Mall World Facebook: Cash/Money Tips, Hints and Cheats

Mall World on Facebook
Mall World on Facebook

Mall World is a Facebook game that allows players to create their own virtual boutique and sell clothes, shoes and handbags. Each virtual shop can be designed by using different wallpapers, rugs, plants, shelves, clothing racks and more. Even the cash register and counter is customizable. Players can also work towards filling their own closet with trendy fashions.

In Facebook's Mall World, the way to earn money is by selling clothes and accessories. If you're short on cash, read through the tips below to learn how you can earn enough money to create the most glamorous boutique around.

Note: New tips are being found and added all the time! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often. In the meantime, if you have a great Mall World tip to share, please comment below!

Shopping in the Facebook Mall World catalog (find the cheaper items that have the highest retail value!)
Shopping in the Facebook Mall World catalog (find the cheaper items that have the highest retail value!)

Buying Inventory and Selling Clothes

When you first start playing Mall World, you'll only have a few basic items available from the default items. Look at the clothes that are available and choose the items that will earn you the most. In the beginning, you might be tempted to stock your store with a bit of this and a bit of that-resist the temptation and buy several of the cheapest items that sell for the most.

For example, one of the first collections available is the "Black Rose Collection from Godo." The jeans are only $50, they sell for $60. That's a $10 profit on each pair so buy all 5 pairs with your starter cash. By following this technique, you'll double or triple your cash in no time!

Money Tips

Tip: Avoid splurging on expensive decorating items when you first start playing. The cash you spend on the fancy counter will be better spend on stocking your store.

Tip: Items that take longer to deliver are worth more

Tip: Look at the "Total" of 5 items (the max) to the "Retails For" amount. Subtract the total from the retail price for 5. This is your profit. To earn cash quickly, look for items that sell for $100 more than it costs to buy. Do this a few times a day to earn tons of cash!

Tip: Buying clothes for yourself gains experience points, which helps you level up faster!

Tip: Unlock new fashions to find higher priced items and items that will retail for more

Play the Dressing Room Game

A quick way to earn money in Mall World online game is by playing the Dressing Room Game. In this game, the object to help the customer find an outfit that matches the item in the box on the upper right hand corner. If your customer is happy with the way the outfit looks, the thermometer on the left side of her will go up. TIP: Click through the items quickly before and choose the one that makes the red line go the highest. Once you find it, move on to the next piece of clothing. When you get the red bar as high as it will go, leave it! The timer will run out and you'll win cash.

Mall World F.A.Q's

How do I get mall credits on Mall World?"

Players automatically get 10 free Mall Credits when they reach a certain level of the game. If you want more credits you'll have to pay for them (yes with real money) until the developers (possibly) add more ways of getting mall credits.

  • Click on the gold 'credit' icon at the top left hand corner of the page
  • Choose a way to pay for the Mall World Credits
  • To buy the credits you can use your Facebook credits, Pay-Pal or pre-paid game cards.
  • You can also participate in surveys. While there are some 'free' offers on the Offerpal page, they usually require downloads (like the Yahoo toolbar) or long surveys. You'll earn more Mall Credits by signing up for affiliate offers, like applying for a real credit card (722 Mall Credits)

How Do I Get More Friends on Mall World?

If you're looking to add more friends on Mall World, be sure to check out the Mall World Adds group on Facebook! (Psst...they even have contests!)

Level up in Mall World to get new fashion collections
Level up in Mall World to get new fashion collections

More Mall World Money: Squeaky Clean Bonus

Be sure to visit your friends boutiques. As you enter their stores, you'll find clothes on the floor (only the first time you visit for that day). Pick up the clothes to earn more Facebook Mall World Money. There is a 5x a day limit to earning this bonus.

Level Up and Unlock New Fashion Collections

As you progress in the game, you'll be able to unlock new fashion collections. To do this you'll need cash, so be sure to have enough on hand. The new wardrobes usually have a higher retail value.

To level up in the game you'll need to buy, sell, decorate and add new friends and neighbors.

Sell Items Like Shelves, Racks and other décor

If you're short on cash, you can sell some of your extra shelves, hanging racks, plants, rugs and other decorational items. Click on the item that you don't want, when you see a green 'recycle' icon/symbol, click it. This will ask you if you want to sell the item and will tell you what the "PROCEED" or value of the exchange will be. You won't get what you originally paid for it, but the extra cash can be put towards something new-clothes or upgraded store décor or hardware.

Mall World Facebook
Mall World Facebook

Become a Fan and Earn Bonus Mall World Dollars

At the top of the Mall World Game you'll see a bunch of options like become a fan (click 'like'), subscribe to emails and similar things. If you agree to all of them, you'll get a bonus of $5000 Mall World Dollars!

A New Game To Check Out

If you like Facebook games, be sure to check out Zynga's new FrontierVille!

Tips & Tricks: Mall World on Facebook

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caseybobasey 6 years ago

the signing up and emailing really do help. i had 2000 dollars now i have 10000 thanks to it and other tricks!

Lilly 6 years ago

How do you sell stuff?? *.*

radlyn profile image

radlyn 6 years ago Author

Hi Lilly- To sell things like shelves, rugs or racks, click on the item you don't want anymore. There will be a green symbol (looks like a recycle symbol). Click this to sell the item! :)

isabeL 6 years ago

iF U waNt to lvL up faSt:

bUy iTems fOr yoUrselF tO eaRn mOre EXP

paula  6 years ago

how do you buy the satin bustier dress for your self and were?

Diddla 6 years ago

Hi Paula What You Do Is You Click The Item You Want To Buy And Then You Wait Until It Gets Delivered Then Click The (Wardrobe Icon) On The Botton Left Side Of The Screen Then You Find It On...(Dresses)...(Shirts)...(Pants)... (Accessories)...(Shoes) Then You Select It And Click Save! x =]

Hope This Helps xxx

Diddla 6 years ago

Also How Can You Get More Credits Without Paying With Credit-Cards?! xxx

nat 6 years ago

how do you sign up for the emails?

jess 6 years ago

How do you ern the gold credits?????

Melissa 6 years ago

Diddla, You said

"What You Do Is You Click The Item You Want To Buy And Then You Wait Until It Gets Delivered Then Click The (Wardrobe Icon) On The Botton Left Side Of The Screen Then You Find It On...(Dresses)...(Shirts)...(Pants)... (Accessories)...(Shoes) Then You Select It And Click Save! x =] "

How can I save delivered items to my closet, if I cannot find them on other stores to buy for myself? (not to sell)

radlyn profile image

radlyn 6 years ago Author

Hi Melissa,

I don't think you can save the items you buy as 'stock' for yourself-BUT chances are- if you have friends at higher levels of the game, they'll probably have what you're looking for in their stores- and they may even have stuff you didn't even know existed ;)

(If anyone else knows any tricks-please share!)

Kaitlyn 6 years ago

Ok like when I ordered something then I ordered it again it says restock when I try to click on it so it dosent let me do anything with those clothes!

