Mamono Slayer walkthrough

A cute, free online game with a hero adventuring through a dungeon. It's not too combat-intensive, instead relying on simple lock and key puzzles to progress through and defeat the enemy hordes. But you already know that if you're looking for a guide? :)

It's made by Skipmore, who've created several similar games. You can play Mamano Slayer here and find a solution farther down this page. The page is in japanese but there's an english option. The music is fantastically adorable and a throwback to the NES days. The ending is totally awesome too.

What did you think of the Mamano Slayer puzzle game? Leave some comments below, and check out some links to others.

Online game screenshot.
Online game screenshot.

Mamano Solution Hints

The walkthrough for this one is a bit too complex to give off in text, but here's some basic hints. At the next section of this page is a youtube video of the entire free online game being played through. I recommend just watching it if you're frustrated with the game and its clunky movement key system.

Gold Key - Pay close attention to the screen. There is a brick ladder near the key that's almost invisible unless you know what to look for. You can't get there from falling and turning directions mid-flight.

Poison - Where might be a good place to die, and is there a free spot in the plot? If you can't get the poison, take a close look at the tiles on the screen.

Mosiac Door - It's missing something. Try feeding some fruit to a pink fuzzy monster and check back later to see what happened. Don't have a strawberry? Climb a tree!

Game Video


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