothin but a jacked up city

Desi 8 years ago

oh well its ok one day it might be better

Josh 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

i live in california.:-)

Jess 8 years ago

oh-cool. did u go to kindergarten in Russell,MA?

Desi 8 years ago

look i'm just tryin to make conversation here. i'm tired of you making rude comments and such. this all started because you cheated me, remember? so bye. for good most likely.

Josh 8 years ago

Desi who cares if your dads a police my moms a police big deal

Desi 8 years ago

um yeah my full name is desiree but i prefer desi. and i know its just a bed i'm just a little pissed off but oh well. so does anyone have a jumpin jukebox??

Jess 8 years ago

desi.. u should its just a freakin bed.. is ur full name desiree?

Desi 8 years ago

um sorry but i'm just saying i use safari.............. and even if you knew where i lived...... big deal! my dads a police officer so security is pretty high............. um so what up?

Josh 8 years ago

Desi firefox and internet explorer is the internet (websites)

Mac is a type of computer and computer screen not where you get on site and stuff its a macintosh computer its certain type of computer

Desi 8 years ago

i have a mac....... i dont use internet explorer, firefox, or javascript. i use safari. :-) byebye

Josh 8 years ago

if you make fun of my site i can ell where you live from site stats the stats tell me your enternet conection and every thinng such as localnetcorpation connection if you use firefox or internet explorer if you have javascript its weird aint it

caitey 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

Christmas and halloween releases will be on my site at 6:30

caitey 8 years ago

My User Name On Webkinz Is tuutuu1.

caitey 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

Caitey my site is

Desi 8 years ago

yeah ur just happy because you won the prize that I won. so shove off and mome to iceland. i'm sick of you guys. bye.

Jess 8 years ago

Desi, stop being jelous. its just a super bed. GET A COULE NEW PETS GEEZ ITS NOT LIKE IS RETIRED OR SUMTHING!!

caitey 8 years ago

(Josh) Whats Your WEbsite Called????

Desi 8 years ago

ah fine u suck but i'll check it out

Josh 8 years ago

September Release Pet Pictures Are Now on My Site

Josh 8 years ago

Get on my site at 7:30 the pictures of the September Releases Will Be Ready

Josh 8 years ago

ok ill tell you the reason i changed the winner i aint the one who drawed the winner my brother was ok but i changed because i realized it aint his site

desi 8 years ago

yeah right. well bye..... oh josh, i hate you..... :-( sure...mmhm... lets all go to the website where you enter contests and get cheated on!!!!! wow that sounds fun. if you care about shooting stars so much, why do you have a webkinz blog?

Josh 8 years ago

Desi no i wouldnt do you think webkinz means a sam heck to me no the only thing i care about is Shining Stars,and sometimes webkinz

Desi 8 years ago

fine. but you would be mad if you won a contest and someone else got the prize. i dont care about your stupid website. you just cheat me....... why would i want to do anything for you? you disgust me.

Josh 8 years ago

the pictures will be added to my site at around 6:00 pm so if your on it around that time refresh it about every ten minutes also the music on the front page down at the bottom there's a stop button and a pause button to the music the butterflies flying around the screen click on one and they will go away tonight will im updating it i will remove the music the butterflies that fly around and when you back click on the front page and the remember September 2001 it want let you back click because i disabled back click to keep people from taking stuff off my site and putting it on there's

Josh 8 years ago

i can now show pictures of the stuffed pets for September releases Easter 2009 release including the duck

Josh 8 years ago

The new Webkinz to be released in September 2008 are: HM184 Floppy Pig, HM214 Eagle, HM217 Chipmunk, HM20 Bottlenose Dolphin, HM227 Sheep, HS501 Lil Kinz Chickadee, HS023 Lil Kinz Seal.For Easter 2009, Ganz is releasing a new Webkinz, a Cotton Candy Bunny (HM174), and bringing back last year's seasonal release, the Duck (HM148 ).It also appears that Ganz intends to add to the KinzStyle line.

