Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Challenge #3: Battle Tactics


Scenario Description

Your opponent has a Serra Angel (4/4, Flying, Vigilance) and a Centaur Courser (3/3) and will win next turn if you can't end it now.

All that stands in the way is your Barony Vampire (3/2), Runeclaw Bear (2/2) and another Runeclaw Bear (2/2). These minions will have to get by the Angel and Centaur to win the game.


Still want to try to solve this on your own? These tips can put you in the right direction.

  • You have more creatures than your opponent can block
  • "Instant" spells can be cast after blockers have been declared by hitting "Stop Timer"


  1. Attack with everything
  2. Cast Might of Oaks on the unblocked creature (a Runeclaw Bear) to make it a 9/9
  3. Win

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