Macey 6 years ago

Everytime when I play this game, then close the tab, it doesn't save ! So I have to buy MORE clothes and set EVERYTHING up AGAIN ! Except for the furnisher? WHY ?! And how can I Save it so it doesn't do this?!


- Mucho Amor


Hilary 6 years ago

Hi Macey,

It's not that it isn't saving it's just that people are buying your clothes. It's perfectly normal-plus you'll have more money to spend on new clothes! :)

Molly 6 years ago

How do you get tour items out of restock?

Molly 6 years ago

I mean your not tour

Gera 6 years ago

How do I get my items out of restock?? Because it dosent let me do anything with those clothes!!!

nicole 6 years ago

i want to know how can i get credit and cash from mall world really easy

Erica 6 years ago

How do you

Erica 6 years ago

put the clothes on the rack

Rox 6 years ago

There's no way to get more rooms for tyour store?

prescilla  6 years ago

how do you sell your own clothes ?????????

leslie 6 years ago

i am really low in cash like only 2 dollars i have no clothes no racs or shelvs or rugs or plants or any thing like that i need help can i sell stuff from my closet?

lizzie 6 years ago

Is it possible to sell clothing?

jannelle 6 years ago

how can you get free closes... i really need some and im out of monney

Robin 6 years ago

Molly and Gera, to get your items out of restock, pull the item off the rack or shelf and put it in your inventory. Once you do this you can pull it out of inventory and it will take your restock as well. :D

cookie 6 years ago

How do you buy clothes and accessories?????????

hope 6 years ago

how do you know if the item is good when your buying

hope  6 years ago

lizzie if you log off your facebook account and log back on then some of your clothes have be brought by your friends that have mall wall.

yana 6 years ago

how to complete the task of "tidy 10 stores" ?

Peaches 6 years ago

Hey > Does anyone know what the fastest way to get levels is? I'm at level 32 and need to sky rocket to higher levels really fast right now!


tiffany 6 years ago

if u want the clothes that arent i the stores go to one of your friends houses create a look for them and put the clothes that they don't sell in the stores that u want then save it then go to yr house for a minute or 2 the go bac to ther store click ther look book and the look u did will be in ther and u can buy it from ther its quite easy it relly works i promis and by the way im only 11 yeARS OLDDD!!!!!!!

lili 6 years ago

can you sell your own clothes????how??

Kitty 6 years ago

How do i sign up? i choose the like option and i tried to click on everything at the top but it didn't do anything. :(

moxiegirl101 6 years ago

i need to know how to get more credits without paying real money. can u?

Nessa 6 years ago

Is there a way to get free mall credits?

I don't have any facebook credits and i really need Mall Credits:) this would really help :)need help ASAP :/

Martyna 6 years ago

i did the subscribe thing and all but still didn't get the cash ??

miss.yara miseer 6 years ago

really i cant tell u how to thank u in these good information

Georgina Davies 6 years ago

how do you get unique items in your store ?

Nessa 6 years ago

How do u sell stuff that is in ur closet :) THANKS FOR THE INFO.

Sara 6 years ago

How do you put clothes on a rack??

Sarah 6 years ago

When I unlock an item for let's say $1,500, do I make any profits? Or do I just get my $1,500 back whenever all the items of the outfit are sold?

lily 6 years ago

how can i get more money in this game??

Poppy 6 years ago

Im new to this game and i just wondered.. how do you sell your stuff?

Halle  6 years ago

How do you put your shop, were your avatar goes hopping for itself? If you get me. If not I mean when you go shopping for yourself, I want my shop there, how do I do it

sandera 6 years ago

i have one >:(

brookiecookie 6 years ago

is there anyway that you can get the clothes that you have in your store?

Saidah 6 years ago

You can restock only when you sell all of the items from the store that is the same item.

Ebony 6 years ago

you can get more gold credit by taking surveys click the tab at the top that says get and then theres the gold sign, then click the different tabs if you click on "earn from completing offers" and then choose one like super rewards, you can complete surveys etc and you get your $$ in a few minute

stevie 6 years ago

you set your clothes that you bought on your racks, and when u leave and come back, and their not there, that means that someone of your friends have already bought them. (:

Crystal 6 years ago

heey can u sell ur closet items?

vee 6 years ago

nope it's like impossible to sell ur clothes in the inventory... and can anyone tell me how to get free mall credz without filling surveys? cz in this cntry u dnt hv them

Torria 6 years ago

If you want to buy clothes that your friends do not have in their stores, create an outfit for their lookbook, then go to the store and view their lookbook, you will have the option to click clothing items and purchase them

Nessa 6 years ago

Kay seriously no one has answered my question!!!

can u sell the clothing from ur closet need money!!!! ASAP!!!! pls send tips:) thanks

lula 6 years ago

nessa no you cant sell items in your closet. the more you buy the more money you get to get more things to get more money and so on

Brookie  6 years ago

i bought some clothes for my store and then put them in my store... then i got off facebook and returned to facebook the next day and all my clothes were gone but i received no money for them. PLZ tell me what happened and how i can receive the money!

megan 6 years ago

is there any way of making money without doing surveys and stuff ? please help !!

molly 6 years ago

How do i get credits with out paying with a credit card!

cassie 6 years ago

molly you can spin the wheel of fashion. some of the prizes are 10 or maybe 15 mall credits. you also get some when you level up i think. does anyone know how to change your hair in the game?

Emma 6 years ago

cassie you goto your closet and instead of clicking the closet u click the girls face in the top corner and thats how

ronette 6 years ago

ihavent received my bonus cash yet idk if i did the right thing

jessica 6 years ago

how do u sell your clothes that u have bought that are in you closit

Jelly 6 years ago

you don't have to pay for mall credits! if you're lucky, you can get some by playing the wheel of fashion.

Cecilia 6 years ago

Hi im trying to beat my neighbor in mall world but it takes 2 long to beat her and she is already advanced plis help ? Cecilia

Ellie 6 years ago

hello guys, i am just asking can u sell wallpaper? and taylor i cant see a tab that u can buy modes so i don't think u can :(

Ok Ok  6 years ago

your page is great and thanks so much but do you think you can put how to get free credit with out paying ;D

samira 6 years ago

u don't need to pay fro makeup or lipstik u just click it on cash if u have mall credits then u can buythe 1 mall credit but if u don't and u just buy makeup u don't lose money

esha 6 years ago

hey this game should be on bebo facbook and myspace by the way i love this game

thanks for lisning

uzma 6 years ago

mall world is superb nd we can even earn money by the dress up game....

SHanelle 6 years ago

How do you buy things to put in your store?Because I keep buying things but i don't know how to put them in my store?

hannah 6 years ago

how do i make my doll wear the clothes that i make by my self not mall worlds ,,

there is a contest going on i did make the clothes but don't know how to get them in mall world

Delilahhh 6 years ago

Here's a trick I use that works really well; make yourself 2 facebook accounts. On your main account, buy 1 of whatever you want to have in the catalog. Then put it in your store. Then use your second account to go into your store, and buy it for you (it will send it to your 1st account's closet)

Hope it helps :)

zuko. 6 years ago

how can i sign up and stuff?

unknown 6 years ago

the easiest way to get free stuff is probably the wheel of fortune thing and you get 1 free spin everyday and 5 spins when you first started. you can win up to 10 free mall credits on it and if you want more spins you just use mall credit. you can also win money and clothes/ accessories that are worth lots of mall credit. And i signed up its at the top of the screen :D

Sadie  6 years ago

Hey, I have NO credits and I wanna know how to open the locker in Ivy Halls. I can't figure it out but I REALLY need them because I just started and I have almost nothing.

chandana 6 years ago

i want to earn money.........really fast

jess 6 years ago

what is the code for ivy halls?????