I will add pictures of the virtual pet and stuffed animal pet to my site as soon a s possible

Josh 8 years ago

Jess nobody gets the superbed because everybody is mad about it

Jess 8 years ago


Velvety elephant- Emma

Whimsy dragon-Callie

White terrier- Rose

Yelow lab (1)- Molly

Yellow lab (2)- Selena



Lil alley cat- Katrina

Lil basset hound-Daniel (Danny)

Lil B&W cat- Macy

Lil B&W cheeky dog- Demi

Lil bear- Luna

Lil black lab- Bailey

Lil black poodle- Hannah

Lil bulldog- Dustin

Lil bullfrog-Kevin

Lil chicken- Mike

Lil chihuahua- Max

Lil coker spaniel (1)-Honey

Lil coker spaniel (2)- Samantha

Lil cow- Milkshake

Lil dalmation- Joe

Lil elephant (1)- Peanut

Lil elephant (2)- Nellie

Lil frog- Brianna

Lil G&W cat- Kaycee

i will finish AGAIN.. i gotta go

Josh 8 years ago

Oh god i turned this back into listing your webkinz again that sucks oh well

Emma 8 years ago

My 10 Webkinz are:

Avalanche-Polar Bear



Sophie-Golden Retriever



Claire-Arabian Horse




Emma 8 years ago

I want the Webkinz Welsh Corgi, Skunk, and Rpottweiler. Also, I read some where that the Grey Wolf and Orangutan are only virtual and you can only get them at the Webkinz eStore. Is that true?

Josh 8 years ago

Since everbodys mad about the superbed nobody gets it how about that

Desi 8 years ago

josh, i cant believe you.

caitey 8 years ago

I Have 24 Webkinz! Theyre Cuddles-love puppy-cheeky monkey-sydney-dalmation-spot-toco toucn-Sam The Toucan-bulldog-buster-lion-jack-tiger-tony-black and white cat-ki ku-american cocker spaniel-snickerdoodle-tie die frog-jhonny 5-leopard-chookie-spotted leopard-tracy-pinto horse-prince pinto-rabbit-margret-beagle-louie-black lab-honey-black poodle-omi-pig-aaron-panda-ming-yorkie-gigi-google-suzy q-koala-nigel-duck-rosie!

Desi 8 years ago

you idiot, jsh! i cant believe you said i was the winner and then changed it! you idiot!!!!! you cant just do that!!!

Jess 8 years ago

Clydesdale (1)- Rainie

Clydesdale (2)- Mark

Coker spaniel- Princess


Cow- Missy

Crocodile- Steve


Duck- Madison (Mady)


Frog (1)-Annabelle

Frog (2)- Cassie


German shepherd-Mikayla

G&W cat- Angel

Golden retriever- Skye

Googles (1)-Jamie

Googles (2)-Mackie

Gorilla- Stephanie

Grey&W cat- Lucky

Grey arabian- Stevie Lynne

Himalayan cat- Natasha

Hippo- Blueberry

Horse- Chesnut




Lemon lime gecko- Dasani

Leopard- Rasco

Leopard lizard-Leppy

Lion- Simba

Lioness- Kaytie

Love frog- Julianne (100th webkinz!)

Monkey- Curious George

Panda- Bamboo

Penguin- Cara

Persian cat- Snowflake

Pig- Wilbur

P&W cat- Lily

Pink googles- Tulip

Pink pony- Cotton Candy

Pink poodle-Strawberry


Polar bear- Frosty

Poodle- Cutie

Pug- Cookie

Rabbit- Snowball

Raccoon- R.J.

Reindeer- Rudolph (Rudy)

Rhino- Brie

Rotwieller- Lucinda

Samoyed- Saphirre

Schnauzer- Charlie

Seal- Sally

Sherbert bunny- Sparkle

Siamise kitty- Savannah

Spotted frog- Lizzie

Spotted leopard- Becca

Saint bernard- Beethoven (1st EVER webkinz!! :)

Striped snake-Binky

Tye dye frog-Teddy


Tiger snake- Slinky


Tree frog- Kermit

Turtle- Verne


Jess 8 years ago

Alley cat- Aubrey

American Coker Spaniel- Ginny

Basset hound-Sparrow


Bengal tiger- Tess

B&W cat- Oreo

B&W cheeky dog- Miley

Black bear (1)- Koda

Black bear (2)- Charlotte

Black cat-Nikki

Black stallion- Victoria

Black lab (1)- Midnight

Black lab (2)- Keira

Black poodle- Brittany

Brown araibian- Tayler

Brown dog- Cocoa

Bulldog- Daisy

Bull frog- Tabitha (Tabby)

