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Mabinogi is a fun MMORPG for all ages. As a college student I enjoy playing this game in my free time. In this game you can choose to be three races. Elves, Giants, or Humans, and along with those races there are different classes you can choose from such as merchant, archer, warrior, and mage. The class determines your destiny in the game.

In this game there are many things you can do. Some are compose music, hang with friends, fight numerous monsters and much much more.

My favorite thing to do in this game is to compose music. Currently my character is an elf mage. To me she is by far the cutest character i could have created.

If you are into this kind of thing I think you should check it out. This has been another review by Andrea Rose.

Also another note. If you need to find anything out in the game, like if you get confused on how to obtain some form of skill there are many sites that can help you like,, and I often use these sites to help guide me through the game.

So if you so choose come join the game!

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