Beth 6 years ago

How can i get free money and

what's the code for ivy halls?

nIKELLE 6 years ago


Cristiane Sudano 6 years ago

Please!!!!I just looooooooove this game but I need some neighbors...Does anyone want to be my neighbor????Mu name at Facebook is Cristiane Sudano!COuld you add me in?

Rachel 6 years ago

I don't want to do surveys or sign up for things that I don't want to get mall credit/dollars. Is there a better way. I cant afford to keep buying credits/mall dollars. Is there a place that has free credits/mall dollars.

tawni 6 years ago

code for the ivy halls is YLFB9W3GZ and u can get free money with the wheel of fashion.

Kim 6 years ago

What is the input code in Ivy Halls? I wanna get Mall Credit!

tawni 6 years ago

i just said its YLFB9W3GZ

Eliza  6 years ago


In the left bottom corner there will be a house and book and a closet click the book and buy / unlock styles, Then go to the boxed inbetween Malls and the wooden stool click inventory and drag the clothes onto hangers or shelves, if some of the clothes you bought don't show up it's because they're still shipping, click Deliveries to see how much longer they'll take to come.

Laura 6 years ago

tawni it is not YLFB9W3GZ

laury 6 years ago

do u have code for having money????????

jane 6 years ago

hey...I just tried this code but they always tell me it's wrong :S little help plz????

Mariah  6 years ago

Is there a cheat to get free mall creits?

JACKIE 6 years ago

I want to know the code for ivy halls!

does anyone know it?

plz plz plz plz! HELP ME! I NEED HELP!

Kim 6 years ago

for ivy halls your supposed to click the locker then it says something about an email accept it then go to ur email then you will get the code

pau 6 years ago

i'm wating for the code since yesterday in the morning..

Unknown 6 years ago

i typed in this code someone on here gave me and it wont let me do anything i click get mall credits and it doesent do anything YLFB9W3GZ

clarisse 6 years ago

how do we make a new floor in our mall??

can u pls give me an answer ASAP!!


clarisse 6 years ago

in my previous comment...i asked how we cud get another floor in our mall......i gt my answer


Angela 6 years ago

i think you can get like 3 floors now. and you can get like 6 or 7 delivery spaces or whatever they are called.

ok curious if any one is above level 40? because if so i need to add yall because i am on level 40 and i have clothes that aren't in the mall in my store. and all my friends are like on level 30 or below. :'(

KRISTINE 6 years ago



laura 6 years ago

i pressed accept to share my email but there is nothing

laura 6 years ago

how many minutes or days i takes or hours

Teka 6 years ago

Im on level 58

maddie 6 years ago

how do u get an item that is sold out for exampal the "bieber blazer" or something like that i really need help, bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeee

Angela  6 years ago

like how is it sold out???? like is it not in some ones look book or what???? because if it is in some one's look book and it is sold out then it probably cost mall credits.

kamildnh 6 years ago

how do i make a collection ?

meegs 6 years ago

how do i sell things in my closet???

lynn 6 years ago

tiffany u said that if we want clothes that are not in stores we can go 2 a friends house and make a new look for her i did it and thene i put send outfit and thene i went home for like 2 minutes and tene i went 2 my friends house again but it did nt work plz help

Ashley 6 years ago

To look in the email try looking in the spam folder

Koala 6 years ago

How do you enter your email address in mall world

so you can get to open the secret locker in Ivy halls because i don't know where to click to enter my email address and i have looked in my emails but nothing there even in the spam i don't know if it is because i haven't entered my email address and if it is that can you tell me where i enter it please

sincerley Koala =)

Rhearons. x 6 years ago

Hi Is There Any Cheats For Leveling Up Because Im On L34 and i want to Get A 3rd Floor In My Shop

Please Help! x

Mel 6 years ago

To get the 5 mall credits, u need to accept the email thingy, and as soon as u accept it, they will send u an email with the code.

The code they sent me was: 9YFSQX3GZ

alexa 6 years ago

how do you sell items from your wardrobe!? help me!!!!

Angela  6 years ago

I didn't even know that you could sell clothes from your closet. Can you even do that?

Kine 6 years ago

make 2 facebook and goo on mall world and get money and give to ur self ;p

sally 6 years ago

how if u want get more energy without eating a piece of cake?

Michelle 6 years ago

What is a unique item? Plzzz help me..

yeliz 6 years ago

çok güsel yaa.. çok begendimmmmmm!!!!!

Angela  6 years ago

a unioue item is an item that you don't have in your store. to get moxie stars you have to have like 10 unioue items in your store.

Sara 6 years ago

When or how do i get 4th floor? i am on 64 level, and i still didn't got 4th floor and i need it SO much. :)

imtiyala 6 years ago

ARGGG>!!!!!!! i really really want credits now!!!!!!!! i spent all of them!!!!

jamie taylor 6 years ago

now u can go on the wheel of fashion to earn money or credits and all sorts of things.

jamie taylor 6 years ago

do u no dat u earn more money than u pay when u buy something in the catolog

Tony johnson 6 years ago

now there is a new store called halloween and it has all different things that are scary and spooky it is on the malls and there is all other great malls that u can go to aswell and they are good they must of put alot of effert into theres :) :)

Jamie Taylor 6 years ago


Julie Taylor 6 years ago

How do I view my friend's stores? :P

I know plenty of friends that play Mall World just as I do, but I don't know how to view their stores. Any comments,answers would be helpful. Thank you.

joana marie 6 years ago

i want more money....

alanta  6 years ago

i want more crends but i can only go on the spin game 1 a day and i don't ever win the creds and i cant un lok them

peeonhead 6 years ago

how do i get paint?????????? help

jamie taylor 6 years ago

i have 45 creditsss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katyg:) 6 years ago

for the wheel of fashion game, you can click on one of the sections (eg 10mall credits) and then it will spin and land on that one- BUT you can only do this for each section once- hope this helps :)

paula31 6 years ago

how to open the locker i cant get rid of this stuff!

gerry579 6 years ago

i see my friends at my store buying clothes and i would like to go to their stores but i don't know how. do they have to be my neighbor? i want to also go there so i can tidy their stores. help please

alessandra 6 years ago

how use energy ?its always full...does it works somehow?

jamie taylor 6 years ago

i have 20 credits !!!!!!!!!! i had 2 spins on the wheel of fashion and i won 10 credits on the first and i won 10 credits on the other one

alexa. 6 years ago

hi alessandra- when someone walks into your store with a jigsaw piece in a bubble over their head, click on that. Its a game where you have to guess which clothing goes with what- hope this helps :)

lita 6 years ago

If i want to have 2nd floor.How?

