Lite Sprites Dolls

What Do the Lite Sprites Do?

Lite Sprites is one the toys for girls on this years hot holiday toy list. Set in the world of Lite Topia, Lite Sprite Toys enable kids to explore and engage themselves with the wonder of color-invoking their imagination too. Made by tech toy gurus WoWee, Lite Sprite’s enchanting characters combined with technology help make then an enchanting almost magical toy for girls aged 4 years and older.

Lite Sprite is made up of 4 different components: Sprites and Pods, the Lite wand, Play sets and Lite Pets. The light wand is able to ‘copy’ the color of almost any object then transfers it to the Lite Dolls. The effect is almost magical and sure to be a hit with kids as they have fun picking colors of everyday objects then transferring it to their Lite Sprite Dolls. The Lite Sprite wand comes with a color library of 10 colors and is able to store up to 50 new colors. Is a great way for younger kids to learn colors.

Wowwee Lite Sprite Bleak And Pod
Wowwee Lite Sprite Bleak And Pod | Source

What are the Lite Sprites Names?

Like most characters-each come with their own personality.There are a total of 5 lite sprite dolls, one of which is the naughty Sprite Bleak who dislikes color-and is notorious for wanting to rid Liteopia of its colors-luckily she can be stopped by using the light wand. Names of the Lite Sprite Dolls include Prisma, Astra, Brooke, and Meadow. Each Sprite has the ability to reflect colors. Prisma is the Sprite which comes with the magic wand.

Lite Sprites Lite Pets Set 3
Lite Sprites Lite Pets Set 3 | Source
Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree Of Lite
Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree Of Lite | Source

Lite Sprite Pets

The lite Sprite Pets include four sets of pets-each in a different color which can be store in the color library.Lite Sprite Pets retail from $9.99.

Lite Sprite Playsets

Play sets include the swing playset, windmill, waterfall flower and tree of life.Playsets retail from $19.99. (As advertised 14.11.2011).

Where to Buy Lite Sprites

Lite Sprite Prisma with wand and pod retails from $24.99 (As advertised 14.11.2011 additional Lite Sprites retail from $14.99

Wowwee Lite Sprite Wand With Prisma Sprite And Pod
Wowwee Lite Sprite Wand With Prisma Sprite And Pod | Source

How Lite Sprites Work

More information can be found on the official Lite Sprites homepage.


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