Charcoal cat- Dusty

Cheeky monkey- Bobby

Chicken- Ace

Chihuahua- Lola

Chocolate lab- Hershey

i will finish soon

Jess 8 years ago

awesome names josh.. my username on webkinz has one "t" within "heartart" its connected. i will make a list of my webkinz, too

Josh 8 years ago

Lets go on also theres no tiger or slithers

Tiger Snake-Slithers


Polar Bear-Snowy

Cheeky Monkey-Landon



Lil' Bassett Hound-Todd

Chocolate Lab-Jason


Pink Poodle-Kayla



Striped Snake-Slithers


Elephant (regular one)Travis

Lil Dalamation-Carmen

Tye Dye Frog- Cool-Ade

Grey Arabian-Kacie

Yellow Lab-Summer

Bengal Tiger-Tucker

im going to take a brake because i can only type 52 words per minute

Josh 8 years ago

Leopard Lizard-Spike


American Cocker Sspaniel-Cupcake

Velvety Elephant-Timmy

German Sheperd-Ryan


Josh 8 years ago

The Superbed will be sent to you jess by the 30th

McCoulough 8 years ago is one of the molst aswemest sites in the fasse offo thhe eeearthh

Desi 8 years ago

i'm serious! why did you say i won if you were just gonna go and change it? you owe me an explanation!!!

Desi 8 years ago

you cant just do that!!!! i won square and fair! can you please explain???

desi 8 years ago

why did you change it???

ash 8 years ago

o josh and jess siting in the tree kissing lol jk so um congrats jess and i have 3 artist pallet beds so yea thats why i didnt enter

Josh 8 years ago

Winner has been Changed it is sweethearttart(username) (jess) has won the Artist Pallet bed sorry for the winner change

Josh 8 years ago

The Artist Pallet Give away has ended and only two people entered and only 1 left thre username so Deshero wins the competion

Jess 8 years ago

josh am i entered i forgot

Josh 8 years ago

ash go to go to the blog section and leave a review of what you think about the site best review wins

ash 8 years ago

josh were is the contest on your site i couldnt find a thing i need help for your website and how old are you i just want to know

Desi 8 years ago

hey! i entered!

Josh 8 years ago

The Superbed competion been reopened and extended untill July 20t so enter fast beore somebody wins

Josh 8 years ago

The superbed contest has been canceled to a low number of entrys

Josh 8 years ago

Note:If nobody enters my superbed contest but one person it will be canceled only one person has entered and left two comments on two different days and that was desi username:deshero(name used in blog)

Jess 8 years ago

me eaither i love it

Desi 8 years ago

i'm not posting everyday...... but i do love your site!!

Josh 8 years ago

Posting Everyday on my website will no increase your chance of wining the superbed so if your doing it you might want to stop

Jess 8 years ago

lol josh ur web site is ur name backwards

ash 8 years ago

im confused josh are you mad at me and if you are for wat

Josh 8 years ago

GO TO to win a free Artist Pallet bed go to the blog section and tell me what you think about the site the best review wins also leave your WEBKINZ USERNAME so i can add you to my friend list to send it to you Also JESS hope you enter

Desi 8 years ago

look.... I'm going. bye, obviously you guys are just on here to curse each other and i remember that when i came on here, it was a site about webkinz..... so I'm just gonna go. i just don't like it here and if you had any sense maybe you would just STOP. I'm surprised Maddie Rudd hasn't removed you from her hubpages yet cuz of all ur cursing. bye! G2G.