mennaroo 6 years ago

when i click on that add neighbours sign with the green cross, it just freezes and i cant add people :( does anyone elses do this? :S

payton 6 years ago

hey lita

i think all you need to do is to leel 20 to leel up faster buy more clothes or if you hae credits try THE WHEEL OF FASHION for anything else you may need

hope this helps bye x

Jeanette 6 years ago

Tidy 5 stores..what shell i do ? i don't understand me pleas

Vivian 6 years ago

you go to the icon that has 2 heads together and visit a friends' store click on the clothes on the FLOOR and then it will say ''squeaky clean bonus'' try it with 4 more stores and you just cleaned 5 stores (Hint: the stores have to be your friends' not in the mall)

nat  6 years ago

i think you should get about 1 or 2 credits a day that will help you spin the wheel of fashion when you haven't got any more spins left because you can earn money an when you earn money you can buy more stuff for you an your store/mall an i also think you should be able to have more than 10 games on the dressingup game maybe about 20 because that gets you more money aswell

I hope you read this an see what you think THANKYOU xx

Mirna 6 years ago

I want to get mall credits!

dfgfdgh 6 years ago

before playing the dressing room game feed a dog a turky or steak to earn more. if you buy stuff on mall world sometimes they will randomly give you 2000 $$. play the puzzel piece game to earn money, on this game how much u earn is the price of the item u chose

kawaiicute_13 6 years ago


just drag the clothes,bags,or shoes on the racks/shelves..

go to your inventory then drag the items that you like to put on the racks/shelves..


jamie taylor 6 years ago


jen. 6 years ago

how do i get rid of the extra floor. like i don't want it..

aleenaXxX 6 years ago

LO5ANW3GZ this is the 2010 code u get 5 mall cash

alisha  6 years ago

how can i get some hangers were i put my sale clothes?

kayla r 6 years ago

is there a cheat that can get you more credits

none of ur bussines! 6 years ago

i stilllll don't get it...... add me on fb! :) its ADD ME!

NOBODY 6 years ago


ss 6 years ago

excuse me, but I wonder why the dollar money that I earned, decreased everyday when I play this game? from 30000, now I only have 9954 dollars. Is there an error? And how I can solve this?

I dont hav a name 6 years ago

how do i level up 80 levels in a fast amount of time

Emma 6 years ago

How do you get things delievered to you?

Sarah 6 years ago

This does not give me much cheats.

SARA 6 years ago


Angela 6 years ago

Can you make your own dress in mall world?

Anon 6 years ago

Caity, You click on your wardrobe where you change your clothing and then your dog is next to your avatar, you should see something underneath where you change your dogs name..

Hope this has helped :) x

maegan 6 years ago

Add Me!Amazing!!

I just got a big pile of Cash & Credits, so have also my Friends, get yours Now!!! MY GOD IM THE BEST IN MALL WORLD!! :D Go to:

cleo 6 years ago

i try to add the missing piece to the outfit , for cash , you know , by clicking the puzzle piece above the persons head in your boutique . but ive run out of energy and it costs gold credits to buy food from the cafe , but i don't have any credits left !

Niamh 6 years ago

Ok Guys. ive just read down through some of your problems and see that maybe my comment might be helpful to some, so first the main thing some of yee are strugling with is cash.

if you go into your screen where you see your shop and your avatar and everything, if you look to the right hand side of the page there is two games. one.. dress up and two.. spin the wheel (or something in the lines of that) you can click on either of them and when you spin the wheel you can win up to 2,000 cash and 10 mall credit! but unfortenetly, for your first spin i think you get about three, but after that you have to pay for it with mall credit. log on everyday and you get one free spin.

2. putting clothes on the rack

putting the clothes on the rack is simple. when you look down at the bottom of your playing screen you will see some boxes. you click on the boxes, click on invenatory, and then you simply drag the clothes onto the rack. but you have to purchase the clothes first. you can do that by click on the catalog under the picture of a little house and above the wardrobe image on the bottom left hand corner of your playing screen.

i hope this information helps! :D

But can anypone tell me a cheat or trick or something to get more mall credit and cash? thanks :)

vivvy 6 years ago

in ivy halls there is alocker u cant open unles you have a password, what is the password? cuz i cant find he e-mail in my messages??

looooo 6 years ago

Well, that helped my how much? 0%.

Kendall 6 years ago

omfg u guys r liars!!!!!! u don't get 10 credits each time u level up!!! i just tried it a minute ago! liars!!!

corkylh@@ 6 years ago

how do you earn mall credits !!!! please help x

juju 6 years ago

You get mall credits by playing "The Wheel of Fashion" and/or by paying for them.

lauren  5 years ago

How do you get the code for the locker in one of the shops if you unlock it you get alot of creadits?

LadyLoca 5 years ago

Ive been playin mall world for like 2 months and now i have hundreds of clothes, 2 floors in my store(which always have latest collections), 70,000 dollars cash and 35 credits. And remember i haven't used real money. All money i earned is by selling clothes and by the wheel of fashion!I ADORE THIS GAME!

sanju 5 years ago

cool just lv mall world

maggi 5 years ago

mall world is a good game to play but after a while u get bored go on 5 days in a row and you get a FREE gift how cool is thatme and my love the game and we are 11 well never mind can you tell me some things that you can do on mall woreld to get FREE thing pleasssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoey 5 years ago

How do you get credits on mall world without paying for them.I have already been to Ivy Halls.I also need a collar for my dog but they are to expensive.My friend sent one to me but i didn't get it and I don't have enough credits for one.

from Zoey

Racheal 5 years ago

facebook is so dumb and they deleted my profile for no freaken reason. i love this game 2

..... 5 years ago

ne bu yhaaa

Anonymous 5 years ago

Hi, every time I go to the 'Ivy Halls' store, I click on the locker with all of the free credits. It says it sent the code to my e-mail, but every time I check BOTH of my e-mails, NOTHING'S THERE!? If anyone knows how I can fix it, please help!(:

mercedes 5 years ago

hi anonymous

you will need to check your spam folder in your e-mail... tell me if this helps or not:)

Bella 5 years ago

u all r not malay???

Awsome 5 years ago

I luv mall world

Anonymous 5 years ago

Thanks mercedes!

I'll check my spam(:

If it's not there, I'll check back with you.

If anyone else knows what to do, please help!(:

Anonymous 5 years ago


Thanks! I got it, I just had to use the 'Search' thing and I typed in Mall found my e-mail for me!!(:

So you guys, if you have yahoo, just for the search thing in your e-mail, type in 'Mall World' then something will show...HOLY FLIPPEN CRAP!?! WADE BARRETT'S LOST IT!!!!! WTF?! omg...sorry...watchin the Slammy Awards...poor John Cena!!!!! Anyways, it'll say Back To School.....something something something...Mall it, scroll down...and there's your code!! CANNOT COPY AND PASTE! You must TYPE IT OUT!

