Lord of Ultima Online Game - Cheats, Tricks, Cracks, Codes and Scripts

The Basics of the Game

Lord of Utima is an online strategy and tactical war game that is set in medieval times. It's a free game that can be played by anyone in the world and takes just a few seconds to register to begin playing. The idea of the game is to build your own city and a strong empire and to then attack others. Your goal is to become the strongest and most powerful player, in conjunction with having powerful alliances that makes you untouchable to your opponents. It's a great game but after much time of playing it you will find that you are always far behind many other players, even if your really doing great things. The reason that you might find yourself in this position is because there are many players out there that have taken advantage of some of the tips, tricks, cheats and most importantly the scripts that are available on the internet and give you a huge advantage over other players. So let's take a look at some of them...

Lord of Ultima Top Tips

Firstly let's share some really important tips for those players out there that are a little bit more honest and would rather make it without cheating, and then further down we can look into the cheats!

  • Keep your cities as close to one another as possible. Think of the productivity involved with your troops going from one city to another!
  • Make sure that you castle in a good way. Basically you should castle only your military cities for maximum effectivity.
  • Don't castle untill you know that you can fully defend your city. Otherwise you will find yourself going round in circles.
  • Placement of castles is crucial. You need to really consider your moves when placing castles as it is the difference between success and failure. Don't take silly risks.
  • A strong alliance gives you a strong chance of progressing well in the game. If you can get into one then make sure that you do it!
  • Always have resource in hand in your barons. Never let it run out, you don't want to be caught short.
  • Be sure to always fill your recruitment and building queue whenever you log into the game and then when it comes to the time for logging off you should go through all of your cities and upgrade buildings for any available slots that you might have. The minister package should be of serious consideration. The minister package is the the most important early defense manager, and the raid manager can open you up to huge amounts of resource.

Lord of Ultima Diamond Hack

The greatest and only script that you could ever need for the game is the Diamond Adder Hacker which has been created by Cracker. There has been various versions of the hacker, and the higher the number the more recent the hack. Currently 5.3 is the best available hacker. The youtube video to the right gives you a demonstration of the download of the hacker bot, and then shows you how to work it from there in. Most people are at first put off by the thought of using a script because they think that it's going to be overly complicated but in this instance it's really simple and can be thought of as more of a program already designed for you, rather than a script of sorts. Once you have downloaded Diamond Adder Hacker you are able to log in and switch the hacker on in order to give yourself as much resource as you require. It's simple and the whole process is demonstrated in just 1.47 seconds on the youtube video (start to finish), therefore you are just a couple of minutes away from as many diamonds as you may desire. There's thousands of players already using the hacker and if you haven't already heard of it then you might be suprised to know that it's not really a secret! So do yourself a favour and download diamond adder v5.3.

There are no codes for the game as there is nowhere to input any form of a code. If you've found a website with codes on it then you might as well just ignore it immediately. Enjoy the tips and the diamond adder hacker, and happy playing!

If you've got any other tips then feel free to share them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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