Josh 8 years ago

person hello up there i had a right to be mean and now i have the right to be so mad i could rip somebodys ears offffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh 8 years ago

Excuse me ash but what started it was jess said gough jealous cough so dont tell me that and you want know what im mad again thank you very much

Jess 8 years ago

i got the rotwiller named Lucinda, and a spotted leopard named Becca

Desi 8 years ago

hey thats great.... my username is deshero so add me i will be ur friend....

chris  8 years ago

finnaly everyone has peace lol well i guess ash said it all and im srry ash and jess blah blah webkinz rule lol love,peace,and hair grease

ash 8 years ago

hey everbody i have somthing to tell you first im srry im srry because i hate ash and jess is my cuz i didnt tell him to be mean but still he was mean so for know on he well change his name and his name is chris and um yea im so srry jess and desi and josh stop being mean to my online freinds they did nothing to you and they know they have alot of webkinz so it dosent matter wat u think *josh mostly* SO STOP THE DOGON FIGHTING PLZ that is all and o my dad got a higher job at ganz and is now some big important person he said i forgot but yea im srry and can we stop fighting and chros is bout to type somthing

hello 8 years ago

guys dont be mean to jess k she is jest a persin.

Jess 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

ok.... finally peace! thats great to hear, josh!

PJosh 8 years ago

jess also the temper will be even badder next time

Josh 8 years ago

jess sorry i get so mad when people say something about me thats when all the temper and steam comes out of me i happy now and i am ready to get mad again trust me

Desi 8 years ago

ummm....... ok, i think we should all calm down and just stop accusing people and stuff. i have a webkinz...... but i'm not sure i wanna give you my user cuz it seams like you guys are a little rebellious.....

Josh 8 years ago

Jess i would be nice if you would be nice you are the one thats **cough jealous cough** also your the Pig assley

Jess 8 years ago


Josh 8 years ago

its not that i think you peple are idiot its just Jess thinks she the pricess of Genovia and she and ash are the only ones on this site with webkinz well whats there usernames to webkinz ill add them to my webkinz friend list i proved mine with a username above in another message

Desi 8 years ago

oh, yes. say whatever you want, but i really don't care.... atleast i don't go on websites and accuse people of being liars. and in ur comment above you clearly said i'm an idot...... i wonder what that is.... goodbye! hopefully i never talk to you guys again.....

i hate ash and jess  8 years ago

im on ur side josh jess and all the other pepole are liers they cant prove nothing and i have 5 webkinz and i barley go on it so ya and desi u six ur the idot

Josh 8 years ago

everyone on ths site are liars like jess thats proably not even her realname shes proably some freakin 40 year old for all we know some scandelis site

Josh 8 years ago

Jess if you insault me one more time i know someone that works at Ganz customer service department and ill have them sht your account down

Josh 8 years ago

Jess sure i caught jelousness if you want to be my friend on webkinz my username s Hsoj1456 add me but i dont beleive you even have a webkinz i can prove my username whats yours?

Desi 8 years ago

I hate Ash and Jess is soooooo mean! they made fun of me for spelling nice wrong when they can't spell you, not, or spelled. ha! idiot.

Desi 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

thats not nice. thats not nise at all!

i hate ash and jess 8 years ago

o ash and jess u two are freaking muthe freaking liers yalll so stupid who well eva belive yall liers so jess if u eve curse me again ill find were u live and cut ur throat. and ash shut the freak up

Jess 8 years ago

yep sure josh *cough* jelous *ciugh*

josh 8 years ago

i have 153 webkinz and visit my site

Jess 8 years ago

i hate ash and jess says:7 hours ago

jess you and ash are buttholes and liers so shut the freak up and ash i hacked ur webkinz wat u gonna do bout it everybody at first jess hated ash then they became freinds and jess claims she knows ash but ithink all of it is bull i hate u two


Jess 8 years ago

nm u

Desi 8 years ago

hey! somone hacked my i don'r have any $$$, so whats up?

Jess 8 years ago

hey guys i got the toucan named sam cuz of the fruit loops so yeah bye

owen 8 years ago

i have 56 webkinz my 1st webkinz was my black lab

named jed after my dog

Jess 8 years ago

WEBKINZLOVER you r soooo jelous. u dont have that many webkinz

Amie-Lee 8 years ago

i love webkinz, do you like webkinz? webkinz are soooooo kewl i have the


chocolate lab

tie die frog



pink,black and white poodles








all of the horses


all of the cats



tree frog





2 pigs


and i have 5 lil kinz


2 googles


and a cow


Desi 8 years ago

someone named Kayla just hacked my account, and i need help. she only left with me with 8 kinzcash and a banana, which is kinda harsh. it was a nasty shock for me. she confessed that she did it and she says my stuff looks good in her house...... i need some help. If anyone can help me my username is deshero and i need some food or furniture. whoever can help me... thanks!