Hope this helps!!(:


Anonymous 5 years ago

ok everyone here's a way to get free mall credits and money quickly: under the dressing room game there is a wheel of fashion. you should have free spins. you can win a lot of cash or a couple mall credits. it's basically the luck of the draw, but it is usually pretty easy.

5 years ago

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5 years ago

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Tenna 5 years ago

hey... how to get katy perry dress, taylor swift dress and bieber blazer on mallworld?? please helpppp

ica 5 years ago

how to get free credit ?

mk 5 years ago

Here's how i cheat. Create 2 or more fb accounts. Add them as your friends then neigbors in mall world.....using your other accounts you can buy items for your(real)self using the buy for friend tab. Yes, even items that costs mall credits. Remember in each of your other accounts you will get some free credits! Easy

yay 5 years ago

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Monika 5 years ago

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xxxxxxxxx 5 years ago

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Susie 5 years ago

Does anyone know any cheats for getting extra credits and money?

angie 5 years ago

how do you get the 2nd floor signs

angie  5 years ago

once i had 7credits then the next time i logged on i only had 2 y is that

Crystal 5 years ago

wat is the code to mall world like you know the locker in ivy halls wat is the code

sasha 5 years ago

crystal, about the mall credit at the locker, u can take the code in your mail.. click spam in your mail n u will see mall world mail code there.. :)

katie ferreira  5 years ago

i know a cheat to get lots of mall credits !

who whants 2 know how ??

kathleen 5 years ago

hey how do i buy things for myself

angie 5 years ago

katie i wanna know how

patty 5 years ago

I cannot find the wardrobe button

Erica 5 years ago

Kathleen if u wanna buy things for your self then u just click on the mall button at the bottom of the page and it will give u lots of stores to chose from then when you get to the store u want just click on the item and press the button buy then that item will be delivered to your closet

sheri 5 years ago

what is the cheate code to unlock the locker on facebook mall world ivey halls

Angeleana 5 years ago

If you're level 9 and above, go to ivy hills. go right and

click the locker that's locked. You'll get an e-mail from mall world telling you the code, for example, T58627U8YO01L.That's how you unlock the locker. I'm a level 9 currently.

Shazna 5 years ago

In other stores I see models moving, advertizing clothes. Can somebody PLEASE tell me if you can get a person or not?

oliveianna 5 years ago

how do you get mall bredits with out paying please tell me i need help ohh and how do you winn the super lotto and keep up energy

Cherryz 4 you 5 years ago

You can get free mall credits from the wheel ov fashion and other things too.

mk 5 years ago

how do i disown my dog

:) 5 years ago

Where's the photo album on mall world?

whatever  5 years ago

Here is what i do.I make a new facebook and add my self as friend and then make a new mall world, but don't spend your cash and dollars because you will spend them on your old mall world that you usually play everyday.With the new one you press at the thing that you wanna buy and buy it to your friend ( and that friend is yourself, remember when i've told you to add yourself?).Go back to your old facebook and go to mall world and just accept the stuff you bought.

mk 5 years ago

can i send my credits to others someone plzz answer this

mk 5 years ago

or can i buy furnitures for my neighbors

asya sedef 5 years ago

pls add me i need neighbors baddd!!

SADIE!! 5 years ago

another good way to get money is to enter fashion shows... just by entering you get 500 dollars. It doesn't matter if you win or not you always get 500. but if you get 2nd or 3rd place you get 1,000$ and if you get 1st you get one mall credit.but you can only enter one fashion show every day.. hOPE THIS HELPS

oliveianna 5 years ago


if i am to d as you say can you transferee mall credits and if so how .

I  5 years ago

Is there a way to give someone your dog in mall world?? It is my friends birthday in three days and I want to give her my puppy!

5 years ago


Whatever 5 years ago

firstly, you can not send credits to others you can only buy them clothes.

And secondly, you can not buy furnitures for your neighbors.

And you can not transferee mall credits.

jam 5 years ago

heyy need to know can you buy things from other unknown players

Julerose 5 years ago

Hey! How do I get the clothes from my closet into my store and on the racks? Help me :)

jess 5 years ago

how do i make the game fit my full screen ????

chloe 5 years ago

i wanna play this but im not on facebook

amanda 5 years ago

Can You Wear Clothes From Your Store? , cuz i cant find them anywhere else

azaira  5 years ago

dude i am not able to like it to earn 5000 dollors wat 2 do?

ILR 5 years ago

Does anyone know how to find clothes from collections that aren't in any stores? I have the highest level of all of my friends and I never find things...

florence 5 years ago

how can i sell my own clothes if for example i don't like it anymore and i want to put it on sell. And how do i throw my furtinature that doesn't sell in the trash?

mOO 5 years ago


Lia 5 years ago

if you go to ivy halls in the mall and share your email , then go to your email to get the code, and then enter in the code you get 5 free mall credits

juliet 5 years ago

how do i get mall credit card money

juliet 5 years ago


juliet 5 years ago

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnssssssssseeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr mmmmeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

JJbug 5 years ago

in the store ive halls theres a locker clik it and get the code by e-mail then you will get 5 or 6 mall dollars.

------ 5 years ago

if u want clothes u just cant find in a store, go to a friends look book, dress them in what u want to wear (bags, shoes, etc.)when u r done save it and click on that friends look book again if you click on the item you want u should be able to buy it!

byuon 5 years ago

yesss ooooooo ber ?sa lioyu bi?çe retmo möç annnniiiiiiibaaa daaa daa ooooo seksi lady ben

dominique :)  5 years ago

how do i get mall credits without paying real money 4 them??

dancin Queen 5 years ago

hi please help me !!!! how do you get gredits without paying withcredit card :( :D

dancing Queen 5 years ago

please help me

(ppppplllllleeeeeaaassseee hhhheeelllppp mmmeee )

hannah 5 years ago

how do you cheat to get gold dollors??

ivona tanasić 5 years ago


Anonymous 5 years ago

i keep making outfits for my friends but they never show up..........why?

alice 5 years ago

hello im alice and i want to know how to get 100 cash i tried a lotttttttt but no ruselt so please tell me u can mail me at

thank u

alice 5 years ago

hello im alice and i want to know how to get 100 cash i tried a lotttttttt but no ruselt so please tell me u can mail me at

thank u

maiya 5 years ago

i keep winning 5 star moxie things on the wheel of fashon what do those allow u to do??

