Magnetic balls or Magnet balls: make sure you buy for the best price

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More colors , more funCan you believe this?Original Magnetic balls colorMr. Goldfinger would kill for one of these
More colors , more fun
More colors , more fun
Can you believe this?
Can you believe this?
Original Magnetic balls color
Original Magnetic balls color
Mr. Goldfinger would kill for one of these
Mr. Goldfinger would kill for one of these

Magnet balls are fun and can be very entertaining to have around. These are sold in cubes made from round shaped magnetic parts, usually 216 pieces. With this desk toy you can shape and create many forms amusing yourself and surprising your friends with odd shapes and tricky designs, while at the same time relaxing from the stress of daily routines.

At amazon you can buy online safely the most popular basic set of Magnetic balls for under $20. If this sounds too cheap it is in fact considering they are strong and durable, transmitting a solid product feel the first time you take them out of the box.

Magnetic balls are available from different manufactures such as Cyber cube, nanocube or even nanodots. Basically they all serve the same intent and have the same basic magnet elements. To add a little color to your desk you can also purchase rainbow or gold editions, which came respectively with bright colors balls or gold ones.

If your have kids then these magic magnetic balls are also a great buy. Sooner than imagined you’ll see how your children will be completely fascinated with the tricks and puzzles at their reach, spending hours playing around with them: less hours in front of a screen playing videogames and much cheaper than the ordinary videogame that in less than a month is gathering dust on a shelf.

In the office everyone will want to play with this simple yet intriguing toy, at some places co-workers even create competitions to see who is the true master of Magnet balls.

Even if it seems hard to create anything relevant at first, as soon as the magnetic balance is mastered the only thing hard and frustrating will be to destroy the forms created, that is why rarely people just have one set of magnetic balls. They have usually an extra cube to keep playing with while keeping the original cool complex designs and shapes untouched.

The only thing to worry about is to keep track of every sphere as they can easily be lost if too many people mess around with your stress reliever.

P.S. A final word of caution:Magnetic balls can be very addictive!

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