WEBKINZLOVER 8 years ago

Today is my lucky day in a long long long long time i got 5 more webkinz to add to my collection i have 629 W's and now i have 634 but i did not adopt all of my webkinz only ten of them i have all of thoose un-used codes my dad is the prince of saudi arabia please visit thats my website i am working on a better one but its not a word press it has a domain name i love webkinz i wish i could give you free codes but its against the rules sorry but add me and visit my website and comment please bye bye

Ally 8 years ago

I love webkinz and i always wanted to be the 1 with ALL of the webkinz!

jess 8 years ago

ur funny can u give me sum food im really poor

Jess 8 years ago

i dont likegiving money or anything cause i think i am poor with 144,367$ lol

ash 8 years ago

omg my account was hacked i have no money no stuff no anything somebody hacked my account awwwwwwwwwwwww im crying who would do this nobody knows my password omg can anyone send me somthing or some foood all i have is 50 kinzcaash and webkinz world is down rite know omg someone plz help i cant believe this happened

aash 8 years ago

omg the new webkinz are so awsome i have like 5 toucans i lovw the toucan its awsome and the croc is awsome to so yea

anybody 8 years ago

i neeeeeeed a blue hippo name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess 8 years ago

hey guys i got the crocodile webkinz yesterday at justice and i named him steve after steve irwin cause hes a crocodile hunter so yeah thats why.

jack 8 years ago

i have nine webkinz so cool

jack 8 years ago

hey i love the website butthead says its boring but o well

beagle 8 years ago

i have 57 webkinz :D

Jess 8 years ago

what she said^ lol


ash 8 years ago

ya jess is telling the truth and jenifer i was counting all of my bother and sis webkinz to and im not lyuing so shut tha hell up ok

Jess 8 years ago

yeah we do jennifer ur just jelous cuz u probably have like NONE,1, or 2

Jennifer 8 years ago

Jess and ash u r liers!!! u dont have 400 and 137 webkinz!.

Jess 8 years ago

:) thnx..i have: 5 rats (like you), 3 just born baby rats,3 dogs,3 cats, 3 turtles,1 hamster,a bunny, and LOTS of animals out in our barn. p.s. 137 webkinz all cramped in my room lol

ash 8 years ago

hey jess funny vids i loved them in still rofl from them my chicken was screwed up to but its better now and tell ur rats i said hi i have 5 big rats and 3 guinea pigs,2 dogs,3 cats,15 cows,8 horses,25 fish, 2 snakes,6 birds,6 puppys,4 kittys,2 big lizards,2 hamsters,3 turtles,8 chickens,4 goats,3 sheep,3 kids,and 400 webkinz under one big ole roof (ecept the barn animals.) no lie ill make a vid of it i love animals

lind 8 years ago

hi yall i have 126 webkinz, im not bragging though.

Jess 8 years ago

oh thats too bad, ash. mine is xXkinzzXx

awesome person 8 years ago

i was wonder ing if trhey made a goat webkinz or if they will make one??????????/

ash 8 years ago

jess i dont have one cause sum jelous person on youtube hacked into mine and dleted it but wats urs jess im making another youtube

Jess 8 years ago

i have the sherbert bunny named Sparkle because whenever shes in the light,her fur sparkles.

elizabeth 8 years ago

i have the love puppy! i need the cheeky dog,cat,and sherbert bunny

Jess 8 years ago


Jess 8 years ago

hey ash whats ur youtube name?

yjuryi 8 years ago

I LOVE WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess 8 years ago

hey i'll give u mine:

user: loser


ash  8 years ago

????? nobody gonna give u one but u can have mine



amazoncutie 8 years ago

do u people always talk about webkinz?

????? 8 years ago

can I have somebodys username and password

ash 8 years ago

o u have a neice too me too i have 3 neices summer rose is my lil neice name and paige i keep track of it bi righting their names on the tags under their belly

Jess 8 years ago

BTW ash, summer is my new neice's name.

Jess 8 years ago

paige,i have 137 not 213.

amazoncutie 8 years ago

does anyone like wrestling?

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