JJbug 5 years ago

OMG maiya 5 moxies are the best ok when you get them then fill all your shelves with cloth,earing,ect.then more people buy it for more good luck

JJbug 5 years ago

OMG maiya 5 moxies are the best ok when you get them then fill all your shelves with cloth,earing,ect.then more people buy it for more good luck

caitlin 5 years ago

ok here's a tip if you want something but you don't know where to buy it what you do is go to one of your friends stores and click their look book (the glowing pink book open on their counter) hit create a new look and you can dress them in any clothes it shows you almost all the clothing in mall world on exculding limited addition items dress them in all clothes you want and post it then cose their book and re-open it hover over the outfit you created and it will show the price of each item click on the price and it opens as if you were at the store and then you can buy iy hope i helped

jjbug 5 years ago

but how do you get more mall money??

violet_orchids1999 5 years ago

I just found a legit page that gives 450 Facebook Credits free ,for just 2 minutes , it's here , check it :

violetorchids_1999 5 years ago

I just found a legit page that gives 450 Facebook Credits free ,for just 2 minutes , it's here , check it :

caitlin 5 years ago

i have some more tips to get awesome clothes ok so you click on the mini games icon and click fashion show then click watch shows and go to the popular shows click on any of them and a list will pop up saying vote watch and stats click stats it will take you to a list of contestants click on any of them and it will say sthe contestants name was wearing .... and show a list of what they were wearing click an item they were wearing and you can buy it i know most people already know this but some don't i know this game inside out so if you have any questions feel free to ask

caitlin 5 years ago

I just found a legit page that gives 450 Facebook Credits free ,for just 2 minutes , it's here , check it :

caitlin 5 years ago

I just found a legit page that gives 450 Facebook Credits free ,for just 2 minutes , it's here , check it :

paige 5 years ago


jjbug 5 years ago

OMG thx BUT they took the blog down )= and does anyone no how to make a blog/website

duru 5 years ago

nas?l daha fazla mall dolars ya da mall credit kazanabilirim?(hileyle)

Frenchescia 5 years ago

I love this page but theirs no cheats on how to get mall

Credits gosh that's why I came too this website in the first


lizzy johnson 5 years ago

i love mall world. i just wish there was a way to get more mall credits. also if you love puppys i wish you could have as many as you want not just 1. omg all i want are some cheats for the game only on level 24. my friends are on 54 i want to get there wht do i do???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pooja 5 years ago

hey guys i'm from indian n i recently started playing mall world... so my question is- do REAL people buy your clothes and other stuff or are those just fake ppl made up by the team?? n plus none of my frnds play mall world n i have no neighbours.... help me ?!

Pooja 5 years ago

Sorry you guys i meant i'm from India* .... hey i have one more question... you knoe these people who come into your shops... they have this bubble on top of their head which has a pic of a puzzle piece... i clicked it and played a mini game of mix n match n stuff.... i got it right two times n the rest of the times, though everything matched perfectly, i still didn't win!!! Is it just about luck or fashion sense?? n how much time do u take to get back 100% energy???

KIRSTEN 5 years ago

how do you get monny on fb

jjbug 5 years ago

ok... pooja soo u say ur from india WELLL yes its reall people buying the cloth but i guess sometimes it might be computer but like i can go to me friends shop and buy her store cloth soo then me girl could have the cloth and r u really from inda cause if u r COOOOOL!!!!1

jjbug  5 years ago

sooo i just got 65 mall world creidets by first go too "get more creidets on the right hand side the go down clik a suvary u want (u do this because u click the suvay u want then whatch a like a 5min veido then u get i think 1 creidet) i got 65 by going down too were it says 65 creidets then take the suvay and there u go 65 of them oooh but u wont see them at first give like mabey an hour check back then u will c it.... u can do this up too twice a day... good luck (=

Emily 5 years ago

you said certain level...what level exactly?i know if you go to ivy halls,a locker will have like 5 credits in it so....i hope i helped someone.but i want to get the 10 you were talking about

thanks -Emily

Emily 5 years ago

btw i found modelling some of the uglier clotes u wanna sell helps

tanya 5 years ago

dear friends i have asked my friends for sending things from there closet and so they say the cannot because these can only be sent to the friends who have played it for the first time so any suggetions to get it.............................................................................. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ryan 5 years ago


maxx 5 years ago


xxxxxxx 5 years ago

thanks for every thing;*


pooja 5 years ago

HEY JJBUG.. yes, I am from India.. n thanks! ^_^ okay so thnks for tht n now i have another doubt? how do you participate in fashion shows n whts the use? i mean do u get mall dollars or credits or sumthing?

krae 5 years ago

OK So I'm the highest level of my friends, at level 27 I don't have very many friends who PLAY Mall World and I do NOT want to join an ADD ME group and add a bunch of people I do not know to my facebook.

I unlocked, with mall credits I purchased, some of the higher level outfits and stocked them in my store. I have full moxie almost consistently because I keep doing the daily tasks to stay at full moxie but nothing is selling. Is this because they're such high level and the other people who PLAY mall world aren't? The people that show up in the store are always just random people who often don't even play the game ... but nobody is buying anything!

Please let me know thanks!

rosie 5 years ago

Please tell me how to sell clothing from your wardrobe

Amy 5 years ago

How do we buy like MTV's merchandise like Bieber blazer, Nicki minaj's clothes and beyonce's gold trouser?

Amy 5 years ago

How do we buy like MTV's merchandise like Bieber blazer, Nicki minaj's clothes and beyonce's gold trouser?

pooja 5 years ago

Yeah kray, thts exactly what my doubt is too............. ANYONE????!!!!!!!

elena 5 years ago

ya niye ingiliz konu?uonuz

lily spence 5 years ago

were are the cheats at??

sutcliffe 5 years ago

if my friend has credits but she doesn't need them, can she send them to me? if yes how?

g-anne 5 years ago

can i wear the clothes thati bought from the catalog?

stephane 5 years ago can i desighn my own clothes right???....:)

deede 5 years ago

how to make them buy?

St-eep 5 years ago

level up 99 :)

diki 5 years ago


kirsten 5 years ago

hello well how do you get mall gold and how much can you get

jasmincortes_11 5 years ago

how can i have more credits w/o buying any credits

ME 5 years ago

IF you go to the fashion show enter one then click stats and you can click the other people and buy the clothes their wearing (cheap)

Alannn' 5 years ago

how do you make your own fashion collection which people buy in the deliveries or get your store on the malls section where everyone can goto? :)

julciamil 5 years ago

i clicked on free item snake earing but i didn't get it!? :(

frases curtas 5 years ago

cool game

jjbug 5 years ago

HMMM i just went to the red riding hood store and the dress was like 3,000 dollars....uggg i hate when they are so much money...OOOH AND WARNING if you do a suvey to get more mall world dollars DON'T DO IT don't do anyone of them because i did and now they keep calling my house..but its creepy because i didn't tell them my number!!! :/

jjbug 5 years ago

oh and FRASES CURTAS I went too and are you french?? (im asking because it looked like french =D )

fairy 5 years ago

so how do we get the gold cards then

JoDiEbUg1998 profile image

JoDiEbUg1998 5 years ago

Random LOL but you can do a lot of things too get the gold cards...the weel of fashion you can win 10 of them The lottery you can win 100 of them (but it is allmost imposible to win) and every no and then off too the side you can watch a viedo and get 1 or 2 =)OOH and im allso jjbug =)

Layla 5 years ago

Try to have sex on the mini game sex

JoDiEbUg1998 profile image

JoDiEbUg1998 5 years ago

Ummm r we still talking about mall world??

natty 5 years ago

how do you get mall credit with out all the hassle and paying real money (ive already got the mall credit out of the locker)

minchen 5 years ago

you said that you get more mallcredits once you reach a higher level. I never get an increase of credits until now. Why?

misha 5 years ago

Nah, i'm on level 67, n believe me they don't give free credits just for reaching higher levels.... there are some ways tho..

