Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Challenge #10: Sliver Infiltration


Scenario Description

Your opponent has a wall of monsters in the way and you only have one creature. Get him through the wall to destroy your opponent in one go.

The monsters in your way are Prized Unicorn (2/2, must be blocked by everyone), Wall of Bone (1/4, Defender, tap B to Regenerate), Caustic Hound (4/4, each player loses 4 life when it dies), Body of Jukai (8/5, Trample, Soulshift 8), Darksteel Gargoyle (3/3, Flying, Indestructible), Plated Slagwurm (8/8, Hexproof).

You have a Tidal Kraken (6/6, can't be blocked)


Still want to try to solve this on your own? These tips can put you in the right direction.

  • The title is only a partial hint at the solution, Slivers only play a tangential role to winning
  • You will need to use a combination of drawing cards and searching through your deck to win
  • If you take out the Darksteel Gargoyle your opponent can't block Flying creatures
  • You can Exile creatures with Indestructible
  • You have a way to sacrifice creatures if you need to trigger an effect that activates upon death


  1. Cast Crib Swap on his Darksteel Gargoyle
  2. Cast Virulant Sliver
  3. Cast the second Virulant Sliver
  4. Cast Brainstorm
  5. Return any two cards EXCEPT Protean Hulk
  6. Use Quicksilver Amulet to cast Protean Hulk
  7. Use Culling Dais' first ability and sacrifice Protean Hulk to it
  8. Use Protean Hulk's triggered ability to summon Predator Dragon (it's the last card in the pile)
  9. Feed the two Virulent Slivers to Predator Dragon's Devour ability, giving it +4/+4
  10. Unleash the Kraken! (and the Predator Dragon)
  11. Win!

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Milz 3 years ago

Why can't I sac protean hulk with dais and put out all my slivers and win? It won't let me for some reason

NoSE 3 years ago

wow this was the only difficult challenge, but is trully difficult

Emperor_Z 3 years ago

There's more than one way to solve this challenge. The way I used was probably closer to the intended way, based on the challenge's title. What I did was used the Protean hulk to summon two virulent slivers, a heart sliver, and a muscle sliver. I then used tidal wave to tap as many of the opponent's creatures as possible, including the one that does damage on death, then attacked with my slivers. Three of them will get through and do 4 poison damage each, winning the challenge.

Andrew 3 years ago

Another way of doing it: Cast Brainstorm and discard any two except Protean Hulk and Homing Sliver. Use Quicksilver Amulet to cast the Protean Hulk, then use the Culling Dias to sacrifice it. Next, find and bring out the Netherborn Phalanx, dealing 6 damage to the opponent. On the Homing Sliver, active Slivercycle (making sure to leave 1 red land untapped) and bring out the Blades of Velis Vel. Cast this on your Kraken, and then use the Kraken to deal the final 8 damage.

Alex 3 years ago

I used Homing Sliver to Slivercycle and drew Blades of Velis Vel. Then I used brainstorm to draw Netherborn Phalanx which I played using the Quicksilver Amulet. The Netherborn Phalanx deals 6 damage to him taking him from 14 to 8. Then I cast Blades of Velis Vel on the Kraken and attacked to sneak past dealing 8 damage. Since the description says to sneak past I think that was the intended method. This was really pretty challenging and I think it's great there are multiple ways to accomplish it.

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