Making Money in Perfect World International


Have you ever dreamed about making enough money to get whatever you wanted? I can help you make that money in this guide. How much you make is dependent  on how much effort you put in. But if you have the will, here is the way.

Reaching five million coins

Reaching five million coins will be your first goal. To start, you should kill monsters for some coins. 300k (300,000) is a good starting point, and depending on your level, it could take 1-2 hours. The best place to start once you have the money is the auction house. Check it every day, until you get a general idea of the cost of common items. Then, when you see a cheap deal, buy the item(s) and resell them in the AH. This way, you should have 1 million coins in a day or two. Once you have 1 million coins, you should set up a catshop buying perfect stones. Make sure you buy them for more than any other catshops, but don't pay so much that you can't make a profit selling them. Once you have the stones, you can start selling them. Again, make sure your price is better than anyone else, that way you get all the customers. Keep buying and selling perfect stones until you reach five million coins.

Reaching ten million coins

Now it's time for you to reach ten million coins. The best way would be to make and sell wine. You can make wine using materials that can be bought from catshops found near Mister Tso . I would suggest making bh69 wines (Ancientwell wines). Make sure you get the cheapest materials you can find for the wine. Once you make the wine (Mister Tso can make them), set up a catshop near the bounty hunter selling the wines. Usually, you can make a 20k-40k profit per a wine. Keep making and selling wines until you reach ten million coins.

Reaching twenty million coins

This is probably the hardest part. You have to keep searching for good deals or you can continue selling wines. You can try buying cheap mounts and then reselling them too. Just keep doing this until you reach twenty million coins.

More than twenty million

Once you have made twenty million coins, you should buy gold. Buy 45 gold and then wait until the next "lucky pack" sale. By lucky packs I mean Anniversary packs, Tiger Packs, Luck Corals,etc.. Then, buy 50 packs and set up a catshop selling them at the same price as everyone else. Keep buying gold and selling packs. Every time you can afford to buy an extra 45 gold, do so. This means you keep buying as many packs as possible. Do not buy the 19 gold packs. You can keep selling packs until you have as much money as you want. You can also buy and sell tokens, but I would suggest you wait until you have at least 100 mil so that you can make a larger profit.


If you liked my guide and found it helpful, or want me to add something, just leave a comment!

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Jer 5 years ago

Hi, pretty cool guide there.

But if I have to set up a catshop throughout the day just to earn twenty million coins, I'm actually paying more in my electricity bills.

I will rather spend 20$, get 20gold, and make my life more easier in-game.

cris 5 years ago

you said i need to buy perfect stone in higher price then everybody and then sell it in less the everybody how can i make money of that?????

Dude 5 years ago

Buy them in higher price and sell them in less the everybody, for example: Everybody buy them for 500 each and sell them for 1000 each. You buy'em for 600 each and sell them for 900 each, u get 300 coins profit out of each one. Got it?. That's just an example on the price, it can be different price in the game.

loco police 4 years ago

hi my name is spartaccus and the perfect stone methond didn't work for me what should i do

loco thief 4 years ago

kill yourself!

spartaccus 4 years ago


Shank 4 years ago

good info tyvm for your time

WarWolf 4 years ago

Hey to those who said just buy it with real money.... that stupid speing real money for fake money that just noob....................

mrblueishmouvesky profile image

mrblueishmouvesky 3 years ago from England, United Kingdom

"If you liked my guide and found it helpful, or want me to add something, just leave a comment!"

- Put a little something at the start about what perfect world international is? :)

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