-- Coming FIRST in a fashion show, for example gives One Credit every time. Try every day and you may win MANY credits!! Subsequent positions give cash tho:$

-- And there are times when they tell you to get to Level 4 or 5 in some other game like CasinoWorld or Bake World or something to get 5 free credits which actually works.:)

-- N there's always the Wheel of Fashion, although I've just won the 10 credits like ONCE, and 1 or 2 credits VERY rarely..mostly just the cash..:X

So, yeah...

jjbug 5 years ago

thx but Layla what r u talking about??

Erica 5 years ago

i already knew all this and i already have 78948 cash and 36 crdeits and i earned it

jjbug 5 years ago

Umm ok Erica good 4 u??

ibjksd 5 years ago

wow u got soo little erica i got 170 mall credit and i earned it pwned!

JoDiEbUg1998 profile image

JoDiEbUg1998 5 years ago

WOW OK let not start a o and Erica lbjksd soo pwned U hahaha

dfhuuuuuuo 5 years ago

hile ne ya

neysa 5 years ago

does anyone know if you can change your hair COLOR ??

jjbug 5 years ago

yea u go 2 the hair part and its the bottom of the page....kinda

lynser 5 years ago

how do you sell clothes

jjbug 5 years ago

you cant sell your clothes but if you buy cloth from the catolog they will be in your inventory and you can sell them. but no you cant sell your cloth :/

TaylorSwift13 5 years ago

Does anyone know any glitches or tricks?

hailey 5 years ago

how do you get 10000000000 dollars on mall world???? help i need it now :P

Jenny 5 years ago

Plus: enter a fashion show and you'll get 500 each time its over :D

Julia 5 years ago

Is there a cheat on how to get a lot credits for mall world w/o entering a fashion show and that locker at Ivy hall

damla 5 years ago

World, do not have words to cheat, or wonder if this mall

miaa 5 years ago

on mall world, i have before got the money out of the locker in ivy halls, and it is locked again, so can ni get the money for the second time?x love mall world :)

miaa 5 years ago

on mall world, i have before got the money out of the locker in ivy halls, and it is locked again, so can ni get the money for the second time?x love mall world :)

Lizzie  5 years ago

How do you get the money out of there ???:D

Mia  5 years ago

How do i get money out of that locker in ivy halls ??? :D (been trying to do it for ages :( ) :D

nina 5 years ago

how can i earn a lot of momey,do i have to type something while playing mall world?. can i also earn mall world credits by cheating.cause i have no more mall world credits and i love playing mall world so much .

loulou 5 years ago

i need credits too .... and money how can i get it ???

luv mall world !!!! im addicted to it !!!!

hope davis butler 5 years ago

how do u get money for free like £20000 to scame it out of them

boshra 5 years ago

I just got a big pile of Cash & Credits, so have also my Friends, get yours Now!!! MY GOD IM THE BEST IN MALL WORLD!! :D Go to

mitsuko suda 5 years ago

i really really need mall credits

mmm 5 years ago

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lei 5 years ago

I Just Got 1000 Mall Credits from here!

I just got a big pile of Cash & Credits, so have also my Friends, get yours Now! OMG! I can level up fast and get every thing I want! I want you all to get it too! Go to this link and get it FREE!

RanDom 5 years ago

What happens if you open the premium collection ? do get mall credits from the premium collection ? or just a lot of money ? please answer quick!!

SarBear 5 years ago

Go to the mall store "Twinkle Toes." The 4th manican from the left is the Mall World copyright model. Her dress is free. I have not found her in any other stores, but I expect that when she shows up- the outfit is free. :) Also, watching the videos to the left of the game window does work (usually 1 Mall Credit per video). And I have no idea about the premium collection.

ohya 5 years ago

This comment has been temorarily removed for sexual assault reasons. To see this comment, click the link below:

shivika 5 years ago

how to get facebook credits??????????

kat 5 years ago

What stores in Mall World sell shoes?

kelley 5 years ago

well um just best game ever!!!!!!!!!

teagan 5 years ago

if you see a girl pass by in your store and they are wearing a really cute outfit that you rally wanna buy, all you have to do is go to a friends store, design a look 4 them usiing the clothes you've been dying to have then u can click on it and buy it!!!

anila 5 years ago

i play this game and i love dreams is to have many mall credits

Chloe 5 years ago

How do u enter the fashion show on Mall World?

ysabel 5 years ago

i don't now how to have many many mony in mallworld

habiba :) 5 years ago

how do i wear the clothes in my inventory?

Meghan  5 years ago

Hi habiba just go to the wardrobe icon and just click what you want to put on

nariman 5 years ago

What do I get power ??????

nariman 5 years ago

What do I get power ??????

nicoloco 5 years ago

How do I buy clothes for myself?

sophie 5 years ago

hey i found out a cool way to earn a few dosh! if you go on to the fashion collections and look for the japan charity thing, you click on the X5 button ( that's if you have $5,000 dollars to spend) and you get a massive profit of $1,000!! because I have been unlocking loads of cool dresses I get all the collection free for half the price they would be buying the collection items separately iv worked my way up to have $7,000 dollars!

lorena 5 years ago

Question! I'm new in the game, but i have received a lot of request of my friends saying "I created a new look for you" i click but when I enter to the game I can't see anything! how can I see their creations?

billbe 5 years ago

just saying an easy way to find really cheap clothing is to go into any fashion show and hover your mouse over people to see prices of the clothing, this is how i got heaps of clothing and now i do allot better in fashion shows.

newbie 5 years ago

hey, can i wear the clothes in my inventory (not the clothes in my closet)?

sheilla 5 years ago

you can't wear the clothes in your inventory, because they are just for sale..

Shelly101 profile image

Shelly101 5 years ago

How do you get the second floor sign ?

lanie 5 years ago

how do u buy another room/floor in mall world?????

CHERIJAY 5 years ago

hello can you help how to get some 1 miiloin dollars pls... i just wanna win 1 million dollars pls........ who help me siya ay maganda =)

jjbug 5 years ago

ok if you ever have 10 gold dollars spend them on the 20 spins i did and it gave me over 30,000$ its really cool and you get a TON of money really fast and you win the gold dollars back!! :)

brianna707 5 years ago

i want to buy emo hai fo 9 mall credits and it says that u can buy is for facebook cdits and i clicked on it but whenever i check to see if i have it i don't. wat can i do?

Double Deee 5 years ago

Hi! Are there any tricks to getting free credis or premium items?

sheilla 5 years ago

nowadays mall world promo is when you create a look in Fashion designer game, u'll get 1 mall credit per day only.

helpmeeeee 5 years ago

i bought dresses and i can't see them in my closet but my money has decreased!

where are my dresses? is there such a thing as a limit in the closet?

Lois Constantine 5 years ago

Uhh, This Did NOT Help!!! :(

Nadin 5 years ago

Hi :D Hor Are You ! :D ?

