Make hand-made toys for fun AND profit

The best of both worlds!

Got power tools? Maybe a small shop in your basement or garage? Need extra money but your time is limited and a second job is out of the question? If so then toy making may be the answer to your prayers. Perhaps, just perhaps it's time to stop buiding those boring shelving units for your house and the picture frames from scrap door casing that's left over from your last in-house home improvement project! It's time to justify the cost of your tools and start making money with them!

I know, I've heard it all before, "My kids are grown" or "My kids are into sports and electronic games" or maybe you use my favorite: "How can I compete with places like Walmart and Toys-r-us". The answers are simple, first of all, there will ALWAYS be kids in this world even if they aren't yours! Second, If electronics was taking over the toy industry Walmart and Toys-r-us wouldn't be selling toy boxes for little children. Third, retail outlets like Walmart and Toys-r-us are what you see is what you get places and they DON'T carry everything under the sun!

Trust me, there is a huge market for hand-made toys in this world and there's no big secret to becoming part of it. bath-tub toys, small, hook together train cars, push cars, and roll around airplanes for toddlers all have a timeless appeal to today's consumers. They're easy to make and easy to sell. From Thanksgiving to the middle of December I netted over $1000.00 in profit from hand-made toys sales. Not bad considering that my youngest child is in his thirties and this is a part-time gig that I enjoy.


If you're reading this you probably already have most of the tools you'll need to get started. Garden variety hand power tools, a table saw, scroll saw, sander, router, you know the "usual" stuff! Start small, as you see success, more specialized tools can be purchased at a later date.


Not long ago I was browsing through a hand-made toy site on the internet and stumbled upon a toddler catapult that launched harmless plastic "wiffle" type golf balls. It was ugly and had no color to it. I did my own design, painted it with primary colors but held onto the basic function of launching practice golf balls. I posted the toy on a virtually free website for hand-made toys and sold a dozen of them in less than 45 days.


Selling hand-made toys is one thing, reselling toys made by manufacturers is another! Hand-made products get special treatment on the internet. High traffic websites are available to individuals who hand-make products at virtually no set up costs. The sites are free and easy to set up and posting a product costs as little as twenty cents. Only when a product sells is there a small commission charged. No Sales, no charges other than the twenty cent posting fee. From there it's simply a matter of setting up a pay-pal account, figuring out postage, and your set to go!


The "Wildcat" catapuult, easy to make, easy to sell.
The "Wildcat" catapuult, easy to make, easy to sell.
A paddle-wheel bathtub sailboat toy. Another great seller!
A paddle-wheel bathtub sailboat toy. Another great seller!
Another bath-tub toy, a paddle wheel battleship.
Another bath-tub toy, a paddle wheel battleship.
A race ramp for those popular and collectable cars.
A race ramp for those popular and collectable cars.
A hook together "wagon train" set.
A hook together "wagon train" set.

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LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba

Hi I loved the pictures of the toys, I love manufacturing bits and pieces for myself in my garage.. I once spent my entire Christmas holiday building some fancy kitchen shelving units.. When my neighbor saw them she wanted to know where I had brought them as she wanted a set, when she found out that I had made them she offered me 3000 pounds to make a set for her... There is a lot to be made if you can make good stuff with your hands as not a lot of people do any more..

R J Bax profile image

R J Bax 6 years ago from Glendale, Arizona Author

Thanks for the kind words. There are lots of things that need to be purchased these days, but there are also lots of things to be made as well! Keep up the good work!

Wooden Toys for Children 6 years ago

Great hub. I love simple wooden toys that last forever and inspire kids to develop their imaginations. It is great to see you have had success using traditional craftsman skills. The toys look great and fun to use. Well done and keep it up.

Playmobil 5 years ago

That's the best thing you can do if you are a skilled crafter, making handmade toys and sell them. So you can earn money, and also you enjoy creating them

R J Bax profile image

R J Bax 5 years ago from Glendale, Arizona Author

Now there's an aspect of making hand-made toys that is an added enjoyable bonus. Designing toys and working out the "bugs" is fun stuff too!

Saffron 19 months ago

Awesome handmade wooden toys, like it.

lol 13 months ago


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