Nicole Edwards 5 years ago

How do you sell your dog? I need to kno thanks. :)

izabel 5 years ago

Have world who knows the tricks of the mall? if anybody knows, please tell me

isabel 5 years ago

those arent even cheats?????????

jess 5 years ago

you can know buy clothes that people are wearinng in the fashion show, just go to popular or any other fashion show and then it will show wht there wearing and also the price. i find this really handy and i swear some of the clothes are cheaper than what they are in the mall shops

penguin430 5 years ago

how do u buy omething from the premium collection (things in the catologe) and wear it on your doll??

naomi 5 years ago

i know something u can do..... make two accounts and send one account a gift u would like on your main account. then log on to your other account and accept and stock. then log off and log on your main account and go to your other accounts store and buy the gift u sent them. ive did it with both mine, my moms, and my friends

Penguin430 5 years ago

thx! :))

Zelda 5 years ago

I have $14,851 Mall World Bucks and that's all because of the wheel of fourtune. It helped me so much.

Penguin430 5 years ago

how do u wear premium collection??

Penguin430 5 years ago

how do u wear premium collection??

Laura W 5 years ago

Is it worth buying the premium outfits? Does it get you a lot of money or no?

Sasha 5 years ago

Okay so there are a lot of questions and stuff about mall world.. First of all, you can't wear the premium collections until you unlock them and buy them. Second of all, yes, its worth getting the premium outfits. I've made over 200k in just two days with buying a few premium outfits, I of course spent ten bucks to get 110 credits but it's worth it. Thirdly, no you can't sell clothes out of your closet. I wish you could, but all you can do is give them away to someone who isn't playing mall world yet. Fourthly, there is no limit in your closet. It will probably just take some time for them to show up. Fifthly, the way you get the five credits in the locker is you put your email in, they send you a code, put the code in, BAM five credits. I don't think you can do this anymore though :( For whoever tried to buy something with facebook credits, did you even have the credits to begin with? Because if you didn't, then obviously you're not going to get it. Check before you try to buy things and then get disappointed. I hope this helped. I would reply to more, but this is already super long.

Me! 5 years ago

HEY i dON4T HAve Many One Can help me To get Money ?

aden gohar. 5 years ago

its a nice game.please add me on face book if you play mall world i also play and love it.please add me.

Abrey 5 years ago

i wanna get more mall creadits for free how?

Natalia 5 years ago

Does anyone know how to put clothes in your store with credits? Like 'Alooknam Siri? Mall World is AWESOME.

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jenna m. 5 years ago

i need free gold without watching those stupid ads!

ssss 5 years ago

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mmmmanila 5 years ago

don't care i already have $900,000 and i have 992 creds

GIGI 4 years ago

please , i really would like to add a friend which sells premiuim collection in his boutique :D give me the name or the adress :) that will be so nice ;)

cazandra angela m. caralde 4 years ago

add me:)!!!!!!

Karon S 4 years ago

I want to know how to be silver because I am currently bronze. :) thnx!

ANON 4 years ago

Why does it say slow down shopaholic the shops are not loaded yet? it has been 12 hours..

cazandra angela m. caralde 4 years ago

i like mall world very much send me money :)

honeylette magbanua 4 years ago

add me first

julie 4 years ago

does not help at all

i need a cheat i cant pay with real money

natyabros 4 years ago

hey,i just wanted to know how do u get 100 mall credits on mall world. i spent my 30 credits on fashion show and it didn't work

how stupid, what a loss of my money

either i want 100 credits or my money back

plzzzzzzzzzz help.

solene fisher 4 years ago

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone could help, because when i bug things from the catalog it say if i buy an item it will be sold for more? but for example i bought 10 things and i everything sold it would make over 1K but everything sold and I made 1K, why is this, because it says that people have bought my items and they have but they haven't paid for them

roxanne augustine 4 years ago

i love to play mall world put just a few mt ago i am having a promble with it take long to load & stick when it do start up need to help with that ok

SheldonCooperissooawesome! 4 years ago

Hey emm wot is the Ivy halls? Also how do you get there? I am so confused!!xx

Anna:Dxx 4 years ago

Hey i rlly need 2 know the same as SheldonCooperissooawesome! and btw i agree wif the name Sheldon Cooper is sooo awesome!!! I also rlly need 2 know wot Ivy Halls is and how you get there! I am also soo confused!!! Plz tell us any1!!!!!

rew 4 years ago

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bex 4 years ago

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la 4 years ago

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babababab 4 years ago

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from serbia 4 years ago

i need a halp i need 600 credi how can i get more credis ust to avoid paying pliz helllp

hi 4 years ago

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hdf 4 years ago

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wtv 4 years ago

I followed the tips and now i have 100 000 ... :) thnx!

sandy123 4 years ago

tip go on youtube theirs more tips and other things to help you out

Kelly Toonie 4 years ago

Hello, can somebody please help me become silver? I'm currently a Bronze. Thank you, Kelly!

AddictedToMallWorld!! 4 years ago

hey kelly to become a silver join more fashion shows the higher you rank in the shows the more points you will get the more points you have the higher your rank hope i helped

raghav 4 years ago


maca 4 years ago

como puedo ganar creditos sin tener que pagar? un truco o una forma rapida

LauraD 4 years ago

Um so i subscribed and liked everything etc and i didn't get any money

mia 4 years ago

how to "like 5 stores"?? what is it?

ana_poot 4 years ago

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haleyray 4 years ago

I can't quite figure out how to shop in my friend's stores that are on facebook in mall world. I can see them when they shop in mine though. Please help! :)

rayana2002 4 years ago

If you keep on clicking mall world then look at the left corner at the top and it says free cloths and click and you get free cloths

Mataya 4 years ago

Yeaa.... i Hve No Idea why But I need Thee Cheatss... see I amm a Big Spender.... i Cant evn control saving my money instead of going to the store by my house.... i needd somee moneyy.... wheree can I find Cheats

olivia 4 years ago

i just want to know how all these people have primiom items how do i get those

Valerie B. 4 years ago

@ Olivia , Go To A Very High Ranked Persons Store , First Click Ranking In The Panel , Then Click XP(Which Means Experience) Top 100 . Click Any Of Those People Names And It Should Take You To Their Stores. They All Should Have Premium Items , I Warn You Most Objects Range From 5,000mall dollars All The Way up To 100,000 Mall Dollars. It Was Meant For People to Shop There At Levels From 50 Above. Have Fun Playing . Add Me . I buy stuff for neighbors who vote me in the fashion show !!

keelan 4 years ago

if anyone wants to know how to earn money just go to the mini games and go on dressing room game and for nothing if u get the right clothes in time u get 80 coins i hope i have helped :)

jessiaqsa 4 years ago

how do I earn more mall credits?

brown 4 years ago

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Alessandra 4 years ago

How to send Mall Cash to friend?

Because she sell something trough post.

And I bought it, she gave me, and I don't

Know how to send her a MC. Can u please help me?

Somebody 4 years ago

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heaven 4 years ago

How do l become well bronoze ??

ashley 4 years ago

why are there no ivy halls anymora!???????????????

pls. answer my question.. pls everyone...

thavy02 4 years ago

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Anadirunika 3 years ago

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Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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Megan 3 years ago

How can i get energy faster?

vivi 3 years ago

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